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Man Lives on his Own Plastic Bottles Island - Richart Sowa | Architecture @ZIYAD
https://youtu.be/Z5R1MRDFA6E Richart Sowa - Richart Sowa island ... a British architect who loves Architecture. He believes that his project can really heal/solve the Ecology problem of the world. Richart is working on solid waste implications in architecture - plastic bottle island. An island made of plastic bottles. and waste/trash. 70% recycled. It's not like a boat. boats are solid and they rock, while the island is flixable and goes with the waves, so it actually rolls. We can heal the whole world's ecology using trash. Architecture out of waste. Richart Sowa s a vegetarien, and he has many plants growing on his island. He has a ferry made of plastic bottles, and it carries up to 8 people. Sowa installed Solar Panels on the island. He love Mexico and that's why he built the island near Mexico. So he made an island made from bottles. "i built an island!" He Makes bags of plastic bottles and stick them under the island. The bags lock themselves in like a lego under the island, which makes the land. Sowa wants to save the planet from the bad that humans do. Plastic bottle island. Richart Sowa island. I build an island. Solid waste implications in architecture. homes made of 70% recycled material Please feel free to COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE :D
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How High Can We Build? - Architecture @ZIYAD
https://youtu.be/F-TzUKeY4sw HOW HIGH CAN WE BUILD ? Can you imagine that the shortest building on this list of tall buildings is 'The Statue Of Liberty'! If you stand next to the Statue of Liberty, you will feel how small we are, and you will start wondering...HOW HIGH CAN WE BUILD ? To answer this question we will show you a list of existing buildings and future projects that soon will come to life. 1. The Statue Of Liberty. 93m - USA 2. The Great Pyramid of Giza. 139m - Egypt 3. The Eiffel Tower. 324m - France 4. The Freedom Tower. 541m - USA 5. Burj Khalifa. 830m - UAE Future Projects: 6. Sky City 1000. 1000m - Japan 7. The Illinois. 1609m - USA 8. Dubai City Tower. 2400m - UAE 9. Ultima Tower. 3218m - USA 10. X-SEED 4000 - 4000 - Japan So if Japan will build a 4000 meter high tower soon, maybe there is no limit for How High We Can Build on Earth... x seed tower - Japan, is going to be the tallest tower in the whole world. But Can we build taller than the X-SEED 4000 tower? Till this day there are no planned projects that are taller than the x seed 4000, but may be soon enough, another country will build a taller one! Feel Free to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT and LIKE the video :D Thanks for watching :)
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Dali Nahdi - Footing Londonien  من مصر Le Caire #FootingDali
7h du matin .. ta9s londonien. #FootingDali من مصر! 🏃🏻🏃🏻 😅😅 The story, so everyone would understand: Mohamed Ali Nahdi, known as Dali is a Tunisian director who tried to grab attention few weeks ago by recording himself during his hideous run in London, and saying that he prefers to run in Nice, France "mais la verité je prefere nice w jarya mte3 nice". His only problem was that Tunisians in the middle of all what we have on socialmedia platforms they don't accept this narcissistic behavior. I've been fascinated when they started an event "Footing Londonien" where almost everyone is going out for a hilarious run as it seems. https://www.facebook.com/events/870248576404335/ CHECKOUT My video on event's page.
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Dancing Dolphins Hurghada - Red sea - Egypt
Dolphins dancing in Hurghada - Red sea in Egypt. one of the most interesting natural seas in the world with its red plants and rare finest fish.
