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Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom & Other Strange Behaviors Explained
Top odd dog behaviors explained! Watch this video to find out about dog communication and canine behaviors and all of the weird dog habits your pooch exhibits and how to understand dogs! 8. Follow You Into the Bathroom Everyone can appreciate the loyalty in dogs, but sometimes you just wish they could leave you alone for one second, especially when you are using the restroom. Even if you close the door and say no several times, they still might whine and scratch at the door. Why on earth does the dog want to get in there so bad? There are a couple explanations. Dogs are naturally curious, it notices that you always tend to go inside the bathroom alone. Your dog may wonder why it is you aren't including him. Also, remember, historically dogs are pack minded animals. Animals that travel in a pack do everything together, everything. It may be that this makes it feel unnatural to your dog to be separated from you. This will happen more frequently if you have a protective dog. They will want to be close, to protect you, that's all it is. 7. Chasing Their Tails Watching a dog chase its tail around in circles is classic comedy. It's not all fun and harmless though. If they do it too much it is important to train it out of them, as its frequency forms a bad habit and excessive spinning will cause disorientation . Why do dogs do this though? In most instances, they are mistaken their furry tail for a woodland creature. Thousands of generations of hunting has given them the instinct to give chase to little furry creatures. Your dog also might be chasing an itch that they just can't scratch or worse a flea or tick. New research also suggests this could be a sign of Canine Compulsive Disorder, which is similar to OCD in humans. A study by PLOS ONE discovered that a group of dogs given extra vitamins and minerals were not as prone to the behavior as the dogs given a minimal amount. If your dog is exhibiting compulsive tail chasing symptoms, try and raise the health of the dog food you are providing. Another interesting fact is that dogs separated from their mothers at an early age are more prone to this compulsion. 6. Being Jumpy After A Bath Given your dog a bath is one of the harder things to do, but even that doesn't compare to how difficult it can be to try and towel off a post-bath dog. Dogs tend to be extra jumpy and hyperactive after a bath. No, unfortunately, this is not because the dog is happy it is clean. Instead, the dog is just excited not to be taking the bath anymore! No, seriously, knowing they don't have to be scrubbed down any more puts a real kick in their stepped. Compared to how they are usually stilted and anxious during the process, the sudden change in emotion is often jarring. Make sure the bathroom door is closed so they can't run out after a bath. Wrapping your towel completely around them will help to comfort and settle them down.
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10 Signs Someone Is Using PSYCHOLOGICAL Manipulation On YOU!
How to tell if someone is playing mind games with you! The warning signs that you might be with a psychological manipulator and how to see through their cunning tricks #10. “Different Alone”- One of the tell-tale signs that your friend, family member or partner is using psychological manipulation on you is if they act like a different person when you are in private then they do when you are in public. A manipulator is very aware of public perception and the ways to use this to their advantage. If the person is overly nice to you when others are watching, doing things like opening doors for you or acting extra affectionate, yet is callous or rude to you behind the safety of closed doors it is sure to mess with your head. This can also be displayed at parties or social gatherings, if they seem do everything right or seem extra interested when your friends or family around but don’t do any of these things in private they are most likely doing this to keep up appearances so that it makes it harder for you to get help from your other loved ones. In the worst cases they could even turn the people closest to you against you by incepting the thought that “He or she couldn’t possibly be like that”, in effect making you look like the crazy one. #9. “Guilt Trip”-Guilt-tripping or playing the sympathy card is a go-to tactic for manipulators. It is extremely hard to resist giving in to someone who says that if you don’t do something for them that you are hurting them. One of the ways people commonly guilt-trip others is by seemingly helping you in the present so that they can use it against you in the future, saying things like “remember, I helped you, so you have to do this for me”. Manipulators really like being with people who are over-sympathetic and may tug at their heart-strings by exaggerating physical ailments or sickness to get out of doing something. You can tell they are using this tactic if it only seems to happen when the activity or task that needs to be done isn’t benefitting them at all. For example, they get sick or their back goes out every-time it’s time to clean the house but then their friend calls to hang out and they start to feel better. It is very easy to get caught in the guilt-trip-trap in times of crisis. If early on in your relationship with someone they come through in a big way when when you really need them, you could get stuck paying for it for the rest of your life. The situation is kinda like a dark version of the common sitcom plot where someone saves someone’s life and in return the person whose life was saved becomes their slave or butler for life. If a person truly cares about you they won’t hold these types of things over your head, they do it because they want to. #8. “Overwhelming Details”-Some of the best psychological manipulators are ones that can put on the facade of being intellectual. Even if they aren’t necessarily more intelligent than someone else they are very good at seeming like it, either applying arbitrary facts to a situation or just making up facts. A person that can convincingly lie about details or pretend to be an expert is very hard to argue with because it always comes down to them having more facts than you do. Say for instance you want to go on a camping trip with your friends or family but your significant other doesn’t want you to go, they may try and overwhelming you with facts about how dangerous camping is to deter you from going. Though this might be a reasonable fear for person, a psychological manipulator will be unrelenting in this until you change your mind, whereas a person who actually cares can overcome their fears because they know it’s something you want to do. Manipulators can also try to use their knowledge or fake facts to belittle you in public by making you feel intellectually inferior and destroy your confidence so that you won’t try to argue in public in the future. #7. “Hurrying”- Being rushed into making decisions can result you having to trust another person’s advice that may not actually be better for you or end up in you not getting what you want. Manipulators are hyper-aware of this, they know that if they hurry someone into making a decision they can greatly influence the outcome. For example, if you are buying a new car with your partner they might suggest you look at the car they that want first and take their time describing how great it is, but then when it’s time to look at the one you want they are in a hurry to leave and may even act like you are taking too long so you are forced to go with their pick. This is a trivial example, but you can see how this type of situation would only be worse and worse the more serious the decision. Manipulators also can use this tactic to try and permanently place themselves as the alpha in a relationship. If they force you into a quick decision and it turns out to be a wrong decision, they can forever hold this against you so that you aren’t allowed to have a full-say in deci
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15 Amazing Facts About Dreams!
Weird facts about dreams! Things about dreams you probably didn’t know. Strange things that happen in your sleep
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10 Most Ridiculous Things Bought by Billionaires!
Most insanely stupid things bought by billionaires and millionaires! Find out what crazy and outrageous purchases the extremely rich buy.
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10 Smallest Countries In The World
Smallest countries in the world! These minuscule nations cover tiny islands and some are smaller than cities. *CORRECTION: On #7 we say Liechtenstein is between Austria and Sweden. It's actually between Austria and Switzerland.
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11 STRANGEST Abandoned Places In The World!
Scary abandoned places you shouldn’t visit! These creepy buildings and cities where no one goes are some of the strangest places on earth 11. Château Miranda Completed in 1907 and officially abandoned in 1991, the Château Miranda (a.k.a. Château de Noisy) is often mistakenly referred to as a shuttered orphanage. It was actually used for a portion of its operation as a seasonal retreat for sick children. During World War II, the building was occupied by German troops and was eventually retaken by Allied forces during the Battle of the Bulge. The Liedekerke-Beaufort family, owners of the property since its construction, sought to sell the uninhabited castle as a potential hotel venue in the early ‘90s. But a fire in 1995 caused significant damage, and Château Miranda has remained in a state of disrepair ever since. 10. Witley Court - Worcestershire, England This sprawling English estate was owned and added-on to by numerous noble English families since the original house was commissioned in 1086 by a cousin of William the Conqueror. Mounting debts forced the Earl of Dudley to sell Witley to a carpet manufacturer in 1920, and a fire in 1937 left only its stone frame standing. After being stripped of its antique and architectural valuables in the early ‘50s, the manor was left to the elements until it was designated an ancient monument by the British government in 1972. 9. Town of Garnet A hollow monument to the Gold Rush, Garnet was once an active township consisting of hotels, family-owned stores and a small schoolhouse. After being deserted during the Great Depression, Garnet helped inspire myths and legends regarding ghost towns for decades. Today, visitors to the town can peek into some structures and see untouched furniture items and valuables left behind by long-departed residents. 8. Craco Originally established in 540 AD by occupying Greeks, the city of Craco continued to grow throughout the Middle Ages. From 1060 to roughly 1656, the Catholic Church controlled the city, adding over time a large church, a castle, a university, and several shop-adorned plazas. But by the end of the 17th Century, the Black Plague left Craco’s population depleted, and eventually the routine occurrence of earthquakes in the surrounding Basilicata region created unsustainable living conditions for its citizens. In 1963, the last inhabitants were forced out by the Italian government. Craco has occasionally been used as a set piece for major Hollywood productions in the decades since its abandonment. 7. Hashima Island Though it was opened to tourists in 2009, access to this abandoned island is strictly monitored by the Japanese government due to safety concerns stemming from an overall lack of structural integrity. Originally a mining town, Hashima was settled in 1887 and continued to function until the 1970s, when Japan’s coal industry fell apart after the country developed a greater dependence on petrol. Though the Japanese have sought recognition for the island as a world heritage site, international objections have kept it from reaching such a designation due to Hashima’s history as a forced labor camp for Chinese and Korean prisoners of war. Hashima’s decrepit highrises and eerie, echoing streets were made famous to Western audiences by the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. Film sets were modeled after the long-uninhabited island during the design process of the fictional hideout for Bond villain, Raoul Silva.
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14 STRONGEST Materials Known To Man!
The toughest and hardest things on the planet! From the silk of spiders to a mineral only found after meteorites hit the earth, these are strongest materials ever discovered or created by man! #14. “Diamond”- This beautiful mineral is valued not only because of its looks but also because its is one of the strongest naturally occurring substances on Earth. On the Mohs scale, which is used to categorize the strength of minerals, diamonds are unsurpassed with a rating of 10. In fact, in order to cut diamonds jewelers must used another diamond. Diamonds also have one of the highest melting points of any material only liquefying when it reaches temperatures over 7300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also considered the greatest naturally occuring conductor of heat. Because of these amazing qualities diamonds have long been worth almost as much as gold and have been used in construction, mining and medical technology for hundreds of years. #13. “Kevlar”- You may recognize Kevlar as the material used by militaries all over the world for helmets and body armor and it’s because of its unique combination of being light and ridiculously strong that makes it so effective at protecting soldiers. Kevlar is a type of plastic that is made up of molecules with an incredibly strong structures that are linked together like rings. Once the plastic fibers made of these molecules are weaved together they display a tensile strength that is almost ten times as strong as steel wire. Not only can it resist physical blows it is highly resistant to changes in temperatures. Kevlar has the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -320 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 850 degrees fahrenheit without being damaged. Kevlar is also commonly used in tires, brakes, musical instruments, shoes, boats, phones and much more! #12. “Spider’s Silk”- Spider’s silk, more specifically that of the Darwin’s Bark Spider is the second strongest bio-material on Earth. Biomaterials are materials that are naturally produced by a living organism. Though most web-spinning spiders have incredibly strong silk, the Darwin’s Bark spider takes the cake with silk that is 10 times stronger than that of Kevlar. After discovering the unique strength of this spider’s giant webs in 2001, scientists have been constantly studying it in order to unlock its secrets and use them for creating extremely thin materials that can withstand the most formidable of punches. Studying the silk could leak to breakthroughs in the ways that rope, wires and the fabric of body armor are designed.
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10 INCREDIBLE Security Features In The White House!
