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Fawn searching for it's mom.
A really cool experience today. I was sitting at my Aunt Lisa's kitchen table talking to my cousin Rebecca, and Aunt Lisa. We all heard a strange noise and Lisa's daughter, Miracle, said it could be a fawn. And low and behold there a brand new fawn was walking in the back yard. — at Green Dale, WI.
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Phone Sexy with Chuck Huber
At Anime Banzai 2014, I was in Chuck Huber's panel. While waiting for technical difficulties to be fixed he start the Electric Universe Panel. Then he did this.
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Do your feet stink
Asking my son if his feet stink.
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Speckles does not want a bath "NO"
I was giving Speckles a bath and it sounded like he was saying no.
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Bowling for Lucas
Slow day
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Here we go around the cat nip bush
Trigger is a foster cat. I was at my desk when he was chasing his tail in the box. I think he had one to many sniffs of cat nip.
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Video Game e Exercising Program
My son is an active kid. When most kids just sit down and play games, he likes to exercise while he plays.
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Son want to drive
My son get in to driver seat of my car and wants to go bye bye
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Can I Keep you
I asked my son if I could keep him... This is what he said.
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Squeaker's laser spaz
I was at a friend's house, and I brought my kitten, Squeaker, with me. Her husband took out the laser pointer and started to play with Squeaker.
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Birthday Fun
2 birds with one stone. Aunt Amelia's birthday was today and because Andrew and I will be in Wisconsin on his birthday. His dad, aunt, Yvonne, and I celebrated it today
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Represent Mark Sheppard Happy Helliday
Mark Sheppard, aka Crowley from Supernatural, had another campaign fundraiser on Represent.com. Mark's newest shirt has him as Crowley in a Santa hat and holding a Peppermint stripped devil's pitch fork, With Happy Hellidays. I had to make a Santa hat to match. Hopw you like the unbagging.
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Crunch Time
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Threesome, Love Kissing A**
Three car accident. Learn not to tail gate and keep eyes open to trafic around you.
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Sucker theif
My son, Andrew sunk a sucker out of my purse. He was enjoying it quite abit.
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