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Hitta Strut Line Dance
At Demeria's Sunday Class in Decatur, GA
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Carowinds Opening Day 2010 Feat. Intimidator
I'm late posting this, but this is footage from Saturday, March 27 opening day at Carowinds. The new ride for this season is the Intimidator which is 232 ft. tall and is said to be the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster of it's kind in the southeast. Since the signature attraction is themed to Nascar, I decided to use a racing inspired soundtrack for this video. There are two tracks, both by Prodigy. The first track is "Speedway" which is played during the Intimidator footage, and the second track is "Full Throttle". I really enjoyed my day at the park. I think that the Intimidator is a great addition to the park and rollercoaster skyline. Hope you enjoy the footage.
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No Choice Line Dance
No Choice created by Mally Mal at TCH's event Friday Dec. 11
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Carowinds 2009 Opening Weekend Feat. Carolina Cobra
First off, the music was all in sync with the video during the editing process but of course it's fucked up now once I uploaded it... This video footage was taken on March 29, 2009, opening weekend at Carowinds. The weather was so shitty on Saturday that we decided to go on Sunday instead. I didn't get good footage of Afterburn (formerly known as Top Gun) because it was closed all day and the area surrounding it was blocked off. I hate that the best ride in the park IMO was closed but oh well. I noticed that the red train had stalled on the track coming out of the tunnel. That pretty much confirmed that it wouldn't be open that day. The Vortex was also closed, but I can really do without that ride. Thunder Road opened late in the day and then it only had the silver side open with single train operation. Over all I still enjoyed the day. And it was good to see a few former co-workers (I worked there for 5 years). The new ride this year is the Carolina Cobra, which is a used coaster sent from another park, but it looks good....as does Nighthawk (formerly Borg Assimilator) which is newly painted this season.
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2009 Six Flags Over Georgia Part One
This is part one of the footage that I shot on Sunday April, 26 at Six Flags. In this video I have on ride footage of Goliath, Georgia Cyclone, and Mindbender. I have off ride footage of Batman The Ride.
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De La Ocho Line Dance at Charlotte Invasion III
De La Ocho line dance performed at the Charlotte Invasion event hosted by Common Ground South. The song is "Sensational" by Trey Songz
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Electro Spin at Carowinds
This is one of the new County Fair rides for 2017 at Carowinds.
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STN Line Dance
At Demeria's Sunday Class in Decatur, GA
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The Diablo Strut
Line dance inspired by a character/scene from Suicide Squad. The song is Slippin' Into Darkness by War.
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112 @ #HBOB 2018
Snippet of 112 performing at The Battle of the Bands 2018 in Atlanta
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The ATL ShowStoppers performing Birthday Cake line dance
This was recorded at Class Act's 3rd Anniversary Saturday night 70's/80's theme party. The name of the group is "ATL ShowStoppers" and the song is "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna.
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Fury 325 @ Carowinds 2015 Opening Weekend
This is footage taken on the opening weekend of Carowinds debuting the world's tallest and fastest giga-coaster, Fury 325.
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Apocalypse The Ride @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
The actual ride starts at 2:22. This is now one of my favorite wooden coasters. I love the theming and it was surprisingly smooth for a wooden coaster.
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Jake Paul fanatics at Carowinds
Jake Paul rides Fury325 at Carowinds! This video only shows the fans' reactions to him being there. Carowinds is a theme park run by Cedar Fair (same folks as Cedar Point) located on the North Carolina/South Carolina state line along Interstate 77. Come on out and experience a quality park. The employees know how to keep the lines moving ensuring that you can go and enjoy other areas within a day's visit. Be sure to get your season passes for the new launching rollercoaster coming in 2019!
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DragonCon 2014 protester Part 3
Check out the banana man at 1:05
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The Youtube guy again
Jake Paul rides away after getting off of Nighthawk, followed by the kiddies. Carowinds is a theme park run by Cedar Fair (same folks as Cedar Point) located on the North Carolina/South Carolina state line along Interstate 77. Come on out and experience a quality park. The employees know how to keep the lines moving ensuring that you can go and enjoy other areas within a day's visit. Be sure to get your season passes for the new launching rollercoaster coming in 2019!
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Atl Sliders 2017
We own no rights to this music or lyrics. No copyright infringement intended.
