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STRANGE Things About Jason Momoa's Relationship...
What you didn’t know about Jason Momoa and his wife! Here are some weird things about Jason Momoa’s relationship with Lisa Bonet who was a former star on the Bill Cosby show and everything else you haven’t heard about the Jason and Lisa marriage! 6. Technology Free Perhaps the secret to Momoa and Bonet’s is their lack of media use. These two stars aren’t connected to their cell phones all the time. In fact, Lisa noted that she’d never used Facebook back in 2014 when she interviewed with Essence. She stated that the social media site was “just not on my radar.” Momoa has a couple of accounts where he posts videos and reaches out to his fans. However, they try to keep their household free of the unnecessary drama that comes with the media. They don’t have televisions in their house… which might seem strange for a couple of actors… but, they think it’s best for their children to fill their time with activities besides watching TV. Despite Lisa and Jason’s lack of technology, they still find time to watch their favorite show, Saturday Night Live, on their computer. 5. Hairdo Another interesting thing about Jason and Lisa is that he copied her hairstyle for when they met. He told James Corden, “I actually had dreaded my hair for her. I had dreadlocks, she had dreadlocks.” However, he decided to give up the look about six years later because his neck and head were starting to hurt.
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MOST Venomous Spiders On Earth!
Top venomous spiders! Watch this video to find out about the world’s most poisonous spider and the most dangerous spiders on Earth! 8. Brown Widow Also known as Latrodectus geometricus, this spider is usually a lighter color than its cousin, the black widow. They can be dark brown and are sometimes grey. The brown widow also has a marking under its abdomen that looks similar to an hourglass, and it is generally a bright orange color. The brown widow’s length reaches from two to ten millimeters, not including its legs, and the females are larger. But, its size isn’t what’s concerning about this spider. The venom of the brown widow is neurotoxic, but it isn’t able to inject as much of it as other widows. However, it still affects nerve endings and can cause pain, vomiting, muscle rigidity, and sweating, which are all symptoms of latrodectism, an illness that is the result of Latrodectus spider bites. But, a brown widow’s toxin usually only impacts the area of the bite. 7. Brown Recluse You’ve probably heard of the infamous brown recluse spider at some point in your life. These light-to-medium brown spiders are usually between six and twenty millimeters in size but can become larger. They generally have violin shapes on their backs formed from a black line; however, these markings aren’t always present. Check to see if the spider has six eyes if you’re trying to identify a brown recluse. These arachnids are found in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana as well as Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky. They are usually found in small spaces, like sheds, garages, closets, woodpiles, and other spots that remain undisturbed most of the time. The brown recluse gets a bad reputation because of its bite. When it strikes, it’s common not to feel the initial puncture. However, since the brown recluse has a hemotoxic venom, bites can cause necrosis and even a fatality in some cases. Luckily, these spiders aren’t very aggressive, and other spider bites are often misdiagnosed as brown recluse.
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Stuff You Should NEVER Do In Other Countries!
Rude gestures, behavior, and other stuff you should never do in other countries! These are some of the easiest ways to offend locals or get yourself in trouble when visiting foreign nations. Which gestures should you avoid when traveling abroad? What’s the rudest thing you can do in Thailand? Find out as we look at Stuff You Should Never Do In Other Countries. #11 Humor Pitfalls Learning a new language can be difficult. Thankfully for travellers visiting foreign countries, it’s never been easier to translate your desired messages from one language to another. One thing that’s a bit more difficult to translate from culture to culture, though, is humor. Metaphors, expressions, and wordplay can easily get lost in translation when visiting foreign nations. To avoid this pitfall, it’s best to not only familiarize yourself with common terms, but phrases as well and the meaning behind them for an easier time communicating. #10 Japanese Dining Etiquette Food in Japan is some of the most popular cuisine internationally. So naturally, when visiting the island nation, it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to dine on the native dishes. But with such an experience comes a set of traditions that must be followed, or run the chance of offending Japan’s natives. One chief offense to easily avoid is eating in transit. The Japanese consider it to be rude to eat on public trains, afterall, everyone needs to use them and doesn’t need to hear, see, or smell the food of others. It’s also considered to be bad manners to raise your food any higher than your mouth or to catch falling food with your hands. Chopsticks should be used to eat soup and are never to be stabbed into morsels of food, including rice, which can be interpreted by Buddhists as offering your meal to the deceased! And should you eat out, don’t worry about slurping...it’s a sign of gratitude. Just be sure to pick up the check if you’re the inviting party, as is customary in the far east land. #9 Privacy In China China has a population of more than 1.4 billion people and has more residents than any other single nation in the world. As a result, it’s imperative to show respect to both the home and public space when visiting the large country. Certain norms in Western culture are not exactly accepted as suitable behavior depending on where you perform them. For example, blowing one’s nose is not viewed as a public activity. In China, it’s thought that you should engage in this everyday behavior in private, and certainly not when dining. Another common tradition is to remove ones shoes when entering a home as private residences are treated as sacred. And when sitting, be sure not to show the bottoms of your feet towards your Chinese hosts, another surefire sign of disrespect. Another form of privacy to consider is your own thoughts on the similarities between China and Japan. Theirs is a deep-seeded rivalry that can be a tender subject for many to discuss, so avoiding the topic all together is probably for the best.
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Game Of Thrones: Things You Didn't Know About The Cast!
The strange things you didn't know about the cast of Game of Thrones! These are some of the odd facts and trivia regarding the actors behind all your favorite characters from Westeros. Whatever happened to the actor who played Joffrey? What medical condition left Daenerys debilitated less than a decade ago? Find out as we look at Things You Didn’t Know About The Cast Of Game Of Thrones! #13 Snow’s Love for Theatre Since 2011, Kit Harington has captured the hearts of Game of Thrones viewers as the underdog hero Jon Snow. But it might surprise some that this was actually his first on-screen role. Prior to landing the part, Harington achieved success in the theatre, making waves with his performance in the Royal National Theatre’s production of the play War Horse. His connection to stage acting goes back even further, though, as his mother was a playwright herself and even named him after Elizabethan era playwright Christopher “Kit” Marlowe. #12 Empowering Influence of Daenerys With titles like “The Breaker of Chains”, “Protector of the Seven Kingdoms”, and “The Mother of Dragons”, embodying the strong female character of Daenerys Targaryen is no easy task. Yet Emilia Clarke has been able to rise to the challenge, thanks in part to her background and preparation. Highly skilled and fiercely athletic, Clarke grew up with activities and sports like tennis, rowing, skiing, horseback-riding, and ice skating. She’s also trained as a musician and singer, learning to play the piano, flute and guitar as well as sing blues, jazz, and cabaret. Before being cast on the show, the actress worked between 3 and 6 jobs per week to get by, working anywhere from call centers to bars. Her work ethic didn’t slow after getting the role, as she studied strong female characters from all media while readying herself. And her devotion paid off with one of the most iconic characters on television, as seen from the ever-increasing amount of parents to name their newborn Khaleesi each year. #11 Joffrey’s Industry Escape King Joffrey was one of the most hated characters in the entire series, if not all of television, by the time he made his exit from Game of Thrones. But the young man behind the sneer has remained out of the public eye since his exit. Jack Gleeson’s performance drew remarkable ire from fans of the show, fully evoking the sinister evil of Joffrey, leading many to believe he had a bright acting career ahead of him. But his time on the show introduced the actor to the reality of just how demanding the industry can be. He’s said in interviews that he doesn’t think of himself as a talented actor and actually gets bored by the task now, seeing as how he only ever got into acting as “something to do”. Now a millionaire, the 26 year old attended Trinity College after leaving the show, being named a scholar and now chiefly works with his Dublin based theatre company Collapsing Horse.
