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Girls In Love - S01E04 - Drop The Boy (Full Episode)
Ellie's speechless when Dad and Anna announce that they're getting married. It calls for immediate action - she can't go to the wedding without a date. Dan is the obvious choice, but he will only agree to go as her boyfriend.
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Girls In Love - S02E08 - The Ex Factor (Full Episode)
Ellie has to fund her own mobile phone habit. So a paper round it has to be - even though she looks and feels like a complete reptile in the get-up. A bad sitch gets worse when her ex's house is on her round.
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Girls In Love - S02E10 - All's Fair In Love And War (Full Episode)
School trip! Three days in nature, doing adventurous out-doorsy things, with your three bezzie mates. Could be fun, normally would be fun - except that Ellie is still angry with Magda But is it anger? Or could it be jealousy!
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Girls In Love - S01E01 - My Big Lie (Full Episode)
It's the start of Year 9 but Ellie wishes she'd stayed in bed. When Magda and Nadine boast of endless snogging, Ellie fibs with tales of a holiday romance. Magda sets up a triple-date - will Ellie find a boyfriend in time?
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Girls In Love - S01E08 - Does My Face Look Fat (Full Episode)
Ellie discovers that Dan has a new girlfriend - even worse she's stick thin! Ellie suddenly feels fat and unattractive so Magda suggests a trip to the swimming pool. While Ellie gets some exercise, Magda chats to a hunk.
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Girls In Love - S01E09 - Girls Get Even (Full Episode)
The girls are officially depressed and decide that revenge is the best medicine: Magda plans some poolside payback, Nadine humiliates her nasty sister and Ellie deals with Dan's new girlfriend.
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Girls In Love - S02E02 - Life Experience (Full Episode)
Ellie is thrilled, relieved and a teensy bit nervous when she sorts out work experience with a local artist. She comes upon an art entry by Russell - which is remarkably similar to her own. Should she be flattered or furious?
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Girls In Love - S02E01 - Birthday Girl (Full Episode)
Everything's going wonderfully in Ellie's world until she decides to leave her birthday celebrations in the hands of her nearest and dearest friends. They may all love her, but it doesn't mean they all love each other!
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Girls In Love - S01E03 - How To Look Eighteen (Full Episode)
It's tough being a teenager, and the embarrassment of discovering that Dan is only 12 makes Ellie determined to improve her image. After a night out with her friends, Ellie realises that pretending to be older isn't much fun.
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Girls In Love - S02E11 - The Bigger Picture (Full Episode)
The walls are closing in on Ellie! She's learnt that her friend Darius doesn't like his girlfriend Magda as much as Ellie's best friend Magda likes Darius, who just happens to be the boy that Ellie fancies! Sort that one out!
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Girls In Love - S02E09 - The Experiment (Full Episode)
The girls are conducting an experiment based on their realisation that romance is doomed. Their guinea pig is new boy Darius. He's cute, PLUS he has a girlfriend in the States, so he's completely out-of-bounds...
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Girls In Love - S01E02 - Getting Lippy (Full Episode)
It's the house party everyone's been talking about! Ellie sees beyond Dan's geeky exterior and at last gets her first kiss! But regret soon follows when the terrible truth about Dan is revealed!
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Girls In Love - S01E11 - Two's Company (Full Episode)
Ellie is officially in love - it's magical, wonderful and all consuming - and everyone else is being neglected. Magda and Nadine are horrified but it's not until Anna is rushed to hospital that Ellie realises. Is it too late?
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Girls In Love - S01E06 - After The Happy Ending (Full Episode)
Why isn't Ellie feeling fantastic? She and Dan have spent the holidays together but something's missing. The chemistry's not there so she ends it. But before she has time to miss him, Dad and Anna reveal some shocking news!
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Blue Water High - S03E14 (Full Episode)
The group is under-performing in all training program drills and a change is needed. When the girls suggest dance classes, Guy is horrified.
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Girls In Love - S02E05 - Young Gifted And Single (Full Episode)
Ellie, Magda and Nadine decide to work on their careers - NO flirting, NO dates and absolutely NO batting eyelashes for a whole month! Then, the Italian foreign exchange trip boys arrive! Mamma Mia!
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Girls In Love - S02E04 - The Unforgiven (Full Episode)
Things are bad. Ellie hates Russell and Magda. The timing for this major bust-up couldn't be worse: the three girls are due to be smiling on the front cover of their fave teen mag!
