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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (The Giant Music Easter Egg Audio)
So here the the full Audio of the Easter egg song from Black Ops 3's The Giant (Der Riese Remake) Song: Beauty of Annihilation - Elena Sigmen (Remix) This song is property of Trayarch and credit goes to all contributing artist. Thank you guys for the 3k Views and 108 like, I never thought this video would make it this far, Thank you guys
Views: 126616 GFY Gaming Crew
COD: BO3 Zombies (Der Eisendrache Music Easter Egg Song)
The new Easter Egg song from Der Eisendrache. Enjoy Song: Dead Again by Elena Siegmen
Views: 68349 GFY Gaming Crew
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi (Easter Egg Song Full Audio)
This is the official song by Clark S Nova called Dead Ended
Views: 17056 GFY Gaming Crew
It easy to get into a solo Public lobby in GTA Online with just a few easy steps, Solo Lobby Method: 1.Download the Playlist down below 2.Join any public Lobby 3.Start the playlist 4. Finish playlist 5. During post race scene like the job then press X to restart the playlist 6. When the lobby starts again, Back out and you should be in a solo lobby. Playlist: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/xboxone/jobs/job/7xCFNQ0Mnk-pFTN_2HqgSQ
Views: 1027 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield 1 Operation Server Browser (Patched)
Ever wanted to play operations but can't find a full game, Now you can see all the operations. Thanks to /u/YDubstheFirst for discovery method and RetroTwentyOne who is the original uploader of this method Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI3ivJ5g424&t=2s Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFY__Gaming
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Battlefield Hardline (Weapon License Glitch)
This video is to confirm that this glitch works for Xbox One, The original Method was shown though PleaseDon'tCry2 Video on his channel. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYNigtmare PleaseDon'tCry2 Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC218viBVy_zQue4VItyYhbg Shoutout to PleaseDon'tCry2 and J1ngwei
Views: 2108 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto 5 Beta Weapons Part 1
This is a quick video on the beta weapons for GTA 5 , some of these weapons may end up in future DLC's or May just disappear forever.. If you like what you see.. Please Click the like button or Sub to my channel for More GTA 5, GTA Online and Battlefield Content
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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create (Tony Montana, Walter White & Big Smoke)
This is how to create three different characters from TV shows to Video games.. This is part of a on going series in which i show you how to create a character from different Video games and or movies.. Understand that this series is not how create vehicles .. Please drop a like if you enjoy the video and sub for more content like this! Characters: Tony Montana- White Suit Walter White Casual Big Smoke Attire (Clothing)
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GTA:O How to Create Chris Redfield (RE6)
So with limitations I had with GTA 5, I created Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 6
Views: 1058 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline Customization (Blood Splatter/Spray Camo)
You guys wanted it now here it is! The first Gun Bench customization video. You guys are the best to ask for more content.. Love you guys for it. Thank you and like the video. Also sub for more Battlefield Content.! Music: I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons
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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to create Deathstroke
This is a quick tutorial to create a GTA 5 version of Deathstroke.. There was a lot of stuff going into this video but i plan to do more than just Slade Wilson
Views: 288 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline (Unused Content #3)
Battlefield Hardline Unused Content video.. The MG4 and other items that are now removed from the game.. If you enjoy the series let me know what game you would like me to find for Unused Content.
Views: 203 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline (Unused Content #1 Bronco OV-10)
First video of the series and now i start to work on the Unused Content of the battlefield Series, This series will predominantly focus on BF4 and BFH but can switch to other channels as well. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYNigtmare
Views: 273 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create Agent Smith (Matrix)
Thanks to the people who suggested some new characters, I finally made a new video showing on how to create Agent Smith from the Matrix Movies.. This is part of a on going series in which i create outfits from past GTA games or complete different franchises all alone. Music: Matrix Theme Metal Remake Thanks to Roadworthy of Joint Special Operation and Tatics IF you would like to join JSOT please head over to http://gtaforums.com/topic/791462-joint-special-operations-teamxb1/page-10 and processed to do the application process, Thank you.