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Unbelievable Animals That Saved Human Lives!
Animals that came to the rescue! These are the stories of various animal heroes that saved human lives and animals that saved people! 7. The Mandys Back in 2002, an Australian man named Noel Osborne was working on his farm when a cow pushed him over, and he landed in a pile of manure. Being seventy-eight years old at the time, Osborne was in bad condition after suffering a broken hip from the fall. He couldn’t move and was stuck outside, enduring sizzling days, freezing nights, and some storms. Luckily, his animals came to his rescue. Osborne’s collie, Mandy, and his goat, also named Mandy, laid next to him to keep him warm during the nights. The lactating nanny goat allowed him to drink her milk to stay alive. He was there for five days while his animal friends kept him warm. Finally, a couple of people came by to pick up another goat and found Osborne stranded in the manure. They called an ambulance in the nick of time. He later credited the two Mandys for saving his life. 6. Willie The Parrot This heroic bird saved a two-year-old girl from certain doom in 2009. A woman named Megan Howard was watching the toddler, Hannah, when a babysitter’s worst nightmare became a reality. Luckily, Howard’s parrot, Willie, was there to save the day. She later told CBS, “While I was in the bathroom, Willie started screaming like I’d never heard him scream before and he started flapping his wings. Then he started saying ‘Mama baby’ over and over and over again until I came out and looked at Hannah and Hannah’s face was turning blue because she was choking on her Pop-Tart.” She then rushed over to the little girl and did the Heimlich maneuver, which saved her life. Howard noted, “If [Willie hadn’t] warned me, I probably wouldn’t have come out of the bathroom in time because she was already turning blue, her lips were blue and everything.”
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9 Places You Should Never Swim In!
The most dangerous places you should never swim! These are 9 of the world's most treacherous, life-endangering waters humans have ever seen. From water so hot it could boil you alive to a lake filled with acid, here are some places you should never go swimming: 9. Lake Hillier This bright pink lake is located in Australia. It is about two thousand feet long and eight hundred twenty feet wide. This strange body of water is a saline lake, meaning it has a significantly high concentration of salt. It was discovered in 1802 by Matthew Flinders, who described it as “...a rose colour, the water of which...was so saturated with salt that sufficient quantities were crystallized near the shores to load a ship.” Pure white salt lines Lake Hillier’s shore. Due to its extreme salinity, there are no animals living within the lake. The only thing that lives here are tiny organisms, one of which is Dunaliella salina; this is what gives Lake Hillier its salt content. It also contains red halophilic bacteria, which gives it its unique hue. Although you can technically go for a dip in this lake without adverse effects, you should never drink the water… ingesting too much saltwater can cause a fatal outcome. So, don’t allow the lake’s rose-wine tint trick you into taking a sip. 8. Yellowstone Thermal Pools Yellowstone National Park’s thermal pools are just one of the numerous reasons that millions of tourists flock to the area every year. However, even though these hot springs and geysers look very inviting, you should by no means get too close to them. There have been various injuries and fatalities due to people wanting a closer look at these natural wonders. In June 2006, a six-year-old boy endured significant burns after slipping off of a boardwalk near Old Faithful. He fell into the two-hundred-fifty degree Fahrenheit water and luckily survived, even though his injuries were severe. According to the Yellowstone website, over twenty visitors have met their demise after slipping near these thermal pools. In June 2016, a twenty-three-year-old man from Portland, Oregon lost his life after falling into the hot water next to Porkchop Geyser. He and his sister had strayed about six hundred feet from the boardwalk when the incident took place. One of the park’s geologists, Hank Heasler, noted, “Geothermal attractions are one of the most dangerous natural features in Yellowstone, but I don’t sense that awareness in either visitors or employees.” There are warning signs posted throughout the park as there are over ten thousand of these boiling pools. Yellowstone’s chief safety officer, Brandon Gauthier, said, “We try to educate people starting when they come through the gate… There are many risks in Yellowstone. It’s something you’ve got to respect and pay attention to.” So, keep that in mind if you ever visit this national park, and please don’t take a dip in the hot spring.
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Recent Medical Breakthroughs That Will Make You Feel Better About The World!
The most recent medical breakthroughs bound to make you feel better about the world! These are some the latest innovations in medicine and health care that are likely to improve your outlook on life. What new medical device fits within a contact lens? What does Pokemon Go have to do with surgery? Find out as we take a look at Recent Medical Breakthroughs That Will Make You Feel Better About The World. #13 Migraine Shot Migraines are a widespread problem with more than twelve percent of American households suffering from the affliction. This pain goes beyond the standard headache with throbbing, intense pain often paired with bouts of nausea and even a sensitivity to sound and light. Luckily, a new treatment called Aimovig was recently approved by the FDA. It can be administered as a shot and was shown to lower the frequency of migraines in subjects during clinical trials. #12 Smart Contacts The debate between wearing glasses or contact lenses typically comes down to personal fashion preference. But a new development in contacts technology may lead some poor-sighted patients to opt for lenses...especially if they have diabetes. Researchers with South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have crafted a special lens capable of detecting glucose levels in the wearers blood. This breakthrough was announced first in an early 2018 edition of the Science Advances journal and is now bound for human testing as scientists hope to perfect the process. Alphabet Inc., the corporation behind Google, halted their Verily organization’s research into a similar project due to difficulty. At this time, some scientists don’t believe the process to ever be accurate enough because of a discrepancy in tear and blood sugar levels, though only time will tell how this technology evolves. #11 Liquid Biopsies Testing for cancerous tumors is classically not an easy task and the biopsies employed often use uncomfortable, invasive techniques to take solid DNA samples. A recent discovery from the US National Centre of Biotechnology Information found that many of these tests can be circumvented entirely thanks to what they refer to as liquid biopsies, or blood tests to be blunt. By examining the blood, researchers can detect cell-less tumor DNA that circulates in the bloodstream at a frequency of 100 to 1 for every tumor cell in a patient’s body. In addition to being a more physically accommodating testing method, these liquid biopsies will also ideally cost a fraction of other types of biopsies. This would make them much easier to get done, and on a regular basis as well, giving doctors a greater chance of catching cancer early on.
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AMAZING Wild Cats You Didn't Know Existed!