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What Does It Feel Like ? Sleeping in a transparent sleeping bag
https://youtu.be/1Zy_mEjygj0 Also check Man Builds a Walking House, and it's A social life game changer - Architecture -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27lwamPq6e4 & This Man Built an Island of Plastic Bottles and Waste - Architecture -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5R1MRDFA6E "Shelter is the most basic human need." A sleeping bag dress is a kimono type dress in which a person can sleep. Ana Rewakowicz is an artist from Montreal, Canada, who made a Transparent Sleeping Bag that can also be used as a Kimono Dress. She uses it for shelter. Ana got her inspiration for the idea from her travelling experience, as she moved from one country to another and seeing different cultures with different languages. She had a solar panel, a battery and a small computer fan incorporated into her sleping bag. The solar panel charges the battery and the battery works the fan. She then transforms the bag into a dress to wear. The idea represents her thoughts about homeland, and where one belongs, when she felt that she is in between two countries, Canada and Poland. "People don't need that much space to feel connected." In the transparent bag, Ana feels protected and kind of isloated, but at the same time she is a part of the environment. "Technology showed alternative possibilities of living and perhaps people can imagine that there are different possibilities to what they are used to. That opens the flixability of imagination including how we proceive the world."
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Can We Build and Live in Walking Houses? | Architecture @ZIYAD
https://youtu.be/27lwamPq6e4 Ion Sorvin, architect. He designs and builds microhouses where he can live. His microhouses are multifunctional. A dynamic house from the future that is very suitable for living! Finding simple ways of existing. people would need to get rid of land ownership. His walking house is a very peaceful way of existing with a very small footprint. You can move around without owning the land. It's about introducing other way of living, and other way of thinking, and to start up discussions and give people an experience of something different. People get attracted to it. And it starts communications on different levels. Walking house - walking architecture, by Ion Sorvin. Urban evolution. Architecture and Art combined in this idea of Walking House. "That's what architecture is all about. That's what design is all about." said Ion Sorvin. THANKS FOR WATCHING. Feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE...PLEASE :)
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#ThisIsEgypt - Qasr EL Nile Bridge  - كوبرى قصر النيل | Short Documentary
https://youtu.be/JfO9BQ0KVFQ #ThisIsEgypt CAIRO Qasr El Nile Bridge crosses over the river Nile in Cairo, Egypt. The Qasr El Nil Bridge (originally named Khedive Ismail Bridge), also commonly spelled Kasr El Nil Bridge, is a historic structure dating to 1931 and replaced the first bridge to span the Nile River in central Cairo, Egypt. It connects Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo to the modern Cairo Opera complex toward the southern end of Gezira Island. At the bridge's east and west approaches are four famous large stone lion statues; they are late 19th-century works by Henri Alfred Jacquemart, French sculptor and animalier. The newer and wider 6th October Bridge parallels its route 0.8 kilometres (0.50 mi) just to the north. The Qasr El Nil Bridge, with sidewalks, is popular for strolling in the evenings. The bridge offers views of the river, as well as landmark buildings, hotels, and other structures on the island and along the Nile corniche on the west bank. The bridge is popular as location for young Egyptian friends and couples to have an inexpensive outdoor date. كوبري قصر النيل كوبري يقع في بالقرب من ميدان التحرير بالقاهرة, يعد أول كوبري أنشأ في مصر للعبور على النيل، ويتميز بتلك التماثيل الأربعة للأسود القابعة عند مدخلي الكوبري المصنوعة من البرونز. بدئ في إنشائه عام 1869 في عهد الخديوي إسماعيل حيث أصدر أمراً عالياً إلى نظارة الاشغال عام 1865 أثناء بناء سراي الجزيرة بإقامة كوبري يصل بين القاهرة والجزيرة بتكلفة 113 ألف و 850 جنيه مصري وقامت شركة فرنسية