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How to remove  Metal Bathtub without damage Tiles
This is pretty old and a bit shaky but good info if you dont have it. An easy way to remove a steel bath tub. Briefly, You should have already loosened up the tub away from framing clips and tiles, and removed the drain connection, then it is one cut, diagonal up the corner of the tub apron... start at the bottom about 6-8" away from the wall, you will have to drill a hole or force the tub up enough to get your blade started, then cut toward the top corner, after cutting bend. the cut piece of apron back apron back over itself or cut it right off, tub will now lift up from that end without any problem..
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КАК ПРИГОТОВИТЬ ТУЗЛУК! Рецепт просто супер! Рыбу после посола не вымачивать и не промывать! После на просушку, смотрите следующее видео -как сушить рыбу.
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How install Vinyl Planks with Curvy Edges!!!!Home Depot (flooring)
If possible, install the vinyl planks in the direction of your curved wall. Lay entire planks as closely as possible against the wall. Lay an entire plank on top of the last plank. Take a small piece of the remaining plank and use that to measure the curve. Press one side of the block against the wall and put a pencil on the other side. Move the block along the curved wall and draw the curve onto the plank. Cut on this line and subsequently break the plank in two halves. Next, click this plank into the floor. It should fit perfectly. If the curve of your wall is so big that you need more than one plank, repeat this procedure for the next row. Do you need more tips? Be sure to look at the other Quick-Step tutorials.
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The Best Price For Granite in Winnipeg!!!!! MENSON!!!!
GRANITE SUPERTORE!!!! NO ONE BEAT OUR PRICE!!!! We have many types of granite or quartz counter tops and cabinets. Our service also includes Cabinets assembling and installation, Counter top measuring, cutting and installing within Manitoba. What's New? 3cm granite slabs are available now! Come and check that out! http://www.menson.ca Quotation The layout of every kitchen is different. We suggest you to do the rough measurement at home then come down to our store, pick out your favor counter-top or cabinets. We will present a quote based on the project information you provide. Site-Measurement We will send the expert to your home to do the site-measurement to confirm the actual footage. No wall is perfectly straight and smooth, that requires the template to fit perfectly. Fabrication We have proper tools and safety equipment to produce a quality finished product safely and efficiently. All the sharp edge will be smoothed and polished. Installation We will send our experienced team to do the installation. We will make sure the granite is level, the seam is tight and the surface is as smooth as possible. The installation normal takes around 3-4 hours. Menson Construction Materials Ltd specializes in sales of kitchen counter-top from basic to premium high-end, from economic to luxury. We also provide ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. New Address: 565 Roseberry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA R3H 0T3 Phone: 204-775-4792 Fax: 204775-4786 Email: [email protected] Showroom Hours: Mon: 9:00am-6:00pm Tue: 9:00am-6:00pm Wed: 9:00am-6:00pm Thur: 9:00am-6:00pm Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm Sat: 12:00pm-5:00pm Sun: Closed Close on national holiday
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HOW to Grout MOSAIC TILE: Technique & Tips
1. Tools difference between soft &hard Float 1:04 2. Tips- How to safe countertop surface 1:56 3. Start Grouting 2:31 4. How apply Grout for corner 3:37 5. How fix if a small piece fell 4:29 6. Another faster way (2 hands style!) 5:16 7. Difference between Sanded & Non sanded Grout 5:31 8. Why You need Wash Your Tools? 6:43 9. Next Step: Smoothing 7:14 Demonstration of tile grouting technique using correct technique, with tips for best practices. Grouting may seem scary, but it doesn't need to be. Forget the long, involved process they probably told you about at the home center. I've been doing it this way for two decades and the results are perfect. Good grouting is the key to ensuring your tiled surfaces are sealed, water-resistant and look as though they’ve been done by a professional. This video takes you through the different types of grout, offers suggestions on how to grout different sized areas, explains how to achieve a neat and tidy finish, make your tiles sparkle and your grout last for longer. Preparation & Planning Grouting can only be done once the tiles are fixed in place and the adhesive has completely dried. How long this takes depends on the type of adhesive you’ve used, so follow the manufacturer’s advice. Also, make sure you pick the right shade of grout for your bathroom and tiles. Aftercare After finishing your tiling project, use a grout protector spray to stop penetration by water, dirt, oil, grease and lime scale. Using this product will help to prolong the life of your grout and keep the area easy to clean. Getting the job done - hints & tips For smaller areas a grout squeegee is the perfect tool for the job. However for larger areas a grout float will help you get the job done much more quickly.
