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Bath & Body Works Spring/Summer Candle Colleciton
My 3-wick collection of candles from B&BW for the spring/summer seasons.
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My SpookyTown Village 2015 🎃👻
This a video of my Lemax SpookyTown ceramic Halloween village. I usually put it up late August to enjoy for a couple of months. It has a lot of hard work and it grows every year so I'm going to enjoy it. I do not own any rights to music used. Hope you enjoy!
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Yankee Candle Education
My personal way of explaining how to take care & get the most out of your candles. This is me sharing my personal experiences & tips/tricks to making your candles last as long as possible. In no way do I represent Yankee Candle, I'm just a girl with my own opinion :)
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Yankee Candle Spring/Summer Candle Collection
As the title says this is my spring/summer candle collection from only Yankee Candle. I decided to split my scents by brand not by season his time. I feel spring & summer kind of flow together fragrance wise!
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Victoria's Secret Sprays Collection
Victoria's Secret sprays collection
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New Jar Wax Melts at Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle has come out with a new "easy clean up" wax melt in the shape of their jars. I give the performance & the easy clean two thumbs up but the new price two thumbs down.
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Semi- Annual Sale: Yankee Candle; June 2013
My Yankee Candle haul from the June 2013 Semi-Annual Sale. A Lot of brought back classics & 75% off finds. And also problems with my order that some of you guys have already mentioned you had too. If you have a problem call their customer service: Yankee Candle-1(877)803-6890
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Turning Bath & Body Works Wallflowers Into Oils
As the title explains, a how-to video showing how I turn my Bath & Body Works wallflowers into fragrance oils!
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Disney Villains Elf Makeup Books
Check out my facebook page!! http://www.facebook.com/BeautyandtheBlogify?ref=hl Beautiful Elf makeup books of Evil Queen, Maleficent & Cruella.
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Pier 1 Imports Wax Cubes
I managed to find a Pier 1 Imports that was closing so everything I bought was 30% off. I didn't even know they made wax cubes!
Bath & Body Works Travel Sprays & Shower Gels Collection
My travel shower gels & sprays....not much really but the big stuff is more exciting anyway!
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Bath & Body Works Sprays Collection
Bath and Body Works sprays collection
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Tart Burner Collection & How To Use Them
This is every tart burner I own except for any at Christmas. I also have 2 oil burners. They are from a range of Yankee Candle, Walmart & Michael's. I also walkthrough how they are used & what you can burn in them. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the products or how they are used!
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Body Care & Perfume Storage
I was requested to show my storage of body care items. So I show you around my bedroom to show how I store everything! :) https://www.facebook.com/BeautyandtheBlogify?ref=hl
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From Paris, With Love- Bath & Body Works Body Care & Candles
Yaaaaaaay! The "From Paris With Love" line & new candles!
My Life Planner 101 Basics
I wanted to start from the beginning and talk about a few basic materials to get you started. I have been making some purchases every week and will go more in depth as I go along but these items would be a great inexpensive way to get going. Hope you enjoy! :) ************************************************************** Save $10 off of your first Erin Condren purchase! https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/stephanietingle1028 I have an Instagram to follow along my YouTube channel! https://instagram.com/steph_tingle/ ************************************************************** For items I mentioned Holiday Flags, as well as other goodies, are found from: http://mswenduhh.blogspot.com/p/free-printable-stickers.html?m=1 Join the Facebook group and look at the files for the multicolored sticker labels: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weloveec/ Another fantastic Facebook group for more sticker files: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312661995562381/
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Bath & Body Works- My Sister's Huge Collection Part 1
For starters, sorry I flew through this so quick, it was getting dark & noisy, I'll make sure the next batch will be better. So this is all Bath & Body Works products my sister has bought since 1993 when it opened. She wanted to group it into sections so this is part 1 of however many it takes! She wasn't sure about making her own videos right now so we are uploading onto my channel. I'll get the rest over time because it's a lot to drag out! Let her know what you think, she's curious you guys' thoughts!!
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Yankee Candle Spring Preview + Black Friday Bag
Three new large jars & two votives for the spring preview at Yankee Candle. Information about the Black Friday Fragrance lover's Tote.
