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Maintaining A Bald Head
The bald head life! I was forced into it and had to learn quickly how to maintain it. It's not bad at all. This week's video and article, link below, I unwrap this process and see if it's time for you to let it go. https://www.fitmanstyle.com/grooming/maintaining-a-bald-head https://www.facebook.com/fitmanstyl Instagram.com/fitmanstyle_
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L. L. Bean Boot Review
Winter's coming! But Fall is already here. For some of us, winter came a little too early. It's time to put away the summer shoes and bring out the big boys that can withstand the frigid weather. This is the season for boots and I've been on the hunt for a pair that isn't necessarily stylish but that can take a beating in this New England weather. In comes L. L. Bean and their trademark boots, New England's very own. Probably the most functional boot I've ever owned. 8" L. L. Bean Boot https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/31179?page=men-s-l-l-bean-boots-8&bc=474-629&feat=629-GN1&csp=f&attrValue_0=Tan/Brown
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Best Fitting Chinos For The Fit Man | Banana Republic
#chinos #bestfitting #fitmen I always pass by the store but never go in. I've seen their skinny fit chinos and thought they don't cater to fit guys. At the advice of a couple of you guys I took a chance and since 90% of the time I wear chinos (and my Goodfellow chinos are starting to feel tight around the waist). Well, here are my thoughts. To get these chinos (and others like it) click below https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1086240&pcid=35878&vid=1&pid=876745032 To see pictures of the chinos, click below https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitmanstyle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1044892335666620
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Thursday Boots Unboxing and Review | The Lincoln Loafer
#unboxing #shoereview #fashionblogger I've seen the videos, I've heard how great they are so I was super pumped to get my hand on a pair of Thursday Boots. This shoe is part of their new dress show line (which is currently sold out but will go back on sale June 1st) and I'm excited to show you guys what I thought about them. Here is the page on the Thursday Boot website that has the dress shoes. They will be restocking June 1st https://thursdayboots.com/collections/mens-shoes For reading material and pictures, click the link below https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/thursday-boots-lincoln-loafer-unboxing
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4 Reasons Why Fit Men Should Invest In Suspenders/Braces
This is one of those accessories that flies under the radar but can surely elevate your look. But not only is it stylish, it has some functional uses that us Fit Men can benefit from. Whether you have/ call it suspenders or braces, these are worth the investment. Places to buy suspenders/braces Weekend Casual https://www.weekendcasual.com/collections/suspenders KK and Jay https://www.kkandjay.com/shop?category=Suspenders
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Pleated Pants| Functional Style For The Fit Man| 5 Benefits
Welcome to style court! My client pleated pants has been shunned for years and it's time someone defends my client. Lol, in all seriousness, had a little bit of fun here but anytime pleated pants comes up in a conversation it gets ridiculed and a negative light gets shined on it. It is actually a great alternative to your flat front dress pants and has proven to be functional as well. Pleats do look better in my opinion when it comes to dress pants and flat front on casual pants because you have the option of stretch in that case. I am a huge advocate for pleated pants
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Luxire MTM High Waisted Dress Pants Unboxing And Review
As you may know, I'm transitioning my formal closet to have more of a classic look. Meaning drape is important, comfort is important, wearing garments where they need to be worn is important. Unfortunately, modern clothes in retail store just cater to fast fashion and disregard the above requirements. That's another reason to go the made to measure route. Luxire provides that opportunity to create the garments how they should be made and worn and in this video, I take a look at their high waisted dress pants. #madetomeasure #luxire #pleats To shop these pants, click below https://luxire.com/products/cotton-plain-brown-canvas-ob_2078?variant=6996925764#/ Not sponsored content.
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Fit Man Style Mistakes You Should Avoid!
Oh boy this was cringeworthy for me lol. In this video I take a look back at fit man style mistakes I made to give you guys the warning signs but also to see how far I've come. I've include before and after photos in the article linked below. Supporting article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/fit-man-style-mistakes
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Best Fitting Jeans For The Fit Man | The Gap
There are a few brands out there that cater to the fit man so I decided to go on this journey on finding the best fitting jeans for the fit guy. First stop on this journey, The Gap. Article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/jeans-for-fit-men-the-gap
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Skull Candy Crusher Wireless Headphones Review | New Gym Headphones?
