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Stupid With Love | Mean Girls Animatic
Lokey not very smart at math though I am Asian So sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile, college has been kicking my arse. Note! Not Cady's story, but mine Music: Mean Girls (the musical) Art: Shully
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I Do Adore (Animatic)
Old animatic for 4 month with bf Song: I Do Adore by Mendy Gledhill Art: Me
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Can't Help Falling in Love With You (Animatic)
Old animatic for 5th month with bf Song: Can't Help Falling in Love With You from Elvis Presley Covered by: OR3O Art: Me
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Cliché | Animatic
"Have you ever had a crush?" --some kid that I know Please watch in HD :) ~This song was trimmed to make the video shorter. Please listen to the full song and support the singer! CREDITS Music: mxmtoon Art: Shully (me)
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Cut My Hair | Meme Animatic
I can't really tell if this is a vent since I drew all the frames with a headache at 2 am so Song: Cut My Hair by Mounika (ft. Cavetown) Original Song: This is Home by Cavetown Original Meme: Miss Minty Blue Art: Me Thanks for watching!
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Melt | Animatic
Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for watching! Shorter simpler animatic because I'm so busy doing college :( Original Music: supercell Original Voice: Hatsune Miku English lyrics: Rachie Art: Me (Shully)
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Okay | Short Animatic
Sometimes, it feels too scary to go alone. I was working on a longer video but I don't think it would've been finished by the end of this week so I made this short one instead! Thank you for watching! CREDITS: Art: Shully Music: Tonari no Totoro ver. piano by Tomohisa Okudo (Studio Ghibli music)
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Channel Intro
Heee finally decided to upload a channel intro. Thank you for watching my videos! ...Wow I happen to be very awkward not only in real life but in video as well ;~; CREDITS: Art: Me Music: Orange ft. Hanatan
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Healthy Snack | Animatic
Me and my roommate tbh Art: Shully (me) Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQZIUHNORHg
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