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Interview with Linda McMahon and Stephanie McMahon
Before a new lecture series at Sacred Heart University called 'Women Can Have it All', Vinny Ebenau caught up with Linda and Stephanie McMahon to explore how Women can thrive in the workplace.
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Feast Day of St. Blaise - Sacred Heart University, 1/31/10
Sacred Heart University students and faculty celebrate mass on the feast day of St. Blaise in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit with Campus Ministry Director and Chaplain, Father Jerry Ryle. Video Produced and Edited by: Alex Zeller
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SHU Homecoming
Come see the highlights of this years Sacred Heart Alumni and Homecoming weekend!
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Meridith Mcloone - Camp Anchor
Meridith Mcloone - Camp Anchor MAX Spring 2011 Communication & Media Studies Department Sacred Heart University
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Sacred Heart University Cross Country 2009
A video about the 2009 Sacred Heart University men and women's Cross Country team. This has been a ShuBox production.
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Habitat For Humanity Annual Sleepout 2014
Habitat For Humanity Annual Sleepout 2014
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FastBreak: Maggie Cosgrove
An episode of Fastbreak- the only show dedicated to Sacred Heart University basketball. This week is about Maggie Cosgrove the 5'2" star of the SHU Women's Basketball team.
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Sacred Heart Thrift Store
Sacred Heart Thrift Store Erin Murtagh Reporting
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Kappa Delta's SHAMROCK the runway 2013
The Kappa Delta Sorority had their Annual Fashion show where Green was in For St. Patrick's Day but they SHAMROCK'ed the Runway as only they can. Watch, Share and Enjoy!
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University College at Sacred Heart University - Online and Face to Face
University College at Sacred Heart University - Online and Face to Face Produced by Mike Harnois Script by Jon DeBenedictis, Alane Bikovsky
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White Ribbon Ceremony
The Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Sacred Heart University held an event to stop abuse to woman and SHUBOX was their to get the scoop
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A Really Big SHU Recap
On February 19th, Sacred Heart University students, faculty and staff put together an Ultimate Beatles tribute by performing their songs on stage. Here's a video recapping the event.
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Kappa Delta presents ShamROCK the Runway!
A highlight video of Sacred Heart University sorority Kappa Delta's ShamROCK the Runway event. Watch as girls and guys strut their stuff for a good cause. This has been a ShuBox production.
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Behind the Scenes: Coach Nick Giaquinto
Nick Giaquinto is the current Head Baseball Coach at Sacred Heart University, but his journey to being a local legend started back in college before winning a Super Bowl with the Redskins in 1983.
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Inside Chartwells at SHU
This Profile details the inside scoop of what happens before, during and after the average day for Chartwell's Catering Services at Sacred Heart University
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Sacred Heart University Intramural Sports
Nino Mannino reports for ShuBox about Sacred Heart University Intramural Sports.
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A Really Big SHU Promo
50 years ago The Beatles appeared in America on the Ed Sullivan Show; 50 years later Sacred Heart University Students and Staff pay tribute with upcoming concert.
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SHU Habitat For Humanity Sleepout '13
The Habitat for Humanity Chapter at Sacred Heart University held their annual sleepout to raise awareness for homelessness. Reporting was Vinny Ebenau talking with SHU Habitat President Jeff Daley. Kieran McGirl was the Producer on site.
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SHU Safety Week
Sacred Hearts Divison 1 Student Athletes share safety tips in honor of Sacred Hearts Safety Week
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EYES ON SHU With Dr. Petillo Season 2 Episode 5
Sacred Heart University President Dr. John Petillo sits down with SHUBOX President Vinny Ebenau to discuss recent rumors and happenings around campus.
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The Way Back Home Trailer
An animation by: Anthony Santos Based on the book "The Way Back Home"
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Sacred Heart University Fencing Preview
A Preview of The Sacred Heart University 2014-2015 fencing season at their annual Red White Scrimmage Directed by Megan Floyd
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Produced by Hannah Ackerman for MS215A Prof. Sally Ross Department of Communication & Media Studies Sacred Heart University
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2013 Sacred Heart University Womens Basketball Team
You've seen who they are on the court, now take a few minutes to learn the awesome and hilarious personalities of the 2013 Sacred Heart University Women's Basketball Team as they prepare for their season opener this coming Friday Nov. 8th at 7pm vs. St. Johns U.!!
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SHU's Fashion Design and Marketing Program by Stephanie Kanner
Produced for MS317 Single Camera Production Prof. Gregory J. Golda Department of Communication & Media Studies Sacred Heart University
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Eyes on SHU Season 3 Episode 2
Eyes on SHU is the monthly broadcast conducted by Sacred Heart University’s Multimedia Network SHU Box. In the show SHU Box President and GM Kieran McGirl sits down with Sacred Heart University President John Petillo to discuss everything that is occurring at Sacred Heart University. While Kieran sits down with the President, Kristen Sullivan heads out around campus to provide the viewers with actual student perspective into the events that are happening here at Sacred Heart. In this months episode we talk about the launching of the new SHU Safe app and the corresponding SHU Safety week that followed, we also touch on the numerous philanthropic efforts of Sacred Heart University Clubs and Student run businesses such as Heartfelt Designs who just made a large monetary donation to Volunteer programs, we also mention the SHU Football team who just garnered their first national ranking. Tune in next month for another episode of Eyes on SHU and remember to always “Stay Classy"
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Just SHU It!