Good to be back and this time around I'll be reviewing these Skull Candy Headphones. I have been on the search for new headphones to wear to the gym since my Sony's were failing me. After doing some research with a little convincing I settled for these and whoa!!! You can find them here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Skullcandy-Crusher-Bluetooth-Wireless-Over-Ear-Headphone-with-Microphone-NO/223293492348?hash=item33fd544c7c:m:mWTOqE4yBTraF3A8Ex_oDbg:rk:5:pf:0 or here https://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-Bluetooth-Wireless-Headphones-Microphone/dp/B07C4HK5W1/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=skullcandy+crusher+wireless+headphones&qid=1551596090&s=gateway&sr=8-3
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Crew Neck Vs V-Neck
DISCLAIMER. Hey guys, was feeling a little bit under the weather this week so sorry for the lack of effort but I still wanted to give you guys something to chew on. Thanks! Who knew this one item would draw the line in the sand. The fate of humanity lies on which side you choose so choose carefully. I unlocked my evil twin Lian from our basement cage to debate me on this and we'll see who comes out on top. Crew Neck vs V-Neck. Lian vs Ian. support article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/crew-neck-vs-v-neck
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Don't Be That Guy | Easter Outfit Failures
Brace yourselves! It's coming! Run for cover! The dreaded parade of ridiculous Easter outfits is approaching swiftly! Easter has been known to bring out the wildest style choices you've ever seen and I decided to tackle this in hopes that you won't be another funny meme on the Internet. Support Article here https://fitmanstyle.com/new-blog/dont-be-that-guy-easter-outfit-failures Follow me www.facebook.com/fitmanstyle Instagram: Fitmanstyle_
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Best Fitting Dress Shirt For The Fit Man | Spier And Mackay
Back again with another installment of the best fitting shirts for muscular guys. Fit and Comfort go hand in hand, the areas we fit men have issues with when it comes to shirts are the chest, back and arm and I believe Spier and Mackay addresses that. This is the shirt I purchased however it has been sold out but be sure to check out their other cool shirts, I'll definitely be going back for more. https://www.spierandmackay.com/navy-covington-check.html To see pictures, click below https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitmanstyle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1051911221631398
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Best Fitting Dress Shirts For Fit Men | Charles Tyrwhitt
Happy New Year and back again with another review, this time it's from a highly requested brand Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced Tirrit). Been seeing this brand pop up on social media so I've heard about it for a while, glad I finally got my hands on one to see how well they fit the Fit Man. Next shirt review will be the best fitting off the rack shirt comparison featuring Twillory, The Tie Bar, Spier & Mackay and Charles Tyrwhitt. To shop this particular shirt, click below https://www.ctshirts.com/us/classic-fit-non-iron-sky-blue-wide-bengal-stripe-shirt/FON0781SKY.html#q=jermyn%2Bstreet%2Bstripes&searchtype=text&start=11 Join The Fit Man Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/193010604881268/?ref=group_browse_new Not a sponsored video.
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The Split Yoke | Why It Benefits Muscular Guys
I've touched on this topic briefly in past shirt videos but today we are going to look more closely at it. I was introduced to the split yoke from my Deo Veritas MTM shirt and figuring out what the purpose of it I realized this was a game changer in shirts for fit men. Here are some brands that have split yoke shirts Tailor Lamb - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbqoxKY9tt4&t=39s Charles Tyrwhitt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJw-Tfe3j6c Spier and Mackay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-jC_h3qyuU&t=34s The Tie Bar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ISMOBeu2A4&t=26s Twillory - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfkSfe1PvDE&t=27s Check out the short article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/the-split-yoke
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It's amazing how a slight change in your clothes can change the perception of your look.One aspect of clothing I've been curious if it makes a difference and that's the peak or notch lapel on a jacket. In this video, I look into how this difference in lapels affect the Fit Man #peaklapel #notchlapel #jacketlapel
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I wouldn't say it is taboo, just that alot of men shy away from grooming topics like this. Well, not Fit Man Style! Let's talk about what can set you apart from the masses! Link to article here https://fitmanstyle.com/grooming/facial-care Link to the Scotch Porter products at Expresscuts1018.com below https://www.expresscuts1018.com/product/scotch-porter-charcoal-licorice-moisture-defend-face-lotion/ https://www.expresscuts1018.com/product/charcoal-licorice-restoring-face-wash/
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No Gym? No Problem!