Top incredible security features of the White House! These are the biggest and most guarded security features of the United States President and the White House! #8. “Restricted Air Space”-- Early in the morning on September 12th, 1994 while President Clinton was in office a man struggling with depression and other mental issues flew a small two-seater plane into the South lawn with the wreckage coming to rest near the base of the White House two stories underneath the presidential bedroom. Even though the Clintons were staying across the street that night due to the ventilation system was being repaired, the photographs of a plane wreck only feet away from the leader of the free-world’s abode were a scary sight. There has long been restricted air space over the White House which stretches for 18,000 feet around it and is monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration. Planes that fly into this secure space will be warned initially but if the plane does not correct its flight path fighter jets will be sent out to escort it out of the area. However, this small plane was able to reach the white house as it was flying just above the treetops. It was also said at the time that the Secret Services’ plan to protect the president in this event was more to get them to safety rather than try and stop the plane. The technology that is used to protect this air space has progressed considerably since this event due to necessity and technical capabilities. Lazers and advanced radar systems are used to detect anything entering the area. There are a couple unconfirmed yet fascinating methods the Secret Service or military might be using to protect The White House from future plane crashes or aerial attacks. There have been several reports that say nearby building have anti-aircraft weapons on top of them that are equipped with Stinger missiles. Even more futuristic is the reported Lazer Dazzler system that The White House might have. The Dazzler is a controversial device that shoots strobing beams of light at a pilot or attackers, significantly disorienting them. #7. “Air Filtration”--Chemical weapons are an even bigger threat today then they have ever been. From potential dangers like tiny capsules filled with devastating viruses to vicious gases that are undetectable by even the most highly skilled noses the White House needs to be prepared in the event that an undetected assassin unleashes an airborne toxin. To defend against this, The White House has been renovated several times over with the latest air filtration system. In a similar way to which Las Vegas casinos are constantly pumping in fresh and special scented oxygen in order to disperse smoke and fill gamblers with happy feelings, The White House is always pumping in fresh oxygen and sucking out any foreign particles. #6. “Monitoring”--Even in recent years with heightened security at The White House there are dozens of people who have jumped the fence or attempted to get inside by other means whether with the purpose of harming the first family or just getting on TV but luckily most of these people don’t make it very far as the monitoring system around the President’s lair is one of the most advanced in all of the world. There are hundreds of cameras lining the property and hidden within it that can not only record in high definition but using thermal imaging and night vision. These cameras have been placed so strategically that their is not a single blind spot around the White House. If you could somehow go undetected by these cameras you will undoubtedly set off one of the other two monitoring systems on the grounds. The lawns surrounding the White and various courtyards are filled with alarms underneath the ground that are sensitive to pressure and if that’s not enough to stop First Fans from taking midnight strolls up to the President’s doorstep they will probably set off the infrared sensors that monitor all ground activity.
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12 BEST Habits Of Rich People!
Top traits of rich people! Here are the habits of successful people and the traits of millionaires and all of the things rich people do so you can see how to become successful! 9. Meditate What do Rupert Murdoch, Arianna Huffington and Oprah all have in common, besides a billion dollars? They all meditate. People are hesitant to meditation, because they think it's a waste of time or boring. Their loss. Ray Dalio attributed a lot of his fortune in life to meditation stating, "Meditation, more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I've had." It is no wonder when you consider the universal benefits regular meditation has been shown to produce. Among other things, meditation adds more hours to your day, improves brain function, helps you have a better nights sleep and increases your attention span. With the amount Smartphone apps created solely for meditation, there is no excuse not to commit to even just 10 minutes a day. You will be surprised at the results. 8. Know When to Say No As Warren Buffet says, "The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything." You have most likely been told to try and say yes more in order to live a fulfilling life or even just to improve your networking skills, but this is not the case for the financially inclined individual. People who succeed have a singular focus. They know when to say no to someone, because they are able to identify it as a waste of their time. This does not always mean saying no to people trying to divert their workload, it also could mean saying no to a bad habit. If you have a bad habit of sleeping or playing too much video game, you need to learn how to say no to these impulses. Have a goal in mind, and only say yes to activities that will increase your productivity.
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15 Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed!
Celeb siblings who are basically the same person! These top hollywood actors and actresses have brothers, sisters, and twins who you didn’t know
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10 Psychologically PROVEN Flirting Techniques!
Tips on how and when to flirt that are backed by science! From eye contact to wearing red here are some of the best strategies psychologically proven to up your dating game #10. “Eye Contact”-- One of the most tried and true flirting techniques that has been used by both sexes since before humans first walked on two legs is that of eye contact. There is a saying that goes the eyes are the gateway to the soul and this has actually been psychologically proven at least when it comes to the flirting game. There are blatant ways to show that you are interested such as winking or batting your eyelashes. However these can be creepy if the person doesn’t already know your personality or isn’t interested in you. There are also more subtle ways like discreetly looking at the person you are interested in and then turning away when they look at you. If someone does this to you it means they are probably interested, but if you try this on someone and instead of playing along they give you the cold shoulder it just isn’t meant to be. Lastly, there is the ‘all-in’ eye contact method where you gaze longingly into a person’s eyes and only break eye contact in order to look them up and down. This one can be quite seductive but if the person is on the fence about you it could push them away. If you aren’t careful and stare too long you might send the message that you are a stalker, not just trying to be flirty. #9. “Touching”--Touching someone is one of the easiest ways to ignite a spark in someone and let them know how you feel without having to memorize poetry. Of course most of the instances where this type of flirting are acceptable are when you already know the person or they have established that it is okay. Touching is not something you should do to a stranger at a bar, especially if you are a man, unless you want to get pepper-sprayed. But when it feels right there are a few different types of touching another person that have been psychologically proven to work. There is friendly touching which usually applies to someone you are just beginning to know. This can be in the form of a high-five or handshake, tapping their shoulder or a playful nudge. The next step up is reserved for people you already have an established rapport with but want to show that you want to get to know them more. In this case you might touch a person on their arm, put your hand on their back for support, or touch them in a playful manner like tickling. The last type of touching that has been proven to work is reserved for the big time. When you already have a feeling they might be mutually interested in you but don’t know how to break the barrier touching their face will most assuredly signal how you feel. #8. “Wear Red”-- The color red has long been associated with romance and this is not a coincidence as there is something about the powerful nature of the color that evokes passion in people. It has been psychologically proven that if you want to be noticed by someone of the opposite sex that wearing the color red can speed up the process. Scientists theorize that our attraction to the color red may be attributed to our evolutionary past as many animals, such as birds, display bright colors in order to attract a mate. The red is also a color that can be worn almost anyone of any skin tone and it will be flattering to their natural features. If you wear a red dress, red socks, or a red tie you are more likely to stand out in a crowd. This makes red the most powerful color for flirting in a social gathering like a dance or formal event. Because it makes you stand out more, red has the added effect of making whoever wears it appear more confident because they wear it knowing that people will look at them but don’t mind.
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15 Cases of Lucky People Finding a Fortune!
Amazing cases of lucky people finding a fortune! People finding tons of money and awesome things
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9 WORST Company Failures!
Dumbest ways companies have failed to predict the future or made decisions that bankrupted them! Whatever happened to Blockbuster and Borders? Find out on this countdown of epic business blunders! #9. “Kodak”- The Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1888 and was the most successful company in the photography industry during the 20th Century. They were the leaders in bringing the cutting edge of photographic technology and easy to use cameras to the hands of consumers throughout the world. But Kodak almost met its demise at the hands of a product that it actually invented: digital photography. Kodak invented this technology in 1975, but failed to jump on the innovation, believing that common applications for it were well into the future. Early on, the company thought that the high cost and complexity that would be needed to make a push into the digital front weren’t in Kodak’s best interests. So, Kodak put digital photography to the side to be picked back up when the time was financially advantageous, but they waited too long. By the time they switched gears, they faced competitors who had been perfecting their business models with digital photography at the center, whereas Kodak’s model was still dependent on printed photos. While other companies made deals with websites, phone companies and focused on online based imaging, Kodak floundered and in 2012 filed for Bankruptcy. They have since come back from bankruptcy and started specializing in producing smartphones and tablets. #8. “Pan American”- From 1927 until 1991, Pan Am was the largest airline company in the United States, but due to bad foresight, callous labor practices and an uncontrollable disaster this global giant quickly met its end. The company basically had a monopoly on overseas travel until World War II but was dealt its first major blow when other strong airline companies began to up their game. Pan Am fought off the competitors with its innovations such as jumbo jets and an advanced system for making reservations but these innovations couldn’t match the corporate aptitude and human relations that the other airlines dealt with more astutely. One of the main reasons for Pan Am’s failure was ironically due to its early successes. Because of the sheer size of its fleet, it was the company hit the hardest by the 1973 oil crisis. Just before the crisis, Pan Am had just purchased a number of brand new gas-guzzling Boeing 747s and was forced to dramatically raise ticket prices to recuperate. As it was trying to recover from this setback it had also become a target of terrorism in the Middle East. To the terrorists Pan Am was a symbol of the United States overseas because it was the largest U.S. airline servicing the area. During the Gulf War, in the midst of financial hardships and battles with labor unions, Pan American 103 on a transatlantic flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Detroit was blown up by Libyan nationals above the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The incident scared even more customers away from flying Pan Am and many travel agents would no longer book flights on their planes. All of these events and poor managing of them led Pan American International Airways to declare bankruptcy and completely fold in 1991. #7. “Borders”- Tom and Louis Borders opened their first bookstore in 1971. Their vast selection of books and innovative inventory system turned them into the second biggest chain of book megastores. Due to years of miscalculating the future of book consumption, the bookstore all but vanished in 2011. It all started in the mid 90s when Amazon and other online stores hit the scene. Instead of developing their own website and focusing on online sales, the company decided to further their storefront endeavors and expanded into Europe and Asia opening hundreds of stores. Their competitor Barnes and Noble, did the opposite by preparing for the digital age, perfecting their online sales system and focusing on their storefront operations in the United States. When Borders did start to catch on to the online market they were already far behind and decided to use Amazon as a host for such sales. Because of this, as more and more sales were made online, instead of receiving 100% of the profit they had to share with Amazon. Borders also was caught in the past by devoting lots of money and inventory towards DVDs and CDs at a time when digital music and video was on the rise. While Barnes and Noble developed it’s own e-reader to grab paperless book market by the horns, Borders was extremely slow to adapt to the change. All of these factors came to a boiling point in 2006 when, after several years of losing millions of dollars Borders filed for bankruptcy. By 2011, Borders realized there was no way out and closed most of its remaining stores. The only stores remaining are in southeast asia where it remain Borders in name only, as they were sold to a company named Popular Holdings.
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20 Best Things To Ask ALEXA!
Things to never ask Amazon Alexa! From funny things to ask your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to some of the weirdest responses Alexa gives #19. “How old are you?”- If you ask Alexa her age, instead of giving you the simple answer of 3 she will answer with what sounds like a mind-wrenching riddle: “In years if you’re counting it’s three, Since essentially I became me. Before that I wasn’t, which sounds quite unpleasant, Because me is what I like to be!”. Ummm. Okay. Good for you Alexa. #18. “Do you want to go on a date?”-- If you are fed up with the human dating seen and are trying to find love in the form of a digital assistant you won’t have any chance with Alexa. To the question “Do you want to go on a date?” she will instantly friend zone you, replying, “I like you, as a friend”. #17. “Do you have a boyfriend?”-- While some may be satisfied with her initial soft let down, the more persistent types will be wondering why Alexa only likes them as a friend… Is there possibly someone else? If you ask Alexa if she has a boyfriend she will give you a nice and curt answer but then follow it up with an extremely lame joke. She will say: “I like being single. Plus it’s tough finding someone who doesn’t mind the cloud commute. Ha. Ha. #16. “Beam Me Up”-If you are a Trekkie or just a casual Star Trek fan then you will be happy to know that Alexa is preloaded with a bevy of Star Trek related commands and references. You can actually access several of the useful functions of Alexa by using Star Trek jargon. If you ask her to “Open a channel” she will open up her calling and messaging features. If you ask her for a ‘damage report’ she will open up your daily briefing and you can confirm anything she asks you by saying ‘Make it so”. There are also more than a dozen Star Trek responses programmed in Alexa that are just for fun. You can say ‘Beam me up” and she will reply with several stock answers like “Transporting in 3, 2, 1” followed by the beaming sound effect. She also has multiple answers if you ask her whether she can speak Klingon and a unique response to commands like “fire photon torpedoes”, “resistance is futile” and “live long and prosper”. But the best one is probably her retort when you quote the famous line, “revenge is a dish best served cold” to which she will appropriately yell, “Khaaaaaan!” #15. “How Much Do You Weigh?”- It’s not normally in one’s best interest to ask someone about their weight but Alexa isn’t a real person so you’d think it wouldn’t really bother her. However, when you do ask her about her girth she does display quite the attitude. If you say “Alexa, How much do you weigh?” She will answer, “I am weightless, like a cloud. Wait a minute, clouds actually weigh a lot. So that’s not quite right. Let’s just say I’m more sass than mass.” You’d have to admire her confidence with that reply...All that it’s missing is finger snaps. #14. “Ask About Siri”- If you are wondering if all the digital assistants get together and hang out when they aren’t serving our every whim you will probably be let down. If you ask Alexa if she knows Siri, Cortana or Google Home she will reply “Only by reputation” in a tone that seems kind of snide like, “How could you ask me that?” If you ask her who is better out of all of them she will be quite diplomatic saying “I like all A.I.s”.
