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Creating a Flowchart in Photoshop
Geared for my online course that I teach. Creating a flowchart for their website within Photoshop
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Using Dreamweaver to Create DIV Sections
Using Dreamweaver to Create DIV Sections. Just a brief tutorial on how to use Dreamweaver to create your div sections and to have it automatically create your style sheet!!
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Creating a layout in Dreamweaver from a Wireframe
A video to help my students
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Working with Bullets and Headers in Word 2007
This clip, will show you a couple of techniques for selecting words in Word 2007. It will also cover how to add bullets to your document as well as discuss Headers and Footers in the document.
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Working with Tables in Word 2007
This clip go overs how to create a basic table in Word 2007
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Wordart and Clipart in Word 2007
This Clip goes over how to add Word Art and Clipart into Word 2007. Also, adding a page border is covered as well
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Adobe Muse Character and Paragraph Styles
A quick video to help my students on adding Character and Paragraph styles in Adobe Muse.
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Retouching Tools in Photoshop
Here is a brief discussion on the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and Patch tools.
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Navigation Bar Adobe Muse
A brief tutorial on creating a navigation bar in Muse using a Widget.
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Troubleshooting HTML and CSS
Simple techniques that allow you to find those pesky coding issues.
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Transitioning from a Storyboard to a HTML document Part 2
This second clip concentrates on adding the simple height and width properties to each section that was created.
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Adding Content to your layout- Part 3 Navigation
This is 5 part video tutorial. Part 3 covers how to add a navigation bar. If you have not viewed the following video, Creating a layout in Dreamweaver from a Wireframe, make sure you do so first.
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Website Wireframe Tip using Illustrator
To help my students to get started in creating a simple wireframe using Illustrator.
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CSS Part 5- Adding multiple background images
Most students know how to add one image to the background of an element, such as the body tag, but you can add multiple background images as well. Here is a quick tutorial that showcases how to add multiple images to a background to help create fresh new look.
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Waves Pen Tool
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Creating Folders
Creating Folders and Naming Files
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Creating a Symbol in Flash
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Using the Pen tool to create the shape of the waves
A video tutorial to help my students with an assignment
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Adobe Bridge Tip 1
Using Adobe Bridge. A tip for my students
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Adobe Bridge- Using Batch Rename
A quick video tutorial on how to rename multiple images in Adobe Bridge.
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DIV Tags to help position your HTML Web Page Part 2
The second part of this video will concentrate on adding styles to your external style sheet to control the layout of a HTML page
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jQuery UI Tab Panels Widget
This video shows you how to add the tabs widget to your HTML code.
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Creating a Multipage PDF with Acrobat
A short clip to show how to create a multipage pdf in Acrobat.
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Working with HTML Tables
This short video clip shows you how to organize your data within a table in HTML. Tables are a great way to organize certain data into rows and columns. Try to avoid using tables to layout your page, CSS will help you to do just that!
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JQueryUI- Dialog Widget
In this video, I show you how to add a dialog box using jQueryUI. I spend time on showing you how to style your dialog box as well.
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Adding Content to your Layout using Dreamweaver Part 1
This is 5 part video tutorial. If you have not viewed the following video, Creating a layout in Dreamweaver from a Wireframe, make sure you do so first.
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CSS Part 1- Using the letter-spacing style rule
Add spacing between characters on a webpage.
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jQuery Tooltip Widget
This video tutorial shows you how to add the tooltip widget to your webpage. A great way to be able to format the tooltip to fit your overall theme of the page.
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HTML Part 6- Adding Images
A brief introduction to adding images to your website.
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Creating Social Media Icons
This video shows you how to add social icons to your website using a Font instead of a graphic. This can be used in print design as well!!!! Great way to keep everything consistent, and the same color.
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Learning HTML Basics Part 2
This video clip is the second part that introduces styles to your webpage. I will use basic CSS to format a variety of tags, and at the end will incorporate an image within the page.
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Learning HTML Part 1
This video shows you how to add tags to your simple text document to create a web page. It will give you a basic understanding of the HTML code, and important tips that you will need to create the basic page for this class.
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Creating a Transparent GIF
A quick tutorial on creating a transparent GIF in Photoshop CS 6
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LEvels Part 2
More about levels
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Using the pen tool to create a heart shape
A mini tutorial to help my students.
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Adding Links using HTML
This clip introduces how to add the anchor tag into HTML code.
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Levels Part 1
Briefly describing levels command
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HTML Part1
Setting up your layout using HTML.
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Levels Part 3
Using the Eyedroppers
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Converting to Grayscale
Since I have to create a variety of videos for my students, i thought i would include them here. Im trying out Camtasia to create these videos. This one is tips on converting to a grayscale image.
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Working with Divs
A little more information on creating div sections for my students in my class.
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Photoshop CS 5 Refine Edges
Photoshop CS5 has modified Refine Edges to give you better control over selecting. Check out the video for more information.
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Photoshop CS5 Selection Part 1
This Video is the first part on selecting files. This video covers the Quick Selection Tool.
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Photoshop CS5 Selections Part 2
This clip focuses in on the Marquee tools in Photoshop
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HTML Part 2
Adding styles to affect the layout of your page. Make sure to change the quality settings to 720
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Creating a Navigation Bar
Just a quick clip on creating a navigation bar in HTML
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Photoshop- Type on Fire
Putting type on fire
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jQuery UI Datepicker
Using the Datepicker widget from jQuery UI
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Overview of the interface of Word 2007
A brief overview of Word 2007 and its new interface.
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