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Feed Me - Strange Behavior (Ascension Edit) [MUSIC VIDEO] [HD]
Music Video Edit for Feed Me's Strange Behavior !!!! Felt this had to be done. Thank you Drekken for the inspiration & the hard work. Creative Commons. does not own copyright of "The Fountain" or "Feed Me" Enjoy and please Subscribe. Thanks for watching!
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Hi Friend! feat. MC Flipside (Ascension More G's Drift Intro) (Extended Outro)Deadmau5
By now everyone has seen all of these new Subaru ads called Get More G's. Well, thought they were pretty entertaining and worked well with the song and the rest of the Drifting footage.
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National Anthem (Quickie Mart Remix) [Music Video] [HD] (Ascension Edit)-Freddie Gibbs.mp4
National Anthem (Quickie Mart Remix) [Unofficial Music Video] [HD] (Ascension Edit)-Freddie Gibbs -For DJ/Promo use only. Creator does not own copyright.
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Katy Perry vs Victoria's Secret (Firework Bombs Away Electro Dubstep Remix)(Ascension Edit)
Katy Perry's Firework (Bombs Away Electro Dubstep Remix) vs the Victoria's Secret 2010 Christmas Show featuring Katy Perry and the Victoria's Secret Models. Watch in HD! Bombs Away have become my new favorite artist's and have a ton of great new tracks being released! Be sure to check them out at: http://www.letmeseeyourswagger.com/ http://www.facebook.com/bombsawaymusic http://www.soundcloud.com/bombs-away I do not own the copyright to this content and it is not monetized
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Sunrise Park Resort 2009/2010
Working full-time at Sunrise Park Resort in North-Eastern Arizona. Too many good times to include in one you tube video. An epic season with phenomenal conditions and incredible friends to share it with. This is for all of you...
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DJ ASCENSION vs Turntablism Class.MP4
www.reverbnation.com/djascension -Turntablism Class at Scottsdale Community College helping to prepare my DJ skill sets for DMC type battle routines. This set was all about the benjamins themed with money. Big thanks to the Ruthless Ramsey for allowing me to help teach such an amazing curriculum in the first EVER college accredited courses in the sacred art of Turntablism!!!
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DJ Ascension Graduates With Worlds First DJ Degree
DJ Ascension Graduates as the first recipient of the World's First Associates Degree in Disc Jockey Techniques followed by a showcase performance at Maya Day & Nightclub with a pool side wrap up. A ten year process maintained by Rob Wegner, Director of the SCC DJ Program! YES, the world's first DJ Degree, comprised of courses including Turntablism, Digital DJ Techniques, Studio Recording, Production, Marketing, Public Speaking, Self-Promotion, Music Business, and many more! Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in DJ Techniques & Audio Production. Look forward to taking classes from DJ Ascension at Scottsdale Community College during the regular semester as he teaches Digital DJ Techniques & Live Sound Reinforcement. Thank you to everyone who continually supports this journey into the international DJ/Producer world! Much Love!
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DJ Vice at Airia Nightclub
Here's a highlight from the technically diverse set of DJ VICE doing a samba remix of coldplay on the fly at Airia Nightclub inside Wild Horse Pass Casino, AZ on 10-22-2010
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Smashboxx & DJ Tranzit present All Vinyl Night in Scottsdale Arizona at the #1 Voted best dance floor in AZ! 12 of the valley's biggest DJ's gather to dig in the crates and dust off the classics! Here is the knockout punch ending with DJ Ascension & DJ Ruthless Ramsey showcasing the Turntablism skills taught at Scottsdale Community College!
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DJ Ascension Birthday at INTL in Old Town Scottsdale
Multi-Genre Turntablist DJ Ascension is always raising eyebrows and packing dance floors! A teaser of one night with Ascension as he performs a birthday set in Old Town Scottsdale at Club International aka INTL in Arizona, USA. From scratching records, rapping on the mic, playing Live instruments like the Trumpet and Guitar, Ascension is always pushing the envelope and raising the bar as to what is expected of DJ's today. Ascension is also the world's first recipient of an Associates of Arts in Live Performance Disc Jockey Techniques. Special Thanks to the legendary Footklan Dance Troupe for blowing up the spot and to Jacob Tyler Dunn Photography for putting this film together. Check us all out at http://www.djascension.com & http://www.jacobtylerdunn.com
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Opening DJ's For Deadmau5 @ Myst , Scottsdale AZ
Great Set by the openers
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Muse vs Zombieland(Ascension Fight For Your Life Edit-Intro-Outro)
The Zombieland Fight For Your Life Video Edit I did for Halloween featuring "Knights Of Cydonia" (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix) -Muse, mixed with clips of Zombieland. This went over so well at the club on Halloween mixed with Pink Floyds' The Wall and Ludacris' How Low I figured I'd post the original so it could be compared and enjoyed in it's full entirety. Happy Halloween 2010
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Dubstep Brainiac Music Video
Highlight's from the Brainiac Lab's Super Slow Motion Experiments with the Dubstep track: "Yin Yang" by DZ, Excision. This took about 10 minutes to put together. so I said why not share it? The audio is at 320kbs for all those non-existent Dubstep VJ's to use. Enjoy and thanks for watching/subscribing.
