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Protesta contra Alvaro Uribe en Londres
Protesta contra Alvaro Uribe en Londres
IWGB cleaners protest against racism, redundancies and poverty wages!
The cleaners employed by the multinational cleaning contractor ISS working at the technology and outsourcing company Capgemini in Vauxhall, have been told that their jobs are at risk. ISS claims that the cleaners, 100% of which are members of the IWGB, are not working hard enough and as a result redundancies will need to be made in the interests of 'efficiency'. The cleaners have made clear that their shifts are only just long enough to complete the work asked of them. However, ISS is ignoring their concerns and is callously trying to push ahead with the redundancies. Furthermore, after realising that the IWGB were not going to accept these unnecessary redundancies, ISS responded by banning the cleaners reps from representing their members at a consultation meeting, and tried to persuade our members to join a 'friendly' union. Cleaners were also subjected to racist slurs including an ISS senior manager telling cleaners: "you are not British, and you will never be British because you are not my colour". To top it off ISS has an annual revenue of £77 billion and boasted that last year's profits reached the highest level in the company's history. Meanwhile, the cleaners are paid poverty wages of £6.19 an hour. They are asking for the London Living Wage of £8.55 an hour.
Ofcom Victimisition for Wining London Living Wage
Video about the Victimization of Workers in the building of Ofcom by Mitie after the Victory of the London Living Wage. Please watch the Video and Share it and come to the protest for the reinstatement of Herney Friday 21st July 3:30, Riverside House, 2A Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 9HA Video acerca de la victimizacion de trabajadores en el edificio de Ofcom por Mitie despues de la victoria del salario de sobrevivencia. por favor vea el video y compartalo y atienda a la protesta por el reintegro de Herney , Viernes 21 de Julio 3:30 pm Riverside House, 2A Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 9HA
IWGB cleaners strike at Barbican Centre, Corporation of London.
Cleaners went on strike at the Barbican Centre on 21st March 2013 demanding respect and a Living Wage. They are members of the independent union IWGB. That was the first strike at Barbican since the builder's wildcat strikes which took place between 1966-1967. Los limpiadores del Barbican Centre se fueron en huelga el 21 de marzo 2013 exigiendo el respeto y un sueldo digno. Son mimebros del sindicato independiente IWGB. Esa fue la primera huelga en el Barbican Centre desde las huelgas de los obrereos que tomaron lugar entre 1966-1967. Hasta la victoria!
Early morning contract cleaners hired by the City of London at Guildhall have staged a two day strike in protest at unpaid wages. The 34 cleaners only get the minimum wage, but even then cleaning contractor Ocean has underpaid many of them continuously over the last 3 months, despite asking them to work extra hours. Their patience ran out on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 June, when those still unpaid refused to lift a finger until the company gave them assurances they would be paid. Their other workmates agreed to stay put with them in the reception area in solidarity for the duration of their two hour shift. The situation is now on a knife edge, with the company issuing some 'amended'payslips, and promising that the rest of the shortfall will be made good this week and in next month's pay packet. The workers, who hail from many different countries, are meanwhile presenting a collective grievance and have vowed to protest if the company fails to come up with the goods. They belong to the IWGB (Cleaners and Allied Trades) branch. The last visible protest movements by City cleaners were at UBS's Liverpool Street offices in 2010 and the Willis Building in 2009. www.iwgb.org.uk
uribe asesino
Alvaro uribe at the London School of Economics
n the UK, May 1st — traditionally International Workers’ Day — has been reduced to a regular bank holiday. Most years it doesn’t even happen on May 1st any more. This year, CAIWU reclaimed it. Through our special selection of photos and videos below, you can now relive the excitement of our Mayday Mayhem bus tour of some of London’s most notorious employers—with a brief stop-off at Parliament for an address by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.
Deloitte Protest
Protest against Serco in Deloitte, against the cuts and for the reinstatement of the Victimise workers
Protesta en el Royal bank of Canada
El Sindicato IWGB organizó esta protesta por el salario justo y contra la discriminación y racismo hacia los trabajadores de la limpieza.
The Secret Life of Cleaners  Investigation
Channel 4 Report It's thought there are around half a million cleaners working in city blocks and offices around the country. No one knows their exact number because for the most part they're invisible, going to work while the rest of us sleep. But we do know that many are poorly paid and sometimes poorly treated. Our social affairs editor, Jackie Long, has been speaking to one of the army of cleaners who work in the capital - one of the richest cities in the world. He has an extraordinary story to tell.
Bloomberg Reinstate Hana Abebe
protest noisily outside Bloomberg London offices calling for reinstatement of pantry cleaner Hanna Abebe who suffered a miscarriage last year, allegedly caused by excessive workload by employer Compass Group. Poor conditions of employment forced her to return to work ater the miscarriage despite her condition and she has now been sacked, allegedly because of her activities as union rep at Bloomberg. Union members are to be balloted for strike action.
