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Abstract Painting on Pot with Nail Polish
Learn how to transfer beautiful abstract designs from water to a Pot.
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How to paint on OHP sheets (Glass painting)
For having a glass painting in the home, you don't need glass. You can paint on OHP Sheets (plastic sheets) to get the glass painting effect.
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Pot Painting using M-Seal | Lilac Flower Decoration | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Paints
Hello people, welcome back to DIY Craftopedia. I recently looted a terracotta shop (yep...!) and bought a ton of pots for an extremely cheap price. So, this summer, it will be a terracotta fest in my channel. Materials used- - Terracotta Pot - Shilpkar (White M-Seal) - Enamel Paint (Brown) - Hair Dye Brush (for Enamel Paint) - Acrylic paints ( Metallic Pink and Violet colors) - Synthetic Brushes (for Acrylic Paints) - Gloves and Newspaper (to avoid a mess)
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How to make a Handmade Paper Bag | Textured Paper Origami
Hello People, Welcome back to my Channel. Plastics are a Boon and a Bane. Usage of plastic bags are on high because of their cheap availability. But they aren't easily discarded. Hence, the usage of paper bags is a good alternative. The best part is, they are super attractive than simple plastic bags and your can customize them to match your taste and personality. Materials Required - - Textured Chart Sheet (if you don't find one, you can use any thick chart paper) - Jute Thread (1.5 meters long) - Hot Glue Gun (Or any good Glue) - Card board sheet (of thickness 0.5 cm to 1 cm) - Scissors - Ruler/Scale - A sharp object (Compass/Divider/empty pen..etc) - Cello Tape - Stapler
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Making a Gel Wax Crushed Crystal Candle | Easy No Heat Process!
Hello people, Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. Candle making was always one of my favorite Craft Works. Hence, trying out new methods is always exciting. This time, I'm making a Gel Wax Candle Here is the link for Asian Hobby Crafts Gel Wax Packet from Amazon - https://amzn.to/2HUsftN Gel Wax Candle Colours from Asian Hobby Crafts - https://amzn.to/2t1vjzU Other Materials Required - - Glass Tumbler - Candle Wick - Gloves - A Bowl to mix Gel Wax. The above Amazon links are affiliate. I receive a small commission when you use them with no extra cost to you.
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Candle Making - Designer Tower Candles
This Video shows you how to make a designer tower candle using ice tray. Materials- - Wax - Candle colours (Crayons) - Ice Cubes Tray - Vessels (for melting wax) - Spoon - Candle Wick - Needle/Screw Driver
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How to make an Embossed Painting with Paper Mache
You need - Paper mache, chalk powder, acrylic paints, cloth, brushes, sponge. How to make paper mache - Tear some newspaper into small pieces and soak them in water for an entire 24 hrs. Then, grind the soaked papers in mixie or grinder. this is how you make paper mache. Them mix 500 gm of chalk powder in 3 cups of paper mache.
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Learn Pencil Shading - A Tree - For Beginners.
In this video, I will tech you how to shade a tree using pencils of - HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B and 8B. All these pencils are available in 'Camlin Drawing Pencils' worth Rs.45 /- . I will show you Step-by-Step process of drawing and shading a tree. You can use this tree in any landscape which you may make.
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How to make a Textured Bowl with POP | Plaster of Paris Crafts
Hello Guys, Welcome to DIY Craftopedia! This is the first time I'm working with Plaster of Paris. It was fun and most importantly, It was economical. The kind of products which we can make with POP is a lot costlier in the shop than the POP packet itself. I have made a Wood Textured Bowl with it. Materials needed - - POP (Gypsum Powder) - Two bowls of the same shape but different size - Any old container to mix POP - Crushed plastic sheet. - Water - Spoon to mix. - Newspaper and gloves. I have put a hole it and I'm going to use it as a planter.
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Making a Swan Pot using M-Seal
Use any clay to create stunning bird shaped pottery.