My fitness journey didn't start with a gun membership. I couldn't afford one at the time so I used what was available to me, the earth. The earth is my gym. Hope this video inspires you to start where you are with what you have.
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Belt Loops Or Side Adjusters? What's Better For The Fit Man?
Have you seen these pants with contraptions on the side that take the place of belts? Are belts useful anymore or is this the new way of tighten up the waist? This video I look at both and see what place they have in the Fit Man's wardrobe. Join The Fit Man Style Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/193010604881268/?ref=bookmarks
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The Henley Shirt | Look More Muscular
The Henley Shirt is one of the most underrated casual shirts a man can wear but it is a secret weapon for Fit Men. It is both aesthetically pleasing and functional as well and a must have in this Spring/Summer season Short article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/the-henley-shirt Places to shop Henleys Old Navy https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=509556022&searchText=henley+tshirt&autosuggest=true Uniqlo https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-slub-henley-neck-short-sleeve-t-shirt-417624.html?dwvar_417624_color=COL00&cgid= J.Crew https://www.jcrew.com/p/mens_special_shops/monogramshop/polostees/slim-brokenin-shortsleeve-henley/58206?color_name=white Target https://www.target.com/p/men-s-regular-fit-short-sleeve-henley-shirt-goodfellow-co-153-ripe-red/-/A-54279156?preselect=54180183#lnk=sametab
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Best Fitting OTR For The Fit Man | Twillory vs The Tie Bar vs Spier & Mackay vs Charles Tyrwhitt
Here it is folks! The battle of the best fitting off the rack shirts. Call this Series 1 because there are plenty other off the rack shirts I haven't tried yet, but in this series there is a clear winner. Comparison starts at 1:35 with Spier & Mackay The Tie Bar 4:42 Charles Tyrwhitt 7:11 Twillory 8:40 Shirt Rankings 12:22 Shop the shirt The Tie bar https://www.thetiebar.com/product/S08-1503233-SF Spier & Mackay https://www.spierandmackay.com/black-royal-twill-20434.html Twillory https://www.twillory.com/collections/performance/products/performance-maker Charles Tyrwhitt - Sold out but here's an alternative. Shirts at that price point can be found in the SALE section https://www.ctshirts.com/us/white-oxford-jersey-shirt/JEX0008WHT.html?cgid=clearance#prefn1=season&prefn2=status&prefv3=WHITE&currentPageNum=1&prefv1=AW18%7CSS18%7CAW17%7CSS17%7CAW16%7CSS16&prefv2=terminal&prefn3=webColour&sz=34&start=28&cgid=clearance
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4 Things To Think About When Buying Knitted Ties
What is that? Is it a sock? The knitted tie is one of the most polarizing menswear accessories, but for those who love it or at least intrigued by it, here are 4 things to consider. Link to the article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/4-things-to-think-about-when-buying-knitted-ties
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Men's Wearhouse Custom Suit Revisted |One Year Review | Is It Really Worth It?
Hey gents, today we are taking a look back at the custom suit I got from Men's Wearhouse last year. Here are my thoughts. To watch the first video where I got my measurements, click below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf81Ke3p-tw&t=109s Second video where I got the suit back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntmQQ_Vuk14
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Best Fitting Jeans For The Fit Man | American Eagle
Back again with another jeans review and this time it's American Eagle. This was actually a request from one of you guys and I'm glad I tried it out. A little bit different experience on how these jeans felt. Brands now are being more away that their jeans need to have some sort of stretch to it but American Eagle takes the cake on these. For pictures, check out https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitmanstyle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1106874676135052 Shop the jeans https://www.ae.com/men-jeans-ae-ne-x-t-level-slim-straight-jean-medium-bright-indigo/web/s-prod/0116_4604_857?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat8620022 Join The Fit Man Style Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/193010604881268/
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Beckett Simonon Shoe Review & Recap | Valencia Wholecuts & Durant Oxfords
Hello gents! Today I have the pleasure of a review of a second Beckett Simonon shoe. This time around it is their Valencia Wholecuts and what a thing of beauty it is. One might argue whole cuts are the epitome of dress shoe because of their classy, smooth aesthetic. This was the one pair missing from my collection. I also took this opportunity to do a recap of the first Beckett Simonon shoe I review back in October, couple of months wearing gives me a good sense of how they hold up. My discount code FITMAN still works so enter it at one of the two links below for a discounted price. To shop the Valencia Wholecuts http://bit.ly/2VUY2T9 To shop the Durant Oxfords http://bit.ly/2pbtpu1 This post contains affiliate links.
