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Lego Batman: The New Suit
Thanks for watching! This is my first video so I know it's not that good. +Akash Lego Productions makes it look easy! Also, it says that it is the first batman game (LEGO) but it is not sooooo....
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LEGO BVS +YT Productions
A protective Bruce Wayne/Batman explains his concern for the human race off of Superman.
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Lego Superman Vs Darkseid Epic Battle, Lego Sushi King Productions 600 Special
Lego Sushi King Productions Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJFU_GhcRgZk72p19lYA2A
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Captain America: Origins Teaser
First look at Captain America: Origins . . . . . . . . . . . . hehe
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Marvel Universe Episode 2 Magically Metal Intrusion
Pretty good vid, one section is way to shaky. Special shoutout to a YouTuber that voiced Iron Man +Lego Sushi King Productions. Check him out. Thanks for watching. Like, comment and subscribe for more amazing content.
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Batman Episode 2 Dead Bug
Thanks for watching, like, comment, and subscribe. There is an End Credit Scene.
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TEST: Flash speed, arrow's hood going off.
Arrow's hood is easily maneuvered. I will use the first type of run or the run in.
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Marvel Universe Episode 1: The Battle Comes for More
Decent vid but quality could be better... Like, comment and subscribe! Talk with me in the comments if you want to help support or... Well, whatever you're thinking!
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TRASHED DC Joke, Superman for President.
Kinda trashed project. This was a joke response, responding to AubreyStudios82 skip about 30 seconds cuz I was going to tell jokes and talk with my voices and I had a really big plan but then discontinued it... Well if you think the animation was decent, my previous video was WAY better. Check that out. And maybe if AubreyStudios82 collaborated with me we could give this video sound. :)
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Trailer: Batman Episode 2/ 1 Year Anniversary!
This is the trailer for the video that is coming out tomorrow. Thanks for watching and it will be released tomorrow, almost guarenteed!
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Just a trailer, I am working harder and faster on my videos so I hope you enjoy.
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Marvel jokes handsy
Wow... not that good. I saw a lot of hands and whew... But I want to upload a lot as much as I can so that I can have people watching my videos like you, so please subscribe! This was before the creation of Captain America Civil War and Dawn of Justice B V S. Thank you for watching!
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