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Abstract Pot Painting | Recycling Broken Pot | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Colours
Welcome to DIY Craftopedia People! Recently, I visited a Terracotta shop and bought much fabulous potteries. Along with them, I brought home some broken pottery also for free. Repairing them wasn't any huge task. I just used White M-Seal (Silpkar) to cover up the broken parts. For the pot, I have done an Abstract fiery design using Orange and Red Nail Paints. Materials Used - - Terracotta Pot - Acrylic colors - Brushes - Metallic Paints - Nail Enamels (Nail Polish) - A Bowl of warm water - M-Seal (Shilpkar) / any air-dry clay can be used - Sculpting Tools/Screw drivers (Optional)
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Soft Pastel Painting - Basic Landscape - Beach
Learn the art of Soft Pastel Work by Making a Simple painting of a Beach. Visit my site - www.craftopediasss.blogspot.in for DIY Craft projects and Painting Techniques
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Fashion Illustration - Black & White Sparkling Dress
Who says Black or Grey are dull colors? Presenting Glittering Black and White long dress design by DIY Craftopedia. Materials - - Watercolour Pencils. - Flat Brush. - Round Brush. - Black and Silver Sparkler Pens. Don't forget to Share,Subscribe and Like!
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Cotton Candy Candle Making Tutorial
Hi Guys, Welcome back to DIY Craftopedia. I LOVE Candle making. And this technique is one of its kind to make a textured candle. The cloudy look of the candle where the colors blend softly gives it a cotton feel. Materials - - Wax - Candle Mould - Candle Wick - Two vessels - Induction Cooker/ Double Boiler - Spoon - Wet cloth - Wax Crayons (For colors) My other Candle Videos - The Best (and safe) Wax Melting Technique - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmHFfg9BaIg Making a Designer Tower Candle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTXtWUpBLws My complete Candle Making Videos Collection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMj-xiuuOY8&list=PLEHwWyr-N0fkXIwdb6weNEeXZh5M40vrF
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How to Make Abstract Pillar Candle
This Simple Technique will help you make breath taking Abstract Candles. Visit www.craftopediasss.blogspot.in for the "Candle Making Festival". Find many different ways to carve Candles.
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How to Make a Gemstone Pillar Candle
Welcome back to DIY CRAFTOPEDIA! Another candle making video is ready (this happens to be my personal favorite.) A Gemstone effect Candle. The uniqueness of this idea is that the entire candle has an abstract ragged look. I have chosen the shades of blue and indigo for this candle. Materials Needed - - Wax - Mould - Wick - Crayons - Double Boiler (or any two vessels) - Ice-cube tray - Knife/Cutter My other Candle Videos - The Best (and safe) Wax Melting Technique - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmHFf... Making a Designer Tower Candle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTXtW... My complete Candle Making Videos Collection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMj-x...
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Pot Painting using White M-Seal | Tribal Woman Mural | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Colours
Hello Guys! Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. Shilpkar/White M-Seal is a marvelous product for Pot Decoration. This time, I am using it to make a Mural of Tribal Woman. I have given the pot a dark background because I wanted the mural to get enhanced. I have used acrylic gold for jewelry. You can use screwdrivers and needles for detailing. Materials Used - - Terracotta Pot - Acrylic Paints - Nail Paints (Nail Enamel) - Enamel Paints - Brushes - Shilpkar (White M-Seal)/(Any air drying clay) - Sculpting tools/ Needle - A tub full of warm water. Learn the basics of Pot Decoration using Shilpkar (Preparing M-Seal) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDArcnSU77w Learn the Procedure of Water Painting on Pot using Nail Paints - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCirw-Mazb8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF9OzBAPEjA My Other Pot Painting Videos - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF9OzBAPEjA&list=PLEHwWyr-N0fmPFe-pHJqnI80UaSg7bWa1 My Candle Making Videos - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMj-xiuuOY8&list=PLEHwWyr-N0fkXIwdb6weNEeXZh5M40vrF Don't Forget to Like and Share my Videos. If you are new to my channel, do Subscribe as I make videos on Craft Ideas, Painting Techniques and many more.
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How to make Abstract Ice Candle
When Wax is poured into the ice cubes in a mould, it melts the ice and gets solidified. In this process, it will take extraordinary shapes. You need - Wax Ice Cubes Mould Wick Double Boiler or (one big vessel and one small vessel)
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How to Paint a Cherry Blossom Bonsai Pot
I found this amazing bonsai pot in the terracotta shop recently. This pot was perfect for my Jade plant Bonsai. But it was dull and boring. So I decided to spice it up. This shade of baby pink and cute cherry blossoms will definitely give it fresh look.