IWGB Cleaners Score Victory in Guildhall Dispute
Cleaners at the Corporation of London, Guildhall have achieved a significant victory in a dispute with their sub-contractor Ocean Contract Cleaning London Ltd. Organised in the London IWGB Cleaners and Allied Industries Branch, this has been a major achievement for the workers and the IWGB as a whole. www.iwgb.org.uk
"CAIWU" TV Channel promo HQ
You can join CAIWU – the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union. CAIWU is an independent workers union designed to help organise cleaning and facilities workers in all workplaces. www.caiwu.org.uk
3 Cosas Campaign
El 18/07/2013 como parte de la campaña "3 Cosas" de la Universidad de Londres se llevó a cabo la marcha en las inmediaciones del edificio Senate House tal como estaba programada. 3 Cosas implica el pago por enfermedad, el pago de las vacaciones y pensiones a los trabajadores del sector de la limpeza.
IWGB -IU640 Cleaners Christmas Party
IWGB -IU640 Cleaners Christmas Party 17-12-2011 www.iwgb.org.uk
CAIWU springs surprise protest on Clifford Chance in Canary Wharf
After months of the cleaning company MITIE at the law firm Clifford Chance in Canary Wharf ignoring the cleaners grievances of discrimination and victimisation the CAIWU was forced to spring a surprise protest at their offices in April 2013.
caiwu monthly meeting
Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union - Montly Meeting
IWGB Pedro cumple
Cumple de Pedro con los compas del branch, se ve que pedro lo disfruto..........cuantos cumpliria???? claro lo mas importante es saber cuantos pelos tiene en el pechaso......!!!!!
Reinstate Alberto Durango
Demostration for the reinstatement of Alberto Durango, Cleaner shop steward at UBS bank
caiwu tv protest
London- 18th November 2016. The Independent Workers Union CAIWU briefly occupied the lobby of Lloyd's Insurance Building protesting noisily against Principle cleaning services. for the unfair victimisation and suspention of some of our members. Under "the Equality Act" we encourage you to take action. Don't let your employer victimises you... CAIWU FREEDOM EQUALITY SOLIDARITY
Royal opera House Protest
IWGB Protest at Royal Opera against the mistreatment of workers by the company Mitie.
OFCOM Stop Victimisation
In May 2017 Teddy Bariqui Leiva, and his colleagues employed by Mitie at Ofcom in Southwark Bridge Road were told that after months of campaigning they were finally being awarded the London Living Wage. As you can imagine, Tedy and his colleagues had a wonderful Mayday bank holiday weekend. But when he went back to work the following Tuesday morning, Teddy found out that he was being suspended. Allegedly for harassment and bullying of his Supervisor, though nobody as far as we know has ever complained about his behaviour. Previous to the about he was part of the Ofcom best team award "See the group picture" During that time Mitie dismissed another active union activist "Herney Melendez" because he refuse to be a false witness against Teddy, through campaigning the union manage to reinstate Herney but to another work place. Herneys case is still in the employment tribunals for trade union victimization. Now one year after in 2018, the same Mitie supervisor accused Teddy again and again without any evidence but different than in 2017, Ofcom now says that don't allow Teddy in their premises. The about in pure trade union Victimization and we urge the public to support Teddy and CAIWU stop this Gross Injustice of Mitie And Ofcom We’re going to fight them all the way, and we need your support
WOW Bloomberg International Woman day 2016
Union members protest noisily outside Bloomberg's London offices with an International Women's Day banner calling for re-instatement of cleaner and union rep Hanna Abebe, sacked without disciplinary procedures following her miscarriage at work caused by too heavy work. The union say that because her employer Compass provide no occupational sick pay she had to return to work before she had recovered and was then sacked for her trade union activities.
Londres protesta en contra la masacre de Bagua 4
La coordinadora Latina organizo una protesta en frente de la embajada de Peru como muestra de solidaridad a los indijenas asesinados por el mandato de Alan Garcia. La protesta fue bien numerosa y conto con varios oradores y un grupo de musica, se puedo sentir la indignacion de los participantes. " LA SELVA NO SE VENDE LA SELVA HASTA EN LONDRES SE DEFIENDE"
capita banned the union
Audio record of Mitie, Manager informing that CAPITA Banned our union from their premises. Protest Against racism, poverty and trade union rights 4pm Today 9th June 2016 65 Gresham St, London
The Ugly Face of Facebook
When we wrote to Facebook about allegations of bullying at their Euston Offices they did not want to talk to us. When we wrote to them about alleged racism behaviour of their cleaning contractors' Manager they did not wan to know. Maybe when we protest on the streets outside their HQ at Brock Street they'll start to listen. Support the protest: Friday 7th July 3:30 PM 10 BROCK STREET, LONDON, NW1 3FG
CAIWU colleagues and comrades on Sunday July 22nd celebrating a year of remarkable victories! The last twelve months has seen our members fight victorious high-profile campaigns at the Royal Opera House, Kuwait Investment Office, Rolls Royce, Nike Town, Facebook, MOD and too many others to list them all. We think that’s worth celebrating
Reinstate Alberto Durango - part 2
Demostration outside UBS bank in London, defending the right to organize.