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Grand Theft Auto Online: How to create Claude from GTA 3
This is a Tutorial on how to make Claude From GTA 3 and show what clothing and hairstyle to finally make your character similar to the Silent protagonist.. Please Share and Like the video if you enjoy the content..
Views: 467 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline RO933 M1 Gold!
Got gold for the RO933 m1 after two weeks of trying my hardest... It wasn't easy but did manage to grind out 1000 kills over all.
Views: 184 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create Leon S Kennedy
Check out this video on how to make your character dress like Leon s Kennedy from the Resident Evil Series in GTA Online, Check out my other videos to see some other way to dress your character as well. I decided not to make two separate videos but just one whole video on how to make Leon Kennedy from RE4 and RE6. Don't forget to drop a like and Comment down below what should my next How to Create video character to be.
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Battlefield Hardline (AWP ASIIMOV creation)
So today i bring you the AWP ASIIMOV in BFH, The Camo was just release for me recently so i was able to pull this off easy.. If you enjoy this customization then feel free to hit that subscribe button.
Views: 3282 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield: Hardline Robbery DLC (New Camos & Vehicles)
So i Previously Record this yesterday and released it today. Visceral Games released Screenshots of the new camos and vehicles coming in the robbery DLC. Check out some of the camos and screenshots! Music: Supersoker by Kings of Leon (Instrumental Cover)
Views: 1372 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield: Hardline Robbery DLC (Weapons)
New weapons coming to BF:H and most people are mistaking one gun for the ammo being used. Correction: The f2000 is the correct gun not the F200 as i said by accident so that is identified I also Mention how the guns are easy to obtain.. I clearly did not edit the full mess up that i read wrong and said wrong.. The guns are not easy to obtain in the USA.. Music: Everglades Theme: Battlefield Hardline
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Custom Xbox One GamerPic (Xbox App)
Here is how you can change your Xbox Avatar or Gamepic to a custom photo Requirements: Photo 1080x1080 Must be PNG or Jpeg Windows 10 PC Xbox Beta App Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFY__Gaming
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Grand Theft Auto: 5 Beta Weapons Part 2
Back in 2015 i made a video regarding some of the cut weapons of the game, Lately the video has gained some popularity and I decided to go back and update the video! Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYNigtmare
Views: 437 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield 1 Cinematic (Monte Grappa)
Here a small cinematic for Monte Grappa, This cinematic uses non scripted fights meaning all recorded in public lobbies. This video is also using Surround Sound 5.1 Music: Medal of Honor Classic Theme Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFY__Gaming
Views: 51 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create Smiley Gang Member (Manhunt)
From Rockstar most conversational game "Manhunt" to Grand Theft Auto Online.. I am here to show you how to create.. The Smiley Gang member known simply as "Please Stop Me" This is part of a on-going series in which i recreate some of the outfits from past GTA Characters or entirely different franchise.. Don't forget to drop a Like or Comment on which you like to see in the outfit category.
Views: 1446 GFY Gaming Crew
GTA Online Solo Lobby Method (Xbox Only - Wireless to Wired)
This method will show you how one of the oldest methods in GTA:O that can't be patched. Hopefully you gets enjoyed the video, If so drop a like and share down below. Music: TBOGT Theme Song Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYGamingCrew
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[NG-RP] San Andreas Police Department - Responding to calls. (SAPD 20)
This is a short video that does not need to take a number as it is not considered a part of the series.. It first video is edit in favor of HMA.. But non the less time to release this video as i am on Leave for the game until the 30th Song: Darude - Sandstorm (Bass Kleph Bootleg)
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Battlefield Hardline Criminal DLC Free, Channel Update!
So criminal DLC is currently free across all consoles/PC so if i were you i would try and get this before its gone. Also BF1 videos we're on hold since my PC couldn't run the game properly, New Hardware is need to atleast run it.
Views: 61 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline (Unused Content #2 Dust Bowl)
Dust Bowl, one of the most played map in Battlefield Hardline, but did you know Dust Bowl was different in design during the Alpha Stages? Come check out the video.
