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Liberty park drum circle 8.2.09
This guy is one of my dad's hippie friends. He's a trip to watch zone out in the center of the drum circle. It's fun to watch. The tie dye shirt he is wearing, and the big tie dye banners behind my dad was made by my dad and his hippie friends. You can see their other work here: http://www.youtube.com/ShadesofColor69
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Far East Movement Ft. Bill Kaulitz-If I die tomorrow
Believe it or not, these 8 year old twins are cuter than the Kaulitz twins!
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Liberty park drum circle slc 8.2.09
The drum circle at liberty park not too long after it starts to get dark.
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Drunk native american homeless dudes chanting at the drum circle
I was at the drum circle with my hippie dad when these crazy drunk ass native american dudes come out of nowhere and take the drum sticks from some guy and start pounding on his drum and chanting. They smelled really drunk. I think I got a little buzzed just from them walking past me. haha.
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Six legs that's insects for you!
My sister Madison learned a new song in school. She's Soooo cute. "Head, Thorax, abdomen, Head, Thorax abdomen. Eyes and mouth antennas too. Six legs that's insects for you. "
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We're drunk. We're fat. We're awesome. CRAZY!!
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It's kinda dark..
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drunk pissing
Jodi is drunk and peeing outside of someones door.... hahah. She's my hero.
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"Don't put this on youtube, or I'll have your ass!"
After a few glasses of wine on thanksgiving. For the first 10 seconds of the video, Natalie thinks I'm taking pictures. haha.
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Grandma playing with Ethan
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Those wet wipes saved his life.
My aunt Natalie telling us a heart-warming story of her husband who ate sea food and got screaming diarhea while driving through Mesquite.
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My dad gettin down in the drum circle
My dad shakin his money maker in the drum circle. haha. He's the one in the tie dye wife beater tank top.
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Ethan wrote a song for his grandma Dina
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We're drunk, and flailing about.
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Rosenquist/Ostler Family Traditions
Rosenquist/Ostler family photos. Most are from the last couple months, and some are from the past 4 years. All are pretty recent. Some family members only have one or two photos of them, This is because I did this slideshow in a half hour and didn't have time to dig up more pictures. I didn't have pictures of other family members but I will make a better video with lots more pictures of everyone else. Song: Hank Williams Jr. - Family Traditions (I'm not really a fan of Hank Williams Jr., The song just seemed fitting.) Enjoy.
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Bloody cocoa[1]
Me, Nick and mary at Ihop. Nick gets a bloody nose and it's in the cocoa we were sharing...EWWWW!
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Boom Boom pow
My grandma and nick Jammin out to the black eyed peas. Nick is a drag queen. Check him out!!
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Oohh Peice o' candy!!
Nick's gettin his hair bleached. Like his outfit?
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Beatboxing Baby
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Peek-a-boo baby
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The neighbor's garage on fire.
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My cat and dog licking and grooming eachother like boyfriends would do.
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Just updating his Facebook. Haha. :)
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My son Ethan
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Nick's guitar
My little brother Nick playing the guitar. not sure what song this is.. But for 17 he kicks ass.
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Ethan listening to his uncle Nick play guitar
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Splashin in the tub
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Dear Ethan
For my son.
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stand by me
Our drunken rendition of stand by me. :)
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Car ride with Ethan
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picking up chris
Couldn't find my flashlight...
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JoshLee take 11
My phone has a really shitty camera, But Josh is kicking ass on his nunchucks. :) It's not very good quality but Josh has skills. You only wish you could be a numchuck mastuhhhhh too! haha.
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Suck a dick on channel 3
We're drunk singing happy birthday to Meesa. haha. We were unbelievably WASTED. I barely remember this. haha.
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Birthday silly string
Gramma got attacked by silly string at 7 in the morning on her b-day.
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Baby ethan laughing at his hiccups
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When I think of my grandma Rosie...
Natalie's speech to honor my grandma Rosie at her memorial. "When I think of my Grandma, Irene Rosenquist, I think of a timeless classic beauty. As a child I remember her latest fashionable clothing, her blond wavy hair, her deep blue eyes, red lips and fingernails. I remember sitting next to her watching her draw and crochet. She could draw anything in small detail and color and she crocheted all of us dresses, hats and ponchos. In the summer, she would take us for walks and then we would get frozen yogurt at Winder Dairy. At night I would sit next to her on the piano bench while she played beautiful music and the family all stood around and danced. She collected shiny, miniature, antique grand pianos and when all of the kids would come to visit we would get told not to touch. We pretended to play like grandma, our tiny fingers fit on the tiny keys just perfect!! Today, I looked through pictures of her when she was young and the way she looked was like the gorgeous 1950s women in the movies with the dark red lipstick and wavy up-dos and black formal evening gowns. She had one knee popped in a natural, feminine pose. I saw pictures of her with my mom in matching Easter dresses and my Uncle Steve and Uncle Mark dressed up in suits. My Grandpa Rosie told me about the first day he met her. She was wearing a polka-dot summer dress and he said that it was love at first sight. They sat and ate lunch together. They have been married for 61 years, traveled to many different places. I saw their wedding picture and she had the same beautiful smile as I remember. Their love story reminds me of the movie The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks. Its a newer 1950s Romance, about a couple who falls in love during the war and it tells how they met, and raised a family. He tells their story out of her note book, in her rest home to help her remember him as she suffered from great memory loss. The story he tells is the only thing that helps her remember. In the end they spent their last moments together. Grandma was forever timeless, classy and incredibly beautiful. In her later years she still had her hair curled, make-up, nail and toenails painted and the latest fashionable outfit on. She never let herself go and she would always tell us how young she was. She truly made an impression on my life and I am grateful and blessed to be her grand-daughter. On the day of her passing we were all around her bed. She was on life support and in a comma but she was so incredibly strong, she reached out to all of us. We talked to her and told her how much we loved her and that everything would be okay. She would squeeze our hands and we saw her facial expressions. When grandpa came into the room we could all see that she needed him and how much she loved him. I was so grateful I was their in her last moments. She had her husband, her sister and all of her kids and her grand kids next to her. She will be in our hearts forever. I love you Grandma Rosie. "
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Ready, set, go! Singing tokio hotel
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Ethan petting the dog with his feet.
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Drunken C walk.
This is not really my scene of people, But I went to this party with a friend and everyone was drunk trying to do the C walk. One of the tiny mexicans dusted off my shoe while dancing.... Wtf? Then, about an hour later the tiny mexicans got in a fight with two other guys at the party (they're both in the video) and the tiny mexicans got fucked up... and they broke the windsheild in their car, and stole their stereo. Needless to say, I'll stick to partying with my metal head friends. Much less drama.
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Ethan eating... quietly
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It's just a little tight.
After a night of drinkin' tequila, Tony squeezes into a sexy little outfit, and struts it. HAHAHA
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11 year old sings cup song only a few hours after learning.
She's such a quick learner! Any rude comments will cost you your soul. ;)
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