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TV -  Active 3D Glasses - Problem  /  Issue  (  Not Registering  )
TV - Active 3D Glasses - Problem / Issue ( Not Registering / Not Responding - ( I have the solution ) Just for people out there, for the Active 3D Glasses. If you had it for a while now. To turn them ON you need to Press it the Light Button / the ON Button and Press it and Hold them for 5 seconds plus. The Active 3D Glasses will turn ON eventually. Just Press it the LIGHT or the ON button for more then 5 seconds. It should work. ( also check the battery or needed to replace them )
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Sydney AUSTRALIA ( residential area ) Video No. 16
Correction about the weather: 24 degrees in celsius
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Sydney AUSTRALIA ( residential area ) Video No. 14
The patrol / gas station. The red light is not flashing while I was recording. So dis-regard that flashing on this video clip. For some reason, the camcorder lens is not strong enough to record light like that.
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Sydney AUSTRALIA ( residential area ) Video No. 13
This video show some distortions. E.g. a blue dot are moving around on the bottom section of this video screen clip. I was shooting, pointing and recording directly in front of the Sun Light. Because of that there is an effect on the pictures and the imaging of this video. Apologised.
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Energizer USB Cable Lightning
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‪Audemars Piguet ( replica watch ) 2018 ‬ Video No. 2
Correction on the chronograph on the right: I said 16, I mean 18.
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Sydney AUSTRALIA ( residential area ) Video No. 21
Apologies about the some of Audio quality distortions. Because of the wind.
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Internet Dating  95% are SCAM  (  REAL personal review and experience 2018  )
- LETTER No 1 - Hello my dear James. I miss you. And I look forward to our meeting, my heart beat faster with the thought of it. Do you remember our last conversation about the meeting. I would be very happy to come to you, or meet you anywhere. To do this, I'm ready to take a vacation, I have it next month and therefore I would like for this time a good rest with you. You really like me and I have a great desire to see you. But for this I need a foreign passport, and I promised to learn what is necessary to me for our meeting. For a start I need a passport as I was told it is done within 5-7 days, it will only cost $ 310. This I learned from my friend, she works in a travel agency and said that it's easier to make everything in travel agency than applying for each document separatly myself. All the necessary documents for that I have. And as soon as I get a passport, can I get any visa. I went to the travel agency, because it's safer, and I trust this agency, as my friend works there. As for the tourist visa, it will cost $ 170 as well as the cost to make the consular fee $ 70, as there is compulsory health insurance in the amount of $ 60. Total visa will cost $ 300 and I can get a visa for a couple of weeks. The visa will be open for 30 calendar days. But apart from that I needed tickets two sides. I will need to fly from Kiev Boryspil to Sydney, Australia. A two-way ticket will cost 1400 & this is price with discount) I made a friend a good discount and I'm happy. I look forward to our meeting, it is likely to take place. I already imagine how I will meet you and kiss for the first time. I have goose bumps at the thought, and breathtaking. This feeling is impossible to convey in words. I'm happy that you came into my life, I do not believe my luck. You are dearer to me than all. You are my ray of sunshine that warms me. And I want it to go on, and maybe then everything will be stronger, because at the meeting must be feeling even more manifest. Oh, you're my angel. I kiss you. - LETTER No 2 - Hello dear James! Thanks for your letter. I found out some information about our meeting in future. I have been in travel agency and have find out everything that I would need to come to you. First of all I will make my international passport. To apply for passport, it will be done for around 5-7 working days and this is will cost 300 dollars. During this time they check all information about me in different services and if with my documents all good they execution my passport. When I have international passport then I can apply for the visa in your country. It is necessary to prove that I’m not immigrant for getting the visa. For the application I will need documents about work, my passports (international and interior) and other documents. It is tourist visa that I will apply for and it will be ready during 1-2 weeks. It will cost 280 dollars (150 dollars – visa, medical insurance – 50 dollars, 80 dollars as a counsellor contribution). Also, I'll need a round trip ticket. I will fly from Kiev, Ukraine to Australia, Sydney. Two way ticket will cost up to 1345 dollars. Anyway I’m very happy that we are meeting soon. It is very exciting for me. I’m waiting such day when I see you and touch you. It's such an exciting and pleasant feeling, I'm just overwhelmed by you and our plans and all I think about is you and I would give anything just to see you! And I'm thinking about us and it makes me feel as bird. It fly to you on her wings. Kiss you, Yulia.
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Sydney AUSTRALIA ( Train Station system ) 2018
Apologies about the sound recording quality. It was a strong and a winding day.
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IPhone /  IPod 6th generation touch  (  battery inside is getting bigger  )  (  2018  )
( battery inside getting bigger / fatter / the screen start to pop-out )
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