Views: 285 GFY Gaming Crew
How to Create (Miami Vice Edition)
The 80's were a time where Miami what hot and place to party, Detectives wore with open suit and road around in a Ferrari.. Oh wait... that was just Miami Vice. Learn to create Crockett or Tubbs with these clothing tutorials. Music: Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice Guitar Extended) Players: Maddogz654 xxN8mare GFYxx Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more videos like this or some Battlefield 1 Moments, Enjoy!
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Academi PMC Operation: Security Detail
This is the Academi PMC crew of GTA 5 Xbox, What is aAcademi PMC: Academi Security Consulting gives protection to any client with highly trained staff and customizable security plans. Academi Security Contractors are chosen and are devoted to serve and protect our clients and will not stop until the job is done. It is Academi's job to not only protect the VIP of whatever you need us to do but to protect everybody in the group. For your safety we will travel in convoys and you can choose the convoys you have the choice below. Weather you use our services once or many times in the future NO MATTER WHAT OUR SERVICE WILL AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE Crew Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/550006-academi-pmc/ Permission is also given for the channel Acdemi PMC to use this video as there own
Views: 681 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to create Tommy Vercetti (Bank Job Outfit)
This is my shortest video on this series... This time I'm showing you how to create Tommy Vercetti Bank job outfit from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Views: 459 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield News (CoD Calls out BF, BFHL No dev support Still?)
Call of Duty players are calling BF Moments fake and Set up, also Battlefield Hardline has no dev support still... IF you enjoy the video drop a Like and Subscribe for more Battlefield News! Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGGLorenzo
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Grand Theft Auto : Online Bikers DLC (Long Range Compact Grenade Launcher Kill)
My long Range kill with the new Compact Grenade Launcher
Views: 228 GFY Gaming Crew
How to Create Jax Teller (Season 4 SoA)
This is how to create Jax Teller from Season 4 of Son of Anarchy, This version of Jax is short Haired and instead of using the clothing in the example i used his usual outfit seen throughout the series. The video was create using Rockstar Editor due to me not unboxing everything in the move. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYNigtmare Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/perfectn Music: This Life by Curtis Stigers Instrumental
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► Battlefield 1 CTE Patch Notes (Weapon Balance, Ribbons, and More)
Dice have released some of the new patch notes for Battlefield 1 update for February. They have also released news on the CTE which will released on a different video this later on when the CTE releases for Consoles. CTE: https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/join-community-test-environment-battlefield-1 Patch Notes: https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_live/comments/5r139s/battlefield_1_cte_patch_1/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYNigtmare Outro Music: Battlefield OST
Views: 284 GFY Gaming Crew
How to Create ( Vic Vance- Army Fatigue)
The how to create series was gone from my channel for more than a year because I wasn't aware of how popular it was, Now that i'm more able to bring it back it now back with its old fashion! Music: Vice City Stories Theme
Views: 232 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline Betrayal (Grand Bazaar Remake is Chinatown)
Official new hit, And the new Chinatown map is Grand Bazaar, This new map is well done and put together decently. Don't let the night aspect full you, It is well lit up. Music: Battlefield OST - Kai Bleeds Out & Zipline
Views: 597 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create Albert Wesker
This is a short video on how to create Albert Wesker. I've been sick so no voice over for this video... Please remember to Like, Comment, and Sub for more Grand Theft Auto content.. and remember to catch me live on twitch .
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EA Star Wars Battlefront 2  Leak! (Reaction and Breakdown)
Its been a while guys and i'm posting more commentary videos soon, so hang in there as we see the new leaked star wars trailer and remember the force is strong with this one! Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtZZECiMxFQ May the force be with you!