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How To Make Your Own Covers For ECLP! 📒
A quick, easy tutorial on how to make your own cover to fit your Erin Condren. ****************************************­***************************** Save $10 on your first Erin Condren purchase! https://www.erincondren.com/referral/... ****************************************­***************************** I have an Instagram to go along my YouTube journey! https://instagram.com/steph_tingle/ The thermal laminator on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Scotch-Laminator-Letter-Size-Laminating-TL902VP/dp/B008587M0K/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1439321002&sr=8-4&keywords=scotch+thermal+laminator The 3ml laminator sheets (I could not find the 5 ml sheets) on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Scotch-Thermal-Laminating-11-4-Inches-TP3854-50/dp/B0019K3LI8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439321110&sr=8-1&keywords=scotch+thermal+5+ml+laminating+sheets
Victoria's Secret Spring Body Care
New body care items from PINK & the fantasies collection available at Victoria's Secret
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Closing Yankee Candle Sale 75 % Off
There is a Yankee Candle closing about 40 minutes from where I live. Everything was at 75 % off so I skipped the rest of the Semi-Annual Sales to pay homage to this store :)
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Yankee Candle vs. Bath & Body Works Candles
I have been asked my opinion about whether I like Yankee Candle more or Bath & Body Works' candles more. I decided to put my thoughts into a video. Sorry it is 25 minutes long, I just got on my soap box ya know! ;)
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B&BW and Victoria's Secret Shower Gel & Bubble Bath Collection
Full size shower gel & bubble bath collection.
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Bath & Body Works Lotions Collection
Moving onto my large lotions from Bath & Body Works.
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MAC Marilyn Monroe And Beauty Haul
New MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection pieces & other beauty products from Ulta & Bath & Body Works.
Spring 2013 Line & $1 Tart Sale Info- Yankee Candle
A few new spring fragrances from Yankee's 2013 line to be released in April. Also the next $1 tart & votive sale will be sometime in April. I also forgot to mention returning for March are the fragrances Lucky Shamrock & Spring Days. Bunny Cake Summer Wish Honey Blossom Campfire Treat Summer Scoop
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Italian Collection- Bath & Body Works
The Italian collection in test stores still. Espresso Bar Sicilian Orange Pizzeria Limoncello Tuscan Herbs Bellini Café Gelato
My Winter/Christmas Candle Collection
Yeaaaaa I kind of forgot to upload this. I recorded it back in early October when I was off of work for my injury. Sorry it's shakier than usual I could barely stand back then. This is my Christmas/Winter candle collection. I am way behind because of my job I was never home before Christmas and now I can get back to uploading some things. Let me know if there are any video requests for the New Year!
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Victoria's Secret Lotions
Small collection of Victoria's Secret lotions & some designer lotions.
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My Lemax Spooky Town 2017
My Lemax Spooky Town from 2017. These kinds of videos are so hard to try and make without being shaky or great lighting but I always love to show my setup each year as it changes so much. Thanks for watching!
Bath & Body Works Holiday Soaps & Scentportables
Check out my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/BeautyandtheBlogify?ref=hl A holiday haul from Bath & Body Works featuring new anti-bac soaps, pocket bacs & scenportables.
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My Halloween Decorations 2012
Check out my facebook page!! http://www.facebook.com/BeautyandtheBlogify?ref=hl A tour around my house showing you guys how I decorate for Halloween! :)
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SpookyTown Village Halloween 2012
This is my entire SpookyTown! This ceramic village is about 5 years worth of collecting & many too come. Hope you enjoy & Happy Halloween! BTW: Sorry there is no music or noises in this video because I have no good editor to allow me to use music & when I went back to re-record with the sound of the town noises my camera was screwing up so this is the finished result. I throw in the towel because I've been fooling with it for a while & it doesn't seem to work. If you'd like just listen to any Halloween music you like along with the video! It's probably more enjoyable that way. lol If anyone know's how to help me out I'd be glad to know! I have Windows! Thanks! :)
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Make Your Own Swirl Mixology From Yankee Candle
The way I like to make tart mixology from my favorite Yankee Candle swirl candles. A cheap & quick way to have those great scents!
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Halloween Decor 2013
How I decorate my house for Halloween. I do a lot of changes the day of Halloween for party & food but for the most part this is my general decor.
