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Madewell Goes to Paris
Want to see how a real Parisian lives? Get the full tour of record label owner Caroline de Maigret's loft. (It even includes a recording studio.) madewell.com
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Alexa Chung for Madewell
In stores September 22nd. http://www.madewell.com
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how do madewell jeans fit? / the high-rise skinny jean edition
We’re putting the spotlight on how our signature high-rise jeans fit—check them out in all their just-stretchy-enough, looks-amazing-on-everyone, collect-’em-all glory, then nab a pair for yourself. https://mdwl.co/2COkxUN P.S. A very special thanks to the ladies of Celsious for letting us hang at their dreamy laundromat for the day.
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Solange Knowles Is So #EverydayMadewell
How could you not love Solange's one-of-a-kind style? Go behind the scenes of our shoot with the singer, here. Then check out some of our latest & greatest looks: http://ow.ly/B8mM30e5xRM
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Backward Llamas and Magical Flowers with Artist Rebeca Raney
Rebeca Raney isn’t afraid to think big—or neon, for that matter. Check out her 14-foot sculptures and imaginative line drawings as we chat in her studio. Plus, you can see our latest collabs with artists, brands and more here: http://ow.ly/58NC30e5xrm
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Madewell: Behind the Scenes at our Interactive Video Shoot
Watch Dree Hemingway, Marina Muñoz and the Madewell crew goof off behind the scenes at our first-ever interactive video shoot. www.madewell.com
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how to / wear the pleated wide-leg
Wary of wide legs? Try these supersimple tips—we cover everything including the best shoes to pair with ’em and what to pop on top. Head on over to the Denim Bar and shop. https://mdwl.co/2DXDtiG #denimmadewell
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Ready. Set. Summer. (Featuring Dree Hemingway)
Dance around with Dree Hemingway in bright warm-weather looks. Then check out our latest & greatest styles here: http://ow.ly/h3s730e5y5G
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how do madewell jeans fit?: the slim boyjean edition
Curious about our Slim Boyjeans? Watch as we make moves in the much-loved fit—rigid look, comfy feel, major vintage vibes. Shop ’em plus more need-now styles over at the Denim Bar. https://mdwl.co/2ILZyUa #denimmadewell
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Madewell: Behind the scenes at our sweater shoot
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Madewell: Behind the Scenes in LA
Take a peek behind the scenes of our photo shoot in LA's Laurel Canyon. madewell.com
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monochrome magic / with the skate kitchen
Wanna know how to nail the all-white-outfit thing? The NYC ladies of The Skate Kitchen show us how it’s done. (P.S. *Need* to know the song in the background? We don’t blame you. It’s “I Got The Moves” by Habibi.) https://mdwl.co/2sR1emj
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how to / recycle your denim
Wondering what to do with that stack of old jeans in your closet? Drop them off at our stores (any brand, any style) and we’ll recycle them into housing insulation with Blue Jeans Go Green™. Bonus: You’ll get $20 per pair to spend on new ones. Talk about a win-win. Check out our (very animated) video to see how it all works. Art by Emily Eisenhart, music by The King Khan & BBQ Show. https://mdwl.co/2DnCnNm
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introducing / madewell second wave
Ready to make your swimsuit dreams a reality? Meet Madewell Second Wave (!). Thanks to fabric made from recycled plastic (bikini = 4 bottles, one-piece = 8), you can feel as good as you look. Oh, and every piece is under $100. 🙌 See the suits in action on our friends-slash-synchronized-swimmers, the Aqualillies, then take a dip into the collection yourself. https://mdwl.co/2GO6lfI
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Madewell: High School Confidential
We tapped into our perennially stylish accessories designer Joyce Lee's cool network of friends and invited them to test-drive our newest shirts. And since the shoot was inspired by old yearbook photos, we asked the ladies to share their most memorable (and mortifying) high school style moments. Press play to hear them reminisce, and then hop over to madewell.com to button-up in your personal faves.
