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The Lovin' Spoonful "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" 1965
From Hullabaloo, The Lovin Spoonful performing: You Didn't Have To Be So Nice. (1965) Great looking video with a bit of shimmy due to the age of the original tape. Still an excellent look at a huge band in their day...
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THE BAND live at Big Pink 1969 "Up On Cripple Creek"  beyond rare
Incredible footage of The Band (said to be) from the house they called Big Pink (Bob Dylan's "club house"). Up On Cripple Creek - Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Garth... everyone sweet and young and rockin'. Although this turns out to not be Pig Pink, the footage is equal to the time frame and area. Awesome stuff this one, big time rare and early. ** Introduction by Robbie + Grace Slick speaks for a few seconds part way through).** Regardless of location, it is excellent footage...
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Tie Dye; Dye Application Techniques (4 different ways to dye the same spiral spin)
Applying your dye to the material; the difference your application choice makes in the final result. **Looking at four shirts of the same spin (spiral) and applying the same colour dye on each, in four different manners or styles.** This video shows how different the finished tie-dye design looks after a simple change in where you have placed the dye.
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John Fogerty and The Fairfield Four "A Hundred and Ten In The Shade" LIVE
A great recording with John Fogerty and his band on stage with The Fairfield Four singing a song they recorded together: "A Hundred and Ten In The Shade". Great song, excellent harmony, beautiful crowd. Classic Fogerty!
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Nat King Cole "Sometimes I'm Happy"  1957 Nat King Cole Show
Nat King Cole, John Collins, Joe Comfort, Lee Young performing: Sometimes I'm Happy on The Nat King Cole Show spring 1957.
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Six Different Ways To Apply Dye To "THE SPIRAL" tie dye spin
The SPIRAL... a favorite spin, the easiest spin... But how we apply the dye makes a H U G E difference. Six application techniques offered here, and a quick look at an ice dye spiral. Simple technique for varied results. This is an intermediate's look (assuming some basic dyeing skill has been gained by practice and attempt). Music: Galactic
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Billy Eckstine (Nat King Cole) "If I Can Help Somebody" 1957
From Nat King Cole's last TV show - Billy Eckstine solo singing: If I Can Help Somebody. His great voice was recorded December 17, 1957 in this video.
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Widespread Panic with Dottie Peoples 2002 Tall Boy + Testify
Widespread Panic live on stage with Dottie Peoples and The People's Choice Choir. Tall Boy into Testify into Tall Boy live from Bonnaroo June 22, 2002. Great rock with a sweet gospel taste from the masters.
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REVERSE Tie Dye (The art of bleach tie-dying)
A look at the coolness of reverse tie dying (taking colour away). Using bleach and water in place of liquid dye, we work four all black shirts into a funky looking wearable art. Start to finish explanation on how to accomplish this next level of tie dye - with pointers and visual demonstration. Another cool crafting activity!!
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A Tie Dyer's Guide To;  The REVERSE SPIDER
A "How To" talk-thru on the folding, spinning and dye application for the Reverse Spider style of tie-dyed (tie dye) shirts/flags. A quick guide for all levels of experience...
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Grateful Dead "Dancing In The Street" live 1967 San Fran.
This is actual news footage from a seven minute spot on the six o'clock news on CBS in 1967. The Grateful Dead live on Hait Ashbury doing a street show. The video is a bit old, but the footage is awesome. There is talk part way through by the news person speaking of the dangers for youth being sucked into the counter culture of the era... but the music continues.
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Nat King Cole "The Party's Over" (Live December 17, 1957)
From Nat King Cole's last show... December 17, 1957... The Party's Over. (A classic song from this classic show; with Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra performing the music).
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Kent State Massacre - (Find The Cost of Freedom; Vietnam) + Nixon/The fall of Saigon
Intense actual footage from The Kent State protest as it decays into chaos and murder. Including the fall of Saigon video images and the final days of that US occupation. Set to CSNY "Ohio" and "Find The Cost of Freedom" non-commercial music versions. Powerful footage here.
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The James Brown Review 1964/1984 "Please, Please, Please" LIVE
This clip features James Brown live in 1964 with "Please, Please, Please" for the first half of the video, combined with a later performance from 1984 of the same song to end it. Grace Slick begins the introduction, Mick Jager (The Stones) gives a short oppinion near the end. This is great James Brown!