Just SHU It! was the Club Fair at Sacred Heart University to give students an opportunity to have some fun in different clubs and organizations!
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SHbox sits down with first year Head Basketball Coach Anthony Latina
SHU box gives you, the fans, the ultimate update on SHU mens college hoops with this exclusive interview with Head Coach Anthony Latina
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Greek Life Skit Night 2013
The Greek Life at Sacred Heart University held a night of talents and laughs showing their creativity
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Sacred Heart University Club Athlete of the Week: Carlo Fiore
Sacred Heart University Club Athlete of the Week: Carlo Fiore
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SHUBOX At The Christmas Tree
At The Last SHUBOX City Council Meeting of The Year, The State Comes in To help The City of SHUBOX Rejoice in Favorite Memories and Search for the Meaning of Christmas.
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The Phantom Manuscript by Mike Ohrenberger & Liam Roecklin
The Phantom Manuscript by Mike Ohrenberger & Liam Roecklin MAX Spring 2011 Communication & Media Studies Department Sacred Heart University
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ShuBox Multimedia Network...just kidding.
Meet the members of ShuBox Multimedia Network and see what they do...kind of. (It's a joke.)
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Hearts For Haiti
ShuBox reporter Lacey Gilleran reports about an event called "Heart for Haiti", where students stayed up all night to raise money and awareness for the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti. This is a ShuBox production.
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Linda McMahon and Stacey Schieffelin at the Women Can Have It All Lecture Series
Linda McMahon and Stacey Schieffelin spoke with SHU Box President and GM Kieran McGirl and talked about their lecture at Sacred Heart University named Women Can have It All. Linda McMahon, former CEO of WWE, hosts the lecture series at Sacred Heart University. Stacey Schieffelin is the founder and President of Your Best Friend Beauty. She talks about what went into the naming of her company, the difficulties in changing careers from modeling to business executive, and gives advice to young women about entering the workforce and being successful. The Lecture series is designed towards motivating and advising women as they embark on their personal career paths.
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SHUBOX Exclusive With Bobby Valentine
This Interview between Vinny Ebenau and Bobby Valentine, Occurred right after The Press Conference Introducing Valentine as Sacred Heart University's New Athletic Director!
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Boomer and Carton at Sacred Heart University
Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton stopped by Sacred Heart University on October 1st 2014 as part of the Sacred Heart Student Affairs Lecture Series. SHU Box President and GM Kieran McGirl had the opportunity to ask them a couple questions about replacing Imus, the co-hosts various philanthropies, and the difference in preparation for television and radio
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Sergio Freitas - Immigration
MAX Spring 2011 Communication & Media Studies Department Sacred Heart University
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No Food or Drink in the library!
A video to remind students there is No food or drink in the library (except bottled water).
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Daughters of Charity
Produced by Alex Atkinson for MS300 Video Outreach Prof. Joe Alicastro Department of Communication & Media Studies Sacred Heart University
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Get Your Spectrum Today!
Spectrum Commercial
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EYES ON SHU With Dr. Petillo Season 1 Episode 3
EYES ON SHU With Dr. Petillo is a Bi-Weekly Segment With the President of Sacred Heart University where SHUBOX President Vinny Ebenau asks Dr. Petillo about the latest happenings around Campus.
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SHU Career Fair 2013
Career Fair at Sacred Heart University talking with students about their experiences with potential employers. Put on by The Office of Career Development.
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CHEMICAL NO. 5 - Blood of a Poet
Produced by Michael Orhenberger for Prof. Brian Thorne Department of Communication & Media Studies Sacred Heart University
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SHU Florida Habitat Spring Break 2014
Over Spring Break 2014, twenty members of the Sacred Heart Community including two faculty flew down to South Palm Beach, FL to assist in the building of homes for Habitat for Humanity.
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Mr. SHU Intro Video
The intro video for Anthony Santos for the Sacred Heart University MR. SHU competition.
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During a SHUBOX NEWS Segment The Power Goes Out. It's up to Vinny and the production crew to find out where everyone has gone. Zombies are Haunting Campus and are taking SHUBOX Members to prove they deserve the news. When The Crew Gets Smaller its up to Vinny, Jeff, Matt and Emily Pepe to fight Zombie Lordes Emily and Amy Nunes, and their sidekick Nick to revive their friends and solve the mystery of SHUBOX-ALYPSE
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Closer Look with Alex Zeller: Encounter Retreat
Alex Zeller speaks with members of Sacred Heart University Campus Ministry about Encounter Retreat 22. Produced by: Alex Zeller & Lacey Gilleran This has been a ShuBox production.
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