ببنائه، ليكتمل بناؤه في منتصف عام 1871 بطول (406 أمتار) وعرض (10,5 متر) منها (2,5 متر) للرصيفين الجانبيين وطريق بعرض (8 أمتار)، وبلغت تكاليف إنشائه 110 آلاف جنيه. وتقرر فرض رسوم عبور حسب نوع المار بالجسر فالرجال والنساء ربع قرش والأطفال والغزلان معفيين من الرسوم والعربات المليئة بالبضائع قرشين والفارغة قرش، سمى الجسر بكوبري قصر النيل نظراً لأنه كان يوجد قصر كبير على النيل من جهة ميدان التحرير يسمى قصر النيل أنشأه محمد على لإبنته زينب ولما تولى سعيد باشا الحكم قام بهدم القصر وتحويله لثكنات للجيش وقد احتلها الإنجليز بعد احتلالهم لمصر وبعد جلاءهم تم هدم الثكنات وبناء جامعة الدول العربية وفندق هيلتون وبعد 59 سنة من إنشاء الكوبري تم عمل كوبري جديد مكان الكوبري القديم يفي بحاجة النقل المتزايدة والحمولات الحديثة ويتلاءم مع ما وصلت إليه القاهرة من عمران في عهد الملك فؤاد الأول حيث قد قام بوضع حجر أساس الكوبري الجديد في 4 فبراير عام 1932 إحياءً لذكرى والده فقد أطلق عليه اسم (كوبري الخديوي إسماعيل) [1] ويبلغ طول الكوبري (382 مترا) - وعرض الكوبري (20 مترا) بتكلفة بلغت 291,955 جنيها, وقام الملك فؤاد الأول بافتتاحه في 6 يونيو عام 1933. شهد كوبري قصر النيل مواجهات عنيفة بين المتظاهرين السلميين وقوات الأمن المركزي يوم 28 يناير فيما عرف بجمعة الغضب والتي لعبت الدور الأكبر في إسقاط النظام المصري حيث أطلقت فرق الأمن المركزي القنابل المسيلة للدموع علي المتظاهرين وقامت برش المياه عليهم، كما قامت سيارات الأمن المركزي بدهسهم وانتهت تلك المواجهات بدخول المتظاهرين إلي ميدان التحرير، وكان انسحاب قوات الأمن المركزي بداية لانسحاب الشرطة من جميع أقسام مصر مما أدى إلى انتشار الفوضي والتخريب .
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how to build a simple car robot - electric motor HD
http://youtu.be/3jt2opBSIAU Add me on FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ziyad.swordfish Follow me on TWITTER : https://twitter.com/96Ziyad96 ............................................................................ car with two motors moves by electricity by opening the switch :) electric motor wheels car robot build your owm robot car
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Crazy Scramble Crosswalk in Intersection |  Los Angeles
https://carvlet.com/portfolio/urban-transformation-the-intersection-of-hollywood-boulevard-and-highland-avenue/ The urban development plays a very big part in our lives. It can save time. It can save lives of people crossing a busy intersection in a big city like Los Angeles. The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue is considered one of the world’s most famous intersections – you’ve seen it broadcast every year on the Oscars as the start of the red carpet. But it was also known as one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in LA, and all that changed six months ago. “Pedestrians will be crossing the street from all directions by the end of the year in one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles.” AP. Late last year, after the alarming news that pedestrians were hit by cars and one was killed, several reports investigated Los Angeles’ most dangerous places to walk, like LA Times. The sidewalks are sometimes so crowded that people have no choice but to walk in the street. “At Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, just outside the TCL Chinese Theater, 38 pedestrians were hit by cars, and one was killed. Traffic is notoriously slow there, and experts say newer crosswalks and traffic signals help keep pedestrian incidents from happening even more frequently.” LA Times. Read more on https://carvlet.com
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This Magnetic bar will turn your LAPTOP into a TOUCHSCREEN - Easy Way to have a touchscreen Laptop
https://youtu.be/D4CJKOgSy40 this product "AirBar" allows you to turn your regular laptop into a touchscreen! it's very easy to setup, using the smart magnetic bar. it comes in different sizes, 13-inch to 15-inch screen. Airbar brings the touch to your screen by projecting a light field over the screen. you can swipe with gloves or long nails, or with drawing brushs. it's easy to plug and unplug, you just plug and touch. Attach to the bottom and you're good to go! It can be purchased from NeoNode for $69. It works with windows 10 and MacBook Air. the price tag is higher For MacBook Air of $100 NeoNode say they are lookng to improve comptability. If you liked this video, feel free to LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel.
