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How To Create A Cool Heat Map In Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1470. If you want to make your data pop without creating a chart, heat maps in Excel are quite the sexy alternative. And they're easy sneezy to create.
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How To Create A Scrolling Chart In Excel
Based on this post: http://mklnd.com/18sFgrE. You'll learn in this video how to create a scrolling chart in Excel. These are exceptional for showing values over a period of years, especially in dashboards where real estate is limited.
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How To Extract Domains From URLs In Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1575. If you're an Internet marketer working with competitive analysis data, a common task in data preparation is creating a separate column for domains, which you extract from a list of URLs (e.g., backlinks). I show you how.
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How To Track Social Ads In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=8501. Google Analytics doesn't provide a good default channel for social ads. I demonstrate why I think tagging social ads with a medium of cpc is a bad idea and proffer an alternative that will allocate all of your paid social into one, neat custom channel.
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How to Create a Scrolling Table in Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=4383. Want to add a table to your dashboard but not take up too much space? Easy. Use a scrolling table in Excel using the INDEX function.
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The Definitive Guide to Campaign Tagging in Google Analytics
Based on: http://bit.ly/ga-campaign-tagging. The most frequent and damaging mistakes I see in just about every analytics audit I perform are campaign tagging mistakes. This video and guide break it down into simple steps.
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How To Create Custom Month-Over-Month Reports In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1458. Learn how to create a custom report in Google Analytics that shows you traffic over time using the month of year dimension. I also include instructions on how to fix Google's funky month of year formatting, which Excel chokes on.
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INDEX MATCH Alternative to VLOOKUP Functions in Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=2303. Sometimes Excel's VLOOKUP function fails to get the job done. This video tutorial explores when and how to use the INDEX MATCH alternative to VLOOKUP.
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How to Create Hyperlinks in Google Sheets Using the HYPERLINK Function
My site: http://www.annielytics.com. This video demonstrates how to use the HYPERLINK function in Google Sheets to create live links inside your spreadsheet.
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How to Manage Email with Boomerang, a Plugin for Gmail
This was a quick tip I did for the YourTango team on how to manage their inboxes using Boomerang. It's a Gmail plugin that allows you to schedule emails to "boomerang" back into your inbox using various rules. You can also use it to schedule emails to send at a later time or date. You can get the plugin here: http://www.boomeranggmail.com/.
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How To Create Custom Reports In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=727. Break free from the boundaries of standard reports in Gooogle Analytics with this must-see video! You will learn how to create custom reports and the secrets of determining the dimensions and metrics that work best for your data needs.
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How To Create A Double-Sided Bar Chart
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=865. Horizontal bar charts in Excel aren't all that scintillating. But you can add some sex appeal to yours by using this method.
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Analytics Edge Tutorial - Annielytics Dashboard Course
Analytics Edge is a free Google Analytics API tool. Tori Cushing of Annielytics walks-through how to use this tool to import Google Analytics data into a custom reporting dashboard. Annie Cushing uses to create interactive dashboard in the Annielytics Dashboard and API course: http://www.annielytics.com/annielytics-dashboard-course/
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Importing Data from One Spreadsheet in Google Docs to Another
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=4953. Learn how to import live data from one Google Doc to another spreadsheet in Google Sheets using the awesome IMPORTRANGE function. When you update the data in the original spreadsheet it will update automatically wherever you've imported it. And you can apply formatting to this data just as you would with a static spreadsheet. And you will look like a data badass. So there's that as well.
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How To Create An Interactive Chart In Excel For Marketers
Based on this post: http://marketingland.com/how-to-create-interactive-charts-in-excel-57816. Learn how to consolidate your marketing data by creating an interactive chart in Excel using form controls, which create cool drop-downs for viewers of your chart to choose from. You can download the file from Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0izm8sxd7s42els/interactive-chart.xlsx.
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How to Use the SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions to Build Dynamic Dashboards in Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=4195. If you want to build dynamic dashboards in Excel that update automatically when you import new data, the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions are important to understand. The SUMIFS function especially works as a multi-criteria VLOOKUP.
