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Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd
I tuned down the low E down to D. I listened to a couple of YouTube videos of The Wall album recording, and they were in different pitches, so I just chose one. I also think there may be more than one guitar going on, the second doing some of the fills.
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Prodigal Son - Rolling Stones
In open E.
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If I Fell - Beatles
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Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan
In open D and capo'd at the 2nd fret: DADF#AD. Somebody asked for a fingerpicking exercise, so I didn't really play the actual song.
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What You're Doing - Beatles
An easy one for beginners. The G7 during the piano break is a nice touch.
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Little Martha - Allman Brothers, Duane Allman
In open E: EBEG#BE. I think I'm playing some of Duane's part and some of Dickey's. I played along with the recording, mostly to keep time.
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If Not For You - George Harrison / Bob Dylan
Someone asked for some beginner-level tunes. Here's a good one. This is a bootleg demo version with just George on acoustic.
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Birthday (Guitar #1) - Beatles
Happy birthday, America. I'm thinking George played this part.
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Hey Hey What Can I Do Lesson - Led Zeppelin
Here's an explanation of how to play it.
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Carol - Rolling Stones (Ya Ya's Version)
Some of Keith's finest lead playing, though it sounds to me like much of his part is overdubbed. But who cares?
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She's a Woman - Beatles
Someone asked for a version with the guitar solo.
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April Come She Will - Simon & Garfunkel
Had a few requests for this one.
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Girl - Beatles
I'm capo'd at the 8th fret, but I don't know if I was in standard pitch to begin with. So put the capo wherever it sounds right.
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Pinball Wizard - The Who
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Yes It Is - Beatles
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Country Honk Lesson - Rolling Stones
Standard tuning. An explanation of the chords for Country Honk.
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Honky Tonk Women - Rolling Stones
In open G: DGDGBD
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Roll Um Easy - Little Feat
Tuned to open A - EAEAC#E. Nice harmony vocals by Danny Hutton from Three Dog Night.
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Thorn in My Pride - Black Crowes
This is the version from the Brothers of a Feather album, just Chris and Rich. It's in open G (DGDGBD) with a capo.
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Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly
Somebody asked for some oldies....
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Sympathy for the Devil Outro Solo - Rolling Stones
This one's a little tougher than the solo in the middle of the song, because it's kind of in free time.
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She Loves You -  Beatles
This is a one-guitar arrangement that mixes John's and George's parts.
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Venus and Mars - Paul McCartney and Wings
This is the intro part.
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Lay Lady Lay Lesson - Bob Dylan
Here's an explanation of the chords.
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Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
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Overture - The Who
Batteries died right when Captain Walker started...
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You Got the Silver - Rolling Stones
I believe Keith did this in open E (capoed to F), but I've tuned to open D (same thing, just tuned lower: DADF#AD) and capoed up a little higher. I just didn't want to break my G string tuning it up. This guitar isn't set up for slide, so it's a little metallic-sounding on the frets. Wish I had a dobro to get the right tone!
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Turn It On Again - Genesis
It's easier to hear the guitar part in the live versions. Almost all of it is played on the DGB strings, except for that F#m part.
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Sara - Fleetwood Mac
I don't really hear a guitar part in this song, so I just made one up.
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Beast of Burden Lesson - Rolling Stones
Standard tuning. Here's an explanation of the chords.
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Beginnings Lesson - Chicago
An explanation of the chords for Beginnings.
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Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & The Comets
I don't play it very well, but it's a fun one, so...
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Lies - Knickerbockers
My pick for Best Beatles Sound-Alike Song.
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Hello Mary Lou - Rick Nelson
Another great one for beginners.
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What Goes On - Beatles
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