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The customer journey—How to bring excellence to every touchpoint
Engage, nurture, convert, repeat—See how you can deliver customer experience excellence along the entire customer journey with best practices for high-value content that speaks your customers’ language, technology that helps you connect with customers at the right time and place, and tracking tools to analyze behaviors and preferences. Learn more about Infor Customer and Marketing Management at http://www.infor.com/solutions/customer-experience/
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We are supply chain
What does it take to get from point A to point B? Behind the vessels and the vehicles, there’s a vision. Like you, Infor is on the move, delivering the software, services, and expertise you need. We’re with you on every journey today, and we’ll be wherever you’re going tomorrow. We are supply chain. Learn more about Infor Supply Chain Management: http://www.infor.com/solutions/scm/
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Química Amparo on Infor S&OP
5% productivity increase. 10% improvement in sales forecast accuracy. Química Amparo — market-leading maker of hygiene and cleaning products with 5 plants in Brazil — talks about the “very significant benefits” from implementing Infor Sales & Operations Planning, including: greater agility and flexibility across entire supply chain, improved sales forecast accuracy and cash-flow management, and reduced inventory and transportation costs. “We are very satisfied with our Infor partnership.” Learn more about Infor S&OP: http://www.infor.com/product-summary/scm/sales-operation-planning/ Read the Química Amparo Customer Innovation Study: http://www.infor.com/content/casestudies/quimica-amparo-cis.pdf/
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Infor OS overview
Infor OS is a future-proof operating service that serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise. Infor SVP Massimo Capoccia lays out the 3 major value points of Infor OS: productivity, seamless integration, and automation. “Infor OS is the cloud platform that brings user productivity, business process management, and Coleman AI all together for you.” Learn more at https://www.infor.com/product-summary/technology/OS/
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We are retail
Infor Retail is revolutionizing the customer experience—and an entire industry—with end-to-end cloud solutions for fashion, apparel, luxury brands, grocery, drugstores, hardlines, and more. Together with next generation enterprise software solutions, our vision, passion, and results are already transforming the way retailers do business in more than 67 countries. Learn more about our retail revolution: http://www.infor.com/retail
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Infor ERP for Manufacturing
Today's ERP is at the heart of the networked business. It lets you put customers first, with omni-channel experiences that boost revenue and build loyalty. Today’s ERP is mobile, AI enabled, and architected for the future. What will tomorrow bring? Be ready with Infor ERP for Manufacturing. Learn more: https://www.infor.com/solutions/erp/
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Infor Retail: Retail the way it should be
Infor Retail is partnering with innovative retailers and other experts in the industry to create an enterprise retail software platform that retailers need today—and will need tomorrow—to better serve their employees and their customers. To learn more about Infor Retail’s new software platform at http://www.inforretail.com/
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Meet Parisa: senior manager of UX
Parisa Bazl, senior manager of Infor UX, explains how her eye for user experience design has been influenced by classic literature, active listening, and appreciating the complexities of human nature. Learn more about WIN: http://www.infor.com/women-at-infor/
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Katherine Coleman Johnson—The inspiration for AI that maximizes human potential
Coleman, our new artificial intelligence solution, honors Katherine Coleman Johnson, a pioneering NASA aerospace technologist. Infor CEO Charles Phillips narrates our tribute to this African-American technology trailblazer, who embodies the innovation, professionalism, commitment to the mission, and brilliance that catapulted the US Space Program—and models how to maximize human potential. Learn more at http://www.infor.com/coleman
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Infor CloudSuite Corporate: built for tier 1 companies
See how Infor CloudSuite™ Corporate can modernize your business with a ready-to-run cloud solution built specifically for tier 1 companies. With Infor CloudSuite Corporate, you get a powerful next-gen system covering all your financial, supply chain, human capital management, sales, and customer relations needs. See more at http://www.infor.com/cloud/cloudsuite-corporate/.
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We are Customer Experience
Purpose-built sales and marketing solutions. We are Infor CX. Learn more: http://www.infor.com/solutions/customer-experience/
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Welcome to the age of networked intelligence
It started with a single burst of steam. We grew, took giant leaps forward, connected. We now have more data, more opportunities — more potential — than ever before. We are on the verge of another paradigm shift that will change everything. Welcome to the age of networked intelligence. Learn more http://www.infor.com/thought-leadership/
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Infor Retail: Reinventing an industry
Infor Retail is building a revolutionary retail software platform that connects every part of your business holistically via gorgeous design and smart data to streamline your processes—all delivered in the cloud. Join us for the journey: http://www.inforretail.com/
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ZX Auto ‘can’t work without’ Infor LN
Since deploying Infor LN enterprise resource planning software in 2008, production at ZX Auto has increased 40%, with maximum capacity at the Chinese automobile maker growing from 120 to 180 vehicles a day. “After using Infor LN, everything is so efficient and convenient, we can’t work without it,” one manager says. And with the new features included in version 10x and Infor ION middleware, ZX plans to deploy Infor LN in its new factories, too. Learn more about Infor LN at http://www.infor.com/product_summary/erp/ln/ .