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How to make an Ice Cream Sticks Candle Shade | Popsicle Stick Art
We have done many candles in the last posts. Hence, we need a candle shade for them. Isn't it? Ice cream Sticks seems to be the perfect material. For this awesome looking candle stand, all you need are Popsicle Sticks (Ice Cream Sticks) and Glue (I would have preferred Hot Glue Gun, if it didn't produce so much of glue strands!)
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How to Recycle Old Tyres
Transform old, unused Tyres into Gorgeous Patio chair or Creative Planters. You Need - Old Tyres, Enamel Paints, Brushes, Pillows(for chair) or Soil & Plants(for planters).
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Embossed painting with Ceramic
This Video helps you to make Landscapes in a embossing way with Ceramic. The video helps you to understand how to mould different things in your selected landscape.
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How to make a Peaock out of a small pot with shilpkar (clay)
This Video will help how to make a peacock pot out a clay and an old small pot.
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How to paint and Decorate a pot using M-Seal
Hello People, Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. My Blog is now ready with detailed written instructions for my craft ideas and many more interior decor hacks! Check it out here - www.craftopediasss.blogspot.in Paints such as enamel, glass paints and oil paints are not soluble in water. That is, they will float on water. Using this character of enamel paints can produce awesome design on water surface which could be transferred to the pot. This post will teach you how to do that technique to get a fantastic abstract pot for home decor. Here is the link to buy the clay (Fevicry Shilpkar) which I used from Amazon - https://amzn.to/2MvGj0F You need - A pot Enamel Paints (at least 2 colors) A Tub full of water. (The diameter of the tub should be slightly greater that the height of the pot.) A Stick (To make patterns on water) Gloves (optional) Newspapers (To avoid mess).
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How to Make a Soft Pastel Landscape - Autumn Scene
Learn the Simple art of Soft Pastel Work with DIY Craftopedia. All you need is - Soft pastels, A Smooth Cloth, A Sheet of paper with simple landscape drawing and ......... some creativity !!!
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How to Make a Layered Gel Wax Candle | Designer Gel Candle Making Tutorial
Hello people, Welcome to DIY Craftopedia! My Blog is completely Ready. Check out my latest Candle making Ideas in written instruction with details here - http://craftopediasss.blogspot.com/search/label/Candle%20Making My last video on Gel wax fetched a lot of popularity by you folks. Hence, I decided that another Gel Candle idea would be appreciated by you. This one is really special and slightly tricky. Gel Wax is jelly. It bends like a thick sponge cloth. Materials required - - Gel Wax (You can buy at amazon - https://amzn.to/2HUsftN ) - Gel Wax colours (You can buy at amazon - https://amzn.to/2t1vjzU ) - Candle Wick - Double Boiler setup - A clean plate or tray - Spoon/Spatula - Big Needle/Thin stick - Scissors. Check out my first Gel Wax Candle Making video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0fePp91M0o&t=4s&list=PLEHwWyr-N0fkXIwdb6weNEeXZh5M40vrF&index=13 How to Make a Designer Tower Candle without Silicon Mould - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTXtWUpBLws&list=PLEHwWyr-N0fkXIwdb6weNEeXZh5M40vrF&index=9 (The above Amazon Links are affiliate. When, you use them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)
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Marble Painting on Glass Bowls
Using enamel paints, transfer stunning abstract patterns onto glass bowls.
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Watercolor Pencil Technique
DIY Craftopedia presents a tutorial on water colour pencils. I used Staedtlar company's 24 shades set. These are basically colour pencils, but are soluble in water. First, the sketch is made normally. then using wet brushes, the painting is given an Watercolour effect. You will need a flat brush and a very thin point brush. Better use a water color paper for this project.
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Visit www.craftopediasss.blogspot.in for more such art and craft Tutorials. In the Video , I have shown how to draw one tree. Practice that technique and then try the others which are just shown. You need - Colour Pencils A Paper Pencil and eraser.
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How to Paint a Leaf - Acrylic Painting
Learn how to paint a leaf with Acrylic paints - Easy for Fabric and Canvas Painting.
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How to paint Terracotta Plate with Madhubani Design
Hey guys, Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. I'm Sanathan and this channel is all about pottery, Pot painting and many more such crafts. For the first time, I tried working on a terracotta Plate. I found this plate while shopping for vases and decided to try it out. With just slight practice with paint brush, you can create stunning madhubani patterns. You may need a circular template or protractor for this project.
