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Sasuke AMV - Impossible
As I was in the middle of the AMV i realized that I dont have any video source left xD So I just cut the song by 1 min or something :( The amv past the middle pretty much sucks because i had to finish it somehow xD Als ich schon die hälfte des amv's fertig hatte ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich fast keinen material mehr habe xD Deswegen musste ich die musik um 1 min kürzen und das amv irgendwie zusammenbasteln :( I do not own the rights of the anime or the song. I dont want to make any profit with it either. Its purely fanmade and all the credits go to the rightfull owners :D
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My Future Intro V.3
Another Version without the spinning text. But with flashy sparkling effect instead :D
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Buy the F'kin Console (Read The Description !!! )
A Friend of mine don't have a PS3 and since i happen to own one, I want to play some Sweet Ass games with him. This Video contains PS3 exclusives and regular games that are also on the X box 360. It's a shout out to him and some sweet game videos for you :D I'm not a Fanboy so don't start Fanboy Wars :)
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Simple sketches from todays drawing session !!!
i was bored so i uploaded this, so you can push yourself to start drawing because you will accomplish alot more as this xD
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HD Anime Girls Slideshow - ''Ichiban no Takaramono''
Some of the best,cutest and sexiest pictures from my wallpaper collection. Gathered all over the internet, so i can not credit all the artist personaly :( But cudos to all the artists ^^ The Song is from Angel Beats and is called ''Ichiban no Takaramono''. All credit goes to the rightfull owner of the song and if you like it just buy it too ;D Which one do you like the most ? Just leave a comment :)
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