Southwark Crown court strike
Cleaners at Southwark Crown Court strike to get the London Living Wage £9.40. They are earning just £6.70 per hour with very bad working condition from the outsource company Mitie. Article about the strike: http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-9bfd-Court-cleaners-strike-over-lousy-pay#.VrO2LfmLSUn
Canary Wharf Private Security acting like Police
25/07/2017 Private security @ Canary Wharf using unreasonable force acting like Police.
IWGB ocupied John Lewis
Fantastic occupation of John Lewis at Westfield Stratford.
Londres protesta en contra la masacre de Bagua 5
La coordinadora Latina organizo una protesta en frente de la embajada de Peru como muestra de solidaridad a los indijenas asesinados por el mandato de Alan Garcia. La protesta fue bien numerosa y conto con varios oradores y un grupo de musica, se puedo sentir la indignacion de los participantes. " LA SELVA NO SE VENDE LA SELVA HASTA EN LONDRES SE DEFIENDE"
1 Finsbury Circus Justice Now!!!
Videos about today's protest against CCM and CRBE in 1 Finsbury Circus, We started this campaign 2 weeks ago, after today's protest CRBE management approach us a promise to talk to CCM and sold out our problems including an increase the salary to the London Living Wage. We will wait so see if is true other ways we will continue with our campaign, a the end of the Video is our hymn made by Expresion Inka. We Will Win !!! Video de la protesta de hoy en contra de CCM y CRBE en 1 Finsbury Circus, empesamos esta capaña 2 semanas atras, despues de la protesta de hoy los Managers de CRBE hablaron con nosotros y prometieron hablar con CCM para solucionar nuestros problemas incluyendo el incremento de salario hasta el salario de Sobrevivencia de London. Esperaremos a ver si es verdad de lo contrario continuaremos con nuestra campaña. Al final de este video esta nuestro Himno echo por Expresion Inka. Venceremos!!!
1 Finsbury Circus  Stop Injuste
CCM and CRBE are victimising the cleaners at 1 Finsbury Circus, please support the cleaners in their campaing for Justice. WHAT IS CCM? CCM is a privately-owned contract cleaning & maintenance company based in London. According to its web site, the company claims to ‘consider the needs of its staff’. The reality is very different. CCM staff accuse the company of running a campaign of intimidation and provocation aganst long-term employees. CCM’s management want to deny these staff members their employment rights and force them out of their jobs. The company intend to replace them with new workers under reduced working conditions. WHAT ABOUT CBRE? CBRE is a commercial property firm. One of the properties it manages is at No 1 Finsbury Circus in London, where it contracts CCM to provide cleaning and maintenance services. CBRE has been leaning heavily on CCM to reduce the terms of its staff contracts, giving CCM just one month to come up with a new deal. DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! Join us in protest on WEDNESDAY JAN 27th, 1PM at 1 FINSBURY CIRCUS, LONDON, EC2M 7EB Tel 075 900 98084
HSBC cleaners facing redundancy at 8 Canada Square
For Immediate Release Industrial Action by HSBC Cleaners London, UK — 23 May 2017 — HSBC cleaners facing redundancy at 8 Canada Square to take industrial action. Following the recent announcement by Facility Services company ISS that up to eight cleaners face redundancy as part of its plans to restructure cleaning services at HSBC, the bank’s cleaning staff have voted in favour of industrial action. Members of the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union will campaign to protect their jobs with an all-out strike, set to take place on June 6th. The strike will be accompanied by a public demonstration in the area of Canada Square, in order to highlight the proposal by one of the world’s biggest banks to fire a number of Britain’s lowest-paid workers. Cleaners at 8 Canada Square in Canary Wharf have been offered the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy, despite ISS’s future plans for the site not have been made available to them in writing. The proposed restructuring is expected to take place in June, leaving the cleaners little time to assess their options and make a decision that will significantly affect their futures. ISS has so far refused to give CAIWU official recognition, despite 22 of their cleaning staff being members of the union. ISS’s decision has left these workers to face the challenges of restructuring without formal representation. END Notes to editor: For more information, please contact Alberto Durango, CAIWU national organiser, on 075 900 98084 or Bruce Coker, CAIWU organiser, at [email protected] http://www.caiwu.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/cleaners.branch/
-CAIWU-  Fiesta de Navidad / Christmas Party "December the 3rd"
Christmas or Christmas Day, meaning "Christ's Mass" is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. It is prepared for by the season of Advent or the Nativity Fast and initiates the season of Christmastide, is celebrated culturally by a large number of non-Christian people, and is an integral part of the holiday season.
The Cleaners and Allied Independent workers union - CAIWU started this campaing las Friday against the racims from Capita and Mitie and for the London Living Wage
CAIWU at MACE 2016
CAIWU protesting at MACE
Racist Mitie Manager- the proof!
This is the Mitie manager of the prestigious Clifford Chance contract. Watch this to see his blatant anti-trade union and racist outbursts. Mitie has seen this video various times and refused to do anything about it. MITIE MITIE- SHAME ON YOU!
Interveiw with CAIWU trade union representative at HSBC bank in London
Serco cleaners protest at Deloitte
7 November 2014, Protest against Serco for the victimization of IWGB union representatives, against cuts and against the mistreatment of cleaners at the contract Deloitte

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