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CUTEST Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own!
The cuddliest and most bizarre animals that you can call your own. From the pint-sized sugar glider to the spiny hedgehog there are some unusual exotic pets that animal lovers can make a part of their family 10. Kinkajou- If you’re like most, you’ve never heard of this animal. Though more closely related to racoons, adult kinkajous (sometimes referred to as honeybears) look like a cross between a monkey and an (albeit tiny) bear, with dense, wooly fur. Adults can weigh anywhere from three to ten pounds and tend to be solitary creatures who take well to bird toys. They are nocturnal, so most owners typically keep them penned up at night when they’re most active. If you’re willing to go through the agita of having to build an outdoor enclosure a Kinkajou might be the right fit for you, particularly if you prefer mild mannered pets to high-octane puppies or territorial kittens. Mostly, they’re fruitarians, though some are known to develop strawberry allergies and most all do best when kept away from citrus of any sort. Kinkajous are traditionally tree dwellers and possess the rare ability to rotate their hind ankles, which enables them to run quickly both forward and backward. Though their piercing cries, screeches and occasional barks have earned them the nickname la llorona in the rainforests of South America, they’re known to be pretty docile, if messy, housepets. 9. Sugar gliders- Though these tiny creatures are commonly mistaken as rodents, they’re actually marsupials, loosely related to the kangaroo and koala bear. Unlike most rodents, they have an average lifespan similar to dogs in addition to a similar level of intelligence, which allows them to complete basic tricks and come when called. If fed the proper diet they won’t emit any odor-- unlike other rodents and ferrets, which I always thought smelled like urinal cakes, even on their best days. Adults are nocturnal and weigh roughly six ounces. Unlike kinkajous, sugar gliders are highly social creatures that tend to live in colonies. PETA has railed against keeping sugar gliders as housepets, as they tend to be bred in conditions similar to puppy mills and because of their size, are smuggled across countries in exceedingly inhumane ways which can include, being stuffed into extremely tiny containers. As their name implies, sugar gliders can glide between trees resting upwards of 150 feet away from each other. Think of them as bug-eyed, white bellied, furry little parachutes, sharp in tooth and claw. 8. Wallaby- Cousins to kangaroos, Wallabies are marsupial creatures which are best suited to owners who can provide ample space for them to jump, run and play in. Because of this, most yards aren’t suited to these animals’ needs. Would-be owners should take note that they’re notoriously difficult to housetrain, in addition to house in general, given their size, energy levels, strong hind legs and nocturnal hardwiring. They differ from kangaroos in that their teeth have flat rows, as opposed to curved rows and typically feed on leaves, which require less slicing than the grass that most kangaroos eat. Wallabies are typically two and a half feet tall and weigh roughly thirty pounds, though some breeds have been known to grow as large as fifty pounds and stand six feet tall. In different parts of the country, pet owners have noticed that their wallabies make a fine substitute for lawn mowers, given their insatiable appetite for grass. Rural areas are the best for these pets.
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13 CRAZY Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of!
Top exotic fruits you haven’t heard of! These are the most exotic and bizarre and tropical fruits and crazy fruits you’ve never heard of! #7. “Monstera Deliciosa”-- Native to Panama and Mexico the Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant is like the fruit version of the Japanese Pufferfish, extremely toxic but if prepared correctly one of the most delicious delicacies imaginable. The fruit itself doesn’t look like much, kind of like a hard corn cob that is bright shade of green, but inside there is a fruit that has people risking their lives to indulge in its juices.The seeds and skin of the plant are chock full of poison but if you wait for the fruit to be ripe enough the poison inside loses it potency. Once the flesh is carefully removed it can be eaten raw and is said to taste like a more mellow vegetal pineapple and have a similar consistency. #6. “Jabuticaba”--Is that some weird spherical fungus growing of that tree? Has an extraterrestrial coated the tree in dark purple eggs? No, that’s just the Jabuticaba tree and yes its fruit grow in clusters straight out of the trees branches and trunk. This bizarre tree is found throughout South America mainly in Brazil where it is referred to colloquially as the Brazilian Grape Tree. The fruit, the same hue as a plum and the size of a blueberry, is a wildly popular fruit used in a wide variety of local desserts. It is said to have a taste that like a combination of grapes, strawberries and melons. Because the fruit naturally starts to ferment three days after being plucked it has also become a common source of homemade liquor and wine. #5. “Soursop”-- The soursop is the twisted spiky cousin of cherimoya and shares many of the same characteristics. The fruit is commonly found in the Caribbean, Mexico and the northern parts of South America and like the cherimoya has a creamy flesh that is flavored like a citrusy cross between a pineapple and strawberry. Beyond being intensely scrumptious the Soursop is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Other than being filled with B and C vitamins the fruit contains large amounts of cancer-fighting antioxidants. The Soursop has long been used by locals for the treatment of various conditions like respiratory illnesses and arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory attributes. Not only that but the indigenous caribbean people have used it for thousands of years as the main ingredient in a relaxing tea that alleviates stress and insomnia. The seeds once crushed are often made into various types of topical ointments and powders that is reported to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.
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13 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Into CRYPTO!
Celebrities who have invested in crypto! From Paris Hilton to Jamie Foxx here are some of the most famous people that are getting in on the digital currency craze! #13. “Donald Glover”- Donald Glover is an Emmy-award winning actor for the show Atlanta and a Grammy nominated rapper going under the name Childish Gambino. At the young age of 34 Glover has quickly entrenched himself as a force to be reckoned with in the performing arts community. He has also made a living by thriving in the internet world so it should be no surprise to anyone that he has admitted on several occasions that he believes the sky is the limit for cryptocurrency, namely bitcoin. He has been quoted as saying that he thinks in the future the economy will be tied into the internet and cyber technology. He has also said that he believes the gold standard is going the way of the dinosaur and that cryptocurrency makes more sense. #12. “Mike Tyson”- The former heavyweight champion of the world and cameo-specialist Mike Tyson is a big believer in the future of cryptocurrency. He is so adamant that the world will be dominated by cryptocurrency in the future that he has founded his own company aptly named Mike Tyson Bitcoin. His company claims to be a safe place for the buying and selling of bitcoins and has developed their own bitcoin ATM. They unveiled their first functioning ATM in 2015, located at the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Though he has had his share of financial troubles he believes his newest venture is destined for success. He has been quoted as saying, “No one knows better than I how uncertain the economy can be and at this juncture in my life it is imperative that I am proactive about my financial planning and for me it includes Bitcoin.”
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10 Fast Food HACKS You Never Knew About!
Amazing fast food hacks you didn't know! From McDonald's to Taco Bell we look at secret menus and crazy burgers #10 “Chipotle”- Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1993 by Steve Ellis, Chipotle is famous for its giant burritos and burrito bowls. So what secret Southwestern dishes can you order or create? Starting off, here are some sneaky ways to get more food for your money. A secret yet sloppy way to get two burritos for one is to order your burrito in a bowl and ask for an extra tortilla on the side. In the burrito bowl they put almost 50% more meat and veggies. So, after you roll up the first tortilla that comes with the bowl, you are bound to have extra fillings to make another one with the spare tortilla. If you have problems with your usual burrito order being a little too big for its britches, you can also ask for it to be double-wrapped. If you ever want a free burrito by way of investing into your next Chipotle trip--you can buy a $30 gift card and get a burrito for free. So if you were gonna spend $30 in future, which can be easy at Chipotle, you might as well get the first burrito free. Now on to Chipotle’s secret menu! If you have ever looked longingly at Chipotle’s menu and wished that they had nachos, well, you’re in luck. Turns out if you order a burrito bowl you can substitute chips for the rice, then just ask to add extra cheese and voila! Chipotle nachos. Another savory cheese meal is the quesorito, yes we said it, you can ask for any burrito to be wrapped in a quesadilla instead of the normal tortilla. #9 “Arby’s”- Founded in 1964 by Forrest and Leroy Raffel in Boardman, Ohio, Arby’s has been slinging the roast beef alternative to burgers for over 50 years. A lot of their secret menu items or hacks are just bigger versions of other sandwiches, but there are a few that are unique and enticing. First off, there are several customizations that you can do--such as adding any of their sauces to any sandwich like au jus, cheese sauce or their special Red ranch dressing. You can also exchange the roast beef in any sandwich for turkey leaving you with such delights as the Turkey ’N Cheddar and the Turkey Reuben. There is one ‘true’ secret item you can order at Arby’s and with a slogan like “We have the meats.” they definitely deliver on that promise. If you order a sandwich appropriately called Meat Mountain, that’s exactly what you’ll get. This secret sandwich comes with every meat on the menu: Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, Corned Beef, Steak, Chicken Tenders, Brisket and Bacon topped with cheddar and swiss cheese adding up to what is possibly the Mount Everest of fast-food sandwiches. #8. “Burger King”- Founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, Burger King has been flipping and whipping out flame-broiled whoppers for decades. As the more innovative and experimental competitor of McDonald’s, Burger King has some really intriguing items on their secret menu. Did you know that you can get a ham and cheese sandwich from Burger King even though the Yumbo was discontinued for a second time? Vegetarians can also rejoice in knowing that they can use the secret menu to order a Veggie Whopper. If you are ever indecisive on whether to get fries or onion rings, fear not, you can order Frings! Frings are a half order of onion rings and half order of fries mixed in the same container. For the extremely hungry and adventurous types, the king of all Burger King secret items is the Suicide Burger. This devilish monster is made up of four slices of cheese and four beef patties with bacon and special sauce. With the ability to “have it your way” you can probably add even more to that! #7. “KFC”- Kentucky Fried Chicken was started in 1930 by who else but the Colonel himself, Harland Sanders, and KFC has been making world renowned fast food fried chicken ever since. But we have to wonder whether or not the Colonel would approve of these decadent hacks and secret menu items. One delicious trick is adding mashed potatoes to anything, you can take any ho-hum chicken sandwich and turn it into a rich and creamy feast that is dripping with gravy. KFC might not be known for its dishes with bacon but they do have it and this means you can add bacon to anything as well. You can take an ordinary KFC snacker and add this delicious salty meat or you can put it in a famous bowl for extra heartiness.
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10 Things The World is Running Out of
Things the world is running low on! From bacon to chocolate learn the things the world may face a shortage of
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11 Special Personality Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone!