The world's most amazing wild cats you didn't know existed! These are the most exotic, feral felines found in the wilderness. Which feline makes its home in the scorching heat among sandy dunes? What is the world’s smallest cat? Find out as we take a look at Amazing Wild Cats You Didn’t Know Existed. #9 Fishing Cat State animal of the Indian province of West Bengal, the Fishing Cat demolishes the common misconception of water-fearing felines through its name alone. With an olive to ashen gray coat that’s sprinkled with different spots and stripes, this cat isn’t particularly easy to identify at first glance. But a closer look at the fishing cat reveals some highly specialized characteristics. The long fur adorning its underside along with its buff, stocky physique give the cat a badger-esque look. It also sports webbing between its clawed toes as a tool to assist with paddling as it hunts for fish, molluscs, amphibians, and other aquatic mammals along the rivers, streams, and swamps of Southeast Asia. Sadly, these wetlands are under constant threat of exploitation and pollution, leading to their protection by conservation groups and the nations in which they’re found. Still, many people find the pesky fishing cat to be a nuisance and dozens have been reportedly exterminated by South Asian locals in the last decade despite their protected status. #8 Serval Native to the northern African nations of Morocco and Tunisia, the slender, spotted Serval resembles a miniature cheetah as it only stands around two feet tall and a maximum of about three feet in length. But the medium sized cat has some unique characteristics that separate the serval from its speedy big brother. In addition to its dark spots, this feline also has black stripes that run down the back of its neck. Its golden fur is also accented by a white underbelly and white fur also appears between black stripes on its ears. Structurally, the serval is unique in that it has the longest legs of any cat in relation to its size. This is because of its elongated, strangely mobile toes that it uses to impale its prey. The astounding agility of the serval is demonstrated by such carnivorous pursuits with their pouncing leap launching the cat up to six and a half feet in the air and almost 12 feet in distance! These wild hunters, despite their feral nature, have been occasionally adopted as pets throughout history, though many countries regulate this practice today with the serval never really able to be house broken. Luckily for fans of the slender stalker, a domesticated hybrid cat was successfully bred with a serval to create a new breed with a doglike nature in the late 1980s. This new Savannah Cat has become fairly popular over time with the majority of US States legalizing them as pets.
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AMAZING Facts About Dreams!
What you didn’t know about your dreams! In this video you’ll find out the strangest facts about dreams including nightmares and lucid dreaming and all the other dream facts you didn’t know! 9. Gendered Dreams They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and while this phrase may not be factually accurate, there is certainly a world of difference between the dreams of these two genders. While men tend to dream of aggressive, physical subject matter, women are more likely to dream of conversations and themes of exclusion and rejection. Studies show that women’s dreams include many more references to clothing than men, who have a much higher probability of dreaming about weapons than their female counterparts. Even the genders of characters throughout your dreams can shift depending on your own gender. Males are more likely to see other men while women maintain a more even split throughout their dreams. Women actually see more characters in their dreams than men do in general! They also have slightly longer dreams on average. These differences in dreaming are simply statistical, however, and don’t include all men and women in their generalizations. Thus, it’s still perfectly normal for a woman to dream of wielding a katana and a man to visualize a lengthy conversation at the shoe store! 8. REM Paralysis During rapid eye movement, or REM, people experience a deep state of sleep in which the voluntary muscles of the body are paralyzed. This depth of slumber only occurs for about 25 % of the sleep cycle, ranging between 90 minutes and 2 hours a night. The motor neurons of the brain lack the stimulation required to use your body during this temporary condition, effectively inducing paralysis. This obviously isn’t an issue while fast asleep. However, sometimes REM can continue once awoken! Throughout this period, the body will remain unable to move while the mind is conscious in a condition known as sleep paralysis. The ordeal can be massively frightening, however after about 10 minutes at most, muscle control should revert to normal according to experts.
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Most Dangerous Roads in the World
The most terrifying and dangerous roads on the planet! These are the world's most treacherous mountain passes, highways, and island-hopping paths ever constructed. What high speed, unpoliced road terrifies travelers in Brazil? Which curving mountain passes frighten motorists in the Himalayas? Find out as we take a look at the Most Dangerous Roads in the World. #13 Road of the 52 Tunnels (Italy) Originally built in the early 20th century as a military trail through the compact mountain range of Pasubio, this Italian road is easily one of the toughest to follow in Europe. The combination of loose rock and gravel along with thick fog and battle-ruined cliffs create a lethal obstacle course for the average traveler. This road was constructed in just a 10-month time span and was considered a marvelous masterpiece in engineering at the time. But it hasn’t changed much since, and the towering height of the minimalist cliffside trail sends chills down the spines of those ascending the summit. Unsurprisingly, this road features 52 different tunnels, all with specific names relating to the Italian military that originally used it. These tunnels are typically just 6 to 7 feet wide and tall and only allow for people to travel by foot or mule, which may work out for the best. Attempting to drive on a path like the Road of the 52 Tunnels is an accident waiting to happen! #12 Federal Highway 101 (Mexico) This nightmarish federal highway spans the Mexican state of Tamaulipas and while the driving conditions aren’t especially dangerous, the potential encounters that await travelers are perilous to say the least. Gangs, bandits and illicit contraband all roam along this road, with crimes like smuggling, kidnapping, and worse being a frequent problem. Most drivers now traverse miles out of the way to avoid Federal Highway 101 in hopes of dodging the horrific acts of the region’s cartels, making this one of the world’s most treacherous roads. #11 BR-116 (Brazil) As a federal highway of Brazil, BR-116 is well traveled as it spans the eastern coast of the tropical country. Being the longest completely paved road in the nation it would seem a likely candidate for the safest as well. Unfortunately, this conclusion assumes too much. This highway is consistently jam-packed with truckers and unstable weather conditions paired with a winding, curvy road make this route a nightmarish obstacle course for the average driver. To worsen the matter, police seldom patrol BR-116 and crimes involving human trafficking and armed gangs are a frequent, unanswered evil along the highway. All around, this is not a road you want to be stuck on. Even with a fully paved road, this path on BR-116 is certainly more trouble than it's worth.
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10 Creepiest Places on Earth!
The spookiest, creepiest places on Earth! These are some of the most globe's most terrifying exotic places guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Where can you go to find a real black magic market? Which city sits atop tunnels full of bones? Find out as we take a look at the Creepiest Places on Earth! #10 Mano del Desierto Located among the Chilean sand dunes of the Atacama Desert, as if peeking at the last struggle of a submerged colossus, a large iron and concrete hand reaches from beneath the sand towards the sky above. This uncanny sculpture juts out of the barren wastes 36 feet, towering over those that come to see the strange piece of artwork. This eerie appendage was crafted by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrazabal and inaugurated as a public work in 1992. The sculpture, named Mano Del Desierto, or Hand of the Desert, is 75 kilometers from the nearest town of Antofagasta and draws the attention of thousands of tourists a year. #9 Marche Des Feticheurs On the Atlantic coast of Africa, along the shores of the nation of Togo, is the capital city of Lome. This region is the largest and highest populated city in the country once referred to as the “pearl of West Africa.” Within Lome one can find the Akodessewa Marche des Feticheurs, or Fetish Market; a bazaar featuring all the charms, talismans, and assorted animal products required to complete voodoo rituals. This black magic market is stocked consistently with the bones, skin, organs, heads, and other remains belonging to an assortment of animals like apes, crocodiles, gazelles, goats, leopards, monkeys, snakes, and various birds. From these items, voodoo practitioners and believers will construct or strengthen conduits with the spirit realm they call fetishes. Other items that may be purchased include herbs, spices, charms and idols. Those objects which aren’t bought for fetishes are used for balms, powders, and elixirs meant to offer a variety of health benefits and cures. Open daily from 8:30 in the morning to 6 o’clock at night, this real-life, voodoo version of Diagon Alley is still open to the public and serving the voodoo practitioners of Togo...and wherever else they may hail from.
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STRANGE Stuff On Google Earth!
