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Curl Fest is 'The Ultimate natural beauty Festival' brought to you by The Curly Girl Collective, which mission is to celebrate natural hair, beauty, and culture. This was my second time attending the festival. It attracted thousands of men and women of color from all walks of life who came out to celebrate their hair and heritage. It get's better and better! Enjoy my Curl Fest 2017 recap moments. Press Media: Jes Perez Inquiries: [email protected] Follow: @LopezGlobal on Instagram Photo Credit: Pete Moreira. IG: @p_perfect88 Stay Connected with me: twitter: @itsjesperez & IG: itsjesperez
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Intro to #JesKnowsBest
Hello beautiful people! (I know! I know! way overdue) Welcome to my Youtube channel. I'm super excited to share more content on Industry High TV, Jes Knows best ( all things travel, fashion/ beauty, entertainment, and community service.) Let's get this party started! Stay connected with me twitter.com/itsjesperez instagram.com/itsjesperez
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Taliah Waajid Brand Products
Here are two of my favorite Taliah Waajid Brand products: Curl Sealer: https://www.naturalhair.org/curl-sealer-6oz.html Crinkles & Curls: https://www.naturalhair.org/crinkles-curls-8oz.html I'll be doing a Taliah Waajid Brand GIVEAWAY! so stay in tune and make sure to follow me on the gram, @ITSJESPEREZ. Also, follow Taliah Waajid products (@TaliahWaajidBrand). Got questions? Ask away! Leave a comment below. One Love, Jes
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Union City Music Project Holiday Benefit Concert
Thank you so much to all who came to support @ucmusicproject 5th annual Holiday Benefit Concert on Friday!! Such a pleasure to Host such an amazing event for the second time. It was truly a remarkable event! Special thank you to the founder, Melina Garcia, and to the honorees, the @dodgefoundation and NJ Senator and Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack for your attendance and support! Wishing you all a Happy Holidays! and a prosperous New Year. Love & Light, Jes
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BGLIG Women In Business Career Day
"No matter where you are in life, inspire and encourage the women around you. Success is sweeter when shared." 🌍👩🏽‍🏫THANK YOU #BGLIG Middle School, and Ms. Allen (@thegotocounselor) for inviting me to be part of the #BGLIG "Career Day." I had such a great time with all these beautiful girls who I know are being inspired to become leaders for tomorrow. These young girls gave me so much hope...❤ 👩🏽‍🎓👩🏼‍🍳👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏿‍⚖️👩🏾‍🔬👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🌾 S/O to my #WomenInBusiness and Girl bosses who are working and inspiring other women, it was a blessing to be in the same room with you ladies. And I thank you for inspiring ME! Ms. Gillian Alex author of @tuesdayatthree & Ms. Lopez founder of @LopezGlobal (PR company.)
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Recap moment of Beautycon NYC!
Hola chica! (o) Here's a Little recap video I put together (hope u like it) I was caught up being a girly girl at @BeautyCon #Festival --there was so much to do, photo shoots, castings, food trucks, getting all them lil' free makeup goodies... and of course had to get my 1,2 step on! Cause you know everywhere I go, I'm always dancing and droppin' it like it's Hot!
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Industry High Interview w/ Cyrille Njikeng
Jes Perez sits down with Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and Activist, Cyrille Njikeng in Villa Roma; Calicoon, New York. Cyrille speaks on his journey to America and how his dream of becoming a Filmmaker started. His inspiring story is truly one to look up to. WATCH NOW! and comment below!
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Amaze  at the Cadillac House
Cadillac House newest installation Visionarie's Amaze. "AMAZE—a collaborative installation involving renowned architect Rafael de Cárdenas and visual artist, composter, and vocalist Sahra Motalebi—not only builds on Visionaire’s reputation for interactive spaces, but deliberately draws guests in." AMAZE is on view until June 10 at The Gallery at Cadillac House located at 330 Hudson Street, New York, New York, 10013. Hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. #JesKnowsBest
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Jes Pérez 2018 Prom Princess Giveaway!
