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The Lollipops - Naked When You Come ( Instrumental version )
Remix Foundry presents an instrumental version of Danish psych band The Lollipops -Naked When You Come. At least it is not staining your britches yo.
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Sakir Oner Gunhan - Deli Deli
Turkish Rare-Grooves
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Hurdy Gurdy Man -  Instrumental version
Another one of those instrumentals that do not exist.
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Yildiray Cinar - Kibris Kizi
Kibris Kizi is a great song by Turkish musician and actor, Yildiray Cinar. The track was originally released as the B side of a 7" single in the year 1978. This version was produced in 2017. The beat has been beefed up considerably and the track has been slightly restructured. I hope that you enjoy Kibris Kizi.
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Sakir Oner Gunhan - zuhtu
Zuhtu (zuhrem) was released in the early 70's in Turkey as an A-side track for a Sakir Onen Gunhan 7" single. It has a nice vibe with Sakir's voice. I restructured the song and, of course, added a strong beat. expect more from this artist at Remix Factory. Enjoy.
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Sophia Sideri - Know first who I am ( Μάθε πρώτα ποιά είμαι εγώ  -  ΣΟΦΙΑ ΣΙΔΕΡΗ )
This song is the B-side to a Sophia Sideri 7" single that was released in 1968. With a great theme, remixed in 2018, the song has had a boom baptism. Enjoy this little diddy by Greek artist, Sophia Sideri.
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Selda Bağcan - Mehmet Emmi
Mehmet Emmi is an older Turkish folk song that many modern Turkish artists have covered. Here I have remixed Selda Bagcan's rework of Mehmet Emmi! Mystery Science Theatre 101. The Selda track is a great rendition, but I pesonally wanted to here it with some bigger drums. This is now a perfect track for any heavy beat lover. Selda's version was released in 1976 and later re-released on several labels. This remix was produced in 2017. You can count on some more versions of Mehmet Emmi popping up here at Remix Foundry in the future. Enjoy!
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Mazhar ve Fuat (REM) - Adimiz Miskindir Bizim/The One I Love
Home bass outer bound. Flapped up the beat a little and added some tones and REM acapella equals FIRE. For beat-heads.
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Grigoris Bithikotsis  - The Song of Xenitia remixed  (Feggari Magia Mou 'Kanes)
To Tragoudi Tis Xenitias (Feggari Magia Mou 'Kanes) by Greek musicians Grigoris Bithikotsis and Mikis Theodorakis. The song was released in 1962 on Minos Records. This is a catchy track with a quircky but catchy chorus. Like many of these old numbers, it might not make sense until multiple listens. This version was remixed in 2018. I beefed up the beat with additional percussive elements, which gives this oldie a boom-bap flavor that geezers and newbies alike can get down with. Enjoy!
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yildiray cinar - komsunun kizi
mid-70's turkish boom bap w/ spices. enjoy.
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Mohammed Murshed Naji - Arak Taruban
Yemen born Mohamed Murshid Naji pumps out this track, "Arâk Tarûban" with seeming ease. It sounds like Delta blues and 500 pounds of coffee came together and had a baby. It is one of my favorite tracks from him, though there are others and I plan on adding some of them to Remix Factory in the future. I had fun reworking this track. The original has a cool stagger in the beat, which i had to compensate for by omitting small sections of every measure. i gave it a nice steady back beat and added some synth tones and quirky bass. This is a good one for morning aerobics. Enjoy!
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reach out forever after
Arif Sag - osman pehlivan. Four Tops - i'll be there. Black Sabbath -forever after. Mashy mash. Enjoy.
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Turan Engin - Ben Senin Derdini Çekemem Gönül
Another outstanding creature from Turkish born artist and saz master, Turan Engin. With a funky fresh gibblin cortakso added. enjoy.
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Siluetler - Gecti Dost Kirvani
More Anatolian Beat-head goodness remixed for your enjoyment. This song is from a split LP with Mogollar on the other side. I reworked this one quite a bit, adding new instruments, restructuring the beat as well as giving a steady beat to sections that formerly none. The five count on this track is pleasant. Enjoy.
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Bilal Bozdağ & Şu İnsan Oğlu - Entangled
Bilal Bozdağ "Entangled" by Genesis. A good match.
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James Gang & Fatma Küçük - Dokunma Dünyanın
The James Gang's "The Bomber" w/ "Dokunma Dünyanın" by Fatma Küçük. A little bonus beat at the end, simply because the drum-break in the bomber is fantastic.
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Fairuz - Houmoum Al Hob
Houmoum Al Hob is another great Fairuz track. This version has been reworked considerably, with many new percussive elements added as well as being restructured for a beat format. additions and omittions, etc. I originally left out her voice and put a Joni Mitchell acapella over the instrumental sections that i had made, but it was not working well. I will find something for that Joni Mitchell acapella. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful Lebanon based artist in all her glory.
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Vangelis  Perpiniadis - Bring me a strong drink  (Βαγγέλης Περπινιάδης ‎ - Φέρτε Μου Δυνατό Πιοτό)
Vangelis Perpiniadis is a Greek born musician who released some great songs in the 60's and 70's; this track, titled "Bring me a strong drink" is one of them! "Bring me a strong drink" was featured as the A- side track of a 7" record released in 1970 on Greek label, "Minos". This remix version was produced in 2017. Again, nothing too drastically different from the original besides a slight restructuring and the addition of a nice head-nodding beat.
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Kashmir Bonus Beats
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Maratuk Ensemble - ha nina (remix)
Armenian Folk Group, Maratuk Ensemble's rendition of Ha Nina, remixed for the beat-head and music lover.
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Les Freres Megri  - El Harib  الإخوان مجري
El Harib is a song by Morocco based band, Les Freres Megri. The release date is unknown but was obviously sometime in the early to mid-seventies. The original is nice, but a beat-head wants to pick everything apart and emphasize all of the glorious moments; and that is just what i have done with El Harib. So, here it is. A tribute to Morocco, Les Freres Megri, Beats, Funky music, and meaningful and celebratory creative activities in the face of an otherwise meaningless eternity. Enjoy!
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Zafer Dilek - Yekte
Turkish born musician Zafer Dilek is responsible for this song. Originally released in 1976, Yekte was featured on the album, "Oyun Havaları ", and has since been appreciated by younger generations with the revival of Turkish Rock. The song has also been sampled by Hip-Hop producers in recent years, which has drawn a wholly new generation to the works of Zafer Dilek. I basically dissected this track, broke it into small parts, and then put it back together again. Gave it a new beat, added some new instrumentation, etc. This is a lovely track to begin with, and i hope you can enjoy the rework that i have done.
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Turan Engin - Ben Oldum (Başı Pare Pare)
Iree Greek Boom-Bap backing Turan Engin's performance of Ben Oldum.
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