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Using return methods and String.format
Using return methods and String.format
Views: 4325 Jimmy Newland
Constructors vs Set Methods
Constructors vs Set Methods
Views: 973 Jimmy Newland
Making 3-Color Images from FITS files with DS9
SAO Image DS9 is a standard astronomy tool and can actually produce pretty space pictures.
Views: 346 Jimmy Newland
Capacitance of a Co-axial Cable
We’ll find E then V then C for a co-axial cable.
Views: 1882 Jimmy Newland
Making 3-color Astronomical Images with GIMP
GIMP makes it easy and fun to take FITS files and make pretty space pictures.
Views: 148 Jimmy Newland
Biot Savart current loop
Derivation of B-field at the center of a current loop using Biot-Savart Law
Views: 529 Jimmy Newland
Speeder caught by Cop Kinematics Solution
Speeder caught by Cop Kinematics Solution
Views: 186 Jimmy Newland
Air drag derivation
Air drag derivation
Views: 767 Jimmy Newland
Design Recipe for Functions in Python
Let’s walk through an example of using the design recipe for functions in Python.
Views: 493 Jimmy Newland
CSS Rules Explained
Some thoughts on CSS in general and the changes to it with CSS3 and how the rules change the look and feel of your HTML
Views: 2125 Jimmy Newland
Kinematic Equations Derivation 1
Kinematic Equations Derivation 1
Views: 117 Jimmy Newland
Kinematic Equation Derivation #2
Kinematic Equation Derivation #2
Views: 66 Jimmy Newland
From Codecademy to Text Editor HOW-TO
From Codecademy to Text Editor HOW-TO
Views: 698 Jimmy Newland
Banked curve - no friction
Banked curve - no friction
Views: 98 Jimmy Newland
Using the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network
This tutorial shows you how to setup an observation with the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network.
Views: 71 Jimmy Newland
CSS applied to Inline Images HTML
HOWTO apply an externally-written CSS (stylesheet) to your HTML
Views: 1120 Jimmy Newland
Using Aladin to locate sources in your FITS file
Aladin can automatically locate data related to your FITS images and overlay them so you can further explore your image as data.
Views: 35 Jimmy Newland
Using Aladin to Make 3-Color Images from FITS Files
Aladin, from CDS, can be used to make a lovely 3-color image from individual FITS files.
Views: 60 Jimmy Newland
Old-School HTML form and table together
How to make an old-school form and table combination in HTML.
Views: 1028 Jimmy Newland
Small Angle Approximation Graph Example
One can use the small angle approximation when the angle is small enough. This means the sin(x) and tan(x) and x are all approximately the same. Note that the angle, x, here is measured in radians.
Views: 150 Jimmy Newland
E Field at a point due to a charged disk
E Field at a point due to a charged disk
Views: 122 Jimmy Newland
RC Circuit Derivations
Charge, voltage, and current as functions of time for a capacitor in an RC circuit.
Views: 258 Jimmy Newland
Inline Images Assignment Explained
A bit of HOWTO display images and links via HTML5.
Views: 1290 Jimmy Newland
Electric Flux Explained
Electric Flux Explained
Views: 40 Jimmy Newland
Banked Curve with friction acting down
Banked Curve with friction acting down
Views: 64 Jimmy Newland
Trendlines and Linearization with Excel
Trendlines and Linearization with Excel
Views: 224 Jimmy Newland
HOWTO FTP Images Assignment
HOWTO FTP Images Assignment
Views: 506 Jimmy Newland
HOWTO Use HTML & CSS Templates
More often than not a web designer is working with HTML and CSS they he or she didn't write. Taking template or boiler-plate code and bending it to your will is cool!
Views: 3192 Jimmy Newland
Using Flickr and Aviary
You can host photos and edit them for free using Flickr and the built in tool from Aviary
Views: 797 Jimmy Newland
WordPress Page Making Demo
WordPress Page Making Demo
Views: 597 Jimmy Newland
Semantic Tags Whirlwind
There is a lot in the book about HTML5 semantic tags so I pick a few to look at in more detail
Views: 292 Jimmy Newland
HOWTO use FTP with PicaVulpes
A demonstration of how to use FTP to files onto the PicaVulpes server so that they are visible from the web.
Views: 929 Jimmy Newland
How tags work and what markup means and some semantics also
Views: 311 Jimmy Newland
HOWTO Add Assignments to All About Me page
HOWTO Add Assignments to All About Me page
Views: 765 Jimmy Newland
Codecademy and Cute FTP
How to take code from Codecademy and upload it to your own site via FTP
Views: 593 Jimmy Newland
WordPress as Editor: All About Me Page
A demo of using WordPress to create content without the need for HTML (usually)
Views: 589 Jimmy Newland
Codecademy assignment HOWTO
What are you supposed to do with your Codecademy work? I’ll show you!
Views: 573 Jimmy Newland
The absolute basics of a webpage
We delve into what is HTML and how to see it...
Views: 475 Jimmy Newland
Brief Web History
A view of how spread out we are and then some web background basics. Where did it all start?
Views: 615 Jimmy Newland
RR Lyrae Stars in Globular Cluster 3201
These images span the course of a single night in February 2018 in globular cluster 3201 in the constellation Vela. The stars that blink are called RR Lyrae variable stars and grow and shrink over a single day in a periodic way and change brightness. That makes them blink here. The known sources are overlayed and also an arrow showing one of the variables can be seen.
Views: 39 Jimmy Newland
CSS, HTML, and Codecademy
A HOWTO video on making sure the HTML and CSS from Codecademy work together.
Views: 304 Jimmy Newland
Adafruit DragTail micro:bit Traffic Light
This is a modified version of the Adafruit micro:bit lesson where LEDs act like a traffic light.
Views: 22 Jimmy Newland
Binary Clock Arduino setup
Binary Clock Arduino setup
Views: 39 Jimmy Newland
Block on Ramp FRQ
Views: 27 Jimmy Newland
Biot Savart long thin wire
Derivation of B-field for a long current carrying wire using Biot-Savart law.
Views: 83 Jimmy Newland
2 Pulse Sensor Amped (Processing Visualizer)
One sensor on a toe and the other on a finger. Note the BPM, IBI, and HRV. All indicators of normal pulmonary health. The PTT is also evident in the animated beating heart and the peak arrival time differences between the top and bottom.
Views: 124 Jimmy Newland
Net Flux of a closed surface
Net Flux of a closed surface
Views: 71 Jimmy Newland
Just one penny
Views: 32 Jimmy Newland
DIY MiniPOV4 Persistence of Vision Kit demo
DIY MiniPOV4 Persistence of Vision Kit from Adafruit (demo)
Views: 126 Jimmy Newland

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