Forever grateful for every single person that was a part of my Prom Princess Giveaway this year! Thank you for being a cheerful giver. I pray that the lord multiplies your blessings. We’ve been working hard since March to bring joy to these young girls who are so deserving. We donated over 20 prom dresses from @blushpromdress, and @isah_conteh to the young girls at M.S. 302 @sheltingarmsny program. We had so much in abundance (Praise God!!) that not only did blush prom dress donated, also @kairycastroevents & @styleingenewity. We were able to donate to another wonderful school, the Entrada Academy middle school in the Bronx. Thank you to every young queen who submitted their essay. We chose one grand prize winner: Alice Suazo from Honduras. Alice received two prom dresses, hair + makeup and shoes + a photo shoot on her PROM DAY! ~ Hasta el próximo año! Blessings xo Jes #PromPrincessGiveAway #PassionProject #GloryToGod
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Take me back to the good ol' bodega days. When everyone knew each other on da’ block. When quarter juices and popsicles were one-of-a-kind childhood experience... As gentrification ramps up, the bodega is a disappearing institution, finding a bodega in downtown Brooklyn is now a hidden gem; Often replaced by a chain store, bank or a modern looking ‘upscale supermarket.’ Are we living in the final days of the bodega? 😏| 📹videography by @jwallacedesigns | mua by @chosenfacesmua | #JesPerez #ContentCreator #IndustryHigh
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THE GLOSSY PARTY Room Mate Grace Hotel
Throwback! Hosting for the Glossy Party-- all things Fashion & Beauty!
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IBS New York
A quick glimpse at the International Beauty Show in New York. Beauty trade shows are so much fun! vendors from all over the world gather together for this annual EPIC event! Beauty trade shows are possibly the loudest, craziest, fun affairs out there, where beauty and hair pros dance as they cut hair on stage. You experience a three day full of new product launch, flyers with information, cute booth, products and so much more! Here’s a look at some of what I witnessed at this year's IBS in New York…
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BTS makeup look @Gdoll_ x @itsjesperez
Hello beautiful people! Here is a snippet video of one of my most recent photo shoots with Photographer, @mlew.is and makeup artist, @Gdoll_. I get asked a lot about what inspires my photo shoots; I would have to say giving artist like Marcus and Gen the platform to collaborate and come together and create magic. Also, I'm a very creative person and I like to come up with concepts and tell a story through my photo shoots. It's a way to express my creativity and brand myself in my most authentic way! You guys can follow me on Instagram: @itsjesperez Be sure to checkout my stories, I'm always on the run in New York bringing you #JESKNOWSBEST. Photography: @mlew.is Makeup: @Gdoll_ Music: @TayahnaWalcott Also, let me know what other videos/content you'd like to see on my channel. XO JES
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BTS of my  photo shoot for Shoe Dazzle
Behind scenes of my photo shoot for Shoe Dazzle. FUN FACT: My King @cjrbarnes styled me! ♥️
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As I sit here feeling very reflective, I am ever so grateful to God for my ability to create. I am joyful. I am hopeful. I am happy. I am looking forward.  I find my heart is overwhelmed and overflowing right now with more gratitude than I have ever had in my life. Thank you ladies for your love and support on this journey. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your gift as well with other women. I am so thankful for your kindness and love.  This meet and greet marked me. Glory to be to God. Special thank you to LOLA for gifting us with products. Last but not least, thank you to Café Belle for hosting the event and giving us the space to share such intimate time.