Weird things on Google Earth! Watch this video to look at some of the amazing items on Google Earth like the kraken and other sightings! Secret Truths videos here: http://bit.ly/2xm8M2u Number 7. Potash Ponds, Utah This strikingly blue area stands out among the surrounding red rock in Utah. At first glance on Google Earth, you might think that these ponds are a technical glitch. Nevertheless, these formations are evaporation ponds for the Moab potash mine. The Potash Ponds are beautiful, but they have a bit of a morbid past. The plant was constructed in the early 1960s and opened in 1963 as an underground mine. In a terrible accident, 25 miners became trapped in the pit, and only seven kept their lives. To help correct the issues that resulted in these fatalities, the system was changed, implementing solar evaporation and solution mining. So, nowadays, they pump water from the Colorado River into the mine, which dissolves the potash. Once it's dissolved, the solution is injected into the evaporation ponds so the minerals can be collected more easily. Number 6. Kraken Near Deception Island One of the strangest things on Google Earth is something whose existence has been questioned for centuries. Just southwest of Deception Island near the Antarctic coast is an enormous creature that many believe is a real-life Kraken. If you use the Google ruler tool, then you'll see that this beast measures about 100 feet long! For those who don't know, the Kraken is a legendary sea monster from Nordic folklore that causes mayhem for sailors. Many people believe that the mystery began after giant squids were first spotted. Considering these cephalopods can grow up to 50 feet long, it's not surprising that people would be terrified at first glance.
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Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk's Split!
The truth about Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s breakup! From a beautiful relationship to a break-up surrounded by rumors 6. Private Romance It was difficult to get an inside look at what Bradley Cooper and his supermodel ex-girlfriend’s relationship was really like, which is why there is so much speculation surrounding their split. This is because the two kept their private lives exactly that: private. It’s completely understandable that they’d want to remain out of the public eye because relationships are hard enough as it is. So, Cooper’s and Irina’s break-up is a mystery, despite the rumors fans created that are circling the web. 5. Little Girl Although these two are surely mourning the loss of their romantic relationship, there’s no denying that something beautiful came out of their union: their daughter. In March 2017, Irina gave birth to their little girl, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. She is now two years old and as adorable as ever. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and button nose are reminiscent of both her parents’ good looks, and we can only imagine the beauty she’ll grow into. As with all families, however, her mom and dad’s split could have an adverse effect on her. Luckily for Lea, the two are working together to maintain a healthy relationship for themselves and her. Bradley and Irina noted that they’re staying friendly with one another and focusing on co-parenting for their daughter. A source told People that the two “have the same goals” for Lea and that they are “wonderful parents.” Other sources said that their daughter is Irina’s “number one priority,” and she is a “hands-on mom,” and they added that Bradley is a “great dad” who has been “very involved” with Lea.
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Smallest Countries In The World
The smallest independent countries in the world! These are the various micronations around the planet and the ways in which they prosper despite their stature. What micronations can be found within the borders of Italy? What tiny island countries checker the Pacific Ocean? Find out as we look at the Smallest Countries In The World. #12 Grenada Referred to as the Island of Spice, the caribbean nation of Grenada is a small island country formed from an underwater Volcano 2 million years ago, composed of 7 islands in total. Despite its relatively small size of merely 133 square miles, Grenada has cemented its place in the world economy providing 20% of the world’s nutmeg and mace supply. The tropical land also produces cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cloves, earning its nickname. These industries help employ more than 107 thousand Grenadan residents. #11 Malta Off the southern tip of Italy, settled on an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, is the Republic of Malta. Historically sought after for its excellent positioning as a potential naval base, this land was often contested by cultures ranging from the Phoenicians and Byzantines to the French and Spanish, and nearly every European people in between. The British even settled it as a colony in 1815, but Malta earned its independence in 1964, officially becoming a republic a decade later. The influence of these foreign cultures has left a lasting impression on the country’s society, yet Maltese and English remain the nation’s official languages. Today Malta is a loyal member of international organizations like the United Nations and the European Union, becoming a part in the eurozone monetary union as recently as 2008. And with a population of more than 475 thousand, the people of Malta can greatly benefit from this international inclusion. Especially with just 122 square miles to roam in their homeland! #10 Maldives Dozens of island sovereignties around the world are composed of a string of islands rather than a single landmass, but few come close to the nearly 1,200 coral islands that make up the Maldives. Once a sultanate under the protection and jurisdiction of the British and Dutch, the modern Maldives is now a republic, though sketchy politics have kept dictator-esque rulers in power for the majority of the nation’s independence. If that wasn’t hard enough on the Maldivian people, a tsunami rocked the nation in 2004 causing intense damage to the islands off the Southwestern coast of India. The disaster affected a third of the countries 300 thousand residents, with 15 thousand left homeless and more than 470 million dollars accumulated in damages. But thanks to foreign aid and a bustling tourism economy, the nation has been able to bounce back. More than a thousand islands may be found within Maldives, but less than 200 are inhabited by locals, making this 116 square mile sovereignty an adventure waiting to be trekked by tourists that can afford it.
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Android Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed!
Hidden Android phone functions you had no idea existed! These are some the best covert tips and tricks to utilize your Android phone to the fullest. What secret games are stored on your smartphone? How can you browse Facebook on your TV? Find out as we look at Android Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed. #11 Grayscale Smartphones can be distracting and disruptive, especially when trying to catch some shut eye. One handy trick to keep the dazzling colors from disturbing your beauty sleep is to switch it all to black and white! Some phones will have display options in which you can change the color filters on your phone, but there’s a surefire way to switch to grayscale on any modern Android. Simply visit your Settings, head to the About phone tab, and then tap your Build Number multiple times. This will activate Developer options, a hidden function, that includes the opportunity to simulate color space! Simply switch on to Monochromacy and enjoy the dull calm of your smartphone’s new look. #10 Enhanced Display Staring at screens all day is draining on the eyes. This can be doubly true when trying to read emails, articles, or even just your Facebook feed from a smartphone. Rather than squinting or pressing your screen up to your nose to make sense of a sentence, why not just make it all bigger! The Display menu located within the Settings app will allow you to raise the size of fonts to varying scales. This alteration won’t necessary work with all applications, but the majority should respond, giving your eyes a much easier time. Though, this change can also cause pages to be much longer and even alter the view required to read, going from vertical to horizontal and making your scrolling thumb pick up the slack. But if your vision’s on the other side of the spectrum, this function has you covered. The Display size can be adjusted to make fonts smaller as well, allowing you to smoosh many more words onto the screen for your microscopic viewing pleasure. #9 Mirror Casting Most people are aware of the ability to broadcast media like movies and music from your phone to your television thanks to devices like Chromecast. But what about browsing your favorite social media accounts or simply surfing the web from a browser? Android has you covered as the phones are programmed to do much more than simply broadcast from specific applications. Just make sure your smartphone and Chromecast device are connected to the same wi-fi network, then open the quick settings of your mobile device by swiping down from the top of the screen. Here you should find a button labeled “Cast”, and if you don’t see it, simply use the Pencil button to edit your quick settings options. Once you choose to “Cast”, find your Chromecast device connected to your television, select it, and watch in awe as your phone screen becomes super-sized! Your television will now mirror whatever appears on your phone until you choose to end Casting.
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STRANGEST Time Zones In The World!