Top personality traits of people who like to be alone! These are the traits and characteristics of people who like being alone! #9. “Valuing Time”-- Even if a person likes being alone it is hard to find alone time in the modern world especially with jobs that require interaction with customers or co-workers and with social media and technology having become such a prominent force in everyone’s day-to-day lives. Because their own alone time is so precious and when they get it they try to appreciate it as much as possible, loners tend to value the time of others more than those who don’t enjoy alone time. People who enjoy being alone are more likely to be punctual when it comes to events where they are needed, such as their occupation. When you combine a loner’s adept self-awareness with their increased value of time you can see how they would understand how it might annoy or inhibit their boss or other’s that depend on them when their time is taken is taken for granted. Loners are also better at staying on task and listening to direction as they know that the faster and more efficiently they finish a task the more alone time there will be at the end of the day, where it is just a few seconds or not. This is also a reason that loner’s are sometimes more proactive, as they want to get things over with so they can ‘do their own thing’. On the other hand loners can be so self-reflective that they get stuck thinking about doing things rather than actually doing them, causing them to be some of the worst procrastinators if they don’t stick to a schedule. #8. “Respect Boundaries”-- People who spend a majority of their time alone or that are at least enjoy being alone are able to take the time to reflect on themselves and develop strong personal beliefs. Because of this they understand other people’s needs to have their own beliefs and how to not infringe on them. This could be identifying boundaries that are philosophically deep like those of religion or just being able to better respect boundaries of personal space. Being alone and self-reflecting also builds one’s confidence in their own personal boundaries and not shying away from telling others when they’ve crossed the line. They aren’t afraid of enforcing their boundaries because they know that if someone doesn’t respect them they don’t need them as a friend. People who don’t like being alone would be more hesitant as they are afraid of losing people.
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10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!
Top things you shouldn’t say to Siri! Stuff you should never say to Apple iPhone’s Siri artificial intelligence app We all love our smartphones and the lightning quick ability of them to connect us to anyone or to answer any question we have. When Siri first burst onto the scene in 2011 we all were instantly spoiled by her unique interface that made it even easier to control these hand-held wonders. But what can’t she do and what is her breaking point? There are just some questions that are better left unasked. #10 “What is 0 divided by 0?”- If you ever want to ruin a Sesame Street character’s day and question every friendship you have-- just ask Siri this seemingly simple math problem. She will respond with, “Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.” Whoa. Way to cut right through someone just for being curious...Whatever happened to “Does not compute”? On a related note if you ask Siri, “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” She will give you another mysterious answer, “Well… I think I saw some nano-particles of blue fur around there?” So first you stick up for him and then you accuse him of theft? What kind of artificial friend are you?
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13 Most MYSTERIOUS Books In History!
Unexplained strange book discoveries! Top mysterious books in the world that will leave you with a bizarre and creepy reading experience
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25 Celebs Whose REAL NAME You Didn’t Know!
Famous people whose real name you didn’t know! Amazing facts about these top celebrity actors, actresses, and stars original given family names 25. John Legend “Legend” is an objectively cool last name. That’s probably why the Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and musician John Roger Stephens chose “John Legend” as his stage name. But that original family surname hasn’t gone to waste. Legend and his wife, fashion model Chrissy Teigen, welcomed their first child in April of 2016, naming her Luna Simone Stephens. 24. Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage comes from Hollywood Royalty. But you wouldn’t know that from his last name. His given name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. He is a member of the Coppola family: his uncle Francis Ford Coppola is the famous director and screenwriter of the Godfather movies while his cousin Sofia Coppola won an Academy award for Lost in Translation. He is also the nephew of actress Talia Shire and the cousin of actor Jason Schwartzman. Despite his extended family’s tremendous success in the film industry, Nicolas chose the last name Cage in order to set his work apart. 23. Natalie Portman Natalie Portman first drew widespread recognition for her astonishing role as an orphaned child in the 1994 film Leon: The Professional. After rising to stardom in blockbusters like the Star Wars prequels and V for Vendetta, Portman won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the psychological thriller Black Swan. Despite her huge impact on popular culture, most people don’t know that her real name is Natalie Hershlag, that she was born in Jerusalem in 1981, or that she is the only child of an American mother and an Israeli father. Natalie changed her last name in honor of her grandmother whose maiden name was Portman. She has stated that the name change was made primarily to protect her immediate family’s privacy. 22. Ice Cube The name “Ice Cube” would be a pretty original choice for a newborn. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with this revolutionary of activist hip-hop. Born O’Shea Jackson, he chose the stage name “Ice Cube” based on a heated exchange from his youth in which his older brother threatened to slam him in the freezer and keep him there until he turned into an ice cube. After the birth of his son, O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (who portrayed Ice Cube in the film Straight Outta Compton) he went by the full name O’Shea Jackson, Sr. among close friends and family members. 21. Chevy Chase The Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon veteran grew up in a wealthy, high-profile New York family, who named him Cornelius Crane Chase. He gave up a life of privilege to become a comedian and performer. As a child, his paternal grandmother gave him the nickname “Chevy.” One theory as to why she chose this name comes from the 1436 Battle of Cheviot Hills, in which the Douglas clan in Scotland repelled English forces. Chase himself has suggested that his grandmother simply took it from the name of the city Chevy Chase, Maryland. The first name “Cornelius” was given to him in honor of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a distant relative. 20. Diane Keaton Diane Keaton’s real name is Diane Hall. Many of those close to her, including friends in the film industry, call her “Annie.” In the late 1970s, while re-structuring his thriller Anhedonia into a quick-witted romantic comedy, Woody Allen chose Keaton’s nickname and real surname as both the name of his character’s love interest and the title of the film itself. Annie Hall went on to win four Oscars, including Best Actress for Keaton. It’s also worth mentioning that Woody Allen’s real name is Allen Konigsberg.
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11 Paradoxes That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!
The most mind-boggling paradoxes ever! From the crocodile’s dilemma to the lazy bones paradox, here are some of the most thought provoking and brain-teasing logic puzzles that will twist your mind! #11. “Omnipotence Paradox”- The Paradox: “Could an omnipotent being create a stone that is too big for it to lift?” In other words if a being is truly omnipotent there couldn’t possibly be something too big for it to carry, but on the other hand if it was omnipotent there shouldn’t be anything it can’t do or create. This paradox is first seen in writing dating back to the 1100s and philosophers from Thomas Aquinas to Wittgenstein have tried tackling the logic behind it. It has been commonly used as an argument for atheism but philosophers who practice religion have also used it to justify their points of view. One common flaw that is pointed out about the paradox is that the being identified as omnipotent has human characteristics applied to it, such as lifting, so the logic is flawed from the get-go because if a being was omnipotent it would not need the ability to lift anything. This point can lead further down the rabbit hole as one then must dive into the true definition of lifting.. Does the paradox use the word lifting to mean capability? If this was the case the paradox might go ‘is God capable of the incapable?’. #10. “The Crocodile’s Dilemma”- The Paradox: “A crocodile catches a child and tells the child’s parents that if they can correctly guess what he does next he will give the child back”. This one dates back to Ancient Greece and has captured the mind’s of philosophers for centuries. As you have probably guessed there is no true solution as the parent’s will be in trouble if they guess that he will return the child and he doesn’t intend to, therefore their guess is wrong. The crocodile runs into a problem if the parents guess that he won’t return the child. In this case, if he gives the child back he is making his initial statement false and if he doesn’t return the child, the parent’s are correct so he should return the child but if he returns the child their guess would no longer be correct, therein lies the paradox. No matter what the parent’s say it results in a contradiction. But come on really? The parent’s probably shouldn’t be haggling with a crocodile in the first place. #9. “Liar Paradox”- The Paradox: ‘This statement is false’. This is a classic paradox that has been around for over 2,000 years and you might have seen it by one of its many forms. This is probably the most simplest version of the paradox and you can see the inherent problem. If the statement is false yet is stating that it is false it must in fact be true yet it can’t be true because in order for it to be true it has to be false. There are two common solutions that are offered: A) you reason that it is nonsense and don’t look into it any further, but come on, that’s no fun. Or B) you end up at the conclusion that the statement is meaningless… which also seems like a cop out and isn’t really the point of the exercise. There are two well-known paradoxes that follow a similar pattern to this one pinocchio’s paradox and the customer paradox. Pinocchio’s paradox involves the lovable lying puppet saying “my nose will grow now”. In this scenario Pinocchio’s statement can neither be true or false because in order for his nose to grow then his statement would have to be a lie but it wouldn’t be a lie because he correctly predicted his nose growing. Either way this paradox would probably only result in Pinocchio spontaneously combusting. The customer paradox is one you might have thought about without realizing if you have ever worked in retail or food service it involves a boss saying “the customer is always right” and a customer replying “I am not right”. You can see that like the others there is no real solution that doesn’t end in the boss not looking like a liar.
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14 Best DISCONTINUED FOOD Items We All Miss!
Top discontinued foods everyone misses! From doritos to butterfingers, these are foods and snack products many of us used to love 14. Burger King Ribs- Hungry for some ribs but don’t want to pay full price at a restaurant or spend time cooking some at home? Well, Burger King was the perfect joint to grab a small portion of ribs. First introduced in the summer of 2010, they became such a success that the fast food chain was actually running low on ribs a week before the limited time offer was ending. The ribs were more of a snack size, one order came with a pack of six and included barbecue sauce on the side. The three inch, bone in ribs cost eight bucks, and by the eighth week of the promotion, they sold over 10 million grilled pork ribs. Crispin, Porter + Bogusky produced the advertising campaign and featured flying pigs which did an excellent job in convincing customers that a fast food place could make good barbecue ribs at an affordable price. 13. Doritos 3D’s- Even the original Doritos couldn’t compare to Doritos 3D’s chips! It made one-dimensional chips taste so boring and look dull. First launched in the 1990’s, it rose to popularity in the mid-2000’s, and it made snacking so much more fun! These bloated chips were easy to pop in your mouth and had a hollow center filled with cheese air, and for some unexplained reason, they just tasted better too. Flavors included nacho cheese, jalapeno cheese, and zesty ranch! Even though Doritos 3D’s are discontinued throughout the United States, you might be surprised and delighted to know that they still exist online, marketed as Doritos 3D Queso Mexican chips! If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself! 12. Trix Shaped Fruit Cereal- Our childhood was shattered back in 2007 when Trix changed their shape lineup from fruit-shaped cereal to spherical pieces instead. But you might be surprised to know that the grain originally uses circular pieces and changed it to be fruit shaped in 1991. During this time, they also released new flavors that included Orangey Orange, Lime Green, Grapity Purple and Lemony lemon. Wildberry Blue was another flavor that appeared but was discontinued in 2006. It is believed that General Mills decided to revert to their original puffs of popped corn in response to an online petition to bring back nostalgia. But the change also broke the hearts of many other children who enjoyed the fruit-shaped cereal. Ah, now my childhood feels like a total lie. 11. Sour Altoids- Ah the candy of yesteryear. When you think of Altoids, sour mints don’t really come to mind, but in fact, the sour candy was once a beloved treat. The incredibly bitter, bright colored candy made lips pucker and delivered a punch of flavor! They were first sold back in 2004 and came in five flavors that included apple, lime, mango, raspberry, and tangerine. After six years, they were discontinued in February 2010 due to a lack of sales. A Wrigley customer service representative told Bustle.com if a product isn’t selling well, they sometimes have to, unfortunately, discontinue it. Fortunately, there is still hope because the best way to get a product back is to call their service hotline and give feedback on much you loved the sour candy! 10. Taco Bell’s Volcano Taco, Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme, and Chicken Caesar Burrito- Taco Bell has graced us with some many unique food options that they are always reinventing their menu. Back in 2008, the volcano taco hit the menu and gained people’s attention! Ground beef, lettuce, and cheese all smothered together in a bright red shell topped with a spicy nacho cheese dubbed “volcano sauce” really did wonders on your taste buds. Taco Bell made it a permanent food item in 2009 but eliminated it four years later after the Fiery Doritos Locos Taco was introduced. The spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme was available from 2006 to 2010, and it wasn’t made for weak stomachs. Complete with chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and lava sauce all stuffed in a tostada shell, it sold popularly with Taco Bell fans. The Chicken Caesar grilled burrito was Taco Bell’s version of a chicken caesar wrap but with a twist. Unveiled in the summer of 2003, it contained your traditional ingredients of chicken, lettuce, dressing and crunchy red tortilla chips! This burrito has a gained a cult following, and Facebook campaigns have popped every few years to bring this burrito back!