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Marianela Contigo (Teleuniverso TV)
I had the great opportunity to be featured on Marianela Contigo a national TV show on Teleuniverso TV, Dominican Republic. _________________________________________________________ En el rograma de la gran comunicadora, Marianela Contigo, por Teleuniverso TV. Muchísimas gracias a marianela y su equipo de producción por tomarme en cuenta, y por recibirme con tanto cariño. Fue un placer compartir con ustedes durante esta hermosa entrevista. Les deseo muchas bendiciones y éxito! Gracias de corazón ❤️
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Checkout my Interview with MLT Podcast| Part 2
MLT INTERVIEWS | @itsjesperez "You gotta keep going. It’s the entrepreneur spirit in me. It’s that intuition that you can not give up. This is what I breathe for.’’ Host Irvine (@I_barcenas) Ashton (@anchambers_) SoundCloud: @MLTplaylist Spotify: @MLTplaylist Special Guest: JES PEREZ (@itsjesperez) Full interview: https://youtu.be/yE4x4STBruU
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Checkout my Interview with MLT Podcast|  Part 1
"This week we interview Jes Perez and dive into her upbringing in the Dominican Republic, her role at radio Disney and her vision for INDUSTRY HIGH." Host Irvine (@I_barcenas) Ashton (@anchambers_) SoundCloud: @MLTplaylist Spotify: @MLTplaylist Special Guest: JES PEREZ (@itsjesperez) Full interview: https://youtu.be/yE4x4STBruU
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A Day in Toronto, Ontario. Eh!
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Here’s my solo dolo trip to Toronto, Ontario. I reached out to a few photographers in da six, and came across one of THE dopest photographers in TO, CA. My now homie!🙌🏽 IG: @krushitvanzara
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Checkout my Interview with MLT Podcast| Part 3
MLT INTERVIEWS | @itsjesperez "I wanted to focus on people who are in need of a platform. I also wanted to utilize my voice, as for other people ”' Full interview: https://youtu.be/yE4x4STBruU Host Irvine (@I_barcenas) Ashton (@anchambers_) SoundCloud: @MLTplaylist Spotify: @MLTplaylist Special Guest: JES PEREZ (@itsjesperez)
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BTS Shooting with my photographer Pete Moreira
Here’s a sneak peek of my photo shoot with my amazing photographer @p_perfect88. You know what they say, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. 📸😆😎
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Jes Perez X Chosen Faces MUA
God’s timing is perfect! Thank you so much, @chosenfacesmua & @jwallacedesigns for this opportunity to share a snippet of my transformation. So blessed to have worked with you guys! Incredible team work.🙏🏽❤️ Repost: @chosenfacesmua “there’s always a Good idea and a GOD idea” - HS
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Hosting for Kids Fashion Week US
I never really understood why I gravitated so much towards children until I was given an opportunity that would mark my career and personal life forever (Radio Disney). As I continue on this path in my career and walk with Christ. I am blessed to finally, and clearly see that my gifts and talents are being used for a greater purpose. Here I am, developing my ministry with children... — JES PEREZ
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Jes Perez x YoursButBetter
Fun on set w/ @yoursbutbetter! 🎉 #YBB-is a Premium Silk Fiber Mascara, easy 1+2 step, minus the glue, hassle and expense! Press ▶️ Video Credit: @beckyyeephoto | edited by me.#JesPerez #GrtrMgmt #Beauty #Sponsored
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Prom Princess Giveaway! By Jes Perez
Here’s a snippet of our Prom Princess winner! Alice Suazo. Her heartfelt essay touched our hearts with her story. She’s only been in the states for a year, and has excelled incredibly in school. Alice just graduated with honors from Middle School becoming this year’s Valedictorian student. I am so proud of all her accomplishments. Learning English in a year and becoming a young leader is definitely #GOALS! I know all your friends and family back in Honduras are super proud of you, Alice! God bless you. Love you! 💕🙏🏽 can’t wait to see you blossom in high school and college... (Swipe for video) FYI: Check the Prom Highlights for more photos. I’ll be positing more photos throughout the week— THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE: @blushpromdress @iceonce MUA: @gdoll_ @kairycastroevents @cjrbarnes @halamaroc @tory________ @_poemsandpoise @shelteringarmsny @iamcharlynnater @laylovebodycare @retromodernsplendor @styleingenewity #JesPerez #PromPrincessGiveaway #GratefulHeart #GiveBack
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Jes Perez Hosts Spirit & Flesh Magazine launch event!
Throwback! Hosting for Spirit & Flesh magazine & interview Juan Rivera Boxing/ Personal Coach.
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