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Otis Redding 1967 Europe "Try A Little Tenderness" LIVE
Try A Little Tenderness live on stage from Otis Redding on his European tour 1967. Grace Slick intro and close on this clip... Rare actual concert footage in full colour.
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A Beginner's Guide To THE SPIDER Tie-Dye (tie dye) Pattern
An up close look at dying The Spider pattern with tie dye shirts and flags. How to make this cool pattern with very little effort. Fold, spin, apply the dye, and finish... showing a few results and ideas. A good guide for the first time... a great refresher for the repeat.
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The Guess Who LIVE At The 2000 Grey Cup (Half Time Show)
"No Time" and "Bus Rider" both live from center field at Grey Cup 88 in Calgary, Alberta (McMahon Stadium). Brodcast live by CBC on November 26, 2000.
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How to TIE-DYE a "Mandala" CIRCLE design... (from folding to dying).
This is a short instructional video showing the folding and dying required to come up with a circle mandala type of pattern - not quite the same as a full on mandala (or Ron Star)... a cool design just the same.
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Comparing Tie-Dye Powder Dyes (A look at "low end", "pre-packaged", and "high end" tie dye products)
A full explanation into three tie-dye product options: A pre-packaged tie-dye kit. A set of RIT (standard off the shelf) dyes. A set of high end (Procion MX) dyes. Working with the three from start to finish... and the results there of. A consumer and dyer explanation video of the difference between dye products, and a few pointers on their use.
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Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs "RING, DANG, DOO" live 1965
Great live performance of Ring Dang Doo by Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs on Hullabaloo. **Shimmer in the video is due to the age of the original tape... sorry about that.
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How to TIE DYE a simple spiral (swirl) design.
A step by step guide to spinning and dying a spiral tie-dye shirt. Music and instructional dialouge for any level experience; a great guide to this tie-dye style. **This is an updated version of a video that had it's sound muted... only the music has been replaced.** The sound is a bit quieter than intended, sorry.
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The Very Easiest Tie Dye.   ** (Tie Dying For Beginners; A quick first start look) **
A very quick introduction into how to tie dye. Showing and explaining the easiest patterns, the equipment, the spin, the dye applying... and a few hints and ideas for easy following at any level of experience. (I screwed up the sound on this, eliminating my speaking... so this is all music. I will upload a speaking version, as that will give more instruction... detail to follow).
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Tie Dying pre-screened shirts. (Tie-Dye with logos and screens)
A look at the tie dying of pre-screened shirts. Comercial shirts with logos in place, or personal shirts with pictures... a quick look at the process of folding and dying to highlite the "screen". A simple guide and introduction...
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The Art of Tie Dying Bed Sheets and Drapes (Large Dyes)
A look at what it takes to fold, spin, and dye large pieces of material (like bed sheets and drapes). In this video, two styles of spin/fold... on 5 foot by 3 foot cotton curtains... also included: examples of a double sheet, and a single sheet cut in half. Large dyes! Large coolness!!
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The Guess Who "Share The Land" live (Calgary) 2000
"Share The Land" live at Grey Cup 88 November 2000 in Calgary, Alberta. The Guess Who looking great on stage during the CBC brodcast on a cold fall night. Awesome Canadian Rock!
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How To TIE-DYE a SPIDER style design.   (start to finish)
A step by step guide to folding and dying a SPIDER style design for a tie-dyed t-shirt. From step one to final wearing... an easy guide. This is a dark dye example, not a bright colour shirt. (PS: You don't have to walk around the table if you make yourself a tool of some type... as long as the spin is tight, that is what matters). FACEBOOK: Addicted To Tie Dying
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How To TIE-DYE an OVAL Style Shape.
A quick instructional video showing the folding and dying technique to create an OVAL shape on tie-dye material and clothing. Featuring music by: SUSAN TEDESCHI (Sorry for the two "jumps" in the playback).
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Snow Dyeing vs Ice Dyeing (Is there much of a difference?)
A quick comparison of snow dyeing vs ice dyeing. One colour dye powder (black) on basic spiral spun shirts... Both are super cool, but the ice gets my vote. Slower melt makes a better outcome... Music: Chris Cain
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Stack Tie Dyes... letting gravity have it`s way... (a quick ``how to``)
Tie Dyeing in a stack = allowing ice or snow to melt and deliver your powder dye through your stacked material. Using a container to hold your spun dyes in place, stacking them on top of each other to a height of four or five shirts... then applying powder dye over or under ice or snow... and letting it melt as is... running through all layers as it does. ** Leaving the bottom dye(s) in the muck. Cool fun!! Cool results!! REMEMBER: You need to let your stack melt in a safe place! Don`t let it leak out on your floor... music credit: GALACTIC
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How To Fold and Tie Dye A True SQUARE (tie-dying the square pattern)
A quick look at folding and dying a square pattern. The start to finish quick guide on what it takes to make this very cool pattern in shirts and flags and related dyable materials. NOTE: These are advanced folds - not explained as simply for beginners.