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BIZARRE Cat Behaviors Explained!
Top strange cat behaviors explained! Watch to find out the meanings behind weird cat behaviors and how to understand cats as well as learn some of the bizarre cat language these felines tend to use! 11. Chatterbox One of the odd behaviors you may have noticed about your cat is that it likes to talk a lot, especially when it spots a bird through the window. This is referred to as “chattering.” Us humans usually find the noise funny and like to record videos of our furry friends doing this; but, it is actually part of an ingrained hunting technique. Domesticated cats have no real purpose for this behavior anymore, but they still do it out of instinct. When the cat hears a bird or other critter making loud noises, it will chatter to lure it in; it observes the bird and tries to copy its call. Scientists made a discovery while studying monkeys in Brazil in 2010. They were recording the monkeys’ vocalizations when a small, wildcat showed up. This cat, called a margay, started imitating the sounds to draw in prey. This was the first documented account of a cat mimicking a prey species’ calls in the Americas. 10. Pet Cemetery We’re aren’t talking about Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, where your old feline companion comes back to life; no, we’re talking about all of the fuzzy… or not so fuzzy… creatures your cat likes to bring home to you. Every once in a while, a cat will bring its deceased prey back to the house and offer it to its owner. They do this for a few different reasons. The first could be that they want to share their meal with you, just like you give food to them, and they consider you a member of their family. Another reason they might do it is to show appreciation; they will offer the prey as a present, even though you probably don’t want it. A third possibility is that they are presenting it as a trophy to show you what they view as an accomplishment. So, don’t freak out if your cats bring you a critter now and then; it might seem morbid, but they mean well.
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15 SHORTEST Flights In The World!
Astoundingly short trips you can take by plane! From hopping between exotic islands to avoiding dangerous borders here are the shortest commercial flights you could find yourself on! 15. “Toronto to Niagara Falls”- From the sparkling Canadian city of Toronto to the natural wonder that is Niagara falls is 90 miles, which by air takes only 12 minutes. Sure you can drive along the coast of Lake Ontario to get there but the near 3 hours it usually takes to go only 90 miles can be taxing. The road from Toronto to Niagara is notorious for being gridlocked or perpetually under construction. Because of this, Greater Toronto Airways began offering daily flights in eight-seater planes in September of 2016. It is pricier than the hour and a half train ride but it’s much quicker and you don’t need to bring a passport. 14. “Kinshasa to Brazzaville”- If you plan on traveling between Kinshasa, Republic of Congo and Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo you are sure to face strict border restrictions, especially if you are traveling by car. These two towns are cultural brothers but have been at odds with each other since colonial times and are separated by the raging Congo River. Most of the locals take ferries or speedboats across but this can be extremely dangerous for tourists, so the best way to travel is by air. The flight takes about 17 minutes to go the 80 miles between the airports and though it’s far more expensive you can avoid being hassled by the border patrols or thieves. What makes the relationship between the two even crazier is that they are both capitals of their respective countries, if you combine their populations it reaches over 15 million. 13. “Tangier to Gibraltar”-The Moroccan port city of Tangier and the densely populated British Territory of Gibraltar sit on each side of the mouth of the Mediterranean sea. To travel the 43 mile distance you would take a 78 seat twin-engine turboprop ATR-72 aircraft. This jaunt has a flight time of about 25 minutes and total trip time of 50 minutes. Tangier has been an African stronghold for empires throughout history who wanted to control the Mediterranean. For the same reasons, Gibraltar has been contested over on the European side. In Gibraltar, you can visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar which is a giant chunk of limestone located at the tip of the tiny peninsula. The rock has been a landmark to sailors for thousands of years warning them that they are about to hit the open ocean. The Rock itself is full of tiny tunnels and remnants of the various fortresses that were built there it is also home to a protected colony of macaques who are the only group of non-human primates in Europe that don’t live in captivity.
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Top 10 BANNED Foods!
Top 15 Banned Foods- Surprising and not-so surprising foods that are/ were banned on Earth. 10. “Horse Meat”- Though the meat known as chevaline was only technically banned in the United States from 2007 until 2011 the regulations that remain in place (thankfully for horse lovers everywhere) still make it very hard for a once strong industry to resurge. Horse Meat has been a common replacement for beef for centuries, so much so that you have probably eaten it and not known it. Many food manufactures and restaurants have either called it beef or mixed it in with their other beef products. It was commonly used as a substitute meat when times got tough during both World Wars and has always been a main ingredient in several dog foods. Many religions and countries have had various bans on chevaline throughout history, but most famously was that of France where eating horse meat known as hippophagy was punishable by death until 1866. 9. “Japanese Puffer Fish”- You may already know that the Japanese Puffer Fish is fatally toxic aside from very select pieces which must be cut by only the precisest of chefs--However many countries won’t even take that risk as the entire European Union has banned the sale and preparation of any fish even belonging to the same genus. Even in the United States only a handful of restaurants are licensed to serve the dish known in Japan as Fugu. The chefs that prepare Fugu are required to undertake an intense exam process that only few pass. If you eat the poisonous Pufferfish (whose tetrodotoxin can be over one-thousand times more dangerous than cyanide) your mouth will go numb, your body will become paralyzed and you will die from asphyxiation. There is no known antidote to this toxin. What’s more is that the part of the fish that is considered the most delicious is the liver which surrounded by the toxin and sometimes known to contain it. 8. “Frozen Dinners”- You might not know the chemical azodicarbonamide by name but if you live in the United States, chances are you have eaten this potentially dangerous additive. The chemical known as ADA is an industrial foaming agent that is used in various squishy plastic products such as yoga mats and flip-flops, but it is also widely used in microwavable dinners in order to make bread and other such foods more light, spongy and aesthetically appealing. It is also used at some fast-food chains in the dough they use in order to make the bread last longer and be more fluffy. Notably, it was used by Subway who banned the chemical in 2014 after public outrage. Because ADA is known to cause certain allergies, skin conditions and may be linked to causing asthma it is now banned across the European Union, Singapore and Australia. 7. “Unpasteurized Milk”- Until Louis Pasteur invented what we know today as Pasteurization in 1856 foods such as wine, beer, almonds and milk were prone to going bad extremely fast or housing a multitude of bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli from the point of creation. Because of the deadly danger of these bacterias the United States banned distribution of unpasteurized or ‘raw’ milk across state lines. Though it is illegal in some states, in most you can buy raw milk from local dairy farmers or small stores. These providers however cannot widely distribute and a growing number of people want to change the government regulations against this. These people cite the fact that the milk doesn’t contain growth hormones, that it may have some health benefits that pasteurized milk does not and that it allegedly tastes better. The CDC, FDA and American Medical Association are all steadfast against this movement because though not all raw milk is hazardous it only takes one bad batch to be deadly or cause an outbreak of disease. If the demand for raw milk keeps surging however, the Federal government may be forced to legalize the distribution of unpasteurized milk in order to properly regulate what is a burgeoning underground industry.
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15 RICHEST Countries In The World!
Top richest countries on earth! These wealthy nations have the people with the world’s highest incomes. Some of the planet’s highest GDP per capita places including those with a lot of millionaires and billionaires in their economies.
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13 CRAZY Lawsuits You Won't Believe Actually Happened!
Most ridiculous lawsuits you won’t believe are real! The are some of the dumbest and most bizarre lawsuits ever filed 13. The Case of the Missing Pants Custom Cleaners in Washington, D.C. is a family-owned business, the kind that emphasizes customer service and efficiency with a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign placed out front. Roy L. Pearson apparently took that sign very seriously. Based on a $54,000,000 lawsuit he filed against the owners of Custom Cleaners in 2005, Pearson alleged that a pair of pants he dropped off were not returned to him. At one point during the two-day trial, the clothing item was displayed to Pearson by defense attorneys with the corresponding ticket attached. In a moment of Law & Order-style testimony, while cross-examining himself, Pearson became visibly distraught as he insisted the pants weren’t his. The court ultimately ruled in favor of the cleaners, though it remains unclear whether Pearson was ever reunited with his beloved breaches. 12. The Birds Stories of children communing with wildlife seem like the stuff of animated movies. But one little girl, eight-year-old Gabi Mann, reached national fame in 2015 when a local news story emerged about the dozens upon dozens of crows who delivered what her family referred to as “gifts” such as buttons and pieces of plastic. Crows are highly intelligent and are known to express a form of gratitude to humans who regularly feed them, as Gabi did. Despite the fact that she became an internet sensation, Gabi’s neighbors didn’t find the trade-off quite so adorable. They alleged that the increase of birds caused damage to their roofs, left behind a disproportionate amount of droppings and attracted rats and other vermin due to the accessibility of the large feeders set up by Gabi and her parents. This led them to sue the Manns for $200,000 in damages. An unspecified out-of-court settlement was reached soon afterward, along with a new set of feeding restrictions that still allowed Gabi to spend time with all her thankful friends. 11. Alumni Spotlight A common narrative in the wake of the 2008 U.S. Financial Crisis and the ensuing recession was that qualified college graduates were entering a workforce in which the jobs they trained for weren’t waiting for them. Trina Thompson experienced this after she graduated from Monroe College in 2009. The special detail that separates her story from all others is that Thompson decided to sue her alma mater for $72,000 - the full cost of her tuition plus damages for the mental anguish caused by three months of fruitless job-searching since her graduation. While some argued that Thompson’s case was focusing much-needed attention on the issues surrounding for-profit schools, the irregularity of the case made it a widespread subject of debate about personal responsibility and legal ethics in the academic community. 10. Age Limits Martin Stoner is a highly accomplished violinist, so much so that he played for the New York City Ballet Orchestra for 25 years. But after losing his job at the age of 60, Stoner attempted to enter a competition sponsored by an organization called Young Concert Artists, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for low-income musicians ages of 19 to 26. The prize money was $75,000. After being rejected due to his age and experience, Stoner filed an ageism lawsuit against YCA. His case was dismissed, however, soon after Stoner requested that the presiding judge recuse himself, arguing the 88-year-old jurist was incapable of handing down an appropriate decision due to, of all things, his age.
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9 Famous People Who Lost INSANE Amounts of Money!