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SkullCandy Crusher Wireless Revisited Review | 2 Month Review
You guys asked and I delivered. Had this for two months now since the last video and alot of you have been curious about how it's holding up since. Here are my honest thoughts. To shop the headphones, click here https://www.ebay.com/itm/Skull-Candy-Crusher-Noise-Isolating-Wireless-Headphones-w-Mic-Black-S6CRWK591/163444507953?epid=8021694880&hash=item260e0d4531:g:wSwAAOSwG8tcucX6
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#LetsTalkTuesdays Episode 6 The Psychology of Sales
How much influence is there when purchasing a product? Various stores use a plethora of sales tactics to get customers in the door, some are ingenious, others are disingenuous but all is fair in love and capitalism.........right?
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How To Shave Your Head | THE UPDATE
Last year I put out a "Maintaining A Bald Head" video and surprisingly alot of us connected with it. Well, I've learned a ton on the art of shaving your head since then and I thought I woul share that for those who are more inclined to let the hair go. Youtube is flooded with hair care products and I just want to see some representation for the baldies out there. Shea Moisture Shave Butter https://www.sheamoisture.com/african-black-soap-shea-butter-shave-butter-creme.html
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Socks For Fit Men | Viccel Review
***UPDATE*** 8/17/18. GOT YOU GUYS A DISCOUNT! ENTER FITMANSTYLE20 AT CHECKOUT FOR 20% OFF!! Wuddup peeps. Bringing a mid week review for you guys. This is a follow up to a video I did a while back. Viccel is a company out in Turkey that offers over the calf socks, socks that I feel would benefit fit men with big calf muscles. check them out at https://viccel.us/ For the one I got: https://viccel.us/product/dark-navy-blue-brown-shadow-calf/
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Suede vs Nubuck
Is there a difference? Can you tell? Close examination reveals the truth. Article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/suede-vs-nubuck
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Joseph Abboud Custom Made Suit | Part One: Process
Well, guys I finally did! Recorded the video alot of yall have asked for! 15 mins long but well worth it!!! HUGE shoutout to my former manager Chris Covington so did all the measuring and pretty much explanation. If yall are ever in Massachusetts especially in the Umass Amherst, Hadley, Northampton, Florence area, stop by his store at 344 Russell St , Hadley, MA. Tell him Riley sent ya. Missed a few key points in the video so I included them in the article linked below https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/ja-custom-suit-process
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Best Fitting Jeans For Fit Men | Levi's
Back again with another search for the best fitting jeans, this time I got Levi's which I've been eyeing for a while. Compared it to the first jeans I got from the Gap and see which one fits better Support article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/jeans-for-fit-men-levis Best Fitting Jeans For Fit Men | The Gap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfEfPQ3g-wE&t=107s
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This One Thing Makes A Difference For Muscular Men | Shirt Back Pleats
Call this a follow up to my Split Yoke video I did a couple weeks ago. Shirt back pleat are pretty damn functional in shirts. Remember I said style is a by product of function and fit? Well as a Fit Man, having back pleats on your shirt can be the determining factor on whether you have a comfortable day or not For the shirt article, click here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/shirt-back-pleats
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Is Goodfellow & Co A Good Fit For Fit Men?
A few of your favorite style bloggers have touched on this but I had to see if this brand is any benefit to us fit men. I have mixed feelings about it...... Full article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/goodfellow-review
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Corduroy | A Brief Overview and Uniqlo Review. Fall 2018 Style Essential.
