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I Heard it through the Grape-vine.mp4
Just Harrie with the Marvin Gaye classic: 'I Heard it through the Grape-vine'
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Things of Yours.mp4
Just Harrie (Harriet Whitehead and Chris Peet) at the Queen's Head, Monmouth
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Seth Lakeman - Stand By Your Guns
Seth Lakeman at The Monmouth Festival 'Stand by Your Guns' Stand by your guns my hearts of oak, Let not a word on board be spoke, Victory will soon crown the joke, Be silent, boys, be ready.
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Over the Rainbow
The Voice AND the Performance: 'Just Harrie' (Harriet Whitehead) at the Queen's Head
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Something Inside So Strong.mp4
Labi Siffre (born 25 June 1945) is a British poet, songwriter, musician and singer. In Abergavenny in 97 Labi Siffre was the main performer in a programme which included: Monmouth's 'The Mighty Pledge' and 'Neil Kinnock' in converstation with 'Victor Spinetti'. In this video clip he performs his hit single 'Something Inside so Strong', amongst the best of all of the protest songs. Siffre's work; compositions, poetry or performance, is powerful always in that it reflects his own deeply felt views. Views he has been unafraid to express using whatever political platform is appropriate. In that respect his career bears some resemblence to the French singer/songwriter Francis Cabrel. It may be thought that many of the battles Siffre fought with such courage in the late 90s have been conclusively won, but I suspect that he would hold the view that prejudice takes many forms and that in any case vigilance is the best watchword. Apologies for some of the sound quality: an in-camera microphone and of course the analogue technology of the time. But as ever, proof that a powerful live performance is often better than the colder atmosphere of the recording studio. ENJOY! Labi Siffre can be followed on: http://www.intothelight.info
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Seth Lakeman - The Courier
Seth Lakeman sings 'The Courier' at the Monmouth Festival
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Ridgeway Country Band - She's 110% Pure Blue Heartache
Opening Track of 'Ridgeway Country' at the Rockfield Country Music Festival
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Seth Lakeman - Raise Your Glass to the One You Love
Seth Lakeman at the Monmouth Festival 2014. Video taken back stage of Seth and the Monmouth Audience: 'Raise Your Glass to the One You Love'
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Lou Richardson cover of Kate Bush number 'Cloudbusting'
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Bleeding Noses-5823.mov
'Bleeding Noses' at the Rockfield Country Music Festival Lead vocals Oliver Ashton
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Clinging to the Ledge.mp4
'Its all been said. Theres nothing left but broken hearts and heads. We failed the test, destroyed the best We grew to be less, we grew to be less And now were clinging to the ledge'
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Wish I was a Freight-train Baby.mp4
Spur perform the Alan Jackson number: 'Wish I was a Freight-train Baby' at the Rockfield Country Music Festival SPUR, voted 'Duo of the Year 2009' by The British Country Music Awards. Wish it was a freight train baby Wish it was a diesel locomotive I'd come whistling down your track crashing in your door. Wish it was a freight train baby Wish it didnt have a heart You need a shovel for the coal just to get me started Wish it was a freight train baby Wish it was a freight train baby Wish it was a freight train.
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Does the Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma.mov
Steven J Towers version of the Reba McEntire hit, 'Does the Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma', Lyrics Ronnie Dunn and featured on the CD, REBA Duets.
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The Drinking Bone.mp4
Darren Jones gives an illustrated lecture to the Rockfield Country Music Festival on the anatomical qualities of 'The Drinking Bone'
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DNA and the Cellarboys - Hudson Bay
All the way from Sweden (Wallander Country): DNA and The Cellarboys at Rockfield Country Music Festival
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Ghost Riders in the Sky.mp4
Chris James performs 'Ghost Riders in the Sky at the Rockfield Country Music Festival
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Henry Smith's Country Dreams - The Auctioneer
Henry Smith's Country Dreams
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Dan Lydiate talks to Monmouth Young Rugby.mp4
Newport Gwent Dragons, Wales International and Rugby World Cup Star, Dan Lydiate, answers questions from the young rugby players of Monmouth RFC. In the 2012 Six Nations Championship, Lydiate received the Player of the Tournament award after featuring in every game bar the opener against Ireland and receiving man of the match awards against Scotland and France
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You Lie.mp4
Kay 'D' at the Rockfield Country Music Festival
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Late Night Legacy at The Monmouth Festival 40318
Late Night Legacy at The Monmouth Festival 40318
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'THE BONES' - Rusty Shackle open the Monmouth Festival 'Folk Style'
Rusty Shackle with their infectious style has been described by 'Plugged In' magazine as the 'Bombay Badboy of Folk'. With elements of rock, folk, and bluegrass.
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Remember When.mp4
Henry Smith's Country Dreams at Rockfield Country Music Festival. Cover version of Alan Jackson favourite 'Remember When'.
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Campbell's Country: My Woman My Woman My Wife.mp4
Campbell's Country dedicated this Marty Robbins song to 'Mary'.