Some of the Strangest Time Zones In The World! These are the planets oddest regional time differences you've never heard of. What countries have more time zones than most continents? Where can you time travel just by crossing a country’s border? Find out as we look at the Strangest Time Zones In The World. #14 Arizona & Tribes Though often sharing time zones with neighbors California and Nevada, Arizona is unique among states as it is the only one in the continental US to not recognize Daylight Savings Time! Thus, all year long it remains Mountain Standard Time. To make matters stranger, the Navajo Nation territory does recognize it, and within that territory, the Hopi Reservation sides with Arizona! A single trip straight through The Grand Canyon State could require up to seven clock adjustments! #13 Newfoundland The basis for time zone standards originates with the Greenwich Observatory, an early hub for scientific research, and as such is known as Greenwich Mean Time, or Coordinated Universal Time depending on the region. The majority of time zones use this meridian as the basis for scaling their own time zones and most places do so in increments of one hour. But Newfoundland had their own agenda. Due to its geographical location on the cusp of an earlier time zone, as well as their natural want to differentiate from the rest of Canada, Newfoundland established a difference of three and a half hours from Greenwich Mean Time! This means Newfoundland is the first place in North America to receive most anything, often having the honor of premiering products and media to the western world.
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15 RICHEST Countries In The World (2019)!
The top 15 richest countries around the globe! These are the world's highest ranking nations. Which nations make most of their billions off of fish sales? What country hosts the gambling capital of the world? Find out as we look at the 15 Richest Countries In The World. #15 San Marino One of the smallest nations around the world, the Republic of San Marino only has a population of a little more than 33 and a half thousand people. The expanse of the country is small as well at just 24 square miles. But size isn’t everything, as San Marino ranks among the strongest economies today. With a GDP per capita of 50.9 thousand dollars, it’s no wonder this rich little country is the only nation in the world with more cars than there are people! #14 Austria The nation of Austria boasts a strong, well-developed social market economy that has elevated the country’s wealth among the elite. Thanks to the work of labour movements, the citizens of this European country have enjoyed moderate wages since the 1940s with more than half of the country’s salary and wage earner’s belonging to unions. Tourism also plays a major part in Austria’s economy, accounting for at least ten percent of the country’s gross domestic product, or GDP. Making a majority of its products to trade with surrounding EU countries, nearly 66% of Austrian imports and exports are made within their home continent. At a GDP per capita of 51.7 thousand dollars and a population of 8.75 million people, Austria maintains its hold with one of the most stable and successful economies worldwide. #13 Netherlands The Dutch have led Europe as one of the most consistent producers in the agricultural, fishing, shipping and trading industries since the 16th century. A population of 17 million people inhabit the Netherlands and the country churns out a GDP per capita of 52.9 thousand dollars! In addition to its seaward domination, the Dutch people have also been fortunate to have generated huge revenue from the discovery of natural gas resources in 1959. The Netherlands have an open trade economy that allows them to prosper by relying on foreign trade. Their economy is notable across the globe for its low unemployment levels, decent surplus and stable industrial relations. The Netherlands expects to have hit a budget surplus of .8 percent in 2018 and its unemployment rates are definitely below 5 percent. Numerous other factors like the countries social programs and well protected employee rights keep Dutch workers happy and the nation of the Netherlands near the top of the world’s wealthiest.
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Countries That No Longer Exist!
The most interesting countries that no longer exist! These are history's most fascinating nations that you can't find on a modern map. What country gained independence from Mexico just to join another country? Which nation used to consist of nearly a third of South America? Find out as we take a look at Countries That No Longer Exist. #8 Newfoundland Heavily populated by indigenous Dorset culture tribes and immigrants from the United Kingdom throughout time, the island state of Newfoundland held out for centuries before finally joining Canada in 1949. Before then, the current easternmost part of Canada had been the site of the first Norse settlement in North America as early as the 11th century! After this brief excavation, the next batch of settlers would come from Western Europe and establish Newfoundland as a fishing-based society, building connections with port cities across the Atlantic. Through its severe isolation and unique culture, Newfoundland’s residents developed unique customs, traditions and even dialects, essentially crafting a new identity for those who called the island home. And so when the question of joining Canada arose in a referendum campaign in 1948, the people were split down the middle with 52.3 percent voting in favor and 47.7 percent voting against becoming a province. While many show content with their now Canadian citizenship, the vast majority of residents still consider themselves Newfoundlanders first. #7 Texas The Lone Star State wasn’t always a state and actually has some bit of justification in the extreme independent sentiments Texans often exhibit. Before it became a part of the United States of America, the largest state in the continental US was actually a province of Mexico known as Tejas. Loosely populated by Spanish & Mexican Tejanos, along with Native American tribes, the region opened its borders to southern U.S. immigrants around the time of the Mexican campaign for Independence. But as ideals clashed and tensions rose between the growing immigrant population and the local tejanos, it was Texas that was soon seeking independence. A short but intense few months of battle commenced between the Mexican Army and the declared Republic of Texas that resulted in the capture of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. With the general and leader contained and travel conditions worsening for soldiers, the conflict was resolved with the Treaties of Velasco which guaranteed Mexican troops would remain south of the Rio Grande. The newly established Republic would then go on for nine years as a sovereign ruling body with a loosely organized government and constant skirmishes at the Mexican border. As relations were inflamed with Mexico, Texas would eventually turn to the United States for assistance and finally agreed to annexation as the 28th state in March of 1845.
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Jeff Bezos's Divorce & Alleged Secret Relationship!
A detailed look at Jeff Bezos's divorce & alleged secret relationship with Lauren Sanchez! This is a comprehensive examination of the Bezoses announced divorce and the resulting, highly publicized fallout. What led to the split of Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos? Who knew about the Amazon leader’s romance with Lauren Sanchez? Find out as we look at Jeff Bezo’s Divorce & Alleged Secret Relationship With Lauren Sanchez. #8 Social Media Announcement On January 9 of this year, Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, released a joint statement through Twitter announcing their intentions to divorce. In this message, the couple declared that the decision came after “a long period of loving exploration and trial separation,” indicating that they had been dealing with differences well before their decision to divorce. Despite the sullen nature of the announcement, Jeff and Mackenzie seemed ready to continue their relationship in the form of an amicable friendship. “We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other,” the message stated. If they could go back in time knowing that they would split after 25 years of marriage, they “would do it all over again.” #7 Extramarital Reports Just hours after the announcement of his divorce, the National Enquirer broke a story reporting that Jeff Bezos had been dating former host of the celebrity news show Extra and Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, Lauren Sanchez. Sanchez, at the time, was married to Patrick Whitesell, who is a Hollywood talent agent, entertainment agency CEO, and friend of Bezos. The story cited various glimpses of Bezos and Sanchez across five different states, attending different restaurants, hotels, and private locations. They also reported that Whitesell and Mackenzie Bezos had known of this relationship since the fall of 2018. Not long after this initial report, a flurry of other details began to come out from the National Enquirer, painting a much different picture of the split from the statement released earlier that day. This dichotomy gave birth to a notion on social media that the self-released statement through Twitter was but a ploy to control the narrative of their divorce. Consciously choosing to break up on good terms isn’t unheard of, especially in modern times. But other positives can be gained from this decision, especially with Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos serving as business partners and co-investors in various charity organizations. Needless to say, this report by the National Enquirer threw a wrench in the message the Bezos family was looking to announce, but the timing of their statement also hints that they knew about the potential magazine story beforehand.
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MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World!