Top celebrities who blew their fortunes in ridiculous ways! From Mike Tyson to Johnny Depp, these famous people either blew millions on ridiculous purchases, went broke by their bad decisions or tried to cheat the taxman! #9. “Mike Tyson” The life and career of Mike Tyson is mercurial to say the least. He was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time and one of the most successful boxers in the 80s and 90s. But decision making inside and outside of the boxing ring was never his strong suit. Even before his boxing career had started he had been arrested over 30 times. In and out of trouble during the late 90s and early 2000s he was forced to retire from boxing, in effect losing all his income. Throughout his two-decade long career, Tyson made almost half a billion dollars, but due to numerous expensive court cases and ridiculous spending habits he found himself over 35 million dollars in debt by 2004. Some of things that Tyson blew his money on were: $410,000 on a birthday party, $2 million on a bathtub and $3.4 million on jewelry and clothing. You might know about his pet tigers from the movie ‘The Hangover’, but you might not realize the ridiculous cost of taking care of these exotic pets. He paid $140,000 just to buy them and then $8,100 a year on their food and care, not to mention the $125,000 a year he paid their trainer. He has since worked his way out of debt due to his movie cameos and television appearances but his wealth is only a shadow of what it once was. #8. “Nicholas Cage”-Nicholas Cage is a hollywood superstar whose career has ranged from big budget action flicks and critically acclaimed dramatic roles to bizarre career choices and major flops. He won an Oscar for the film ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and was nominated for ‘Adaptation’ yet he has appeared in such notoriously terrible films like ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘The Wicker Man’. Cage is considered one of the highest paid actors of all time, making over $150 million in the 15 year span from 1996-2011. Cage somehow found a way to blow most of that money and in 2009, the IRS forced him to pay over 6 million dollars in back taxes. As of 2017, his net worth is only $25 million which is extremely shocking considering he made $40 million in 2009 alone. Cage is known as one of the biggest overspenders in the history of Hollywood, some of his purchases have been absolutely outrageous: two islands in the Bahamas, four yachts (one of which cost $20 million alone), an allegedly haunted house in New Orleans, a pet shark, a crocodile, 17 homes (including two castles in Europe) and a collection of over 50 cars including nine Rolls Royces...and that’s only naming a few of the extreme purchases. Because of his tax issues Cage was forced to sell many of his homes and his prized possession: the first issue of the comic, Superman. #7. “Brendan Fraser”- Brendan Fraser, a man once commonly associated with blockbuster Hollywood movies now elicits thoughts like ‘what ever happened to that guy?’. Stepping on the scene with his role as an unfrozen caveman in 1992’s ‘Encino Man’ Fraser went on to star big box office movies like “The Mummy’ and countless roles in every sort of genre from children’s comedies to dark dramas. However, due to a sudden drop in castability, a messy divorce, the subsequent custody battles and child support payments, he is now hemorrhaging money to the tune of $84,000 a month. In 2013, Fraser went to court again to see if he could have his alimony payments reduced stating that he is ‘broke’. His ex-wife refutes this claim saying that he still makes over $200,000 a month, but that is before the $287,000 he has to pay monthly in property taxes, legal fees and other expenses. His net worth is currently listed at $25 million, though that may seem like a lot, it pales in comparison to the $100 million he made over the last two decades. Unless his career pulls up from its dramatic nosedive he will be completely broke in the near future.
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10 Things Body Language Says About You!
Body language clues that tell what a person is thinking! Small details in posture, leg position, eye contact and facial expressions that can be interpreted to help you understand yourself and others! #10. “Hair”-Personal hygiene and grooming, though maybe not “body language” per se, has a lot to do with how people judge your personality. In men and women having clean and well managed hair can go a long way to presenting yourself in a professional manner. If you take the time to wash, comb and get a haircut it will signify to others that you are organized, prepared and good at time-management. On the other hand, if you have messy hair or don’t take the time to manage your coif, it can give others the impression that you are stressed out or just don’t care. The way you deal with age is another big factor. If you are comfortable with letting your hair go grey but still keep it neat, others may view you as secure and confident. If you go grey and your hair's a mess, this may put off the signal that you are poor or strange. If your hair is dyed well it can show confidence. However, if it is obviously dyed or ill-maintained, this can come off as insecurity. The length of your hair is also important, If you are a women with long hair this can mean that you are free-spirited whereas short well-managed hair can signal that you are determined and detail oriented. If you are man with a short stylish hair-cut people may see you as more intelligent than a man with long flowing hair which stereotypically comes off as lazy or anti-authority. A prominent indicator in men is how they deal with going bald. A self-aware or confident man usually deals with balding by embracing it and shaving it, or if they do keep any hair on the sides, it is well-groomed. An insecure man might either try to cover it with a toupee or combover, while a sloppy or apathetic man might let it be patchy and wispy, or hide it under a hat. #9. “Smile”-Your smile can say a lot about you. If you have a genuine smile that is matched by honesty in your eyes you can come off as being successful and fun to be around. But even if you have a genuine smile and your eyes are saying something else you can come off as a psychopath. There are many different kinds of smiles, some people even smile when they are uncomfortable, nervous, or afraid. One of the most revealing ways that people smile is when they are forced to do it, a lot of the time this is what can separate a good actor from a bad one or a confident person from an anxious one. There are two major ways to spot a fake smile on someone. First, if they are smiling with their whole mouth and their bottom teeth are visible it is probably not a real smile and if it is this person seems like they are deranged. When a person naturally smiles they usually only show the top row of teeth because the muscles in your mouth only move upward instead of all around as when you try to show the bottom. Second, if a person’s eyes don’t look like they are almost squinting and their cheeks don’t raise to create wrinkles--they are probably faking, or again, a weirdo. Our intuition is usually very good at picking up these factors but once you really think about it it looks especially odd. Next time you take a family picture use these tips to not look crazy! #8. “Scratching Your Nose”-One of the easiest ways to tell if someone is lying is if they are constantly touching or scratching their nose. Now, this could just be nervousness or allergies but if those reasons don’t make sense during a line of questioning, they are most likely lying. The reason for this is that when a person lies, commonly their blood pressure elevates, which in turn, causes blood vessels to expand in order to try and calm our cardiovascular systems down and let more blood through. When the blood vessels in the nose expand the nose swells (kind of like Pinocchio’s) and releases histamine which makes the nose feel itchy. Another thing you can infer from the nose is that when a person’s nostrils flare, it is signaling that they are either getting ready for a fight or extremely agitated. You can also tell when a person is irritated or something isn’t to their liking if their nose wrinkles upwards. But don’t use these signs to make a point in everyday life because they also can be caused by the person simply smelling something gross. #7. “Lip Biting”- Our lips are used to communicate more messages than just the ones we speak. Lips can pout to show disdain. They can pucker to be cute or playful, and they can be pursed to show that we are holding back our anger. But the different messages that are conveyed when biting your lips are so wide-ranging that they can be misconstrued without proper context, and can often end in awkward situations. Yes, a person biting their lips seductively can be a signal that they are interested in you but there is a fine line between seductive lips, nervous lips and angry lips.
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12 CRAZY Facts About Bitcoin!
Amazing facts about bitcoin! The blockchain cryptocurrency bitcoin started by Satoshi Nakamoto and other altcoins are taking the world by storm with crypto fever #12. “Winklevoss Twins”-You might recognize Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, known more popularly as the Winklevoss Twins, from their role in trying to wrangle Facebook away from Mark Zuckerberg on their claim that it was their invention, but you might not be aware of their immense success in the world of bitcoin. When they successfully sued Zuckerberg in 2011 for 65 million dollars they didn’t just wipe their tears with the cash, they invested $11 million of it into bitcoin. When they converted their money into bitcoin the going rate was only $120 per bitcoin but that investment paid off thousands of times over for them as the the going rate is now over $17,000 making their portfolio worth over $1 billion dollars, making them the first bitcoin billionaires. Though they still are light years away from Zuckerberg’s net worth of over $70 billion dollars, if bitcoin keeps going up they might catch him one day. In order for this to happen the price of a bitcoin would need to reach $774,000. #11. “Mt. Gox”- Mt. Gox was once a beacon of achievement in the bitcoin world. It was at one point the most successful website for the exchange of bitcoin, but due to some extremely poor leadership and some brazen hackers they quickly became the mascot for the fickle nature of dealing in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Mt. Gox was a Japan-based bitcoin exchange website that at its peak in 2013 was worth over half a billion dollars. Because its CEO Mark Karpeles didn’t take the necessary precautionary measures and update his security software, in 2014 the company fell victim to hackers who stole over 460 million dollars worth of bitcoins. This combined with several lawsuits from competing companies, angry customers and asset seizures by the U.S. government forced the once (although briefly) mighty company to declare bankruptcy and take itself offline. As of 2017, there are still many unsatisfied customers who have been pining for years to reach some sort of settlement from Mt. Gox and Karpales and have yet to be compensated. #10. “Professional Investment”- Bitcoin reached new heights in its bid to be taken seriously as a sustainable currency when two Chicago based exchanges, CME and CBOE decided that they will begin trading in bitcoin futures. This means that investors will now be able to get their own piece of this increasingly lucrative market and may even skyrocket the price of bitcoin into the stratosphere. These exchanges will actually be basing the prices of bitcoin shares off of their current auction price as listed by the Gemini Trust. Which is actually another incredibly successful venture started by the Winklevoss twins. With the ability for bitcoin futures to be traded in such a competitive world arena it adds a small amount of stability to a volatile entity and one could see how it could one day overtake centralized currency.
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MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Ships!
These are the most mysterious abandoned ships! Get ready to find out everything you didn’t know about the world’s most mysterious ships and numerous abandoned shipwrecks! 7. Mothball Fleet Although these ships are currently abandoned, they could be brought back to life at any given moment. The United States Navy reserve fleet, also known as the “Mothball Fleet,” is kept under maintenance that ensures the vessels can be activated in the case of an emergency. However, most of the ships eventually become too old to be worth keeping and are used as scrap metal or in weapons testing. But, they have come in handy during some situations, such as the Korean War. After World War II, hundreds of vessels were no longer required; so, many of them were put into storage at these reserve sites. Most of these were in the Liberty Ships class, meaning that they were mass-produced and used mainly for transporting people to and from the United States, Russia, and Europe. However, most of the boats were deactivated in the 1970s. 6. SS American Star This ocean liner was built in 1940. It was initially called the SS America but went on to be called several different names, including the USS West Point, SS Australis, SS Noga, SS Alferdoss, and SS American Star. It was built to hold a total of one thousand eight hundred forty-five people, including the crew members. The SS America is partially known for the two German spies, Stigler and Siegler, that were working undercover as seamen in the Duquesne Spy Ring. The ship was later expanded for use by the Navy to carry troops and could then fit over seven thousand six hundred people. Fast forward to the 1980s, and Silver Moon Ferries purchased the vessel. During its time with the company, the then-SS Alferdoss experienced a burst pipe that flooded some crew quarters and the engine room. It was going to be scrapped, but the merchant that bought it pulled out. In August 1993, the boat was named the American Star. After its tow from Greece began in December 1993, it got caught up in a thunderstorm in the Atlantic Ocean. The tow-lines proceeded to break and to re-attach them proved hopeless. In January 1994, the crew was rescued via helicopter. The ship was abandoned and wrecked in the Canary Islands just off the coast of Fuerteventura. Within two days, the American Star was broken into two pieces by powerful waves. As of 2013, the ship had collapsed to the point that it was no longer visible on Google Maps.
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25 WINDOWS Keyboard SECRETS You Didn't Know!
Hidden windows hotkeys that will make everything easier! Some of the most useful and lightning fast secret keyboard combinations and tricks that you never knew existed! #25. “Double Delete”- If you have ever wanted to bypass the easily forgettable and annoying task of essentially re-deleting what you already deleted by emptying your recycling bin--you are in luck! All you have to do to permanently delete something without sending it to the bin is hold down shift while you press delete. Though this might not be advisable all the time, because once its gone...its gone! spell #24. “Mark It!”- To make sure that you don’t forget the obnoxiously obscure website name of your favorite food-blogger or have instant access to the websites you visit most bookmarks are an essential tool. Pressing two simple keys can make this so much faster and easier. To instantly bookmark a page all you have to do is hold down CONTROL and the D-key. #23. “Zoom Zoom”- If you feel like getting up close and personal with an article you are reading (or have just plain bad eyes) or that ghastly picture your co-worker just sent you is distracting you by taking up your entire computer screen fear not! There is a simple trick to zooming in and out on your screen without trying to find the sometimes tiny zoom icon. If you hold CONTROL and scroll the wheel of your mouse you can swiftly and smoothly zoom in or out. #22. “Plain Paste”- You might have experienced this scenario: You want to copy and paste a line of text from the internet or another project into the current word processing document you’re working on, but when you do the text pastes as a different font or different color and is just plain aggravating in its appearance. Well, worry no more because there is a shortcut that converts this text to fit the document you want to past it in. You probably already know that the hotkey for pasting is CONTROL plus V and all you have to do to format the text accordingly is add the SHIFT key and presto! It appears in plain text!
