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Xcode 7 Storyboard References (Beta 2)
I will show you how to quickly take advantage of the new Xcode storyboard referencing feature. This enables you to use multiple storyboards in the same project.
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Noise reduction with LAB mode in Photoshop
We can use LAB mode in Photoshop to reduce noise in an image whilst retaining detail.
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Dreamweaver CS5 - Local WordPress development
Part 3 of my Localhost web development series, this time I show how to configure Dreamweaver CS5 to work with WordPress.
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Aperture 3 - Key wording made easy and showing focus points
I'll show you how to use the key wording tools in Aperture 3 ( most applies to version 2 as well ). I'll also show you the new tool for seeing which focus point was used on a photograph.
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Photoshop CS5 - HUD Color Picker
I'll show you how to use the new HUD Color Picker palette to save time and improve workflow.
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Flex 4.5.1 Mobile Applications - Passing data between views
Following up from a previous video where I showed you how to load a new view using push, I now show how you send data along to that new view.
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Local Mac web development - WordPress installation on MAMP
Part 2 of my series on setting up a local web development environment on a Mac, this video covers installing and configuring WordPress on a MAMP server.
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Flex 4.5.1 - Mobile Applications - Getting started
Getting started. We create a new application and cover some Flash Builder changes, configuration and the desktop simulator.
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Using TextExpander to quickly email OmniFocus actions
How to use TextExpander to make emailing OmniFocus actions quick and painless. Note that due to YouTube time limit we have to move at a quicker pace than I would of liked :)
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Installing Windows 7 on Parallels Desktop for Mac version 5
Another video using Parallels for Mac 8 and Ubuntu Linux http://youtu.be/NITES7KDLoo First in a mini series, I'll show you how to set-up and install a Windows 7 virtual machine on Parallels for Mac. Most of the information applies to other OS's as well like Linux.
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Aperture 3 - Importing Images ( advanced )
A slightly more advanced way to import images in to Apple's Aperture 3 using metadata to set keywords and copyright whilst importing.
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Local Linux Web Development Easy Setup
From a fresh Ubuntu 13.10 install we'll setup the following LAMP Stack, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, Curl, GIT, VIM, Ruby, Rails, NPM, Node, SASS, LESS, Compass,Yo, Bower, Grunt. Whilst how to do this may be obvious to many, for some it can be a pain getting started, so I'll help you get to developing those apps/sites fast.
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MAMP, Wordpress and Coda
Part 4 of my localhost web development series. This time we configure Coda to use our WordPress installation.
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How To Use GitHub With Xcode
In this short video, I will show you how to create a repository on GitHub and use it within Xcode 8.
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Sencha Touch 2 - View and Controller Basics
I will show you how to add items to a view and then use a controller to detect changes in the view and respond.
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Using Freeter - Part 1
I will show you how to configure a project and create multiple widgets and tabs. Part 2 https://youtu.be/VRCpZiZd9fQ Covering Toolkits, Commands, Links, and Searches.
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Aperture 3 - Importing Images
I'll cover the basics of importing images into Apple's Aperture 3 photo management application.
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LESS - The Basics
The basics of LESS, the dynamic CSS language and the tools I use to work with this free language that can help you control and work with CSS.
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Install Ubuntu Linux on Parallels 8 for Mac
I'll show you how to create a new Parallels for Mac virtual machine and install Ubuntu Linux from start to finish.
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Photoshop Lightroom - 02 - Importing images
Covers importing images into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.
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Flex Builder - Simple Component Part 3 - Combobox populated by ArrayCollection
I'll show how you can populate a combobox inside the custom component using a simple ArrayCollection.
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Adobe AIR - Opening another application window using ActionScript
Want more than one window open in your Adobe AIR application? No problem let me show you how it's done using simple ActionScript.
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Adobe Fireworks - Using Guides
The low down on using Guides in Adobe Fireworks including a shortcut you might not be aware of for helping with pixel accurate layouts.
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Flash Builder 4 - States overview
Overview of how to create and use states in the new Flash Builder 4. Very different from Flex Builder 3.
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Apple Aperture 3 - Don't Panic! - First aid panel
Having problems with Aperture 3 libraries? Try the first aid panel and let it try and solve the situation for you.
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Flash Builder 4 - Custom Event Dispatching
Creating and dispatching custom events is pretty straight forward, I'll show you some simple code to get you on the right track to sending events around an application.
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Photoshop - Create 3D Corner Wrap Banner
Quickly create one of those corner wrap graphics you see on the web using a few simple techniques and tools in Photoshop. I'll show you how.