Corduroys gets some unjust hate from folks as "old fashion" or "something old people wear". Corduroys, however are a staple in men's style especially during cold weather months. They can both be stylish and functional while being affordable. Dubbed the "poor man's velvet" Corduroy has elevated its status in menswear from its humble beginnings. Caution: If you are getting a dark color corduroy like I did, keep a lint roller handy. What I wore: Uniqlo Blue Corduroys https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-ezy-ankle-length-pants-412169.html Shirt Mtailor, peep the link below for an exclusive discount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZBg9CDnyT4 Cardigan https://www.jcpenney.com/p/peyton-parker-collar-neck-long-sleeve-cardigan/ppr5007758706?pTmplType=regular&catId=SearchResults&searchTerm=mens+cardigan+sweater&productGridView=medium&N=507&badge=new Chelsea boots https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/1901-brooks-chelsea-boot-men/4865579?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAll%20Results&color=brown%20leather Check out a previous video - Athleisure For The Fit Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3i4tKpmXmQ
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Joseph Abboud Custom Made Suit | Part Two: The Suit
IT'S HERE!!!!! Finally got the suit back and I love it! A few further alterations were needed but it came back fitting just right! Couple of areas of concern that I discussed in the video but they weren't deal breakers. If you like to see more pictures click on the link below https://fitmanstyle.com/look-book/joseph-abboud-custom-suit Giveaway still going on! Watch last week's video and email me at [email protected] and tell me which one you want. Or if you simply wanna chat, email me. Don't forget to follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitmanstyle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitmanstyle_
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Is Goodfellow & Co (STILL) A Good Fit For Fit Men? | One Year Review
Last year, Target introduced this budget friendly brand for the style conscious man. Naturally, I had to check it out to see what they got and more importantly, if they fit the Fit Man. If you missed that video check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4O2mj5y1K0&t=841s In this video, I re-review the same pieces a year later to see if my thoughts about the brand stayed the same or if they've changed. #goodfellow #tryon #oneyearreview As mentioned in the video, Goodfellow has discontinued some pieces online and in store so below are the ones I could find and alternatives. Goodfellow Turtleneck https://www.target.com/p/men-s-long-sleeve-turtleneck-pullover-sweater-goodfellow-co-153/-/A-53435643?preselect=53340198#lnk=sametab Goodfellow Navy Chinos https://www.target.com/p/men-s-straight-fit-hennepin-chino-pants-goodfellow-co-153-navy/-/A-54083057?preselect=53759592#lnk=sametab Goodfellow Tan Chinos https://www.target.com/p/men-s-straight-fit-hennepin-chino-pants-goodfellow-co-153/-/A-53048518?preselect=52456097#lnk=sametab Goodfellow Black chinos https://www.target.com/p/men-s-regular-straight-fit-chino-pants-goodfellow-co-153-black/-/A-54002960preselect=53719346#lnk=sametab Goodfellow Cardigan https://www.target.com/p/men-s-standard-fit-long-sleeve-button-down-shawl-cardigan-goodfellow-co-153-heather-blue/-/A-53436731?preselect=53367937#lnk=sametab Goodfellow Contrast Sleeves Long Sleeve https://www.target.com/p/men-s-standard-fit-long-sleeve-raglan-color-block-crew-t-shirt-goodfellow-co-153/-/A-52518783?preselect=52354643#lnk=sametab
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Best Fitting Shirts For Fit Men | MTailor Review
Sorry for the delay guys! had a bit of technical difficulty. Another installment in my best fitting shirt series and we are reviewing MTailor. I've seen their commercials on T.V, heard other Youtubers talk about them but I wanted to check it out for myself. As you know, I always preach going the custom route for fit men because off the rack shirts really don't cater to our physiques. Well MTailor is another brand in the MTM space and they have a unique way of getting you measured.........WITHOUT a tailor in 30 seconds! WOW! what a claim! Is it too good to be true or are they really on to something. Let's find out BTW if you are interested in getting an MTailor shirt, enter the code "fitman20" at checkout and get 20% off your first order.......plus free shipping :) Support article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/mtailor-review #mtailor #customshirts #mtmshirt
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9 Best Menswear Books/Magazines/Websites