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The Best Tiny  Design Bathroom and Laundry 2018
Tiny bathroom design ideas. Here are the best designs of tiny bathroom. Tiny bathroom design ideas for 2017. Beautiful Tiny bathroom ideas, tiny bathroom decoration ideas. We used Ikea decoration.Washer/Dryer Stacking Kit Installation Contact me if you have any question (204)9988880 Subscribe and Comment Allowed!
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How Make Acrylic Stucco !!!!
This Amazon Affiliate link above is your personal link to purchase all the tools we prefer using in our teaching videos such as stucco/plastering hawks, towels and other necessary plastering tools, at the same time you can also purchase your everyday supplies too such as socks, vitamins or even Lions, tigers, bears or my, whatever your needs are, you just never know. Remember we teach you how to repair your #1 investment, “Your home,” so, save the dough and DIY with the stucco & plastering tools we suggest direct from Amazon, usually free shipping, two day delivery with Prime right to your front door. Plus this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos. Live long and Plaster
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DRYWALL Sheetrock Tape How to Install the inside corner  paper tape DIY
demonstrates how to tape perfect drywall corners, using a corner trowel. клеить внутренний угол из бумажной ленты (канадский метод)
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Выбор насоса для капельного полива,  НУЖНА ПОМОЩЬ !
Люди знающие Помогите выбрать насос! ПОДСКАЖИТЕ!!!!
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Cuba Guardalavaca Souvenirs
Рынок Сувениров Куба
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BEST SOLUTION FOR SMALL BATHROOM!!!! Every Luxe Bidet comes with a 12 or 15 month warranty. We will promptly replace any defective parts, free of charge, within the specified warranty period. Contact Us to request a replacement part or bidet. To help us process your request, please provide your order number and the address at which you received your order. 12 month warranty: MB110, MB210, and MB320 15 month warranty: Vi-110, Elite110, and Elite320 In addition to our warranty, we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your bidet for any reason, simply return it to us within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.
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How to clean fish (remove scales) in seconds (pressure washer)
Fast and easy way to clean fish (remove scales) in seconds if you happened to have pressure washer
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How to make Bathroom Floor PVC Trim DIY
How to make Bathroom Floor PVC Trim DIY
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How to use silicone sealant
This video will show you how use silicone sealant to seal your shower tray. We tell you how to remove old mouldy sealant and prepare the new surface for new sealant. We show you how to apply the new sealant and smooth the silicone out on the shower to get a great finish.
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How install vinyl plank from Home Depot HD (english edition)
Sale price $1,38 Black Friday! https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.6-inch-x-36-inch-brushed-oak-taupe-luxury-vinyl-plank-flooring-24-sq-ft--case.1000804649.html?autoSuggest=pip
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What a huge mistake was made in installing tile. What awaits us behind the wall with mold? Where do allergies come from? look and do not repeat my mistakes! WRONG WATERPROOFING-DANGER YOUR HEALTH!!!
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Work with tile in the bathroom
Work with tile in the bathroom
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EASY RECIPE How to smoke your fish- salmon, trout, whitefish, whatever! Super versatile smoked fish recipe. It's easy, and delicious! I've tried all sorts of various brines and concoctions over the years, yet this remains my favorite way to smoke fish. This dry brine has both the crucial elements needed for fantastic smoked fish- sweet and salty! Next time you're looking to smoke some fish, give this recipe a try, you won't be disappointed!
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bathroom Shower, tiles,mosaik,floor from costco
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GOPR2956  FUSION PRO nutty
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how install aluminum railing for stairs
how install aluminum railing for stairs
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How to Tape and Mud Drywall DIY
Done installing your drywall / sheet rock? Now the fun starts! Watch the full video to learn how to start mudding and taping once your drywall is complete. How to do a great job mudding and taping your drywall so it's nice and smooth.
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SCRAPPING a compressor for Copper ! How many copper inside air conditioner compressor!!
!! Around 1 kg!!!! Get more than twice as much money for your compressors! It may take about 15 minutes, but there will be a couple pounds of copper in there, and even a smidge of silver!!
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My own Design if you want Get some great ideas for working around your electric panel, water meter, duct-work, pipes wires, stairs, and more.
