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IL2 Cliffs of Dover - Grey Box
What is that grey box all about?
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DCS Vintage Warbirds - Update - March 2019
List of WW2 related content news for DCS for March 2019
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IL2 Cliffs of Dover: Spitfire Tutorial (720p)
start up and get airborne without engine blowing up. Explains main controls/ key mappings required for getting airborne in Spitfire. Relevant to 1a, 1a(100) and 2a variants. Team Fusion Patch 3.1 installed.
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DCS  - How to Bomb in the Spitfire - Combat Flight Sim Tutorial
Looking at an "official" technique for bombing in the Spitfire IX, as posted by Bunyap on the ED forums: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3586097&postcount=1
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Xcom 2 - Long War 2 mod - Edit / Change Mission Timers
Quick 3:30 video explaining an easy method for changing the mission timers/ mission time limits in the Long War 2 mod for Xcom 2. Notepad ++ is advised for editing
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DCS AJS37 Viggen - Cold War Server montage
Selected cuts from the last few weeks flying on the Cold War Server in the Viggen. Thanks to Heatblur for this superb DCS module, and to Alpenwolf for an excellent server to fly it on. Music composed by me. . . might as well avoid any copyright issues by writing it yourself.
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IL2 Cliffs of Dover: Suggested Info-Window configuration
My suggested setup for in-game InfoWindows.
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IL2 Flying Circus - First Look
Just released, the first two aircraft of the Flying Circus Game/ Modules for IL2. In this Episode I take a brief look at the Spad 13 and the Fokker DR.1
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SABRE CUTS - A DCS Cinematic
Cinematic compilation from Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS). Music composed and played by me. Re-use rights given only on request.
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5 Tips for Combat Sim Pilots - NUMBER FOUR - Take every chance to gain Airspeed
Video number four in a series of 5 tips for flight sim combat pilots
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DCS AI Damage Improvements - II
Follow up to my video from yesterday where I looked at the AI for the warbirds. This time we look at the Koera-era Jets.
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87 Octane Adventures #1 - IL2 Cliffs of Dover
Flying the 87 octane spitfire 1 on ATAG server
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DCS Viggen - Cold War Air to Air - 1440p
I decided to try my luck at some air to air action online.
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23 October 2016 - Storm of War
Highlights from a series of sorties flown on Storm of War server on 23rd October 2016.
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IL2 Cliffs of Dover - The Worst shooting you will ever see
Rounds Fired:2400 Rounds Hit:11
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DCS World - Copy Control Settings between versions 1.5 and 2.0
Quick 3 minute tutorial explaining which folders/ files to copy over from 1.5 to 2.0 in order to keep your control setup.
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AJS 37 Viggen 16-2 Red Flag Campaign - Mission 1
Mission one from the Jan 2018 DCS Viggen single player campaign
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DCS Viggen Can do Everything
Taking the Viggen out for a bit of ground pounding with some A2A entanglements mixed in.
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5 Tips for Combat Sim Pilots - NUMBER THREE - Don't Climb into a Fight
Video number three in a series of 5 tips for flight sim combat pilots
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DCS Aircraft Spotting III - 3D models at 40km? How?
I ran a test mission at 1440p and noticed I could see B17 3D models at a surprisingly long range... This seems to contradict my previous videos. AA (SMAA / FXAA/ MSAA) has a lot to do with this. I have also added some mild "sharpening" in reshade..
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DCS Spitfire IX - Takeoff Practice
Practicing my takeoffs. Thanks to Nick Grey for some advice!
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Skylon Massacre - IL2 Cliffs of Dover - Storm of War
This is me being taught some lessons, by Skylon from JG4. What I thought was an E4/N turned out to be an E4, which I just could not get away from despite having height advantage on BOTH occasions!
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IL2: Cliffs of Dover - RAF Navigation
Some tips for a kind-of (i.e. in-game) VFR based navigation in RAF aircraft.
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My DCS Curves, my sexy DCS curves
My control (axis/ axes) curves for DCS
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DCS Spitfire - A Victory and a Miracle
Some online footage from Dec 31 2016. Combat footage start: 4:23 Aerial victory? (claimed): 11:01 Wing-break: 11:53 Final approach: 14:58
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DCS Spitfire - EPSOM CAMPAIGN - Mission 7 of 12 (some mic issues)
Mission 7 of the Epsom Campaign. timestamps below. I am aware of the mic issues again in this one. Might have been from a taxed CPU? unsure what the cause was/ is. 5:20 - takeoff 14:50 - turning in to contacts 38:30 - base turn onto final for landing
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IL2 Cliffs of Dover: Is there life in the old dog still?
IL2 Cliffs of Dover recieved a patch this weekend. What's it all about? Is this game still a thing? What is this patch? Who done what? tell me more!
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IL2 Cliffs of Dover - Spitfire and Hurricane Control Setup
My suggestions for the bare minimum controls you need to assign to get up and running in the Spitfire or Hurricane in Cliffs of Dover.
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DCS Spitfire Landings - A nut cracked?
Did I finally resolve this? Thanks to all the commenters who helped me! See the video credits at the end:
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DCS - When should I try Multiplayer?
In this video I try to answer the question about when a player is "ready" for multiplayer. I present a list of 5 things to help people get into MP. 2:47 - I said I had a list of 6. There are only 5. I removed one from the video because it was too trivial, but forgot to update the intro.
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Storm of War - 01 October 2016
Sortie record here: http://stormofwar.org/?Page=sorties&sortieid=6616
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5 Tips for Combat Sim Pilots - NUMBER TWO - Fly facing backwards
Video number two in a series of 5
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Il2 cliffs of Dover - Bleeding a 109 energy advantage
Short example of one tactic for bleeding a 109 of its advantages. This is only one method, and it CAN be countered, but it is still worth having in the toolbox.
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DCS Vintage Warbirds - Updates - November 2018
Discussion of the updates for DCS WW2 that I identified for November 2018.
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IL2 CloD - All the Aircraft - #2 Bristol Beaufighter
Brief introduction to another AI-only aircraft in CloD, the Bristol Beaufighter 1F
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5 Tips for Combat Sim Pilots - NUMBER ONE - defensive break turn
I've just moved house, hence the few weeks without any activity on the channel! Now I am back, but only with mobile connection so I will have to keep the vids to 720p until the full network is back up.
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DCS Spitfire - By the Skin o' my Teeth
Online in the spit IX, DCS. Got into a bit of a pickle and only just made it out alive. Spitfire didn't....
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Storm of War -  Using the RADAR
EXplanation of how to use the RADAR in "Storm of War" server to locate and intercept enemy aircraft.
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Sinking Ships and Maiming Migs - with Swedish Waffle
Swedish Waffle and I happened to spawn in around the same time on the Cold War Server. The result, a Maritime strike followed up by a little slap and tickle with a Russian Flying Fish.
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DCS Multiplayer - Viggen Maritime Strike - Cold War Server -1440p
On Alpenwolf's excellent server again. This time, Dix (also from 54 Squadron) and I are off to find some ships.. and hopefully sink some of them.
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DCS 2.2 - A.I. can Dive Bombing?
new option in the M.E. allows the A.I. to be set to dive-bomb
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DCS Vintage Warbirds - Updates - December 2018
The final DCS WW2 update for 2018!
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