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Wednesday night @ College Park Rec with WL Moon
This is WL Moon's Wednesday night class at the College Park Rec Center.
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AtlJamz Farewell gathering 2018 Unchained Line Dance
AtlJamz Farewell gathering 2018
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LIT line dance
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Reppin' BMore line dance done in Greenville, SC
"Reppin Bmore", choreographed by Dancing Diva April to the song, "Bank Roll" by Tate Kobang.
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Dorney Park Sunday June 21, 2015
This was my first visit to this park which is located in Allentown, PA. I have limited footage due to a sorry assed phone that wouldn't charge properly. The music track is Tempest (Zeologic Remix) by Juno Reactor.
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DragonCon 2014 protester Part 4
The devil himself walks up during this speech.
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Re-route line dance
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DragonCon 2014 protester Part 1
There is a speaker on the street getting negative reactions from those passing by.
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Marta train arriving and leaving Lindbergh
This video was taken at the Lindbergh Center Marta transit station.
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Mom'n'em Takin' It Step by Step's 2012 3rd Annual SE's Largest Dance Convention, ATL, GA
These ladies are from Maryland performing for the Southeast's Largest Line Dance Convention. They turned the place out! www.letstep.com
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Labor Day Weekend 2012 in Union City, GA
This is some brief footage from the free Keith Sweat block party/concert on Labor Day weekend 2012. There is no footage of Keith in this video. This is only footage of the partying that went on before he performed.
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Nice and Steady Line Dance
Music: Making Time Artist: Zo
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DragonCon 2014 protester Part 2
Beetlejuice arrives on the scene
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(Part 2) 2009 Six Flags Over Georgia Part 2
This is the rest of the footage that I didn't put into the first video because I didn't want to make a video that was too long or that exceeds youtube's 10 minute limit. In this video I have on ride footage of the Dahlonega Mine Train and off ride footage of Superman: Ultimate Flight, Ninja, Georgia Scorcher, Wile E. Coyote's Canyon Blaster, and Acrophobia.
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2009 Dogwood Festival In Atlanta 4-19-09
Sunday April 19, 2009 This was my first time attending a Dogwood Festival. I really enjoyed seeing all of the exhibits and smelling the good food. If you know me, then you would know that my favorite part of the day was when I played the djembe at the drum cafe. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy the footage that I did get.
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Snowing In Atlanta
Just snow. I didn't realize that there were so many other Atlanta snow videos already on youtube when I uploaded this.
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Rollercoaster straight face take 2
Those gals are apparently having the time of their lives on this thing. What are they grinning and giggling about? Just happy, I reckon.
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Capricorn Bash 2017 Atlanta
Just a snippet of the festivities...
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Charlotte Invasion 2017
We own no rights to this music or lyrics. No copyright infringement intended.
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DragonCon 2015 Atlanta, GA
This is only footage taken from walking around downtown during DragonCon. It's mostly pictures and people walking down the sidewalk. I didn't attend any of the indoor events. I have since realized that there are many professional quality videos surrounding this event. This is not one of them. The music is from Super Mario RPG (SNES), the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy VII.
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Sex Machine Slide 2015
At Demeria's Sunday class in Decatur, GA.
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Straight faced rollercoaster ride
This guy is at it again. For some odd reason, people grin their asses off on these rides.
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Permit Patty takes a shit
Permit Patty takes a shit.
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DragonCon 2018 street performer
Just a man playing a guitar and singing during the DragonCon event in Atlanta.
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Man vs. Vekoma
It's a Vekoma.
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Rollercoaster straight face
Some guy in a red shirt kept following me. I couldn't seem to get away.
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MLK Parade In Atlanta
This is some footage of the Martin Luther King Day parade through downtown Atlanta. It was not as good as I had expected it to be but it is what it is.
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HasNoHart Line Dance
This video is for entertainment purposes only. The music is only used for dancing. We own no rights to music or lyrics. No copyright infringement intended., just dancing for fun and exercise. Choreographer: Juanita Hart Music: Gold Artist: Kiiara
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Random Cartoon
I came across this cartoon recently online that I found interesting. It is not my content. I changed the original music because it was too cheery for the tone of the video. The song on this video is Mad World by Gary Jules.
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