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fall 2018 denim / join the party
Even more sizes. Brand-new fits. Our most eco-friendly jeans yet. Get ready because you’re invited. https://mdwl.co/2PPkGdk
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team madewell / does holiday
Looking for a little seasonal cheer? See Team Madewell’s hot takes re: eggnog vs. mulled wine, who we’d like to meet under the mistletoe and more. And for even more merrymaking, head over to our Gift Well Guide. https://mdwl.co/2DwWW9U
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Bike Rides & Donuts With Florist Lisa Przystup
Flowers, a donut (or two) and biking through Brooklyn. Sounds like the perfect day, right? Florist Lisa Przystup let us tag along at some of her favorite spots. Read all about what she likes to wear when cycling around town here: http://ow.ly/P7mr30cCzNI
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Madewell: Hello, Amsterdam (Behind-the-scenes snippets from our latest shoot)
We headed to the streets of Amsterdam for this shoot. Luckily, model Robin is a local and was right at home in every shoot. http://www.madewell.com
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Madewell Denim Road Trip Kicks Off in New York City
Did you miss our #MWDenimRoadtrip kick off in NYC? Watch what happened at our first stop, see who rocked the braid bar and hear what New Yorkers thought of our vintage airstream.
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introducing… / madewell x crewcuts (!)
We’re upping our cute factor by, like, a million thanks to our latest collab. We designed some fun denim and strawberry styles then teamed up with our friends at crewcuts on a matching mini collection (!). Check ’em out in our video, where Team Madewell moms ask their little ones a few quick Qs.
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introducing / Fair Trade Certified™ denim
Want denim you can look good in and feel good about? We are proud to partner with Fair Trade USA to support happier, more empowered workers and safer, more planet-friendly factories. Watch our video to learn more, plus read up on other ways we do well. https://mdwl.co/2BaGIRY
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happy international women's day / love, madewell
Here's to the ladies we love-we celebrate you today and every day. Get to know a few of our favorite inspiring women even better on the blog (we're posting a special edition of our Ladies We Love series every week, all month long). Ladies We Love: Writer Julia Pierpont & Illustrator Manjit Thapp: http://bit.ly/2oZelAj Music by Freedom Fry
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Cruising Through LA with Photographer Magda Wosinska
A classic car, cute dog and lots of denim—what could be better? Get a glimpse into photographer Magda Wosinska’s sunny California world. Find out more about her here: http://ow.ly/icDY30cCAWB.
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jump to it / new summer styles
If you couldn’t tell how excited we are about summer, well, we’re literally jumping for joy. Yep, check out our dancer friends Emma and Erica showing off their trampoline moves, then shop all the best new summery styles. (P.S. Loving the song in the background? It’s “Leave The Light On” by Overcoats.)
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Running Around with Skater & Photographer Sierra Prescott
Spend some time with LA skateboarder, photographer and all-around cool girl Sierra Prescott for summer vibes times a million. Plus, see more of what Sierra’s into here: http://ow.ly/NuiP30cCASY.
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A Day in the Life: 3 Ladies We Love
We asked Brooklyn-based florist Lisa Przystup, travel writer Christina Pérez and musician Adeline Michèle to share a day in their lives—check out this sneak peek. Then get to know them better on the blog. Lisa: http://ow.ly/P7mr30cCzNI Christina: http://ow.ly/ryJF30cCzPC Adeline: http://ow.ly/oFaf30cCzR4
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Tour Musician Adeline Michèle’s Brooklyn Neighborhood
Ever wonder what musicians are up to on their days off? Paris-born bassist Adeline Michèle showed us her go-to spots in Brooklyn. Find out how she ended up in NYC and who her style icons are here: http://ow.ly/oFaf30cCzR4.
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spring 2018 denim / we're on it
Extended sizes? We're on it. White denim that isn't see-through? We're on it. Updated hem details, more Magic Pockets and conversation-starting fits? Yep, we're on those too. Still obsessed with designing perfect pairs of dream jeans? Pretty much.