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Advanced Tie Dye  (Simple Folding for Complex Result) - Including; The Double Spider!
NOTE: These are advanced folds - not explained as simply for beginners. Two simple fold/spins that produce excellent detailed results in tie dying cotton shirts and flags/sheets. First, a look at "circle and pieces" - a simple fold with very cool looking finished results. Then "the double spider", a very sweet looking dye with great potentials... These are start to finish quick looks at how to fold the patterns.
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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Tie Dye    (The art of making dyes with natural substances)
A video showing the making of tie dye using four natural ingredients; Grape Juice + Mustard Seed Powder + Blueberry Juice + Beet Juice. The dyes smelled awesome, the juices were easy to prepare. The idea is excellent, but the colour in the end was not as bright or vivid as propper clothing dyes. It is still a very fun craft idea - perhaps try making flags instead, and leaving the dye to dry on the material still tied up - then never rinse the material, just hang it for enjoyment (this might improve the brightness). **~ It is imposible to truly show tie-dye in a few minutes... you may want to pause the video here and there to read the words as they flash by.~**
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The Supremes; Singing The Beatles  "I Feel Fine"
A super rare clip from 1965 with The Supremes singing "I Feel Fine" (The Beatles). This is only a 59 second clip - but is an excellent look at very early Supreme music. True classic!
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The Hippies (1967) The Summer of Peace, Love and Groovy
**Sound begins 9 seconds into the film.** This is an old compilation video showing vintage footage from the summer of 1967 in the days just before the tides turned on the youth and hippie movement. Great look at the scene and feeling of the time, set to era music with both video and still, even some old "super-8" film in the mix. Great rare stuff!
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How to TIE DYE a SHOULDER BURST style.  (Plus 4 other spins)
This is a how to showing: first a SHOULDER BURST spin and dye... then moving into a SPIDER style... with a review of four other spin styles for tie-dye. This video is all music with subtitles... no voice.
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A Tie Dyer's Guide To Folding and Dying: "The Spider" Style
An explanation video detailing the folding, spinning and dying of the "spider" style tie dye design. A talk-thru guide on how to make this type of shirt design.
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These are five examples of some definite near to Darwin Award finalists... no deaths. Not really Darwins... but damn funny to watch!
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Balloon Tie Dyeing! How to tie dye with a balloon (alternative ice dyeing)
A look at how to get set up and execute BALLOON DYEING... using a balloon and ice and dye powder. A very unique tie dyeing style for very unique results. True alternative tie dyeing. Unlike anything anyone is doing. Great fun, cool science, awesome outcomes. Give it a try!! (Please share your results with us at Facebook's: Alternative Tie Dye Techniques). Music: The Whalers
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My Tie Dye Didn't Work... CRAP!  Now what?  (Fixing "Bad" Tie-Dyes)
Re-dying a botched shirt - or adding for a second level of effect... Never say your tie-dye is "ruined" at first look, just make a plan and reapply over the old... Here is a quick look at "the re-dye". Because sometimes you do everything right, but the te dye just does not work out as you hoped... No need to cut it up for rags or get all frustrated... try re-dying it. Its not hard, and sometimes it can work out amazingly - check it out.
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Jack Semple  Live Acoustic Instrumental (Calgary 2007)
Jack Semple solo set at Canada Day 2007 in Olympic Plaza downtown Calgary.
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Nat King Cole  sings; "My Blue Heaven" (1957 Nat King Cole Show)
A great version of My Blue Heaven from The Nat King Cole Show in 1957. Nat singing in classic form...