Top most dangerous dog breeds! Watch this video to find out about all of the most dangerous breeds in the world like the rottweiler and all of the world’s most dangerous dog breeds! 7. German Shepherd German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs and began gaining popularity in the United States in the 1900s. These pups can grow from twenty-two to twenty-six inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to ninety pounds. They are very courageous, loyal, and confident but need regular training and socialization. German Shepherds are very connected to their families and want to please their owners. Their athletic ability and willingness to protect their loved ones can be dangerous if they’re allowed to run wild. German Shepherds also don’t make friends quickly with new people; so, be cautious when meeting one for the first time. 6. Caucasian Shepherd As you probably figured out by its name, this breed started out protecting livestock and property from predators around the Kavkaz mountain range in Eastern Europe. They stand at about thirty inches tall and weigh up to one hundred seventy pounds. Caucasian Shepherds are companions and watchdogs in the present-day. These pups need a lot of training because they are highly intelligent and independent. They are also extremely protective of their owners and their territory, which isn’t shocking since they were bred to be that way. However, it’s probably not the best idea to let people come into your house if you own a Caucasian Shepherd. 5. Wolfdog Wolfdogs are the results of domesticated pooches breeding with wolves. Their behavior is often unpredictable because they have a wide variety of genetic characteristics. One example is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which is very independent and dominant and was initially bred for border patrol in Czechoslovakia. They’re wary of all strangers and can be very dangerous if they’re not strictly trained. They grow up to twenty-five and a half inches tall and weigh up to fifty-seven pounds. They look very similar to regular wolves, and it’s best not to approach one that isn’t your own.
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BIGGEST Statues In The World!
The largest statues on Earth! What is the world’s tallest statue of a woman? Where can you find the largest, gilded depictions of Buddhas? #11 Grand Buddha at Ling Shan Ranking in just outside of the top ten of the world’s largest statues is the Grand Buddha located in the Chinese city of Wuxi [woo-see]. Like many of the statues on this list, this monument is an ode to a great Buddhist figure. Resembling the celestial buddha known as Amitabha [ah-mih-tah-bah], the 700-ton bronze being measures 289 feet tall. It was erected on a 30 foot sculpture of a lotus flower at the top of a gorgeous, 217-step staircase, surrounded on all sides by scenic forested hills. The Grand Buddha was unveiled to the public in 1996 and has enjoyed visitation from tourists ever since. In 2008, a pair of palaces were built to the south-east, giving visitors to the region one more reason to experience this colossal Buddha in person. #10 Awaji [ah-wah-jee] Kannon [kan-non] Looming over the Japanese town of Higashiura [hih-gah-shee-oo-ruh]is the great white statue of popular Buddhist goddess Guanyin [gwan-yin]. It is called Awaji [ah-wah-jee] Kannon [kan-non] for its location on Awaji Island, an island typically noted for its dedication to preserving and promoting traditional puppet theatre performances. But the beautiful, pale statue brought a whole new attraction to the isle upon its completion in 1982. While many Buddhist statues are either funded by religious organizations, government agencies, or locally crowdsourced funds, the Awaji [ah-wah-jee] Kannon [kan-non] is the product of a single man’s vision. A businessman from Osaka made his fortune in real estate before deciding to have this statue built. Once it was finished, it featured a museum, several small businesses, and an observation floor all within its interior. However, due to it being private property, the esteem of the statue plummeted drastically when the owner and his wife passed away. Unmaintained for years, the statue has grown decrepit with entry being deemed too hazardous to allow. Instead, it sits empty, maintaining its spot as an Awaji [ah-wah-jee] Island landmark and being enjoyed exclusively from afar. #9 Rodina-Mat’ Zovyot! The only European entry to make this list is a symbol of feminine power in a statue called “Rodina-mat’ zovyot”, or “The Motherland Calls” as it translates in English. With a height of 279 feet this statue is the tallest in all of Europe, and is the highest standing of any statue of a human woman. The figure is a metaphorical representation of the Russian “Motherland” and her iconic pose is meant to symbolize a call to arms in the face of enemies. Most of the other statues in this video tend to have been built in the last few decades, but this monumental piece dates back to 1967 when it was unveiled after 18 years of work. Wire ropes and prestressed concrete hold the statue together, as the unique pose and weight distribution required a finessed touch to pull off. The sword wielded by the Rodina-Mat Zovyot was initially made of the steel with titanium plating, but in 1972, the blade was replaced entirely with one made of stainless steel. This was due to weight distribution issues, as well as an audible side effect in which sheets of metal would create a thunderous cacophony that echoed through the Volgograd valley.
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11 Surprising Things That Will Happen By 2050!
Eleven of the most surprising things bound to happen by 2050! Which decades-old document will finally be revealed to the public? What does the future hold for robots? Find out as we look at 11 Surprising Things That Will Happen By 2050. #11 Elvis Unveiled The foundation of the entertainment industry was shook in August of 1977 when headlines everywhere announced The King of Rock and Roll’s passing. Elvis Presley had met his untimely end at the relatively young age of 42. While an initial report cited a heart attack as the cause, a toxicology report would later come out reporting high levels of multiple narcotics in his system. Upon this second report, Presley’s father Vernon had the autopsy sealed from the public. But in 2027, the full report will be unsealed and open to the public, granting the iconic rockstar’s fan base some sense of closure. #10 Robo Love Hundreds of romance novels in bookstores across the world feature science fictional tales of erotic encounters with androids, cyborgs, and robots. While this may sound like an unrealistic fantasy, modern technology is actually much closer to delivering this strange experience than you might realize. Engineers have been developing interactive robots purposed for romantic encounters for the past decade and the latest results are astounding...as well as a bit strange. Various manufacturers have created human-esque machines capable of casually conversing, memorization, and even philosophical discussion. These robots also serve a physical purpose, aiming to please adults in more ways than one. As artificial intelligence develops, so too will the level of intimacy between people and their high-tech love instruments. It’s only a matter of time until humans begin relationships reminiscent of the 2013 film “Her”, the film in which a lonely writer falls head over heels for his operating system. And when this occurs, it brings with it a whole new slew of moral questions and ethical dilemmas. #9 America Dethroned The future brings many changes, but not all of them are bound to be necessarily new. Afterall, history repeats itself. Such was the basis for author and historian Jacques Attali when he wrote the 2009 international best seller “A Brief History of the Future: A Brave and Controversial Look at the 21st Century”. In this book, Attali outlines a number of ways he believes the world will change based on the ways the world has evolved in the past. Chief among these predictions is the fall of the planet’s most powerful empire: the United States of America. Globalization, ecological threats, and the swelling financial and political strength of corporations are the main culprits he cites in eventually uprooting America from their seat of power. “Financially and politically exhausted, like all other empires before it, the United States will cease to run the world, “ Attali wrote. He’s not alone in thinking this as many financial experts believe the economies of China and India to quickly pass the US in coming years. Similarly, emerging technologies and changes in international expanse are predicted to challenge America’s military strength, eventually displacing it as the strongest on the planet.
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STRANGEST City Names In The World!
Top weird city names on Earth! These are the weird city names you’ve never heard of and the strangest town names in the world! 13. Why, AZ Every time someone that lives here gives their address, it sounds like they’re asking “Why Arizona?” That seems pretty frustrating… so the real question is, “Why would anyone want to live here?” Well, we’re not sure, but we’re going to stop with the “why” jokes and give you a little history. Although you might think that the name of this town has some significant meaning, you’d be wrong. Apparently, the people who founded this town had a sense of humor. Two major highways used to intersect in a “Y” shape in this spot. So, when it was time to name the town, they chose an obvious name. However, the Arizona government requires them to be at least three letters long, thus “Why” was born. 12. Batman, Turkey This place isn’t vengeance, and it isn’t the night; but, it is a city in Turkey. Up until the 1950s, this city was a village called Iluh. But, after oil fields were discovered in the area, a significant rise in development took place. It was renamed Batman because it lies around where the Batman and Tigris rivers meet. The origin of the river’s name isn’t entirely known. However, many believe that it might be a shortened version of the Bati Raman mountain, which is within its vicinity. So, sorry folks, Batman, Turkey has nothing to do with the superhero we all love. But, the mayor of the town sued Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight, in 2008 for using the name in his film… the case wasn’t sent to court, however.