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spring 2019 denim / everyday, every day
Wanna know our motto? Good days start with great jeans. And, well, ours happen to be the greatest. From Fair Trade Certified™ styles to a new flattering Stovepipe fit, we have everything you’ll want to wear right now. See the latest styles in action, then shop ’em all here. https://mdwl.co/2SfsPvw
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Madewell: Genius Jeans Designer Jac in the Archives
Take a tour of our denim archives Jac. www.madewell.com
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how to / wear the cali demi-boot
Wanna switch up your usual denim look? Check out a few easy tips for styling our forever fave mini-flare jeans—from nailing the perfect half-tuck to finding a hem-length sweet spot, we’ve got you covered. Shop the Denim Bar here: https://mdwl.co/2te5JqQ #denimmadewell
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layers we love / a (magical) how-to video
Wanna do the fall layering thing just right? It’s a snap, take it from us. Get some inspo from our fun video, then find your own future go-tos over in new arrivals.
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How Madewell Recycles Your Old Jeans
Are you due for a closet cleanout? Check out how our partners at Blue Jeans Go Green™ transform your old jeans into housing insulation for communities in need. Then learn even more about denim recycling here: http://ow.ly/OvK7305MSKh
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Hanging in Houston with Musician Asli Omar
Want a backstage pass? Hang out with musician Asli Omar in Houston to see what her life’s like both on and off the stage. Get to know her even better here: http://ow.ly/YmIx30cCB0s.
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Madewell Denim Roadtrip: Next Stop—Boston
Our #MWDenimRoadtrip makes a pit stop in Boston. Watch Madewell fans dish about their most memorable denim moments.
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Visit Upstate New York with Travel Writer Christina Pérez
Looking to take a break from city life? Travel writer Christina Pérez brought us to upstate New York for a little rest and relaxation. Check out where she spends her weekends and what completes her day here: http://ow.ly/ryJF30cCzPC.
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Madewell Boots on the Move
Of course these boots are made for walking, but they’re also great for dancing. Check out some classic styles in motion, then shop our latest faves here: http://ow.ly/SvRV30e5xxF
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How To: Wear (and Love) Madewell Jeans
Is it as easy as it looks? Yep. Slip. Zip. Turn. Nod. Smile. Prepare for compliments. Click here to get your own pair: http://bit.ly/1qgdHGa. #denimmadewell
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#MWDenimRoadtrip Sun & Fun Party
See who came to our Sun & Fun Party in Palm Springs, get some nail art ideas and check out snaps from the photo booth.
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it’s here (!) / the spring 2018 collection
We took our latest collection on an adventure to Thailand—and as you’ll see in this video, the sunset-esque color palette, old-school-inspired denim and fun takes on classic stripes fit right in. Say to hello to your ideal warm-weather wardrobe.
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Madewell: Light Up Your Holiday
For the cover of our Holiday 2011 catalog, we asked Brooklyn's Lite Brite Neon studio to build a sign for our cover. Here's a little behind-the-scenes on how they made it—and the brilliant results.
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#everydaymadewell: On the Road
We took a road trip to visit with a few friends: LA-based photographers Magda Wosinska and Sierra Prescott and Houston-based musician Asli Omar. Get a peek into their worlds, then check out more of what they’re into on the blog. Magda: http://ow.ly/icDY30cCAWB Sierra: http://ow.ly/NuiP30cCASY Asli: http://ow.ly/YmIx30cCB0s
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Poolside Vibes, All the Time
Need a quick vacation? Hang with us by the pool and check out some of our favorite swim looks. Then, shop our latest suits here: http://ow.ly/54n630e5xlu Song by: La Sera
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Madewell x Top Hat Stationery
Our collab with NYC shop Top Hat got us really excited about organization-can you tell? Check out the latest Labels We Love here: http://ow.ly/Yo1O30e5xWQ
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Madewell: Seeing Double
Meet Nicki and Cassi, incredibly chic twins featured in our Holiday 2011 catalog. After the shoot we asked them to show us their closet favorites -- and to spill their sisterly style secrets.
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Behind The Scenes: The Making of Madewell Lower Fifth Avenue
See the making of our new Lower Fifth Avenue Store in New York.
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Madewell: D.I.Y. Denim
Check out how our superstar styling duo Anda & Masha handmade some amazing jean accessories for a recent all-denim shoot. www.madewell.com
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