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Ferrari: Re-engineering with Infor
When luxury carmaker Ferrari undertook a major re-engineering of processes, it chose Infor LN. “The implementation was quite successful – in line with our expectations,” explains Vittorio Boero, CIO of Ferrari. The overhaul of supply chain, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing processes, all done in conjunction with its third-party suppliers and partners, was accomplished also with Infor ION®, Infor Warehouse Mobility, and Infor Sales & Operations Planning, among others. “One of the most successful points I can mention is the way Infor manages the relationship with the customer.” Learn more in this Ferrari Customer Innovation Study: http://www.infor.com/content/casestudies/ferrari.pdf/
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An Intro to Infor Ming.le™
Product manager Emily Williams gives a quickie introduction to Infor Ming.le™—the beautiful new centralized platform for collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Visit the Infor Ming.le™ microsite: http://www.infor.com/solutions/technology/social-business/infor-ming.le/
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Infor CloudSuite HCM Overview
Here’s a high-level introduction to Infor CloudSuite HCM— a comprehensive, scalable, enterprise-wide human capital management solution designed to address modern challenges for today and tomorrow. Learn more: http://www.infor.com/cloudsuite-hcm/
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Triumph Motorcycles partners with Infor for business transformation
Triumph chose Infor to partner on a business transformation journey with its team of 1,600+ staff across 24 countries; the results will ultimately provide Triumph customers with an enriched customer experience. The first phase involves implementing a suite of solutions to accelerate global order fulfillment. Triumph is an iconic world-leading brand, dedicated to making the best possible motorcycle, and passionate about the riding experience. Found out more at http://www.infor.com/company/triumph/
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Technology eats the world
Infor President Duncan Angove discusses digital disruption and bridging the gap between what an analog company can deliver and what today's digital customer expects. Learn more about the Infor Retail revolution: http://www.infor.com/retail
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Why is a modern ERP system so crucial? — One company’s journey
Why is it so crucial to modernize your ERP systems? This interview/banter between one company’s wary COO and its committed IT leader tells the story. “We needed a more modern solution.” Deploying a modern, unified Infor ERP has brought new features like mobile apps, collaboration platform, self-service HR portal, and productivity tools. “Just about every department has benefited”: Accounts Payable, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources. Start modernizing your ERP at http://www.infor.com/cloud/
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Integrating CRM and ERP = total customer visibility
You need to total visibility into customer information to have real conversations with your customers. Integration Infor CRM and ERP systems delivers mission-critical single-source data and actionable insights. Here’s how to unify front-office CRM with back-office ERP to improve customer experience. Learn more at http://www.infor.com/product-summary/erp/erp-crm/
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Data-driven outcomes: How the IoT is driving digital transformation in the chemicals industry
Here’s how chemicals manufacturers can analyze data from multiple sources in real time to improve quality, streamline supply chain, better manage human capital and other resources, and improve the bottom line. Specifically, chemicals companies can leverage their reams of data by combining smart sensors, apps and services, mobile devices, industry-specific software, and other Internet of Things technology to increase accuracy, and eliminate errors, and enable advanced practices like predictive analytics and just-in-time manufacturing. Find out more: http://go.infor.com/erp-data-driven-outcomes/
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CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Overview Demo
Here’s an overview of the features and functionality of Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine.) Learn more: http://www.infor.com/product-summary/erp/cloudsuite-industrial-syteline/
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Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management – better insights for smarter decisions
Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities, so you can drive your overall business performance more effectively. Infor d/EPM combines analytics, forecasting, and risk assessment with financial performance solutions in an integrated suite for greater insights into what’s happening across your enterprise, and what needs to change. Here’s an overview. Learn more at: http://www.infor.com/solutions/pm/
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Brooklyn Nets + Infor – Improving team performance with data science
Infor’s jersey sponsorship with the Brooklyn Nets goes way beyond a logo patch. We’re using data science to help improve on-court performance, fan experience, and transform core business operations. “Infor is making us more efficient. Our players, when they’re using the app, they’re seeing their former stats, their game stats, and how those things marry,” says Nets general manager Sean Marks. “Infor’s really done a nice job there.” Learn more at http://www.infor.com/company/nets/
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Milgard Windows on Infor Configure Price Quote