I get it. There are those among us who absorb information better from reading. Here is a list of my go to places when I'm inclined to do so. Article click below https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/9-best-menswear-books-magazines-websites List 1) Style and The Man - https://amzn.to/2E6Pu4L 2) Dressing The Man - https://amzn.to/2JMOA1j 3) Esquire - https://bit.ly/2GSnZey 4) Well Built Style - https://bit.ly/2VtE7tE 5) Gentleman's Gazette - https://bit.ly/2Dw3h43 6) The Rake - https://bit.ly/2mWoJqS 7) The Sartorial Journal - https://bit.ly/2w1jESN 8) Gentleman Within - https://bit.ly/2VBJUlU 9) Fit Man Style - https://bit.ly/2JpduVc Let me know what you're reading so I can add it to my rotation
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Best Fitting Off The Rack Shirts For Athletic Men | Twillory Review
I need some new shirts. Dress shirts, polos, shirts in general! My old shirts just don't fit anymore but they served their time. I will be buying some and reviewing them for your consideration Written article here https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/twillory-shirt-review
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7 Casual Ways To Style Green Chinos | Chino Spring Look Book
Ever thought of adding green to your wardrobe? It is a very versatile color to incorporate in your wardrobe this spring season. It's best to start doing it in a casual then slowly ease into formal. But this video is about casual looks featuring chinos I purchased from Banana Republic,hope this draws some inspiration for the color green and for chinos. Article here: https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/7-ways-to-wear-green-chinos These green chinos from Banana Republic seems like they've sold out. They do make awesome chino, just that this color is unavailable apparently. However here is a similar brand with the same green chino: https://mcys.co/2WChC7b Shop the looks Look 1 Shirt - https://bit.ly/2LBUTXW Shoe - https://mensw.com/2vBHRih Look 2 Jean jacket - https://bit.ly/2Q1UyfB Shirt - https://oldnvy.me/2WE6Xc2 Shoes - https://bit.ly/30gG5B4 Look 3 Sweater - https://amzn.to/2VXmUx4 Shirt - https://bit.ly/2Hiet6c Shoes - https://mensw.com/2E4USFA Look 4 Shirt - Tailor Lamb Belt - https://bit.ly/2vTFg2M Shoes - https://kcole.com/2JxIGks Look 5 Henley - https://bit.ly/2LCeDuE Boots - https://mcys.co/2LC3bip Look 6 Polo - https://bit.ly/2vSRlFX Boat shoes - https://bit.ly/2Hi57Y9 Look 7 Print shirt - https://jcp.is/2HfqTg7 Crew neck - https://bit.ly/2vSBdEi Shoes - https://mensw.com/2vBHRih
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Unboxing And Review | Beckett Simonon
#unboxing #beckettsimonon #dressshoes Back again with another shoe and this time it's Beckett Simonon. They have a very aggressive social media campaign, seems like every time I log on I see an ad for them. They were kind enough to send over a pair so I can express my thoughts on them and they were also kind enough to give you guys a discount so you can try them out. CORRECTION*9/19/18* - Shoes are made in Colombia, not Portugal To shop these shoes, hit the link below http://bit.ly/2pbtpu1 Enter "FITMAN" for an additional 20% off! For pictures: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitmanstyle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1126868944135625 Don't forget to join the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/193010604881268/ This is not a sponsored video but it may contain affiliated link that help grow this channel.
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Best Fitting Dress Shirt For Fit Men | Tailor Store Review
#tailorstore #madetomeasure #customshirt This brand has been on my radar for a while. I remember it was Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style that first introduced me to them. As you know by now, as a Fit Mans, I always suggest going the custom/made to measure route if given the chance. That way you can get the shirt to fit you exactly how you like no matter how big your biceps, chest, back are. With the emergence of online mtm companies like Mtailor, Hockerty and now Tailor Store, the process is not only easier then before but also more affordable. Plus, you get a chance to add you own little spice to it. For more picture click below https://www.facebook.com/pg/fitmanstyle/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1114198395402680 Check out Tailor Store at: https://www.tailorstore.com/
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Best Fitting Shirts For Athletic Men | The Tie Bar Review
Part 2 of this series! Finally got my hands on The Tie Bar shirts. Got 3 and took them all for a spin. Here are my thoughts. Check out the support article https://fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/the-tie-bar-review Also visit The Tie Bar at https://www.thetiebar.com for more shirt and accessory selections Part 1 of this series, review on twillory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfkSfe1PvDE&t=223s This is not a sponsored post.