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Absolute Screams For More
This is the end of a set at Absolute Distraction (Pinetop,AZ). Was mostly hip hop through the night so when i started mixing electro hop into the mix they just lost it! Track- "Club Can't Handle Me Now(Felguk Remix)" by Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta.
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Sean Watson and DJ Ascension Kismet Trumpet Solo
Sean Watson's Kismet Dance Party presents DJ Ascension as a special guest with a surprise Trumpet solo to Timmy Trumpet's The Buzz in Downtown Phoenix at Crescent Ballroom !!! What a packed party, such big fun!
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DJ Class at S.C.C.-Slip-Cueing with Dr. Wegner
MUC 136 at Scottsdale Community College: Lab 1- Part 2- Slip-Cueing. First EVER Transferable College Credit Course in DJ-ing. One of three courses offered at S.C.C. toward the DJ Degree Program
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Bite The Hand That Feeds Me ( Ascension Remix / Video Edit ) - Feed Me vs NIN MUSIC VIDEO
Music Remix/Mash Up by DJ Ascension with Feed Me vs Nine Inch Nails. Video Edit by VDJ Ascension. Bite The Hand That Feeds vs Grand Theft Ecstasy. Well here's my annual Halloween Video Remix for my legendary Hween VDJ shows. be sure to check me out at www.facebook.com/djascension , www.reverbnation.com/djascension , www.soundcloud.com/djascension, www.myspace.com/ascensiondj, and you can 'like' me here www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Ascension/113389298609 -thanks everyone and enjoy my first remix published in Pro Tools.
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Deadmau5 at Marquee -Encore  2009 11 03 02 01 24
Deadmau5, amazing show
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dj ascension vlog 1
DJ Ascension Vlog at Casa on Mill Ave presented by NyteHype Entertainment, O'Neill, & Mile High Vision! Multi-Genre Turntablist performs and interviews with Mile High Vision! http://www.nytehype.com http://www.oneill.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mile-High-Vision/ https://www.facebook.com/djascensionmusic‎ https://www.facebook.com/casa.sunba.tempe
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Break Yo Self (VJ Scratch)
Clip from my VJ Set on 9/11/2010. Mixing out of Eminem's -Love The Way You Lie and scratching clips from the movie "Friday" into Dr. Dre's -Keep them Heads Ringing. Break Yo Self Fool!!! Watch in HD!
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Daniel Park sings Lil Wayne.mp4
Daniel Park LIVE at Iguana Mack's in Tempe, Arizona doing a unique rendition of Lil Wayne's Lollipop. Call me, and i can make it....ha
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Eddie Halliwell and Lujan at 910 Live Halloween 2010
From Eddie Halliwell on the outdoor stage to Lujan killin it on the inside stage. Halloween at 910 Live 2010
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Paul Oakenfold Marquee Theatre Tempe AZ 10 20 2010
Paul Oakenfold takes the stage after a great opening set from the local DJ Calvin Harris! Perfecto lives up to the name once again after delivering a flawless performance at the Marquee Theatre for Tempe Arizona. Thanks to Steve Levine Entertainment for bringing yet another great show in Arizona (and for putting me on the list)
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Absolute Distraction's 3rd Annual Pimp Hoe Party- Finale Slap 8 28 10
Another great party I was so fortunate to have hosted. This Vid features Tiesto/Diplo's track C'Mon with select "pimpin" videos. The first is an ad for Volkswagen known as "un-pimping your ride" and the second is the Brainiac's "Super Slow Motion Bitch Slap" to send them on their way home. Thanks for watching
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Early SNEAK PEEK at one of the custom remixes in the line up for my Halloween VJ Set! More to come! This years Halloween is gonna be intense you guys!