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FuelPHP - Download, Install and Create
How to download, install and create a starting FuelPHP web site on OSX. Also covered is downloading GIT which will be required for install.
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iOS Web tricks
Using some simple meta tags you can add a more native application look and feel to web sites and web applications when viewed on the iOS platform.
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Installing Adobe Lens Profiles for Lightroom and Camera RAW
So you need a profile for a lens and camera body that is not currently in Photoshop Lightroom 3 or Camera RAW, I'll show you a way to get it done.
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Freeter Part 2 - ToolKit, Commands, Links, and Searches
In part 2 of this series on Freeter, I will cover the more advanced concepts on configuring and using the tools available beyond widgets. Part 1 https://youtu.be/bPxg0HzQNTk Covering setting up a project, widgets and dashboards.
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CSS - Optimizing with inheritance
A suggestion on ways to improve CSS code and save a few lines of source code.
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Flash Builder 4 - Conditional Compile options
When developing applications you have to test code and that means repetition for clicking, setting values etc. The Flash/Flex Builder compiler can help us by doing some of the work.
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Sencha Touch - Download, Install, Setup and Run
I'll show you how to create a new Sencha Touch application from scratch using this excellent JavaScript framework. You can use it to build web, iOS and Android applications quickly.
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Quick Tip - Xcode Navigator Keyboard Shortcuts
A quick tip in just over one minute showing you the keyboard shortcuts for Xcode’s navigator panel. Commit them to memory and speed up your workflow.
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Flex Builder - Simple Component Part 1 - Creating the component
I show you how to create a simple Adobe Flex custom component and add it to an application.
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Quick Tip - Xcode Utilities Panel Keyboard Shortcuts
In just over a minute I will teach you the keyboard shortcuts to navigate Xcode’s utilities panel. Learning keyboard shortcuts can greatly improve your workflow productivity.
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iOS - Respond to the return key using delegation
In part 2 of this series on removing the on-screen keyboard, I show you how to respond to the return key using delegation.
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Parallels for Mac 6 - Ubuntu install
Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine in the new Parallels for Mac desktop 6. Note, yes I know 4096 mb is 4GB, I messed up :).
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Papervision 3D - Download and project set-up
Downloading the Papervision 3D engine and setting up a basic Flash Builder project to use the libraries. Note you can also use Flex Builder or Flash Professional.
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Parallels Desktop for Mac - View modes
Covering some of the different ways to interact and view your Windows virtual machine alongside the Mac desktop.
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Apple Aperture - Quick Brushes
An overview of the non-destructive quick brush tools in Apple's Aperture 3.
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Using Mirr.io Sketch Prototyping Plugin
Mirr.io is a prototyping plugin that works with the Sketch application to turn designs into interactive apps without the need for code. This is ideal for testing ideas before building an application. I’ll show you how it works from beginning to end.
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Creating iOS Screens Using Sketch 3
I walk you through the basics of creating iOS screen designs using Sketch 3 and the built in template symbols. You can use the same technique for Android and Web designs.
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TextExpander 3 - Fill-in for code writers
I'll show how you can use TextExpander 3 fill-in to enter multiple values in repetitive code and save time.
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CSS Optimization
It is easy to forget about file sizes with broadband, but think about Mobile...every kb counts. A few examples of optimizing CSS for code management, readability and file size.
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How to Edit iOS App Designs in Real Time with the iOS simulator using Sherlock.
Discover how you can design iOS app screens in real-time using Sherlock with the iOS simulator. Sherlock works with Xcode's iOS simulator to enable you to tweak everything about your application design without having to stop and start to see changes and making a guess. Here is a quick example to give you a taste.
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Local Mac web development - MAMP installation
Part 1 of my series on setting up a local web development environment on a Mac, this video covers installing and configuring MAMP.
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Gatsby - 01: Overview and Install
I am going to walk you through the process of downloading and installing Gatsby to your machine, and then creating a starter Web site ready for development. Gatsby is a great way to generate a Web site that is delivered to users much faster than many other technologies due to its lack of Server-side processing requirements. Part 2 - Site and file structure overview https://youtu.be/FdlkdHAkYXU Part 3 - Site Layout and Basic Component Creation https://youtu.be/RkaDYKRwxjQ
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How to setup Apple Swift on Ubuntu 15.10
I will show you how to download and setup Apple Swift on Ubuntu 15.10 so that you can start writing with the Swift language today.
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