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Semi- Annual Sale: Bath & Body Works; January 2013
My SAS finds from Bath & Body Works. More to come from other stores!
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Slatkin Fall 2012 Info & haul
A haul from today at Bath & Body Works, TJ Maxx & Home Goods. Info about Fall 2012 Slatkin Candles & Scentportables. Oh yea & I screwed up 2 of the Scentportables it was a bird NOT a fish & a raccoon not a skunk. I'm a dork haha!
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My Girl Cave-Media Room Tour
I've been asked, so here it is! A tour around my girl cave, which looks more like a guy's cave really!
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Spring Time Haul
Some recent purchases from of course Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle & Victoria's Secret.
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Febreze Home Collection Wax Bars
12 new fragrances made by Febreze. Almond Sugar Willow Blossom Cranberry Pear Apple Currant White Peach Orange Honeycomb Rosewood Plum Lavender Blueberry Palm Leaf Agave Rainfall Mineral Springs Geranium Bamboo
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CLOSED- I Love My Subbies Giveaway!
Hey guys! A giveaway for my lovely subs and a little chat about that crappy weather we had in the south! So here are the guidelines again: 1) Leave ONE comment and let me know what your Valentine's Day plans are. 2) It will run until midnight February 14th. 3) Must be a subscriber of course! And totally forgot to mention! 4) If under 18 I need parental consent. 5) And for the first time I'm going to go international! Woohoo!
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Spring Haul & Upcoming Giveaway!
Different items from Bath & Body Works & Yankee Candle for spring. I can not wait to host my next giveaway for you guys! I love my subbies!!
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CLOSED 5/1/13- Little Italy Giveaway
I picked a few favorites from the Italian collection at Bath & Body Works. The following rules will apply: 1) Must be a subscriber. 2) Leave a comment; If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Don't forget guys, you can enter as much as you want just be careful because YouTube will spam the comments if too frequent or similar. 3) U.S. only. 4) If under 18 need parental consent. 5) Open until April 30th at midnight, winner video announcement will be uploaded May 1. Good luck everyone!!!
Semi-Annual Sale: Bath & Body Works; June 2013 (Home Fragrance)
My complete home fragrance haul from Bath & Body Works. All items were discounted to 50%-75% off + coupons. For any tips on how to save at the SAS just let me know!
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CLOSED 11/30/12-Holiday Giveaway #1
Giveaway Entry Guidelines: 1) Must be in the United States 2) Under 18 years old must give parental consent. 3) Open from Mon. Nov. 19th until Fri. Nov. 30 @ midnight central time. 4) Must be a subscriber to win. 5) Must leave a comment so you can be selected=What is your favorite stocking stuffer you have ever received? 6) I forgot to mention this, you may enter all 3 giveaways you just can not win all 3. If you are selected for one of them then you won't be eligible for the others. 7) You may comment as much as you would like, I will be using random.org so it will be randomly selected anyways. Good luck everyone! Let me know if you have any questions about products mentioned or rules!! :) And as always thanks for subscribing to me & making me part of your day!
Fall Season Haul 🍁
I've been away for a while but decided to film my recent purchases (like the last few months) from of course, Yankee & B&BW. Just a little chit chat, no reviews or anything. I hope to make some decor videos soon 😃
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I'm Back! Review of Cottage Industry Soap
I'm baaack! I've missed YouTube and chatting with my fellow fragrance lovers. I explain what's been up & also wanted to talk a bout a vendor I love. I filmed this video close to Valentine's and wanted to get it finally uploaded, my internet at my new place has been a struggle. I have several things to film in the near future now that I am settled! Check out Cottage Industry Soap's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CottageIndustrySoapCo and website: http://www.cottageindustrysoapcompany.com/
Semi-Annual Sale: Bath & Body Works; June 2013
All body care, soaps & accessories from the B&BW SAS June 2013. All items were discounted to 50%-75% off. Don't forget to use those surveys or $10 off of $40!
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October Haul 2013
New purchases from the month of October some fall & some Christmas.
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Bath & Body Works SAS; June 2015
I went the first day of the semi-annual sale. This is everything I picked up from across 3 stores. This will pretty much be all that I purchase from there. The sales just aren't what they used to be : (
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