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Star Wars Battlefront (Fighter Squadron is Epic)
Thanks for the 100 Subscribers, This mean so much for me to see that i exceeded my goals! Squadron Righter is one of the best games modes i've played in a while. So it no surprise that i enjoy every minute of the game, What do you guys think of Star Wars Battlefront? Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ngglorenzo Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGGLorenzo
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Call of Duty WW2 Prop Hunt (Run Away Bullet)
Well this video was taken down earlier to address a issue i oversaw with the video. So i decided to restart my channel with some CoD with some of my friends i play with, This is our first funny moments and idk how well i did this. Don't forget to Subscribe, Like, and Comment if you enjoyed the video! Twitter: https://twitter.com/xPunisher_GFYx https://twitter.com/GFYGamingCrew Music: Spongebob OST Call of Duty MW3 African Militia Spawn Theme
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Star Wars Battlefront Easter Egg (Stormtrooper Headbutt)
The Infamous blooper from a new hope makes a return in star wars battlefront on a mission called OverPower, In the opening Cutscene you can see a Stormtrooper hit his head on a stairway, I added in the original headbutting sound to indicated him hitting his head.. Enjoy with all the glory.
Views: 476 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline (Gun Bench Easter Egg)
Here a little Easter egg from another EA game and Movie series.. Enjoy and remember to like and sub for more Battlefield Content
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Here is Video 11 of my SFPD series, My recent videos got flagged for copyright and was terminated because of my fellow officer, So this new channel will only show NGRP and My videos only. Track list in order: Benni Benassy - Satisfaction (Trap Remix) [Basster] Skrillex ft. Alvin Risk - Try It Out (DJ Antony Ufa Remix) Lost Woods Dubstep Remix - Ephixa Most of the mods that are used: 2013 Unmarked Dodge Charger http://www.mediafire.com/download/np23fmd7utg2e5u/Dodge_Charger_2013_Updated.rar 2013 Dodge Charger Cruiser http://www.mediafire.com/download/pilvy5ynmrxkvih/Visalia+Poice+deparment+Cruiser.rar Weapon mods: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uu2uj2g7gbw95o2/DayZ+Weapons+Pack.rar Mobile Hud Edit: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7gd3462ozulw3x9/Gta+SA+Mobile+hud.rar
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Battlefield: Hardline Betrayal (CTE Weapons Stats)
So after the M1903 i got more info on the guns and some stats from another YouTuber who has just hit a milestone with his channel.. xzhpete Chennel: https://www.youtube.com/user/xzhpete
Views: 581 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield Hardline: Shotgun Nightmare (Spas 12 & Ithaca Stakeout)
This video is what i call a killing spree with the Spas 12 and Stakeout. Don't forget to Hit that like button, Share the video around and check out Billis' channel for more Battlefield Content. Cinematic by: billis FPS ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7rX... ) Music: Virtual Riot - Nightmare ft. Splitbreed (Zuko Remix)
Views: 270 GFY Gaming Crew
Battlefield: Hardline Robbery DLC (Precinct 7)
So Precinct 7 is the newest Snow maps for Battlefield Hardline so i decided to talk about it a bit and show off some nice Cinematic of the map as well as Screenshots Music: Marvin Garrix - Rewind Repeat It (GH Remake)
Views: 253 GFY Gaming Crew
Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Create Sam Fisher
So here we are again, A New video on how to create... Today i show you how to dress like Sam Fisher, This is a on going series in which I show you how to dress like a protagonist or Anti-hero of some of your favorite video games... Don't forget to Like and Share the video if you enjoy this content.. Also Sub if you would like to see more of this content on my channel... Music: Lock & Load (Nigtmare Remix) by MNDR Ft. Killer Mike Free Music Download: https://soundcloud.com/dj_perfections/lock-load-nigtmare-remix Enjoy the free download of this remix.. IF anyone from Rockstar Games or Label of the record has any issue with the song.. Please contact me at ([email protected]) Thank you..
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Battlefield™ 1 Montage Monday (Die Die Die!)
New montage for Montage Monday!! We are back and this the whole platoon is ready to kill! Song: Bullet For My Valentine - Creeping Death (Metallica Cover) Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFYGamingCrew
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Battlefield Hardline (Two Hidden Features)
These are two hidden features from battlefield Hardline, Not a lot of people know about then but now it time to learn about it. If you enjoyed the video go ahead and subscribe for more Battlefield Content! Twitter: https://twitter.com/PerfectN_Gaming Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/perfectnigtmare
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