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#ThisIsEgypt - A Day in ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - كورنيش الاسكندرية القديم Old Corniche
#ThisIsEgypt ALEXANDRIA....ALEXANDRIA....ALEXANDRIA https://youtu.be/fvHaZPCDMPI We took a tour in Alexandria (Egypt) streets during the sunsit and filmed it from the car with the GoPro camera, to show you the beautiful view that we saw and the one long street around the sea shore that gets you to lots of other places around the sea.
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5 Destructive Experiments that could have CRACKED the EARTH
Video Link: https://youtu.be/WkuWg9b-q7E This Video is talking about the top 5 Nuclear Tests that went terribly wrong. 1. Storax Sedan 1962 Shallow underground nuclear test. Conducted to investigate the use of nuclear weapons for mining. Planted 194 meter underground. Which lifted the ground 90 meter above the desert floor in 3 seconds only. The explosion displaced more than 11 million ton of soil. Resulted in an enormous cloud, rising 4.9 Km, and flew 1000 Km spreading radioactive dust. It’s the largest man-made crater in the united states. And it’s listed as a National historic place. 2. Starfish Prime 1962. Conducted by the United States above the Pacific Ocean. Its immediate effects were felt for 1500 Km away. Right before that, the Soviet Union called for a ban on nuclear tests. And right after that, the United States called for a ban due to the loses that these test cause. The explosion produced equivalent to 1.4 Megaton of TNT. 3. The Nuke That Almost Exloded. B-52 bomber crashed over North Carolina while carrying two nukes. The pilots threw them before crashing into a farmland. The bombs were attached to parachutes. The bombs were supposed to cause a little damage when they reach the ground. But the bomb was large enough to have 100% killzone of 23 Kilometers. 4. Standing under a Nuke 1957. 6 men stood at ground zero of a nuclear test at the Nevada test site. The explosion was 3000 Km above the ground. Equivalent to 2 Kilotons of TNT. The idea was to prove that there is no reason to fear the Nuclear weapons. The idea was fine, until the all got cancer. “We felt heat, a very bright light, a fire ball that is red .The sky looks black. It’s boiling above us” 5. Lake Shagan 1965. The soviets had an idea to create a lake by using a Nuke! It was meant to produce a large crater suitable for a lake. They dug a canal between the river and the crater. And filled the lake with water. The problem is The Lake is now Radioactive FOREVER. This is where they swim and fish now. And PLEASE Feel free to LIKE and SBSCRIBE :D
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Celebration of The 563rd anniversary of the Ottoman-era conquest - Istanbul
The 563rd anniversary of the conquest of the Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453 was marked with a grandiose event Sunday on the Yenikapı shores of Istanbul.
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How to Make The Fastest Electric Motor Car in 3 Minutes At Home
Learn how to build your own electric motor car at home. Check these other awesome related videos: how to build a simple car robot - electric motor HD - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jt2opBSIAU&t=17s How To Make a Remote Control Car - Very Simple - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX5HEBKNhFM How to Make a Electric Toy Car at Home Easy - Matchbox Car - Mini Car - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmjAEMMYuO4 How to Make a Bubble Machine with Motor at home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfyaMfafz3Q Flying Car - How To Make a Flying Helicopter - flying Helicopter Car - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVbQa0yRPUA How to Make a Electric Toy Car at Home - Matchbox Car - Mini Car - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFsLXA3FmHs How to make a Battery Operated F1 Car with Remote Control - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPclWXE5ro How to Make a Powerful 4x4 Remote Control Car at home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L34NSb8IoTg How To Make a Fan At home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMbMbOHiVls How to make a CAR using Dead Batteries - Electric CAR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkJYB86b0AE How to Make a RC Car at Home Easy - Remote Controlled Car - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeNVBEzq1nw How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner at home - Simple - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBwQsOqKths Wow! How to Make a Quadcopter at Home With DC Motor. Bucee Brain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZrtxkOs5CE How to make Remote Controlled Stunt Car at home - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=masGJ170wsw How to make a Battery Powered Toy Mini Electric Motor Car on Bearings - DC Motor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9YqsQRH2aw Thank you for watching -- Like and Subscribe to ZIYAD channel. Looking forward to seeing you again :D If you are interested in entertainment and knowledge, this is the place you will enjoy the most. We make videos that reach to the point, because we depend on visual things that your mind can easily take in, and we don't like to waste your time, so we keep our videos with high quality and as short as it can be.
