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Ultimate Box Topper Packs are Searchable!
Wizards of the Cost sent everyone who bought a Mythic Box a thank you gift of their upcoming masterpiece line. I just got mine in and discovered that unfortunately they are 100% searchable. www.twitter.com/thirleck twitch.tv/thirleck
Views: 98796 Thirleck
Thirleck - Lucio Ball - Wall Pass Gol
Lucio Ball - 08/24/2017 Off the Wall bounce pass for a goal (Ulted)
Views: 16 Thirleck
World of Warcraft Level 60 Hunter PVP
Recorded 8-30-2006 very old school
Views: 237 Thirleck
Possessed DSLite at work
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 101 Thirleck
Seven Sevens Drink
Really bad Eyeshield 21 rip off for a seven sevens drink in Japan.
Views: 71 Thirleck
[OverWatch] Thirleck Soldier 76 lucky save
Blownup by a Junkrat, somehow lived.
Views: 22 Thirleck
Thirleck - Junkrat Ult to Save Game (OverWatch)
Using Junkrat's Ult to steal a win.
Views: 23 Thirleck

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