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Need You Now.mp4
Kay 'D' at Rockfield Country Music Festival with a Lady Antebellum favourite
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Ridgeway Country Band - Chattahoochee
Ridgeway Country with an Alan Jackson number 'Chattahoochee' at Rockfield Country Music Festival
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REWS at Monmouth Festival
REWS a London based rock-pop duo: Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams
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Chris Mayfield - Merely Me
Chris Mayfield made a promise to honour his old friend ‘Rex Pruitt’, late of Green County Kentucky, by releasing a single of his song ‘Merely Me’. This YouTube video celebrates the launch of the song with Chris performing ‘Merely Me’ his way. But it’s a song that everyone will be able to relate to in their own way, and nothing would please Chris and his friends more than you downloading ‘Merely Me yourself. Who knows you may be persuaded to sing along ‘Your Way’! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/merely-me-single/id912285546?uo=4 SPOTIFY: http://open.spotify.com/album/1npfciSUoKBTX3Lqs4h2HH
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The Innsworth Military Wives entertain the Kingsholm crowd
The 'Innsworth Military Wives' entertained the Kingsholm Crowd before the Match between Gloucester and London Wasps. Gloucester snatched defeat from the jaws of victory: but the Military Wives clearly enjoyed themselves, particularly the conductor, as this snatched video shows - (excuse the on-camera sound)
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Lou Richardson shows what a good voice, great guitar work and a dynamic looper pedal processor can do with the Kate Bush standout classic, 'Cloud-busting'.
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Mother's Ruin.mov
CC Smugglers at the Rockfield Country Music Festival
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The Siren Sisters Opening Set
The Siren Sisters, following in the footsteps of the Andrews Sisters, are a blonde, brunette and red-head combo from Wales who recreate that sound of the 40's. Retro red lips, silk stockings combine with milk and honey harmonies, and two of them are real sisters! The opening set features: swing Swing Swing and Three Little Sisters.
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Teri sings her own song: 'Somebody' Teri is a Bristol-based singer, whose career includes membership of 'The Sweet Soul Sisters' and 'Act of Kindness'. Teri has an 'Accomplished, deep mellow voice that can charm the angels ... Deep sensual voice, impeccable timing and some strong guitar work ... a compelling live performer' (Venue) Teri is joined by one of the UK's most unique and versatile guitarists, Steve Payne who is also feted as a talented and non-predictable singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, wordsmith and story-teller whose compositions cross the musical boundaries from Blues to Folk to Contemporary Roots
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EWBS Meet at Welsh Newton Common
Chairman of the EWBS, 'Richard Wadge' talks to Steve Mitchell about the Society and its aims. SEE: http://www.englishwarbowsociety.com/
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School Days.mp4
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Baby Jane I Love You.mov
Steven J Towers at the Ross Country Music Festival
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Aguilar Blumenfeld Project on Tour
The Aguilar Blumenfeld Project at Monmouth's Queen's Head
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Folsom Prison Blues
DNA and the Cellarboys at Rockfield Country Music Festival
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The Redhillbillies - Me and Bobby McGee.mp4
The Redhillbillies with their version of the Kris Kristofferson smash, 'Me and Bobby McGee'. Kristofferson alleges that this song was influenced by the film 'La Strada'. Amongst others the song was recorded by: Janis Joplin, Gordon Lightfoot, The Grateful Dead.
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The Auctioneer.mp4
Henry Smith's Country Dreams: The Auctioneer (Leroy Van Dyke)
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My Veronica.mov
Steven J Towers at the Ross-on-Wye Country Music Festival
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The Soulvents at Monmouth Festival
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Junior Hacksaw at The Queen's Head:  'I Dig Your Wig'
Pete Matthison with Junior Hacksaw at The Queen's Head, Monmouth
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Emanuele Grafitti in Concert in Trieste's Piazza Verdi
Groovy Silence, Emanuele Graffiti in concert in Piazza Verdi, Trieste Raw video by Thea Alberti
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Copperhead Road.mp4
Hank Muldoon and The Hangovers at Rockfield Country Music Festival
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DNA and the Cellarboys - On the Road
DNA and the Cellarboys
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'In Praise of Dreams'
Eira Snow at the Queen's Head, Monmouth: 'In Praise of Dreams' by Jan Garbarek
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The Soulvents at Monmouth Festival
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Blue Country Blues
The Legendary '„Back Door„' gig at the legendary Queen's Head featuring Rod Mason on sax.. Back Door, a bass/drums/saxophone trio led by bassist Colin Hodgkinson on its formation was virtually unique in rock music. The present incarnation still led by Colin Hodgkinson visit the Queen's Head having built up an enviable reputation as one of Britain's foremost Rock/Jazz combos.
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A Kiss in the Mirror.mp4
For lyrics, see 'Into The Light': http://lyrics.intothelight.info/a-kiss-in-the-mirror.html
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Rushing Water-5605.mp4
CC Smugglers go C & W at the Rockfield Country Music Festival
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