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AMAZING Time-Lapse of 'Port of Amsterdam' + 7 FACTS @ZIYAD
https://youtu.be/wKZrufhva18 This is a beautiful timelapse video of Port of Amsterdam, with some interesting facts about the port. Port of Amsterdam is an extreamly beautiful scene to look at. It shows the industrial life in the sea, and the cruisers that carry passengers across the whole contenent. Port of Amsterdam is the world's 1st petrol port, world's 2nd cocoa port, and world's 2nd coal port. Number of visits by inland vessels was 38,779 in 2015. Number of river cruise calls was 1,769 in 2015. There are 67,336 employees at the port. Port of Amsterdam net results in 2015 was 52.7 MLN Euros. The transshipment in port was 69,530,022 Tons in 2015.
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Game Of Thrones Is The New Fashion Trend - GoT in fashion
https://youtu.be/8iZLtsZLRN8 Read more about "Game Of Thrones Is The New Fashion Trend" on: https://carvlet.com/portfolio/game-of-thrones-is-the-new-fashion-trend/ The game of thrones effect continues…Game of thrones is currently the most popular TV show. It started in 2011. People are obsessed with story, the characters, and their clothes, how they talk, how they walk…everything about the series. Some people expect that game of thrones can have a great effect on fashion.
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Egyptians Find A Whale In The Sea And Decide To Play, Swim, Take Photos With It
A whale was found in the north coast of Egypt. people have been posting about it lately. people started to interact with the whale like taking pictures with it and playing with it. https://carvlet.com/
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Simple Electric Motor School Project | C R E A T I V E @ZIYAD
link : http://youtu.be/9tJQfbv05s8 SUBSCRIBE for my channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrZswordfish you will find other video related to the same title or other interesting videos this is a school project in physics lab , electric motor simply well built , by students in EBIS (schools) in cairo, EGYPT ;D If projects like the potato-powered digital clock are a bit old school, up your game with a simple electric motor to wow the judges at your next science fair. Step 1: Coil the wire around the battery Coil the wire around the D-cell battery several times. Remove the coil and wrap the ends around two sides of the coil to hold it in place. Leave 3 inches of wire lead on each end. Step 2: Strip and coat the wire ends Strip both ends of the wire coil leads. Hold the coil vertically and coat one half of one lead with a permanent marker. Apply a second coat of ink. Tip The ink coating is very important as it allows a break in the magnetic field to keep the coil spinning. Step 3: Place the magnets Turn a plastic cup upside down and place one disk magnet on top while putting the other inside the cup, against the roof, to hold both magnets in place. Tip A clear cup works best to display your work and to prove there are no other mechanisms. Step 4: Straighten the paper clips Straighten the outside ends of both paper clips to form a "P." Attach the paper clips to the cup using 2 large rubber bands to build a cradle for the wire coil. Step 5: Balance the coil in the paper clips Balance the coil inside the paper clip cradle loop. Adjust the height so the coil just misses the magnets when it spins. Attach an alligator cable clip to each paper clip just above the rubber band. Step 6: Connect the battery Connect the D-cell battery to the coil using the other two alligator clips. Be sure one end is connected to the positive side and the other the negative side of the battery. Give the coil a gentle spin. Step 7: Adjust the motor Adjust the balance of the coil and the distance between each paper clip cradle. Experiment with the configuration until you have a working motor.
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Welcome to ZIYAD channel - TRAILER
If you are interested in entertainment and knowledge, this is the place you will enjoy the most. We make videos that reach to the point, because we depend on visual things that your mind can easily take in, and we don't like to waste your time, so we keep our videos with high quality and as short as it can be. Visit https://eastmash.com/ HAVE FUN WATCHING and WELCOME TO OUR HOME :D
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