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The Worst Setting In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=8605. Learn why the Default Page setting is the worst setting in Google Analytics and how to avoid its data-detonating powers.
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How To Update An Entire Dashboard With A Radio Button
Based on this post: http://mklnd.com/16BxpFV. In this video I'll show marketers how to create an interactive dashboard in Excel where the entire dashboard is controlled by a set of radio buttons (although you could also use a drop-down menu, aka combo box). As you select a new option, every chart in the dashboard updates to show just that segment of data. Ooolalaaa.
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How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets Using the UNIQUE Function
Google Sheets doesn't have a Remove Duplicates option like Excel does (booo!). But you can get around this using the UNIQUE function that Excel doesn't offer (booo!).
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How To Use Google Fusion Tables: A Simple Guide In Plain English For Marketers
In this video I demonstrate how to analyze your site’s backlinks using a network graph powered by a fusion table. To reduce the intimidation level of working with fusion tables (and they are a bit intimidating at first), I did a signature Annielytics take-you-by-the-hand approach to walking you through how to not only set up a fusion table but also how to massage the data once it’s in there and cull out the insights you can actually take action on.
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Annielytics Live Hangout - Jun 2016
Bring your burning questions about Google Analytics to this monthly hangout. Submit your questions here: http://bit.ly/hangout-questions .
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Step-By-Step Walk Through In How to Create And Modify A Pivot Table
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1031. Pivot tables are critical for datasets that are large or require flexibility. I take you from a raw dataset to a highly customized pivot table and demonstrate lots of cool options as I go.
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A Comprehensive Guide To Excel Charts For Marketers
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1563. This video isn't just for marketers. It's for anyone who needs to create charts in Excel. It covers column, bar, line, area, and scatter charts, as well as formatting tips.
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The INDEX Function: Excel's More Stable Alternative to OFFSET [VIDEO]
From this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=4069. The OFFSET function is terribly volatile and can bring Excel to its knees. This video shows three marketing uses for the INDEX function.
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VLOOKUP Tips and Tricks for Marketers
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=2256. It's essential that all marketers working with data be able to rock VLOOKUPs because it is the best way to marry data sets. This tutorial will show you simple to advanced VLOOKUP techniques.
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How to Use the Mozbar to Easily View Page Metadata
You can use Moz's Mozbar the quickly view metadata, such as page title, description, and markup. I'll show you how in this tip of the day I did for the YourTango team.
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Great Tool for Learning About Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=4168. This tool by Google is a great way to learn more about dimensions in metrics in Google Analytics, whether you use the interface or the API.
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Sample of Annielytics Dashboard Course
Learn more: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=2357. This video is a sample from my dashboard course, which is a collection of 16 hours of videos, a workbook, two Excel dashboards that just need your data plugged in, an Excel practice file for the data visualization videos, as well as links to 40+ resources to aid in your learning.
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How to Copy Cool Formatting from Someone Else's Site
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=6111 Have you ever come across something cool on a site but have CSS skills that are kind of hacked (like mine)? This tip will show you how to replicate any cool formatting you find across the web using Chrome Developer Tools.
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How to Replace Special Characters Using Find and Replace in Word
In this video I demonstrate how to find and replace special characters in MIcrosoft Word, like carriage returns, to convert columns of values from Excel into comma-separated lists.
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Quick Way to Find Related Content Using the Mozbar
This video demonstrates how I use Moz's Mozbar Chrome extension to quickly find related content for YourTango's posts. This is a demo for our editorial team, but I share these tips for the benefit of others.
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How to Use Advanced Filters In Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=1208. In this video I demonstrate how to use Advanced filters in Excel using a real-world client project for a reporting dashboard. I provide instructions for 2013 and 2010 for PC and 2011 for Mac.
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How to Remove Duplicate Values in a Column in Excel
This quick tip for the YourTango team demonstrates how to quickly distill a column of data down to a deduplicated list of unique values, even if the duplicated cells are just blanks.