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Fashion Illustration - Mermaid Style Ethnic Lehenga
Hello People! Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. As an amateur (and aspiring) fashion designer, I have been getting a few pieces of inspiration from here and there. I personally love floor-length gowns and lehengas(Indian floor length gowns-ethnic wear). When I saw a particularly royal looking mermaid gown, I decided to blend it with typical Indian lehengas. From that thought, I made this design. The textiles I imagined are the Kanchipuram Zari Silk for the skirt and Velvet cloth for the blouse. And, yellow-colored georgette cloth for the dupatta (the cloth wrapped around the hands). Materials used - - HB, 2B, 4B pencils - Staedtler Watercolor pencils - Synthetic Flat and Round Brushes - Green, Red, and orange Stick pens (Fineliners) - Gold Sparkler pen. Hope you like it. I would be delighted to hear your suggestions in the comment section below. (PS: Please excuse the proportions and body structure of my model as I have just started fashion sketching and I'm still practicing)
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Fashion Sketching - Orange Ball Dress - Water Colour Pencils
Tried my first fashion attempt. Of course a few improvements needed. But, a good attempt....I feel! Done using Staedlar's Watercolor Pencils.
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How to make a Woman out of Pots| M-Seal and Clay Art on Matka
Hello Guys! Welcome back to DIY Craftopedia. I know your favorite is Pot Painting ideas. Hence, I have another idea on making this beautiful lady using two small pots and M-Seal. The best part about this video is that I have shown how to make a mould for the face of the lady using my old doll and Glue Gun.
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How to Make a Handmade Paper Bag
This Video Teaches you The Techniques of making Paper Bag. For this use a Handmade or textured paper.
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How to make Leaf Skeletons without any Chemicals
When the chlorophyll (Green) is removed from a leaf, the skeleton of the leaf is left behind. This skeleton is almost transparent and does not dry up. These skeletons could be painted and could be used for decorating walls. It could be used as bookmarks or on greeting cards and more. Usually, these leaf skeletons are made using the leaves of evergreen trees. For example - Peepal, Jackfruit, Maple, etc. My favourite is peepal leaf. In this post, I will teach you how to make a peepal leaf skeleton and paint it.
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How to Make Stoking Cloth Flower 2 ( Hibiscus )
This Video Teaches you how to make Hibiscus Flower out of Stoking Cloth.
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Pot Painting (Transforming old into new)
Watch the transformation of normal pot and lid into a stylish container which could be used for any purpose. Very easy for both adults and children.
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Soft Pastel Painting - Basic Colour Blending
Learn the basics of Soft Pastel Work by Making a Simple painting of a raven. Visit my site - www.craftopediasss.blogspot.in for DIY Craft projects and Painting Techniques
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How to Carve You Candle using Screw Drivers
Crave your Normal Candle into a Masterpiece by using simple tools of Screw Driver. Click here to View how to make a Candle- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMj-xiuuOY8
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Candle making - Designer Tower Candle - Ice Cube Tray Hacks
This Video shows you how to make a designer tower candle using ice tray. Materials- - Wax - Candle colours (Crayons) - Ice Cubes Tray - Vessels (foe melting wax) - Spoon - Candle Wick - Needle
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Pencil Shading - Landscape.
Learn how to draw and shade a simple landscape with Craftopedia. You need - A Paper, Drawing pencils of different variations. A Scale, Eraser and Sharper.
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How to Decorate your pot with Shilpkar 1
Decorating Pot with Shilpkar or Clay
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How to make an Incense Stick Stand with Terracotta Pot | Matka Agarbatti Stand
Hello Craftopedians! (That's sounds cool, isn't it!) Make this cute Ganesh (Elephant) themed terracotta pot, incense stick stand with shilpkar clay. I have used White M-Seal for this project. You can use any air-dry clay as well. Use Metallic Acrylic paints for best effect! #MatkaDecoration #Pot Painting
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Pot Decoration and Painting using M-Seal
Hello people. Welcome to DIY Craftopedia. This video features the step by step procedure for decorating your pot with Shilpkar (White M-Seal)
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How to Melt Wax Safely and Easily
This video shows you how to melt OLD/NEW wax for your candle projects.
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