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Hippies, Cops, and The 1960's (Protest & Response)
A video montage of varried protest marches against The Vietnam War and the American Draft. Draft Card burning, sit ins, marches... police response, National Guard intervention - true footage of the times and events. **This is real footage - some violence and graphic images may not be suitable to all viewers.**
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Comparing TIE DYE KITS... (Four top kits consumer compared for true non-biassed consideration)
Comparing the ease and brightness of finished KIT dyes on cotton t-shirts... with some Procion MX thrown in - and a bonus specialty kit. +++++++ Kits are: Jacquard Art Minds Tulip Rainbow Rock ++++++ The shirts all prepped per instruction in the kits, the dyes all made exact to instructions as well. Hints and learned realities: 1) The kits with separate Soda Ash = that soda ash is only for the washing. You can buy Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) separate for much less and use it for the same purpose. 2) The Rainbow Rock is a very nice kit, BUT, the dye is super thick, I watered it down twice before use - it is meant for some mixing as far as I can guess. (I also had to open the applicator bottle tips with scissors to a bigger spout size). 3) The Art Minds turquoise is deeper and thicker than the Tulip turquoise. 4) The Tulip yellow is "lemon" The Art Minds yellow is more "sun". 5) When a kit says "soda ash" as a separate ingredient - it is for soaking the material, not mixing in the dye solution... ** I recommend Soda Ash for any dye material prepping, regardless of what dye you are using (it changes the pH of the material, and helps in the set (batching). MUSIC: She Stole My Beer (please check them out = YouTube, Facebook, anywhere).
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TUBE TIE DYES... Tie Dyeing material in stuffed tubes... alternatively cool
A how to for dyeing (tie dye) with material stuffed into small tubes. Using ice and or snow, powder dye and gravity - through melting. Simple, cool, and alternative... totally unique. Check it out! music credit: Susan Tedeschi and Johnny Lang.
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Addicted To Tie Dyeing... your place to learn, to grow, to dye (smiling)...
Addicted To Tie Dying = Facebook's top tie dyeing instructional group. With many thousands of members from every continent, we share decades of experience from many of the world's top dyers... we offer an open place of learning from the beginner levels far into the upper advanced levels of folding and dyeing. Offering multiple tutorials and explanations on folding and dyeing, supply needs and location options, safety detail, hints and ideas, interaction, stimulation, inspiration... Featuring an endless wall of beautiful dyes uploaded daily by hundreds of members. We are fun, we are free, and we are known as the best place to begin your journey into tie dyeing - or to expand your already amazing roadways of experience. Come join us and learn with us, and grow with us and teach with us... together we are better. Come feel the addiction! Video credits: Music = She Stole My Beer Featured artists in the video: Lorraine Cook = TieDyedHippy.com Ron Davis = Tie Dye Ron (Facebook him) Geri Lajoie = Grateful Geris Tie-dyes Kimmi Owen = Kimmi Rainbow (Kaazelle) Jennifer Dash Luther = (Facebook her) David Jerome Bragg = Jerome's Tie Dyes Sean A Gellatly = Mountains Edge Tie Dye Come on in and dye with us, we are dyeing to meet you... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2407789597/
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Stupidity At The Workplace...   (Bad & funny habits on the job - death and injury factors at work)
A slideshow presentation of workplace and worker stupidity. Dangerous scenes, activities and potentials... Humans, machines... chances for injury and death. Some are pretty funny, some incredibly stupid, all are avoidable. Be safe out there! Enjoy the smile...
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How To Crate and Pack Wooden Crates For International and/or Domestic Secure Shipping
A look at propper crating and packing for international, multi country shipping. The idea of crating, the styles and requirements... a general view from the shipping side of air, rail, and sea freight crating and material logistics movement.
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Floating The Bow River (22X to McKinnon Flats)
A slide show video with reference and time line for a Bow River float through south of Calgary... 22-X bridge (Fish Creek Park) to McKinnon Flats; how long it will take, other places to launch or get out, view points... a good reference with photos and text (set to music). Rafting the Bow. For more details and times/access points; check out Facebook's: The Bow River Rafter's PATCH
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A quick first look at: SNOW DYEING and ICE DYEING (cool tie dye techniques)
A basic and quick starter's look at snow and ice dyeing... Flat surface, simple spins, easy work - sharing some pointers and the outcomes of these two types of tie dyeing fun from a beginner's first try. This is the "step one" video... more advanced snow and ice work available in other shared videos. Music: Brooklyn Funk Essentials
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A Home Brewer's Guide To Bottle Your Craft Beer (The full homebrew beer bottling process explained)
A look at the process of bottling your home made beer at home. The preperation of the equipment, the priming sugar, the readying of the bottles... and the full process of filling the bottles. A great guide for the beginner, a good reference for the experienced. Homebrew... a guide to the bottled goodness. **Music: Gary Glitter**
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