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WE CAN BUILD ANY YOUR IDEA! After a feat of "magic" by the IKEA Home Tour Squad, Wade's dull basement space has been transformed into a sleek home office with an agency vibe fit for clients and creative pitches. The Squad's inventive office furniture solutions will help improve Wade's productivity and wellbeing during long hours of work. What's more, Wade can enjoy the company of Kristy and their dogs as they lounge on the sofa in his new office. This makeover features the DOCKSTA table, the ergonomic MARKUS chair, the GALANT drawer unit, and the height-adjustable BEKANT desk. Thanks to the IKEA Home Tour Squad, Wade can now look forward to "going to work!"
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CUBA Hotel Memories Holguin 2015
Наталья и Руслана выступают на сцене Акробатический номер -Обруч/Велосипед!
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WhiteFish october 17, 2015
Fishing Fast WhiteFish
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How You Shredder Your  Trees DiY from Home Depot!
Go green and turn those branches and bushes that you just trimmed into fresh, usable mulch! RicksPicks, our resident Community Garden Expert, can show you how!
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How to Tape and Mud Drywall DIY Time Lapse
gives step-by-step instruction on how to tape drywall for the beginner home improvement enthusiast. She demonstrates how to use both pre-mixed joint compound (or mud) and how to make a "hot mix" with dry joint compound. She shows how to use both mesh tape and paper tape.
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Design Bathroom TILES and MOSAIC from COSTCO!!!#9
NICE light grey color! very elegance design!tile installation on Bathtub shower surround walls in standard bathroom. I am explaining how and where to start tile work, layout and tile pattern. Also I will explain what not to do !! - this is also important.
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A Mollusc Attacks a Man! Watch until the end! It's forbidden to watch the faint of heart!
Molluscs are the largest marine phylum, comprising about 23% of all the named marine organisms. Numerous molluscs also live in freshwater and terrestrial habitats. They are highly diverse, not just in size and in anatomical structure, but also in behaviour and in habitat. The phylum is typically divided into 9 or 10 taxonomic classes, of which two are entirely extinct. Cephalopod molluscs, such as squid, cuttlefish and octopus, are among the most neurologically advanced of all invertebrates—and either the giant squid or the colossal squid is the largest known invertebrate species. The gastropods (snails and slugs) are by far the most numerous molluscs in terms of classified species, and account for 80% of the total.
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FUSION PRO - putty
FUSION PRO - putty
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Memories Holguin Beach Resort: Lobby/Pools/Room/Beach/Restaurants/Grounds
Первый раз пробуем лангустов на романтическом ужине! Куба
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Bathroom Design Idea ! Full installation!
NEW Collection Tiles from RONA !!!! Floor vinyl from Home Depot, Epoxy Grout best product from Home Depot. Vanity and Mirror IKEA - Quality product -my Recommendation!!! Never disappointed! Toilet-COSTCO, Bathtub-HOME DEPOT.
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Design Bathroom Subway Tiles American Style Full Finish
Bathroom Subway Tiles American Style Subway tile shower stall time lapse start to finish. This video shows the installation of a complete shower stall and bathroom floor, from the installation of the shower floor mud to the grouting of the subway tile and the mosaic tile floor. Water proofing is an essential part of a shower enclosure, and should not be omitted. In this case the backer board was Denshield, so only the corners and seams where coated with a liquid waterproofing membrane. The mud was installed over a copper pan and the tile was installed with a polymer modified thinset, mastic should never be used in a wet area. A Noble Niche was also installed. The wall tile is a six inch by three inch subway tile, installed on a running bond pattern, the shower floor and the main bathroom floor is a hexagonal mosaic tile. The ceiling tile is a six inch square ceramic tile. How to install mud in a shower pan for a tile shower stall. When installing a tile shower, whether it be ceramic, marble travertine or any other tile product, a mud base will be required. Mud also known as deck mud, is a mixture of sand and Portland cement mixed to a ratio that will create a solid foundation for the tile which will be installed on it. The deck mud is mixed with water to a dump consistence which will allow the deck mud to hold its shape when pressed into a ball. The mud must be pitcher towards the drain so that a slope of at least ¼" per foot is achieved. The ratio of sand and Portland cement is usually 4:1 or 5:1. I usually use "Quikrete" sand topping mix, which as far as I know, has a ratio which is a little richer than needed, but is suitable for a shower pan. The method I employ to install my mud in shower pan, is to create a level and flat perimeter around the base of the shower walls which is at the correct height in relation to the drain, and then fill the middle part of the shower pan screeding down to the drain with the proper pitch. The mud is shaped with a wooden trowel, steel trowel, level and other