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Blue Water High - S03E02 (Full Episode)
As the kids settle into the Solar Blue house, decisions have to be made. They start out simply - like choosing which bed to sleep in - but things soon become a little more complex.
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Old Tom - S01E01 - Lost and Found/Shopping Spree (Full Episode)
The adventures of the prim and proper Angela Throgmorton and her good-natured but slothful cat, Old Tom. Angela is obsessive about good manners but Old Tom is a practical joker who disrupts her harmony and order. Told by her friend Lavinia that she and Old Tom should smarten themselves up, Angela takes Old Tom to the local department store to buy new outfits.
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Girls In Love - S01E10 - Girls Out Late (Full Episode)
Greg announces his undying love for Magda, Nadine receives a love letter from a secret admirer, so Ellie is the only singleton once again. But then she meets Russell and it seems her luck is about to change.
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Girls In Love - S01E13 - Girls In Trouble (Full Episode)
Life seems perfect for Ellie until a concert with the girls clashes with Russell's school dance. She knows she should tell him the truth, but sometimes lies just spill out. Russell's not impressed when he discovers the truth.
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Old Tom - S01E15 - Ghost Train/Plumber's Mate (Full Episode)
Old Tom has a nightmare about monsters, so Angela takes him and Lucy to an amusement park to cheer him up. When Old Tom is finishing his bath, his favourite bath toy - a rubber duckie - goes down the plug hole and gets stuck in the house's plumbing...
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Blue Water High - S03E26 (Full Episode)
It's finals day and after a whole year's training the kids are pumped. But a sudden crisis throws the whole event into turmoil.
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Girls In Love - S02E07 - The Crush (Full Episode)
Ellie has discovered the man of her dreams, her perfect match and, as if fate had decreed it, he works at the diner. Ellie gets the text message of her dreams, but dreams can so easily turn to nightmares!
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Degrassi 101 - The Next Generation | Original Canadian Uncut Pilot | Mother & Child Reunion
A reconstruction of the original Canadian version. The majority of the footage is taken from the American 16:9 YouTube upload and the rest is taken from the 4:3 iTunes Canada footage (which has since been removed from the store). The video is fully monetised by DHX Media, all money goes to them.
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Girls In Love - S01E07 - Cuckoo In The Nest (Full Episode)
With a new baby about to steal the limelight, Ellie decides to think positive and help Anna. Magda offers up some serious eye-candy to cheer her up but despite some sharp flirting they discover their target isn't into girls!
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Old Tom - S01E25 - Tree's A Crowd/Tutankhamen Tom (Full Episode)
Billy has a fabulous new tree house - complete with elevator - and all the kids want to play in it. However, when Billy refuses to let Old Tom in, Lucy decides to build her own with rubbish from the tip. Old Tom and Lucy are practising for a go-kart race but Billy destroys their kart. Dismayed, they go home to Angela's place where they see a big box in the living room that looks perfect for a go-kart.
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Blue Water High - S03E15 (Full Episode)
Loren's relationship with Charley is blossoming. But is spending so much time with him isolating them both from the rest of the group?
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Girls In Love - S02E06 - Her Boy Friday (Full Episode)
Everyone's busy busy busy - except Ellie. What she needs is a new love interest and comes up with the perfect plan: if you want to get to know boys, you have to hang out where they do - the football ground!
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Blue Water High - S03E19 (Full Episode)
Cassie's confidence goes into free fall after she wipes-out badly after surfing. Suddenly her whole year at Solar Blue is in jeopardy.
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Girls In Love - S02E03 - The L Word (Full Episode)
Ellie's romance cup is running over but Magda and Nadine's need refilling. So what better solution than a match-make with Russell's two best mates and what better opportunity than Russell's party?
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Blue Water High - S03E04 (Full Episode)
Adam thinks about his current day-to-day existence, Garry's 'drill sergeant' character and 'boot camp' style training sessions - and wonders if being at Solar Blue is what he really wants.
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Blue Water High - S03E01 (Full Episode)
It's decision time for Bec. After a reassuring chat with her old coach Simmo, she takes up Angus's job offer.
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Girls In Love - S02E12 - Baby Blues (Full Episode)
It's Eggs' naming ceremony, but the festivities can't commence until Magda's dear hamster has been given a respectful Goth farewell. Poor Magda has had to admit that her heart has been broken, but not just by Hammy.