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Shirt Collar And The Fit Man's Face
Little attention is given to the shirt collar's relation to your face but it plays a significant role. In fact, one should not buy a shirt without considering its collar first. Short article here https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/face-and-collar-relationship
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Double Breasted And Fit Men | The Perfect Pair
The line is drawn in the sand again! Either you love the Double Breasted or you hate it. Personally, I've found this classic timeless piece to be a staple in my wardrobe. Superman has his cape, I have my Double Breasted. It fits like a glove and streamlines my fit physique. Stick around to the end to catch a blooper, gotta have fun when recording lol Support article https://www.fitmanstyle.com/style-guide/fit-men-and-double-breasted
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10 Ways To Wear A Turtleneck/How To Style A Turtleneck
Probably one of he most versatile pieces you can have in you wardrobe this fall/winter. The turtleneck can be dressed up or or down depending on the occasion. It can be used as part of your layers or it can be worn by itself. Either way it's a worthy investment every man should have. Orange Turtleneck - https://www.spierandmackay.com/burnt-orange-merino-wool-turtleneck.html Dark Brown Turtleneck - https://www.spierandmackay.com/dark-brown-merino-wool-turtleneck.html The rest of the turtleneck I got from Goodfellow and Co which has since been discountinued but here are some great sites that sell turtlenecks: Uniqlo - https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-extra-fine-merino-turtleneck-long-sleeve-sweater-409174.html?dwvar_409174_color=COL15&cgid=#q=men's%2Bturtleneck&lang=default&start=1 Zara - https://www.zara.com/us/en/turtleneck-sweater-p07148300.html?v1=7682292&v2=1080068 Gap - https://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=316013022&CAWELAID=120280880002398233&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=59544524117&CATCI=pla-529751414089&tid=gppl000001&kwid=1&ap=7&gclid=CjwKCAiAl7PgBRBWEiwAzFhmmkFAng_FloXej9eRJKEh5goXsDp44GxQiHtFZn9-gXuQjMC4PE_-gxoCjasQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds The Outfits Outfit 1 - 1:35 - Turtleneck By Itself - Monochromatic is a great look Outfit 2 - 1:55 - Turtleneck With Overcoat - My favorite Outfit 3 - 2:15 - Turtleneck With Puffer Jacket Outfit 4 - 2:37 - Turtleneck With Jean Jacket Outfit 5 - 2:57 - Turtleneck With Leather Jacket Outfit 6 - 3:19 - Turtleneck With Cardigan Outfit 7 - 3:42 - Turtleneck With Braces Outfit 8 - 4:06 - Turtleneck With Blazer/Sport Coat/ Suit Outfit 9 - 4:33 - Turtleneck With Trenchcoat Outfit 10 - 4:54 - Turtleneck Under Shirt -To properly execute this look, the turtleneck has to be of a thin material. That one is the Orange Spier And Mackay Merino wool. Link above
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Athletic Men Waist Problems | Anson Belt Review
Gentlemen, this belt is a game changer. A stylish belt that fits your exact waist size, not just some generic size? Support article to this video https://fitmanstyle.com/new-blog/anson-belt-review-and-why-the-athletic-man-needs-one Anson Belt Website https://www.ansonbelt.com Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitmanstyle/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Fitmanstyle_
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Best Fitting Chinos For The Fit Man | Lucky Brand
Aside from jeans, I'm chinos kinda guy. Especially when it comes to the cold weather months, I want something that is a little thicker than the average dress pants that is also work appropriate. Here I have another installment in my best fitting chinos series and it is from a brand that is known for for it's jeans than chinos. Check it out. Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Chinos https://www.nordstromrack.com/brands/Lucky%20Brand/Men/Clothing/Pants/Casual%20&%20Chinos Check out past videos Brands That Don't Cater To Fit Men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn8NRjos1-k Athleisure For The Fit Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3i4tKpmXmQ Hockerty Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73dX3VCYGKM&t=68s
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Citizen Eco-Drive | Watch Review
Alright, here we go! First watch in my serious watch collection is this Citizen Eco-Drive. I feel Citizen is a brand I can trust to give me quality, affordability and longevity. Quite simple in its design, this watch won't bring lot of attention to you. There is a subtle elegance to it. To shop this watch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PXVUKBK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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