pieces of straight wood lengths cut to the required lengths. In this video I demonstrate the technique I use to install a shower mud pan base. There are other methods that can be used, but this is the way I have installed hundreds of shower bases. How to grout a ceramic tile floor, step by step, this video is intended to be a guideline on how to grout a ceramic tile floor. This is how I do it and what I have found to be the simplest and quickest way to grout You will need a rubber float, a couple of buckets, a margin trowel for mixing your grout, and some rubber gloves. Mix your grout according to the direction of the grout you are using. Once the grout is ready, I find the best way to grout a tile floor is to spread the grout with the rubber float while holing it at a very low angle to the floor and pushing the grout into the lines while applying a good amount of pressure. Once you have filled the lines go over the same area with the float at a very high angle in order to remove all the excess grout and leave the grout lines filled with the proper amount of grout. Let stand for a period of time, then with a grout sponge and a bucket of clean cold water, work the grout lines with the sponge. The sponge should have as little water as possible not dripping or soaked. At this point the goal is to shape the grout lines not clean the tile. Once this is accomplished, the next step is to clean the tile. Again with a damp sponge and clean water, place the sponge on the tile, with even pressure pull the sponge in one direction only, lift the sponge flip to the other side repeat, rinse and repeat until the grouted section is clean. Once the whole floor is grouted and cleaned in this fashion, wait until the floor dries to a haze, and rinse again in the same manner. All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area.This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link.
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Я сегодня ночевал с женщиной любимою гитара ! песня
Я сегодня ночевал с женщиной любимою гитара ! песня исполнитель!
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Холодное копчение рыбы быстрый и легкий способ
Здравствуйте показываю очень легкий и простой способ как приготовить рыбу холодного копчения . Используемая рыба это сиг или whitefish (так она называется здесь в канаде). На моем канале есть видео как приготовить тузлук для нее и способ приготовления.
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As a provincial species that’s found exclusively in Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries, the white bass offers an irresistible opportunity that can provide fierce strikes on every cast, with rapid, light tackle thrills that often converts into mind-boggling sizes and 100 fish days! Catching white bass that exceed the 16 inch mark is a common occurrence in Manitoba, with various annual examples reaching an unbelievable 18 inches. Getting into a predominant school of these feeding frenzied giants is a stand-alone experience that will ultimately reward the persistent angler! Follow Aaron Wiebe as he showcases where, when and how to catch white bass in Manitoba.
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My Home
Купили дом 4 года назад, и все улучшаем!
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Design small bathroom 2018
Design small bathroom 2018
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Modular Kitchen Design Simple and Beautiful IKEA
If you wish for a big country kitchen but live in a small apartment in the city, you don't have to give up your dreams; maybe just shrink them a little. Building a kitchen island is one way to fit in all of the big-cooking essentials and still have plenty of room to work on your epic recipes.
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Over Range Microwave Vent Outside |Periscope Method| DIY
How to install a microwave oven over your range and vent it outside to avoid smoke and oil getting on your ceiling This video shows in detail how to make a duct vent for a microwave. 1) This is the best way since the hot air stay is in the upper elbow, Cold air cannot pass through the top of this channel. 2) it is impossible for animals or birds to get into the microwave outside (because the channel and the material is very slippery for mice and small animals)
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How Install Shingles  on Pitch Roof angle 50 degrees
Hi Youtubers! this is my last video about shingles installations, we do about 2 shingle jobs per week, this week we started this house on tuesday , removal, wednesday plywood installation, thursday and friday shingles installation on the main house, barely walkable, please use your harness at all time, I do this all the time , so I take my precautions before I step on any roof.In this video I give you some tips and tricks how to re-roof a steep roof, hope you like it and hope I can give you some ideas if you come across one of this roofs. greetings .
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If you're not a coconut cracking ninja from Samoa, then you'll need an easier way to bust coconuts for pleasure, or for survival. This is the easiest and most effective way I've found to do it, when you don't have any tools.
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Cuba Holguin Hotel Memories Playa Yuraguanal  2015 Pedal boat
Paddle boat, windsurfing, sailboats, scuba, snorkeling and fishing. All available at the Club Bucanero in Cuba.
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