Milgard Windows & Doors aims to deliver high-quality products configured exactly to each customer’s requirement. To deliver on this goal, Milgard selected Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to transform its order-to-cash process by streamlining the order-taking process across all channels, eliminating wrong configurations, and helping achieve the “perfect order” every time. Learn more about Infor Configure Price Quote: https://www.infor.com/solutions/cpq/
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What customers like about Infor CloudSuite Financials
Built-in collaboration, connected business intelligence, embedded document management. Infor customers — DSW, Palos Health, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District — talk about the powerful functionality, speed, and other advantages of Infor CloudSuite Financials. Learn more about Infor CloudSuite Financials: http://www.infor.com/product-summary/efm/cloudsuite-financials/
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Why Veolia calls Infor EAM “a critical tool”
Veolia provides desalinated drinking water for citizens in Australia and New Zealand. Veolia manages more than $10 billion worth of assets with Infor EAM, and has vastly improved productivity in the field with Infor EAM Mobile. Learn more: http://www.infor.com/solutions/eam/
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Why sustainability—and not just speed—is the future of fashion retail
Fashion retail is a notoriously demanding industry, and it’s shaped by consumers who are constantly looking to jump onto the latest clothing trends. We spoke with Jennifer Loverude, VP of Fashion at Infor, about how “fast fashion” retailers are keeping up with the demand, and the importance of building a platform that’s both efficient and sustainable. Visit the Infor Retail website: http://www.inforretail.com
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Grand opening event for Infor New York HQ
At the opening of Infor's offices in Silicon Alley, leaders inside and outside the company share the story behind the new corporate headquarters and discuss the impact of Infor's move to New York City. For more information and photos from the reception, visit: http://www.infor.com/articles/new-york-hq-opens
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Infor Consulting Services—a world of consulting opportunities,  Sept 2015
Darren Saumur, SVP & Global Head of Infor Consulting Services (ICS), shares why he joined ICS and why you should too. Learn more at http://www.infor.com/company/careers/
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Infor’s core values
Sense of urgency. Passion for customer success. Thirst for innovation. A focus on results. A sense of community. Our 5 corporate values are spelt out by our staff across the globe.
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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group strengthens product development with Infor Optiva
Bob Wimpfheimer, senior manager of R&D at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, discusses the value of Infor Optiva to his organization. To meet new US Food & Drug Administration labeling requirements, the group consolidated its processes into Infor Optiva. The result: label output creation time cut in half, and error rate reduced at least 90%. The group also has expanded its use of Optiva to procurement and quality management. Read the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Customer Innovation Study: http://www.infor.com/content/casestudies/dr-pepper-snapple-group.pdf/
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Infor Expense Management
Say good-bye to spreadsheets and paper receipts with the help of Infor Expense Management, the most flexible and configurable travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management solution on the market. Available for deployment in the cloud or on-premises, it eliminates manual processes—and the headaches and mistakes that go along with them. To learn more: http://www.infor.com/product-summary/fms/expense-management/
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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) intro demo - ERP for manufacturing
Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) offers an end-to-end ERP cloud solution with modern functionality built to meet the needs of both discrete and process manufacturers to stay competitive in today's climate. Learn more: https://www.infor.com/products/syteline
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Infor Retail and Whole Foods Market: Making Work Better
Whole Foods Market and Infor are partnering up to build an ambitious new retail software platform. We talked with the developers, managers, and designers who are making it a reality. Learn more about our partnership at the Infor Retail website: http://www.inforretail.com
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Infor TechEd for LN—Why attend this hands-on nitty-gritty technical training event
Customers and trainers at the first Infor TechEd for LN in Amsterdam talk about how this technical training led by Infor product experts provides exactly what customers say they value. Powered by Infor Education, you meet with “the best of the best” experts to learn their best practices hands-on. Find the next TechEd event for your product: https://www.infor.com/services/education/teched/
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Empacadora San Marcos aumenta su competitividad con Infor
Vea como Empacadora San Marcos, empresa Mexicana optimiza la toma de decisiones logrando visibilidad de las operaciones en toda la empresa con el ERP de Infor. Más información: http://es.infor.com/product_summary/erp/xa/
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Chico’s manages massive inventory with Infor EAM
Chico's explosive growth doubled its central distribution team to 1,200 and added 300,000 sq. ft. to its warehouse. The popular women’s clothing retailer chose Infor EAM to manage its massive, complex inventory. Visit http://www.infor.com/solutions/eam/ for more about Infor EAM.