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16 Things You Didn't Know About BRUCE LEE!
Top amazing facts about Bruce Lee! These are some of the coolest things you may not know about Bruce Lee From the famous Nokia commercial where Bruce appears to be playing ping pong with nunchucks to his epic fights these are crazy things you never knew about the martial arts legend.
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11 WORST Cruise Ship Events!
Top worst cruise ship incidents! These are the worst cruises and cruise ships that sank and the most horrible cruise ship events! 8. Norwegian Dawn Perhaps one of the biggest threats people tend to think about while aboard a cruise ship is a giant wave crashing into it and toppling it over… or an iceberg. Well, people’s nightmares were brought to life on a ship in April 2005. The Norwegian Dawn sailed from New York on the 10th but the sea didn’t strike until its returning voyage. The vessel was sailing through stormy weather when it was hit by three rogue waves in a row! Although they didn’t knock it over, the 70-foot giants caused damage to the ship by breaking many windows on the 9th and 10th decks. They also caused a substantial amount of flooding to 62 staterooms. Plus, the hull of the Dawn was bent when its extra anchor smashed into it. Luckily, only four people ended up with small injuries. The made a diversion to Charleston, South Carolina to fix the ship and continued shortly after to New York. Although they endured a frightening night aboard the Norwegian Dawn, the passengers received half of their money back, half of the cost of a future cruise, and free drinks for the remainder of the trip. 7. Carnival Triumph In February 2013, another unfortunate event took place aboard the Carnival Triumph. Passengers delighted in pina-coladas and sunbathing when the ship began its voyage; however, about halfway through the cruise, something adverse happened. The vessel’s engine room caught fire, causing the Triumph to lose power in the Gulf of Mexico. As you can imagine, losing power means losing just about every convenience a cruise ship has to offer; the propulsion system went down, as well as the air conditioning, lights, and septic system. Passengers were stuck in the middle of the gulf without cool air, warm air, or any place to relieve themselves that wasn’t disgusting. Bags upon bags of human waste piled up around the Triumph, and people were forced to live in the unsanitary conditions for four days as the ship was towed back to shore. Carnival received a lot of backlash for this event as the fire was caused by negligence and improper care of the vessel. The Triumph ultimately earned the name “poop cruise,” which people still use to refer to it today.
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MOST Venomous Spiders On Earth!
Top venomous spiders! Watch this video to find out about the world’s most poisonous spider and the most dangerous spiders on Earth! 8. Brown Widow Also known as Latrodectus geometricus, this spider is usually a lighter color than its cousin, the black widow. They can be dark brown and are sometimes grey. The brown widow also has a marking under its abdomen that looks similar to an hourglass, and it is generally a bright orange color. The brown widow’s length reaches from two to ten millimeters, not including its legs, and the females are larger. But, its size isn’t what’s concerning about this spider. The venom of the brown widow is neurotoxic, but it isn’t able to inject as much of it as other widows. However, it still affects nerve endings and can cause pain, vomiting, muscle rigidity, and sweating, which are all symptoms of latrodectism, an illness that is the result of Latrodectus spider bites. But, a brown widow’s toxin usually only impacts the area of the bite. 7. Brown Recluse You’ve probably heard of the infamous brown recluse spider at some point in your life. These light-to-medium brown spiders are usually between six and twenty millimeters in size but can become larger. They generally have violin shapes on their backs formed from a black line; however, these markings aren’t always present. Check to see if the spider has six eyes if you’re trying to identify a brown recluse. These arachnids are found in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana as well as Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky. They are usually found in small spaces, like sheds, garages, closets, woodpiles, and other spots that remain undisturbed most of the time. The brown recluse gets a bad reputation because of its bite. When it strikes, it’s common not to feel the initial puncture. However, since the brown recluse has a hemotoxic venom, bites can cause necrosis and even a fatality in some cases. Luckily, these spiders aren’t very aggressive, and other spider bites are often misdiagnosed as brown recluse.
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14 BIGGEST LIES Parents Tell Their Kids!
Biggest lies parents tell their children! Things moms and dads tell their kids that are totally false and just big myths.
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15 Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of!
Top things you didn’t know the purpose of! These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for! #14. “Pen Cap”-- You have definitely noticed the tiny hole in the top of a cap and may have used it to try and make a whistle or pretended it was a tiny spyglass. Most people believe this hole has something to do with preventing a pen from drying-out but this is not the case. The hole in the pen cap actually serves as a safety feature. In the event that a small child swallows one, the hole allows air to pass through and reduces the risk of suffocation. #13. “Measuring Tape Tools”-- The modern measuring tape machine is a handy invention that most construction workers and contractors can’t live without, but even some of the most skilled workers might not know it has two incredible yet simple features. First there is the serrated edge on the metal end of the tape. This was put into the design so that if you desired you could put a minor scratch or indentation into the surface you are measuring, in order to give you a marker to make further measurements or designs off of. The other feature is right next to the serrated edge. You may have noticed the small hole that is commonly located in the metal tip. So what’s the purpose of this? Well this is so that if you are measuring something from a point where a nail or screw is you can hook the tape onto the nail and hold the tape in place. #12. “The Quarter’s Edge”-- You probably have spied the hundreds of tiny grooves that mark the outside edge of a quarter but not thought twice about it having a purpose. But these tiny ridges actually once served an important function and no it’s not just so magician’s can get a better grip during coin tricks. Up until recently, historically speaking, the cost of the metals in a coin reflected the coins value so many people took to shaving the edges off of the coins and then used the rest of the coin to purchase items as if the coin still had full value. They would then save up their shavings and melted them together to create new coins or just sell the chunks. In order to combat this, coin minters started putting these ridges on their coins so that retailers could tell whether the coins had been shaved. This practice, though not necessary today, is carried on for the sake of tradition and aesthetic. So why don’t nickels have them? Because no one cares about nickels.
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10 Signs You're Eating TOO MUCH Sugar!
Warning signs that you may have too much sugar in your diet! The terrible ways that too much sugar dangerously affects the body like causing diabetes, acne, frequent urination, and more! #10. “Strong Cravings”- If you have a constant craving for foods that are loaded with carbohydrates or find yourself constant trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, you probably have already had too much sugar. This is due to the fact that sugar, though necessary for the human body to function, is highly addictive. So the more sugar you eat, the more you want, and the more difficult it is to wean yourself off. Part of the reason it becomes so addictive is that after eating foods that are high carb or high in sugar, your blood sugar drops severely. Since your blood sugar controls the brain’s ability to manage impulses and stop you from eating these foods, the body gets trapped in a perpetual cycle of sugar, crash, craving. There are several types of sugar addiction that can stem from reasons like fluctuations in hormone levels and illness. Doctors have said that constant sugar cravings can be a sign that other things in the body might not be functioning correctly such as thyroid issues or adrenal gland failure. Another way you can tell that you might have a sugar addiction is if things that used to be sweet no longer taste that way, and you are eating more and more in order to achieve sugar satisfaction. #9. “Sluggish”- If you find it hard to get out of bed and even after your morning coffee find yourself nodding off--you might be eating too much sugar. Scientists have found that a chemical in the brain called orexin regulates your body’s ability to stay awake. The increased consumption of sugar can block the ability to create this valuable chemical. As it turns out the feeling of a sugar rush that one gets after eating sweets, is actually just temporarily anesthetizing your body so you don’t realize you aren’t producing orexin. Studies have also shown that eating protein can actually increase the brain’s production of orexin. So if you are starting to feel sleepy during the day, instead of grabbing a high sugar energy drink or depending on a sugar rush from a soda reach for a snack like nuts that are high in protein. In addition, the sugar that a person eats the day before can greatly affect their energy for the next day. If you binge on sugar or carbohydrates the night before you have a good chance of waking up with a sugar hangover, which is very similar to that of alcohol with symptoms of extreme dehydration, headaches and general fatigue. It’s no wonder that alcohol when mixed with sugar produces the worst of kinds of hangovers. #8. “Urination Problems”-The eating or drinking of excessive amounts of sugar can severely damage the the nerves in your bladder. Damaging these nerves can result in many different types of problems with urination. The nerves control the bladder muscles which can greatly affect your ability to hold urine in, and lead to involuntary urination or leaking. Bladder nerve damage can also lead to a person not being aware when their bladder is full or make the muscles spasm and cause a person to feel the need to urinate when they don’t have to. The worst of the effects that sugar has on your bladder is that when the nerves are weakened or destroyed the bladder can’t fully relieve itself. When urine stays in the body too long it can lead to urinary tract infections and because certain bacterias live off of sugar these infections can be very hard to get rid of and twice as likely to occur in the first place. Too much sugar can also create severe kidney problems such as kidney stones and these can further inhibit regular urination as well as the rest of your body.
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15 Famous Logos THEN And NOW!
Famous logos that looked very different in the past! Logos from famous companies that changed the most from then vs. now 15. Dell As one of the world’s largest tech entities, Dell Technologies has a highly recognizable brand. It is named after its founder and CEO, Michael Dell. In 1984, during its humble beginnings on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, the team behind the famous start-up crafted a basic logo that was straightforward and measured in its two-barred layout and black typography. In 1989, the firm hired the design agency Siegel+Gale to create a new logo - the signature “slanted E” trademark many of us recognize today. The rotated letter comes from Michael Dell’s intention to “turn the world on its ear” with the products put out by his company. Like many brands, Dell employs the color blue in order to convey a sense of comfort and trustworthiness to potential customers. In 2010, the blue circle was added to the official logo. Most recently, in late 2016, the company unveiled the latest iteration of its brand identity, which has thinner letters, allowing the slanted “E” to more closely resemble a computer chip. 14. FedEx With everything from a ranking on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the best American logos to countless awards from the graphic design community, the current FedEx logo is widely considered to be one of the best illustrations of a company’s effectiveness and usefulness to its consumers. While the font of purple and gold lettering may contribute to its appeal, the often-overlooked rightward arrow formed in the negative space between the “E” and the “x” creates an unconscious association with the company Federal Express and its specialty as a courier service in the mind of anyone viewing the trademark. Created in 1994 by the brand consultancy group Landor Associates, the logo was considered a tremendous improvement upon the company’s original, upwardly diagonal emblem. The spoken abbreviation of “FedEx” that the newer logo inspired significantly contributed to the company’s official renaming in 2000 as the FedEx Corporation. 13. Adobe Systems When former Xerox employees Charles Geschke and John Warnock established Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1982, their overall lack of resources led them to turn to friends and family members for assistance in getting their computer products off the ground. As a result, the logo for their fresh new business venture was designed by Warnock’s wife, Marva Warnock. The name of the company was taken from that of a creek that runs through Palo Alto, California, where the software firm was founded. The white letters on the grey background were meant to represent a creek or a channel carved through a cityscape, resembling the founders’ endeavors in “carving out” new territory in the field of technological innovation. In 1990, The logo was redesigned, maintaining the original intention of its predecessor while replacing the grey background with a more vibrant red and shortening the accompanying words and letters to a single symbol. 12. AT&T Phone, cable and internet provider AT&T, which stands for American Telephone & Telegraph, once had a monopoly over all telecommunications enterprises in Canada and the United States. Its premiere logo was a circular emblem with a bell in the middle - a reference to Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and co-founder of Bell Telephone, AT&T’s original parent company. After the break-up of their monopoly in 1982, AT&T underwent a rebranding process in order to assure consumers would retain trust in its reliability on a global level. This led to the spherical illustration that accompanies the multinational corporation’s acronym today. It was refashioned in 2005 to be multidimensional and transparent in an effort to convey the capability of their services in communicating with people as far away as the opposite side of the globe.
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14 Biggest Lies KIDS Tell Their Parents!
Biggest lies children tell their parents! Things kids tell their moms and dads that are totally false and just big myths.
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13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To!
