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Cryptic 2017: Art and Science Discussion
As part of the second edition of the art and science exhibition Cryptic 2017, Ben Murray and Clot Magazine (Lula Criado and Meritxell Rosell) organised a discussion about intuition, creativity and process in art, science and technology, with Prof. Arthur I Miller, Dr Max Reuter, and Adam Peacock, chaired by Ben Murray.
Biomorpha (Evolving Structures)
Digital interactive installation by Ben Murray and Neus Torres Tamarit. Performance by Aimee Dulake and Jessie Richardson. Biomorpha explores mutation and the response of a species to evolutionary pressure. The performers create a changing evolutionary landscape that represents both a threat and an opportunity to the Biomorpha organism. The Biomorpha program tracks the performers using a Kinect camera sensor, tracking people within its range and translating their position into Biomorpha's virtual world. The performers interacted with Biomorpha in a series of improvised dance performances. They learned how Biomorpha responds to them and, in turn, learned to respond to Biomorpha, creating an evolutionary ecosystem with a complex dialogue. All of Biomorpha's responses are random mutations of its current form; improvisations upon its existing structure. In this sense, its performance is also improvised and the resulting work is an evolutionary ecosystem with a complex improvised dialogue.
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