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Odessa Ukraine outdoor dog market
An outdoor dog and pet market in Odessa Ukraine.
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Russian Brides- Is it real?
http://livinginukraine.com A great example of the difference between the demographic paradigm between the east and the west. NO! We don't condone the polygamist aspect of this report, however it is a testament to the vast abundance of attractive available women in Russia and Ukraine. Go to livinginukraine.com to find out if this is for you.
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Fishing off the pier Odessa Ukraine
Http://livinginukraine.com some Ukrainian guys staying in Odessa and fishing for their dinner.
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Poltava Ukraine bazaar
Http://livinginukraine.com One of the biggest Bazaars in northern Ukraine in a town called Poltava.
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Poltava Ukraine Club Chokolat Disco
http://livinginukraine.com Poltava Ukraine disco Club Shokolad "Chocolate" on a random Tuesday night. Not too bad.
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Preparation moving to Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com Getting everything in order to leave for Ukraine from Denver Colorado. I didn't think it was possible to cram my life in a 3 by 5 storage unit in less than three weeks.
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Poltava Ukraine Bazaar
http://livinginukraine.com An introduction to an eastern European marketplace.
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Ukrainian Pomeranian Odessa
Meet Spike the Ukrainian Pomeranian. At an outdoor pet market in Odessa Ukraine. Anna Davis wants a new friend to take back to LA. Sean Mathes behind the camera
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Poltava Ukraine accordian performance
http://livinginukraine.com A great little performance by a Ukrainian man on the main October street in Poltava Ukraine.
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Ukrainian train from Poltava to Odessa
http://livinginukraine.com A little bit of the scenic route on the train from Poltava to Odessa Ukraine.
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Palladium Odessa Ukraine Crazy party!
http://livinginukraine.com one of the major clubs in Odessa Ukraine.
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Salsa Dancing Odessa Ukraine
Salsa dancing at the Odessa Philaharmonic Hall. There is salsa dancing every Sunday night in Odessa here. A great atmosphere with friendly people. Admission is 30 uah.
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Poltava Ukraine Fireworks Mall Grand Opening
http://livinginukraine.com This was a grand opening of a mall just around the corner from our flat in Poltava Ukraine.
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Girls Dance Contest - Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com Six beautiful Ukrainian girls duke it out at a local disco in Poltava Ukraine. This was on a very slow Sunday night.
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Ukraine Haircut
http://livinginukraine.com My experience with hair salons in Odessa Ukraine. Visit Living In Ukraine for more great info about Ukraine.
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Malldova in chisinau Moldova
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New Years fireworks in Odessa Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com An amazing fireworks display in Odessa Ukraine during New Years eve. I have never seen so many fireworks any where I have ever been.
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Down on the port Odessa Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com On the port in Odessa Ukraine talking about boats and tiny paint brushes.
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Flamenco Guitar
http://livinginukraine.com Flamenco guitar and singing by Sledge and Carola in Odessa Ukraine. Sledge is originally from Syria and Carola is from Ecuador both now living in Odessa Ukraine and working together. Two extremely talented artists, I was fortunate to have captured this video.
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Preparation for Mail Order Brides Photoshoot
http://livinginukraine.com getting Nastya's hair and makeup prepared for the MOBE Photoshoot.
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Playing with fire Odessa Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com In the center of Odessa Ukraine playing with fire near the Afina shopping mall.
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Cat in dryer Odessa Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com this little kitty likes it in the dryer. We were over to a friends for Easter dinner and found the cat lying in the dryer.
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Poltava Ukraine Live Music
http://livinginginukraine.com This was at a mall grand opening right around the corner from our flat in Poltava Ukraine. I don't know the name of the mall, the group, or anything else unfortunately because I don't speak Russian.
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Ukraine Bride photo session
http://livinginukraine.com Ukraine bride photo session on October Street I Poltava Ukraine
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Merry Christmas From Ukraine
http://livinginukraine.com I was walking down the street and the shrieks of little children stopped me in my tracks. There were hundreds of them with hoola hoops and cute little hats and a big fat not so Ukrainian Santa. But I realized it must be Christmas all the same. This is right in the middle of Deribosivskaya street in the center of Odessa.
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