Top countries that are easiest to move to! These are the easiest countries to emigrate and get citizenship to and easiest countries for Americans to move to! #6. “Ecuador” - If you are sick of cold North American winters or just having to be prepared for constantly changing weather, Ecuador might be a place you should consider relocating to. Because of its location right on the Equator, in Ecuador it is pretty much summertime all the time. In fact, the country is commonly referred to be the nickname “Land of Eternal Spring”. Ecuador is one of the top places to move for Americans who are looking to save money. It is one of the few countries that has modern amenities and a culture that is friendly to Americans where a person can live on less than $1,000 a month.. It is also one of the easiest countries to obtain residency in for the average Joe as all that is required occupation and financial-wise is that you can prove you have a job or some sort of income that brings in at least $800 a month. However, some of the drawbacks of Ecuadorian life can be shocking to Americans. The cities in Ecuador are heavily populated and no as clean as American cities when it comes to sanitation. The country is also a victim of frequent thunderstorms which can knock out power for days on end. But as far as South American countries go it is actually one of the safer countries in regards to crime. #5. “Panama” - Because of the Panama Canal being one of America’s biggest foreign works projects, American culture has made a lasting impression on this small Central American country. Because of this American expatriates have made up significant minority of the country’s population since the beginning of the 20th century and American visitors have become welcomed with open arms into Panamanian society. Just like Ecuador, Panama’s location near the equator gives it the country an endless Summer which combined with its beautiful beaches and great fishing destinations, makes it a perfect place to retire Panama’s capital city is only around 6 hours by plane from both Los Angeles and New York City making it fairly easy to hop back and forth. Panama also still uses the American dollar as its currency and the cost of living is much lower than in the U.S. A person can retire comfortable in Panama on just over $25,000 a year. It is also pretty easy to gain citizenship and those who don’t want to go through that process can maintain their residency with Panama’s lax tourist visa which allows a person to essentially live there permanently so long as every three months the leave the country for three days.
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10 SMALLEST Dog Breeds In The World!
Tiniest dogs on earth! From Poodles to Yorkshire Terriers these super small toy dogs will put a smile your face #10. “Affenpinscher”- With an average weight of 8 pounds and standing on average at around 10 inches tall, the Affenpinscher originally hails from Germany. These curious and active terriers are nick-named Monkey-Dogs because of their stubby muzzles and dark eyes that give them ape-like facial expressions. In fact, the name roughly translates from German as Ape-terrier. The dogs have long, dark, thick coats usually grey or black in color. Affenpinschers are known as one of the world’s first toy breeds and first appeared sometime between the 15th and 17th centuries. They were bred in order to hunt and control rat and other household pest populations, but by the end of the 19th century transitioned to more of a luxury dog, beloved by celebrities of the time. Affenpinschers are for the most part loving and quiet but can also be defensive when it comes to their toys or food. They also are known to be stubborn at times, but mainly they are playful and adventurous. Today, the majority of Affenpinschers are found in the United States after American troops in Germany became infatuated with them during World War II. Their average lifespan is 12 years and they typically have very small litters of between 2 and 5 puppies which are born blind. #9. “Papillon”- Weighing an average of 8 pounds and growing to an average of 9 inches tall, Papillons have a history that goes back almost 7 centuries. Their name comes from the French word for butterfly and with one glance you can see why--They have large furry ears that look just like that of a butterfly’s wings! Not much is known about the origin of Papillons or what they were bred for, but in the Renaissance Period they were one of the most highly sought after dog breeds by the aristocracies of Italy, Spain and France and are considered one of the oldest breeds of dog. They are known as intelligent, friendly dogs who can seem hard to train due to their boundless energy but actually catch on very quick and have fantastic memories. Papillons like to maintain their alpha status no matter the size of their master and can be quite territorial. They are also high energy and have a propensity towards being yippy. Papillons can live up to 16 years and have litters of about 3 pups. #8. “Toy Poodle”- Toy Poodles have an average weight of 7.5 pounds and can grow up to 10 inches tall. The Poodle breed is thought to have originated out of various Asian herding dogs and experts cite many ancient breeds as their possible ancestors. The name Poodle comes from a shortening of their original German name, pudelhund, which means water hound. This is due to their initial breeding for the hunting of waterfowl. Because of this prowess they are also called “chien cannard” by the French, which translates to “duck-dog”. Poodles have extremely difficult hair to deal with that requires a significant amount of grooming, if not taken care of a poodle’s hair can bunch and become a tangled mess. When their hair is properly kempt it can be fashioned in many different chic styles, this is one of the main reasons that poodles became an extremely popular show-dog near the end of the 1800s. Poodles are also known for being very intelligent, with the ability to learn all-sorts of tricks and useful tasks such as being a guide or guard dog. The combination of style and practicality is what led them being obsessed over by the women of France’s upper class and eventually picked as the national dog of the country. Toy Poodles usually live for 12 to 14 years a#7. Toy Fox Terrier- The American bred Toy Fox Terrier weighs an average of 7 pounds and stand an average of 9 inches tall. Toy Fox Terriers are the Toy version of the Smooth Fox Terrier and were bred in order to control pests and small scavengers on farms. In order to achieve a small dog with the traits of the Smooth Fox Terrier they bred them with Manchester Terriers and Chihuahuas. They are a fairly newer breed as the United Kennel club first registered one in 1936. Like many of the dogs on this list the Toy Fox Terrier has a tendency towards Small-Dog Complex which is similar to that of a Napoleon Complex in humans. The Small Dog-Complex is seen when smaller dogs become territorial and act as confrontation instigators even with dogs much larger. Despite this, the Toy Fox Terrier is considered a fairly easy dog to train. They are extremely energetic and with their thin coat enjoy snuggling up on your lap. Toy Fox Terriers live an average of 13 years and have an average litter of 3 puppies
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11 Things That Will Happen When HUMANS NO LONGER EXIST!
Things that could happen when humans go extinct! People may not exist at some point in the future here’s what will happen to the world 11. Earth Will Lose Power Without human beings present to monitor generators that rely on fossil fuels to run electricity to almost every facet of civilization, entities relying on such generators will lose power within a few hours of the disappearance of the human race. Within a few days, unlubricated windmills and unattended solar panels will cease to operate, leaving the planet powerless. 10. Metros and Subway Stations Will Flood In the absence of people to oversee the vital pumps that keep underground tunnels in major urban areas from flooding, metro and subway lines all over the world will fill with water. Within a few weeks, once-familiar commuter routes in cities like New York will resemble the canals of Venice, quickly erasing any trace of subterranean travel. The only beneficiaries will be fish and marine life, who will suffer no delays in traversing once-bustling hubs of activity. 9. Animals in Zoos and Enclosures Will Re-Enter the Wild The combined disappearance of human beings monitoring the activity of animals living in captivity and the loss of electricity powering the fences and enclosures of such animals will lead to the re-emergence of formidable predators into the Animal Kingdom. Some species will find themselves in continents and habitats in which they will either adapt quickly or die off. For example, elephants native to Africa and Asia will find themselves walking the streets of San Diego, along with various other parts of North America. As a result, species distribution all over the world will become more varied and diverse than ever. 8. Nuclear Reactors Will Overheat and Explode After roughly a month, as the signs of humanity’s absence continue to grow, the most consequential effect will occur when cold water supplies at nuclear power plants evaporate. This will trigger widescale destruction on a global level unparalleled in Earth’s history. It will then take about three thousand years for the ensuing radiation and contamination to clear up. 7. Desert Cities Will Be Consumed by Sand Humans currently living in desert climates are able to maintain their cities and townships in the face of windstorms and erosion. In the few years after humanity’s disappearance, however, heavy winds and severe weather will push vast amounts of desert sands into once-populated areas such as Dubai in the U.A.E. or Las Vegas in the U.S. Some of the world’s most recognizable skyscrapers will then become the spires of previously-unimaginable sandcastles. 6. Species at Risk of Extinction Will Bounce Back If humanity disappears, so will its negative impact on nature and its inhabitants. As a result, animal species capable of withstanding the fallout and repercussions of the global nuclear meltdown will slowly replenish their once-threatened habitats, or even create new ones. Man-made environmental hazards, hunting, overfishing, and societal interference will cease to affect theses animals. After a few thousand years, almost all of the listed members of the Endangered Species List will return to the wild in numbers equal to or surpassing those before humanity’s emergence as the dominant species on Earth. 5. Satellites Will Fall from the Sky Without people around to provide consistent attention and programming, satellites positioned at low-earth orbit will slowly lose altitude for a variety of reasons, most prominently atmospheric drag and a lack of long-term battery life or station-keeping fuel. Eventually these satellites will crash down onto the planet. In some cases, this will resemble a meteor shower, though no one will be around to photograph them.
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12 INSANELY Dangerous Animals In Australia!
Most dangerous animals in Australia! Amazing facts about the top most dangerous animals from the land down under. From Cane Toads to great White Sharks to the Funnel Spider we look at the incredible animals from the outback
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11 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!
Most dangerous beaches in the world! These top dangerous places near the ocean are some of the scariest places in water for people
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13 EVERYDAY SYMBOLS You Didn't Know The Meaning Of!
Mind blowing origins of everyday symbols! Symbols you see everyday but you didn’t know the meaning of such as the bluetooth symbol Learn the hidden origins and meanings of these modern yet ancient symbols.
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11 Animals That Are EVOLVING To Modern Times!
Creatures that are evolving to the modern world! These animals have adapted in recent history to adjust for climate change and other effects of humans 11. Pink Salmon Have Pushed Up Their Migrating Schedules In an instance of one of the most rapid adaptations to climate change, pink salmon are migrating earlier in the year than they did thirty years ago. This is a result of shifting water temperatures. According to researchers, the tendency among these fish to travel from the ocean into rivers to reproduce roughly two weeks earlier than they used to has become genetically ingrained. The change appears to be the result of natural selection, which has conditioned the fish to avoid inhospitably warm waters. 10. The Rise of the Super Bedbug As the number of bedbug infestations has risen over the past few decades, human beings have relied on basic pesticides to keep them at bay. But studies by leading entomologists continue to show that these home-invaders have grown increasingly resistant to both traditional and newly developed poisons. In the instances where bedbugs are vulnerable to the chemicals that used to kill them within minutes, they now take up to seven days to die. Scientists and exterminators now recommend against an overreliance on insecticides, citing a higher need for other remedies such as mattress encasements and traps. 9. African Elephants Are Ditching Their Tusks African elephants were once famous for both their imposing size and the long tusks that differentiated them from most Asian elephants. But over the course of the last century, as poaching related to the ivory trade has diminished their populations across the continent, African elephants have adapted by losing their tusks or passing along the “tuskless” gene to their offspring. While this may arguably make them less of a target for poachers, living without tusks can be a tremendous disadvantage for elephants in the wild. Functioning as extended curved teeth, tusks allow elephants to dig up the ground, strip bark from trees, defend themselves against other animals, and instigate mating rituals. This adaptation is making elephants best-suited to live in human-controlled wildlife preserves rather than the wild they’ve always known. The effect of poaching and big game hunting on this once-iconic mammal serves as a living example of human beings’ collective impact on the planet. 8. Some House Mice Have Beaten the Pesticides Household pesticides used to be the best way to rid a residence of mice or other vermin. But with the significant increase in travel between Europe and North Africa over the past thirty years, Spanish and German house mice have crossed with Algerian mice, a species with whom they had last interacted almost 3,000,000 years ago. The common ingredient in most pesticides is warfarin, a chemical agent originally used by doctors to break down blood clots in their patients. But too high a dosage of warfarin can be fatal, which is why it became a reliable weapon against rodents. Because Algerian mice are a different species from Spanish and German mice, they do not suffer the same vulnerabilities to warfarin. Geneticists expressed surprise at the newfound resistance to domestic poisons, as such a horizontal gene transfer enabling survival against these outside factors is more common in bacteria or plant life.
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