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Clip of me Getting the crowd warmed up at Absolute Distraction in Show Low, Arizona. Mix goes from Pitbull into Spritney Bears (Wolfgang Mix). Thanks to: Milletti Film Productions
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Megan McGuire/Gaglione Wedding Video.mp4
Here is the custom video montage made for Megan McGuire/Gaglione which was played at Hon-Dah Casino in Arizona's first custom turntablism wedding VJ set. This video was played during the ceremonial Father/Daughter Dance. October 9, 2010
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DJ Ascension Scratch Break 1 to Trip Hop
DJ Ascension doing some freestyle scratches in the club using the effects on the pioneer DJM-800 with Vinyl on a technics 1210 MK5 Turntable
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Custom video montage designed specifically for Megan & Dustin McGuire/Gaglione Wedding. This was VJ'd (Video Jockey'd)on a giant screen inside Hon-Dah Casino's banquet room while the families of both wedding parties watched the two dance for the first time as Bride & Groom. Priceless (October 9, 2010) Congratulations!!!!
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Hawaiian Tree-House
This is an awesome tree-house next to the Coffee Company in Hawaii, how cool would it be to live there? what view...
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Mixing inside the 96.5KRFM Studio
This is a portion of one of my weekly installments on 96.5KRFM broadcasting to all of North-Eastern Arizona and everyone on the website around the world listening to the Live stream. Tune IN every Wednesday at 8PM MST .... The recent lightning strike to the station took out several pieces of equipment including the webcam components so here's a little taste of what you were missing. Enjoy...
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Let the fun Begin. Starting my set at Absolute Distraction.
the beginning of another great night at Absolute Distraction! Using the intro of Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 album (THX sample), then into the Chemical Brother's- Under The Influence mixed live with Katy Perry's- Kissed A Girl. The Luxury of having more than just two turntables
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Pt.-8- VJ-ing With Midi Controllers at Scottsdale Community College
Chemical Brother's Midnight Madness loaded on both turntables, using assignable midi controllers within Serato Scratch Live Video-SL to juggle the two video signatures together creating the delay between the two images.
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Dustin Gaglione Wedding Video Edit
Here is the custom video edit for Dustin Gaglione's final dance as a bachelor with his Grandmother Feliciti. This was Video DJ'd using two turntables, midi controllers, and a massive video projection screen at the wedding ceremony of Megan McGuire & Dustin Gaglione! Congratulations!!!! October 9, 2010
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Absolute Distraction Dancing The Cupid Shuffle.MP4
The Crowd at Absolute Distraction does the Cupid Shuffle.
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Botanical Gardens on the big island Hawaii
Botanical Gardens in Hawaii (big island) NIce waves, good memories
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Deadmau5 at Marquee- Complicated  2009 11 03 00 29 36
What a great track!
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Arizona Cardinals VS Carolina Panthers Sky-Box Video 2009 11 01 (Game 6)
think you're watching the vikings and packers on t.v. but then oh wait, there's another game to watch
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Ali Dubfire (Deep Dish)2009 at Cream Stereo Lounge.3gp
Ali Dubfire (of Deep Dish) at Cream Stereo Lounge
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Halloween VJ Promo For Absolute Distraction
VJ Ascension sings Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb over The Wall (Dubstep Remix) into Ludacris' How Low into VJ Ascension's Zombieland Video Edit of Muse's Knights of Cydonia with Dirty Harry Clips Scratched into it, then into Rhianna's Rockstar 101
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Snowboard Cliff Pass In The Trees(not a drop in)
End of an unnameable trail at an undisclosed resort location. This was a scouting mission to see if this cliff is droppable with enough snow. The trees increase the level of difficulty to pretty-much-impossible. Anyone recognize it & have done it, let me know. Now, worries, I won't 3XDog-Dare You if you haven't. It's a pretty intense ride even without the cliff
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DJB First Appearance at CREAM Stereo Lounge.mp4
Intro-ing with Tiesto's Cmon DJB makes his first appearance at CREAM Stereo Lounge with VJ Sam in Scottsdale Arizona
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Royal Kona Resort
The view out of my hotel room at the Royal Kona Resort on the big island of Hawaii
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Driving into the crater national park on the big island of Hawaii
Cruising in the mustang with the top down, total haoli style i know...miss living there and had to come back to see another island
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