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Infor EAM saves First Transit maintenance techs 55 minutes each day
For 60 years, First Transit has had hands-on experience with nearly every facet of transportation operations, maintenance, and administration. Infor EAM is used at the core of First Transit’s maintenance strategy, aimed at meeting or exceeding maintenance service delivery levels while reducing maintenance costs. Learn more in this First Transit case study: http://www.infor.com/content/casestudies/first-transit.pdf/
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Take your business digital with Infor
Digital is transforming your personal life in ways you didn’t know you needed or wanted. Likewise, your business will transform in ways you can’t even imagine—but we can. Infor sees the changes coming. Digital transformation is just table stakes. SVP Peg Rodarmel talks about how Infor’s digital team works with companies to build a plan and stay ahead of the pace. Let us come in and collaborate with you. Learn more at https://www.infor.com/topics/digital-transformation/
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We are Manufacturing
This is the inspiring story of manufacturing: How it has evolved, where it stands now, and the future that awaits. With this retrospective snapshot, we celebrate the powerful characteristics of the people who make change happen. Together, we are manufacturing. To learn more, please visit http://www.infor.com/industries/manufacturing/
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Inforum 2016 General Session Day 1 — Infor / GT Nexus Commerce Cloud
“The future belongs to networked companies.” Infor CEO Charles Phillips talks with Kurt Cavano, General Manager, Infor / GT Nexus Commerce Cloud, about how combining Infor cloud ERP solutions with GT Nexus Commerce Cloud has created the most powerful business network on the planet for moving goods, tracking goods, and having visibility into a company’s supply chains. The GT Nexus Commerce Cloud brings together the financial and physical sides of logistics to automate the only two things that really matter in global trade: “Where is my stuff, and when I am going to get paid?” Learn more about the Infor / GT Nexus Commerce Cloud: http://www.infor.com/gtnexus/
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Meet the winner of the Infor/FIT Fashion Design ICONS Award
See which finalist has been chosen winner of the inaugural Fashion Design ICONS Award contest—sponsored by Infor, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Hearst Magazines International—and watch as renowned designer Paula Varsalona helps turn the winning design into a finished gown that will dazzle on the red carpet. Get contest details at http://www.infor.com/industries/retail/icons
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Happy holidays from Infor employees around the globe
We may say it differently, but our wish is the same: Happy holidays!
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Inforum 2017 — Why Koch Industries invested billions in Infor
“We eat our own cooking.” Koch Industries CFO Steve Feilmeier joins Infor CEO Charles Phillips on the Inforum mainstage to explain why Koch recently made a $2.5 billion investment in Infor and what that will mean as an Infor customer. “By working closer with Infor, it helps us better anticipate the types of changes that we want to incorporate into our businesses.” Learn more about Koch’s migration to Infor CloudSuite: http://www.infor.com/company/news/pressroom/pressreleases/koch-industries-infor-cloudsuite/
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Infor Mongoose overview
Infor Mongoose is a rapid application development framework that lets you quickly build out applications—extensions, stand-alone, mobile, portal—all in one simple framework. Product management director David Heffler explains how this meta-data-driven framework helps the user create reusable, reliable, repeatable apps. And because Mongoose is part of the Infor OS tech stack, you can integrate with all your solutions in one spot. “With Infor Mongoose, anyone can create an application, quickly and easily.” Learn more at https://www.infor.com/product-summary/technology/OS/
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BNZ Crusaders & Infor – Taking rugby to the next level
The BNZ Crusaders are the winningest team in Super Rugby history. More than that, they are a beacon of positivity for a community devastated by earthquakes and fire in recent years. Since 2015, Infor has partnered with the Crusaders to provide technology, service, and world-class rugby to fans in Christchurch, the greater Canterbury region, and across New Zealand. Learn more about Infor’s partnership with the Crusaders: http://www.infor.com/crusaders/
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Infor M3 intro demo: Built for the digital age
Infor M3 delivers industry-leading ERP functionality to the chemicals, distribution, equipment, fashion, and food and beverage industries. Flexible deployment options and implementation accelerators offer a low total cost of ownership and short time to value. M3 is available on-premise or in the cloud, and is the hub for a number of Infor’s industry CloudSuites. Learn more: https://www.infor.com/products/m3
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CERN, world’s largest particle physics lab, on Infor LN and EAM
European research organization CERN operates the world's largest, most-complex machine, the Large Hadron Collider, with more than 100 million components. CERN officials talk about how they maximize uptime using Infor LN to manage materials supply chain, and Infor EAM to manage assets in production and maintenance. Read the CERN Customer Innovation Study and find others here: http://www.infor.com/company/value-engineering/resourcecenter/ Learn more about Infor EAM: http://www.infor.com/solutions/eam/ Learn more about INfor LN: http://www.infor.com/product-summary/erp/ln/
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