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Old Tom - S01E02 - Friend and Foe/Blast Off! (Full Episode)
Old Tom is getting in Angela's way as she tries to tidy the house, so she suggests he go outside and find a friend. Angela goes shopping for a playhouse for Old Tom and ends up buying an old rocket ship. Old Tom loves it and decides to fly to Mars with his best friend Lucy.
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Blue Water High - S03E17 (Full Episode)
Bridget's delighted by the unexpected arrival of her brother. But the surprises that follow are more than anyone has bargained for.
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Blue Water High - S03E11 (Full Episode)
Despairing of the bad luck that's prevented him from returning to Solar Blue, Charley is forced to re-think his attitude when Fly takes him on a surprise outing.
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Girls In Love - S02E13 - True Romance (Full Episode)
It's the end of term and that means a school dance! And the school dance in its turn can only mean you HAVE to have a date. Ellie knows who she'd love her date to be - Darius - but he's not even part of the gang any more.
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Girls In Love - S01E12 - The Secret Diary Of Ellie Allard (Full Episode)
Ellie sneaks a peek at Russell's sketchbook and is shocked to see that he's secretly read her diary. Magda falls for the art teacher, Mr Green. She does everything to catch his eye but all she gets is a dose of embarrassment.
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Blue Water High - S03E10 (Full Episode)
Adam realises that unless he can conquer his fear of sharks his surfing future will be over. Cassie intervenes to try and help him deal with it.
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Old Tom - S01E20 - Let's Get Quizzical/In A Whirl (Full Episode)
Lucy enters a TV quiz show, so Old Tom helps her study. However, Billy is one of the other contestants and he tricks Lucy into catching the wrong bus! When Lucy doesn't turn up at the TV studio who will take her place? Angela and Old Tom go to the local swimming pool where they meet Lucy who is practising for her swimming certificate. Billy is also there and starts to show off.
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Blue Water High - S03E06 (Full Episode)
Guy's world is turned upside down when he discovers an anonymous enemy has landed him in serious trouble.
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Girls In Love - S01E05 - Express Yourself (Full Episode)
Both Ellie and Dad have bad cases of wedding day nerves. The image of Dan and his new girlfriend keeps popping into her head then Dad disappears. It's up to Ellie to sort things out before the day is ruined.
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Old Tom - S01E17 - Sailing Away/Bird in the Hand (Full Episode)
Angela has organised a cruise on the harbour for herself, Old Tom and Lavinia. However, when Lavinia discovers the boat is an old rust-bucket, she refuses to join them and goes for a cruise on a sleek new yacht instead. Angela buys a birthday present for Lavinia - a parrot. But while she goes out to buy some birdseed, Old Tom lets the bird out of the cage...
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Old Tom - S01E26 - Lights! Camera! Old Tom/Meteor Madness (Full Episode)
A TV producer sees Old Tom causing mayhem at a shopping centre and, thinking Old Tom is a comic genius gives him his own TV show! Soon Old Tom is a TV star, and everybody loves him. Old Tom runs off and hides in a rocket ship. When Billy accidentally unleashes an asteroid which threatens to destroy the world, Old Tom takes off in the rocket. Can Old Tom save the world?
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Blue Water High - S03E08 (Full Episode)
Charley achieves great success in a surf comp but learns that fame comes with a cost.
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Old Tom - S01E19 - Piece of Cake/Good Sports (Full Episode)
Angela bakes a cake to enter in the Home Appliance Show Bake-Off, but Old Tom eats it by mistake. Feeling guilty, Old Tom decides to bake a new cake to replace it. Angela gets a job at a local sports store, and takes Old Tom along. The store owner doesn't like Old Tom at first, but when Old Tom starts playing on the sporting equipment, he starts attracting so many customers!
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Old Tom - S01E13 - Green Thumb Fun/Eau De Tom (Full Episode)
Old Tom wants some money to buy a toy, so Angela suggests he work for it - as a gardener. Angela leaves Old Tom with Lavinia for the afternoon. However, Old Tom is very smelly so when Lavinia and Old Tom are invited to a garden party, Lavinia realises that she has to wash Old Tom. But this is not as easy it seems!
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Blue Water High - S03E22 (Full Episode)
A weekend away at an adventure training camp promises to be fun until tensions erupt between Adam and Cassie.
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Blue Water High - S03E16 (Full Episode)
As Charley reads about missing woman Rosemary Wilson, he notices a strange man taking an unnatural interest in their activities.
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