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Would You Harbor Me...?
It's a question we must continue to ask.
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Sh*t Progressive Christians Say
It's true.
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#BibleUnplugged | Who Is My Neighbor?
A story from the Gospel of Luke. A story for our time.
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Sh** Pastors Say (When Writing Sermons)
There's so much we say, and don't say, when in the act of trying to figure out how to speak God's Word...
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Sh*t Pastors Say (To Each Other)
Ya know. Whenever pastors hang out and stuff.
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Christ Has No Online Presence But Yours
[A Prayer for a Digital World] Originally written by Meredith Gould, adapted from a prayer by St. Teresa of Ávila. Christ has no online presence but yours, No blog, no Facebook page but yours, Yours are the tweets through which love touches this world, Yours are the posts through which hope is revealed. Christ has no online presence but yours, No blog, no Facebook page but yours.
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#BibleUnplugged ∞ Water Into Wine
From the Gospel of John's magical second chapter, as told by Dr. Tracy Radosevic.
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Mean Christian Tweets (Ep. 8)
We're back with more mean Christian tweets!
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#BibleUnplugged | Luke 2
From the second chapter of Luke comes this oft-told Christmas story.
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Biblical Storytelling | A Primer
An introduction to the art of biblical storytelling, one of the aspects of our Christian community - both online and face-to-face.
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#BibleUnplugged | He Continued To Speak
A foundational story in the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth.
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#BreakingBread | Queering the Christ
#BreakingBread's slideshow introducing the queer Christ is now available in video format.
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#Bible Unplugged | Birth of the Church
From the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.
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Christian Values
Some guidelines from that enigmatic collections of books we call the Holy Bible.
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Honest (Christian) Trailers | Passion of the Christ
Christians could use some honest trailers, too.
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Drunk Bible | Ruth
From the third chapter of this enigmatic Hebrew book.
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#Bible Unplugged | John 20
Our next installment of the Bible Unplugged.
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Reverent Irreverence
Less piety - more laughing. It's what Jesus would do.
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Dumbledore Gives The Best Sermons
It's true. Preachers, take note!
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#BibleUnplugged | The Syrophoenician Woman
A stunning story from Mark's Gospel.
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Remember: You Were Once Foreigners
A digital liturgy concerning God's people in Syria - and the church's response.
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The Drunk Bible | Women, For God's Sake
Blessed is she, y'all!
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The Drunk Bible - Xmas Edition
The Drunk Bible is back - just in time for Christmas.
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10 Non-Crazy Christians in TV & Film
They are there - you just have to find them.
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#BibleUnplugged ∞ Magnificat
A digital telling of Mary's radical song in the Gospel of Luke.
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#BibleUnplugged | Thomas, The Twin
The story of fear and forgiveness, from John's Gospel last month, continues.
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Lullaby by Yocheved
Moses' mother's #CouRAGEousTrust
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Drunk Bible | Eve, Adam, and a Serpentine Snake
A somewhat drunk retelling of Genesis 2-3.
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The Slate Project | It's Simple
What would happen if we went back to the source? To be simple might just be revolutionary.
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Holy Monday
Join us as we seek to understand the last (holy) week of Jesus' life.
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Scary Christianity II
Scary Christianity has been around a long time. (Films shown: Conspiracy; Doubt; 12 Years A Slave; Amistad; The Last Supper; Saved.)
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Brutally Honest Prayers
In film/TV land.
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#TracingRacism ∞ Women Heroes
This episode of #TracingRacism looks at (s)heroes in the movement for black lives across the centuries.
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#BibleUnplugged | Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Person
A powerful moment from Mark's Gospel. As told by Grace Landefeld & Deanna Bracken.
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SLATE | The Drunk Bible
Don't read the Bible in Greek...if you can't read Greek.
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Why Black History Month?
We as people of faith (especially those of us who are white) need to hear voices who convict us.
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Christians Read Mean (Christian) Tweets
Celebrities aren't the only ones who have mean tweets they can read.
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Amos 1-2:8
This video is about Untitled Project
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Jairus and the Bleeding Woman
Biblical storytelling of Mark 5:21-43.
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Artist's Series | Everlong (A Cover)
The Slate Project introduces its "Artist's Series" with a stunning cover of a classic - feat. artist and musician Luke Leverett and musicologist Chris Compton.
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#BibleUnplugged ∞ The Prodigal Parent
A new #BibleUnplugged is live from our friends over at ANKOSfilms – check out this digital interweaving of Scripture and our current day.
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#TracingRacism | Confederate Flag
Our series on tracing racism moves to a certain symbol.
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#BibleUnplugged | Tower Of Babel
One of the most enigmatic stories from Genesis - an example of people coming together...for themselves.
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The Church (What Will the Church Do?)
LYRICS (written by Meredith Gould): Poor cry out, hungry want food, homeless need shelter, and sick need care. Weary seek rest, sad seek joy, and the shunned want to be seen. When they said, "Help!", we turned to prayer, while the world said, "No, not now." And there's one thing that we know... What did the church do? What did the church do? What did the church do? What did the church do? Bishops vote, councils meet, clerics sigh while laity wait. Faith is stalled, stuck in the church, and we keep standing still. (We need) A new way, stuck in reverse, let's keep up the search. It doesn't need to be like this. Let's reclaim the church, church, church -- So much fun to sing that word, word, word -- What should the church do? What should the church do? What will the church do? What will the church do? The power of our faith, ancient mystery. Somewhere deep in the church, come out from hiding. What is our future? We can create it now. Live the mystery. What do you say?
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#reLENT 2015 | Feminist Christ
Lori Ruge-Jones helps us think about the feminist Christ.
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Charleston ∞ One Year
We asked community leaders about a Christian response to the Charleston massacre, as we look back over a year since the race-fueled tragedy.
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Mission Support 2013
God has given us so much!
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We Have Sinned
A video liturgy in the wake of Charleston, South Carolina.
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Baby, It's Cold Outside (Or: "No Is Not An Acceptable Answer")
It's time to unmask this holiday song and move on from its blatant misogyny.
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South Africa | A Reflection
From our #SA2016 trip this January.
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