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How to Copy Another Site's CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools
Have you ever come across some cooly formatted nugget on the Web and wondered how they did that? Well, you can find out exactly how anything was formatted by using Chrome Developer Tools to not only view the site's CSS but also modify it AND then save the CSS to use on your own site.
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How to Embed Images in Gmail (Just Say No to Attaching!)
Attaching images is so 2002. Gmail makes it super easy to embed them in your email, so the recipient of your email can view them in context.
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How to Use the Mozbar to Quickly Find Inbound Links for Any Page You Visit
The Mozbar allows you to easily find the backlinks for any page you visit, as well as page and domain-level metrics and social shares to the page. I also demonstrate some practical applications for this data.
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How to Dynamically Generate URLs on the Fly in Excel or Google Sheets
Learn how to augment your marketing dashboards with links to reports within your table. I demonstrate two examples using SEMRush (a popular marketing tool) and Google Analytics.
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Google Analytics Hack to Get Organic Landing Pages Without Sampling
Based on this post: I demonstrate in this post how to find out your top organic landing pages without sampling. The standard way to find them in Google Analytics results in sampling for larger sites, but this hack gets around that.
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How To Create Annotations In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=757. Annotations are very important in Google Analytics and should be used to document changes made to a site, marketing campaigns, Google updates (like Panda and Penguin), and any other events that might have contributed to spikes or dips in traffic. I show you how to create them in this short video.
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How To Use Chrome's Mobile Emulation Feature To Get Your Site Mobile Friendly
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=5223. Google turned up the dial on mobile as a ranking signal in April 2015. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate, in simple terms, how marketers can use the Mobile Emulation Tool in Chrome Developer Tools to preview their site on any mobile device. (I really try to avoid geek speak as much as possible in these demos.)
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Find Your Competitors' Best Backlinks Using Excel Pivot Tables
Based on this post: http://bit.ly/15voW1a. This video shows you how to reverse engineer your competitors' marketing strategies by rifling through their backlinks using simple Excel pivot tables.
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How To Create Histograms For Marketers In Excel
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=8558. Histograms in Excel are tricky. I show you how to use the FREQUENCY function to create categories for your data and then build a histogram chart. All in plain English. (Because I know how scary Excel is for most marketers!)
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How to Fetch as Google to Index or Reindex a Page
This video will show how to submit a page to Google to get it crawled quickly or recrawled after making changes that yo want to show up in Google.
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How To Add Webinar Invites To Google Calendar
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=928. If you don't use a desktop calendar, like Outlook or Mac Mail, you can still import calendar invites from events like webinars into your Google Calendar.
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Demystifying Social Reports In Google Analytics
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=8595. In this video I go through all of Google Analytics' social reports and disclose the good, the ugly, and the WTF.
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How To Find Your Hottest Links On A Page In Google Analytics
Based on this post http://www.annielytics.com/?p=792. This video will demonstrate how to find the links on a page visitors click on most using Google Analytics.
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Create Full URLs from Google Analytics in Excel or Google Sheets
Google Analytics uses URIs instead of URLs by default. But that makes it difficult to marry your data with data from other marketing tools. This video will show you how to create full URLs from Google Analytics content reports, whether your site uses one subdomain or multiple subdomains. This process is called concatenation and could also be accomplished with the CONCATENATE function, but I find it clunky. Although I demonstrate how to do this in Excel, the steps are exactly the same in Google Sheets.
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Three Marketing Examples of the OFFSET Function
Based on this post: http://www.annielytics.com/?p=2049. This video will demonstrate three uses of the OFFSET function for marketing data and includes creating named ranges for dynamic charts, dynamic data validation, and formatting Google Analytics data.
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How to Create a Video Meme in Camtasia
Based on this post: http://bit.ly/video-meme. In this video I'll show you how to create a cool video meme in Camtasia.
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Annielytics Site Audit Template
Based on: http://bit.ly/site-checklist. Learn how to do a site audit with my DIY template. I took my $20k audit and distilled it down to 156 checkpoints, covering 18 sections, with intro text for each section, step-by-step instructions, 90+ explainer graphics. No stone unturned. Also offered in Spanish. A steal at $195.
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