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Most TERRIFYING Ocean Predators!
The world's most terrifying ocean predators! These are the scariest, most treacherous creatures at the top of the sea's food chains. What sea creature delivers a sting that can stop your heart? Which fish is called a garbage eater for its ability to eat nearly anything? Find out these answers and more as we look at the Most Terrifying Ocean Predators! #1 Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Coral may look like the inanimate, undersea equivalent to bushes and shrubbery, but in reality these formations are living creatures and thus become prey to the many carnivorous creatures of the ocean. And few of coral’s predators are more fearsome than the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish. Named for its dense layer of thorny protrusions covering its body, this sea star feeds on coral polyps with up to 21 pliable arms to help anchor itself. Any creature attempting to interrupt the starfish’s feeding will feel the wrath of their highly toxic spines. #10 Blue-Ringed Octopus Equipped with a variety of tools for hunting and self-defense, the Blue-Ringed Octopus may be one of the most versatile, and dangerous, predators in the open sea. Slippery and boneless, this animal has all the typical strengths cephalopods exhibit with the ability to stretch, squeeze, and contort around obstacles. But unlike some of its relatives, the blue-ringed octopus has an incredibly toxic bite. Its venom is strong enough to make the octopus a serious threat to humans as each individual carries enough to terminate up to 26 adults, despite being just 8 inches in size! Luckily, it uses its bite as a last resort defense mechanism and will alert an enemy of its intentions through the illumination of its neon blue rings. This lethal, paralyzing bite isn’t meant for humans exclusively, though, as the venom is typically released as the blue-ringed octopus seizes its prey. Whether that be a small crustacean or an injured fish, this eight-armed hunter is quick to pounce on and envelop its next meal. #9 Sea Lions Though they may be called Sea Lions, these furry torpedo-like carnivores are much more resemblant of oceanic dogs. Elongated snouts, whiskers, and ear flaps all contribute to a similar look between these creatures and canines, but their preferred hunting tactics seal the deal. Like a pack of wild dogs, sea lions will chase down schools of fish, using their numbers to cut off fleeing prey. They’ll even join in with other predators to hunt as group, working with dolphins, porpoises and seabirds to help round up their next meal. Called a raft rather than a pack while swimming in a group, sea lions can be found across the Pacific Ocean, ranging from the coasts of California and South America, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Unlike dogs, though, sea lions aren’t exactly man’s best friend. Reports of territorial sea lions attacking humans is rare, but not unheard of, and it’s thought that approaching within 8 feet of these animals can be enough to agitate and evoke a vicious response.
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What's Really Going On With Wikileaks' Julian Assange
An exploration of what's happening with Julian Assange. Where did WikiLeaks come from? How did its founder go uncaught for so long? #10 Australian Roots Though much of the last decade for Julian Assange has been spent in Europe, the 47-year-old founder of WikiLeaks is an Australian native. Assange grew up under the care of his mother for the most part, with his father, a peace activist, separating from her before the hacker was born. He would take the name of his mother’s husband Richard Assange, but they divorced after 7 years. For three years during his childhood, his mother dated a member of the Australian cult “The Family” before moving on. This nomadic lifestyle continued for years, taking Assange to more than 30 towns across Australia by his mid-teens. #9 Hacker Origin At the age of sixteen, Assange entered the world of hacking under the name of Mendax, the latin word for liar. With the help of two friends using the codenames of Trax and Prime Suspect, he formed the hacking group named the International Subversives. The trio would put out a magazine, offering tips like how to break into telephone systems illegally to make free calls, though it never saw widespread distribution. Together the team would target networks like Australia’s National University, the US military’s MILNET, accessing secret defence data, and the Melbourne master terminal for Nortel, a telecommunications company based out of Canada. This final target attracted the attention of Australian Federal Police and they would go on to tap Assange’s phone line. He experienced many potential scares with authorities before, having chosen to drop everything and run more than once in his early adulthood. But it wasn’t until 1994 that he was actually charged...with 31 counts of hacking! He plead guilty to 25 of them, having the rest dropped, and was just instructed to pay a fine, having his lack of malicious intent and rough childhood cited for the lax sentencing.
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TALLEST Male Celebs In The World
The tallest male celebrities on the planet! These are some of the mainstream media's most famous gentlemen that tower over their peers. Which comedians tower over their microphone stands? What mainstream athletes come closest to seven feet in height? Find out as we take a look at the Tallest Male Celebrities in the World. #13 Chris Hemsworth (6’3”) Modern computer generated imagery, or CGI, is a major asset in the development of action films nowadays, especially for Marvel Studios and their larger-than-life characters. But when it comes to Thor, as played by Chris Hemsworth, graphic artists don’t need to work nearly as hard. This ruggedly handsome Australian native dwarfs the majority of his Avengers co-stars with most of the other hero-portraying actings falling short of six feet tall. #12 Jason Momoa (6’4”) When casting superheroes and barbarian lords, it helps if the hired actor can literally fit the part. Thankfully for HBO, Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Jason Momoa always delivers on that end. The six-foot-four, 214 pound goliath fits in right at home, whether he’s sporting gold and green deep sea armor or tribal leathers and body paint. This Polynesian powerhouse matches his dominating height with a deep voice, battle scars, tattoos, and beard to craft a grizzly, yet attractive, trademark look. But don’t let his smoldering presence fool you, Momoa has been known to be something of a teddy bear behind the scenes. Spending his free time away from film sets either studying Buddhism or jamming on his guitars, Momoa is far from the no-nonsense tough guy he often portrays. #11 Conan O’Brien (6’4”) Pale, red-headed, tall and lanky, the comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien has an iconic look brought together by his impressive height. The 55-year-old celebrity measures in at 6-foot-four and has gained massive fame thanks to his wacky antics and often awkward, self-deprecating sense of humor. O’Brien’s popularity has earned him a starring role on shows like Late Night, The Tonight Show, and his currently self-titled program, Conan. In addition to maintaining an iconic look as the gangliest host on TV, O’Brien is often cited as an innovator in the late night genre. His current work chiefly incorporates his online presence and many of his segments are crafted to easily translate to a digital medium. With a knack for current trends and a history of success, this giant ginger isn’t dropping out of the spotlight anytime soon.
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9 Of The MOST EXPENSIVE Cars In The World!
The most extravagant, expensive cars on Earth! These are some of the fastest, million-dollar luxury cars on the global market. What makes the price of a luxury sports car so steep? How rare are these high class hot rods? Find out as we take a look at 9 of the most expensive cars in the world. #9 Aston Martin Vulcan With only 24 cars produced, the Aston Martin Vulcan is one of the most rare vehicles ever created by the British automotive company. Housing its 7.0 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine is a sleek-crafted carbon fiber body atop an aluminum alloy chassis. Capable of reaching speeds of more than 200 miles per hour, with acceleration power boasting a 0 to 60 sprint in 3 seconds flat, the Vulcan is a track-only sports car. This means the high speed vehicle is not legal to drive on public streets, though one engineering company called the RML Group has been able to modify the vehicle to meet road regulations. Changes like raising the height of the car, altering the headlights and body design, and making minor engine tweaks took nearly 18 months to complete, but changed one Vulcan into a highway hellion of a sports car. The engine power output is still the same as it was before the modifications, and the RML Group says it can be reverted back to racing form at any time. The Vulcan was made with a starting price tag of 2.3 million dollars a piece in 2015, but the first one of these vehicles to reach the United States is for sale in Cleveland, Ohio for 3.4 million dollars! #8 Bugatti Chiron Produced in Molsheim, France, the Bugatti Chiron was crafted as a successor to the popular Veyron model. The vehicle was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 and blew onlookers away with it’s sleek design and monstrous speed capabilities. Brandishing an impressive quad-turbocharged W16 engine, the Chiron reaches a top power output of 1,479 horsepower at 6700 revolutions per minute! This sports car has an electronically limited ceiling to its top speed at 261 miles per hour since no tires currently exist that could handle the true maximum speed of the Chiron. It even set a record in 2017 when it was able to go from 0 to 249 to 0 miles per hour in a mere 41.96 seconds! The Bugatti Chiron was created in a much bigger batch than most cars on this list with 200 units being sold before the first car was even delivered. The popularity of the car took off thanks in part to its world record and intriguing look, but also due to excellent marketing. In 2018, in conjunction with LEGO, a 1 to 8 scale model of the car was released for purchase to the public. To advertise it later that year, a life-size, operational 1 to 1 scale model composed of more than one million lego pieces was unveiled and driven on a test track by Bugatti’s official test driver. While this one of a kind LEGO variant may not be available to the public, the Chiron is available at a base market price of 2.7 million dollars but are now listed anywhere from 3.4 to 4 million dollars on the open market.
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Ten MOST Powerful People On Earth
The ten most powerful people on Earth! These are the world's most influential and financially dominant entrepreneurs, politicians, and religious leaders. Which tech guru has the most global influence? What nation’s leader commands the most resources? Find out as we look at the Ten Most Powerful People On Earth. #10 Larry Page At only 45 years of age, you would have to accomplish a lot to be mentioned among the most powerful people on Earth. And Larry Page has done just that at the head of Alphabet Incorporated, a conglomerate with subsidiary businesses such as Google and various, smaller technology companies. Having first co-founded Google in 1998 with partner Sergey Brin, the pair of Stanford graduates first developed their discovery while pursuing their Ph.D. in college. What began as an experimental feature introduced via the Stanford University website suddenly took on a life of its own to become the world-changing search engine of the future. Today, Larry Page is worth an estimated 48.1 billion dollars and Alphabet Inc. is worth approximately 739 billion dollars! And with that much money, he’s gone on to purchase luxurious estates, unique properties for Google, a private airport and planes, and a masterful yacht. But perhaps his grandest buy is that of a private island in the Caribbean, where he said to be retreating to more often since fading out of the public spotlight. #9 Narendra Modi The Prime Minister of India is in charge of the second most populated country on Earth with 1.3 billion people falling under his responsibility. Despite the sheer size of this monumental task, Narendra Modi seems to be rising to the occasion with approval rates floating around 50% overall and reaching up to 64% in some regions. And given the population size, that’s a whole lot of hearts and minds to win over. Keeping his nation’s best interests in mind, Modi has taken steps to better India in recent years by eliminating large banknotes to help cut down on money laundering and leading the charge on dealing with climate change to help rural citizens feeling the effects. Not settled with domestic advancements, Modi has also helped further international diplomacy efforts, recently visiting with high-profile world leaders such as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Under Modi’s lead, India and its billion person population seem to have a future brighter than ever before.
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What You Didn't Know About Mohammed Bin Salman
The truth behind what you didn't know about Mohammed Bin Salman! This is a detailed look at the pros and cons associated with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? What has he done to improve the nation and lives of his people? Find out as we examine What You Didn’t Know About Mohammed Bin Salman. #13 Prince’s Palace The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has a home suited for his title outside of his native country. Located west of Paris, Mohammed bin Salman proudly maintains the 17th century Chateau Louis XIV. The mansion grounds, valued at 300 million dollars, feature gorgeous fountains, a private cinema, a huge swimming pool, a garden, a maze, and a massive moat. A transparent chamber beneath the body of water grants the Saudi prince a look at the schools of koi fish that reside there — truly a luxury fit for royalty. #12 Capital Punishment Leader One of Mohammed bin Salman’s main objectives since taking a position of governmental control has been refreshing Saudi Arabia’s standing with the modern world. But for all their efforts, there is one domain in which its contemporaries are few and far between. When it comes to capital punishment, specifically as a sentencing for unaggressive crimes, Saudi Arabia’s peers include China and Iran with the three leading the world in this distinct category. Some of the offenses that can result in an execution sentence include atheism, blasphemy, homosexuality, involvement with alcohol and narcotics, and intimate misconduct. In addition to the harsh sentencing, Mohammed bin Salman’s home nation goes a step further with gruesome means of execution, many of which occur in view of the public. And no one is safe from judgement, either, as even juveniles and the mentally disabled can face capital punishment if authorities deem it to be just. #11 Oil Powered The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, also known as Saudi Aramco, is one of the world’s largest companies in terms of revenue. Experts in 2018 valued the company at between 1.2 and 2 trillion dollars, with a yearly revenue of well over 400 billion dollars. Saudi Aramco has the second-largest amount of daily oil production and possesses the second-greatest oil reserve with over 270 billion barrels collected. To put it simply, this business is an industrial juggernaut with immense worth and influence. And it operates under the control of none other than Mohammed bin Salman. Prince Mohammed was granted oversight of the trillion dollar company in 2015 via royal decree upon his appointment. This was a groundbreaking development as he became the first member of the Saudi royal family to take on this responsibility, adding another layer to his list of duties.
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15 MOST Handsome Celebs On Earth!
The most handsome celebs in the world! Watch this video to find out which of the world’s hottest celebs made our list and who the most handsome actors and athletes are! 13. Joe Manganiello This handsome guy is perhaps most well-recognized for his role as Alcide Herveaux in the HBO series True Blood. When he was in college, Manganiello acted in several plays, including When We Dead Awaken and The Merchant of Venice. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and scored the part of Eugene “Flash” Thompson in Spider-Man. Joe also got roles in some television shows like ER, How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, and American Heiress, in which he played Solomon Cortez. Manganiello has also acted in various movies, such as Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, Justice League, and Rampage. When he was cast in the popular vampire series as everyone’s favorite werewolf, Joe put on a lot of muscle, grew out his hair, and got a tan to fit the character. He was definitely one of the biggest hunks in the show and transferred that to his real life as well. Manganiello is also married to an equally attractive star, Sofia Vergara. They met in 2014 and tied the knot a year later. 12. David Beckham Beckham is a former professional soccer player and is currently Inter Miami CF’s president. He won league titles in Spain, England, France, and the United States, which made him the first player to do so. He earned a total of nineteen highly notable trophies within his twenty years on the field. Beckham also made the 2004 list of FIFA’s “greatest living players” and became part of the English Football Hall of Fame four years after that. Aside from his extreme success as a footballer, David is also a fashion icon and celebrity heartthrob. He has been featured in numerous magazines, including Details, Vogue, Men’s Health, and several issues of GQ. Beckham continues to awe people with his good looks and athleticism.
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