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Dungeon Sea Online!!!Best Private Server NO hamachi 24/7
Best Private Server ever made!! Great gms, great ppl...easy to lvl up easy to become stronge, great guilds all mazes working CA, BH, DW, SW, GA(Glacier armagedon: maze to lvl up have all lv of sand bags for u to lvl up easier), guild wars, everything...Rb working 2nd Rb working too, BD work, all abbadons work...WINTER island working all isles..Max lv100, max pet lv51... WHAT THIS SERVER DONT HAVE?? :P hehe Rates: 5 x Solo-Exp 10 x Party-Exp 5 x Drop-Rate 50 x Fairy-Growth 5 x Ship-Exp Register link: http://dungeonsea.com/?act=register&ref=koke1782 client link: http://anonym.to/?http://dso2.no-ip.biz/dso.exe Forum link: http://dungeonseaonline.freeforums.org/ JOIN US!!!! xD k some ppl has been asking for the black skin that it rlly fcking own lol so here it go the patch: http://members.iinet.net.au/%7Etsunami2/ODS%20Noir%20skin%20beta%20testv0.6c.exe u just have to dl it then save it in ur DSO client and start game on thats all xD GL and again JOIN USS!!! :P
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Dungeon Sea Online!!!Best Server Evereee :D NO HAMACHI
Register link: http://dungeonsea.com/?act=register&ref=koke1782 Client link: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8U89DTV8 Forum link: http://godlikes.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=a49d3a63d0b68f67aa0e5a4c3cf34d0f& Rates: 5 x Solo-Exp 10 x Party-Exp 5x Drop-Rate 50 x Fairy-Growth 5 x Ship-Exp This server is 24/7 NO hamachi with good protection... we got hacked sometimes but always get throw the problem great host company :) so dont worry abt that. We also have a chat room: http://xat.com/DungeonSeaOnline In this server we have all pk mazes BH, CA, DW.... including Glacier Armaggedon as u saw in video is for lvling freacking awesome(pm me when GA open for help to lvl in jewel sea xD), u can pk in GA but we never do that cause we want every1 to lvl up and if some1 pk gm kick him ...wiinter isle working so u can lvl there too, u can get DEATH WEPONS AND ARMOR FOR ALL CLASSES IN AURORA AND DARK AREA(this are located next of the teleporter in winter isle) Rebirth working, a looottt of NPCs, uns 45 seller, everything is super cheap and i mean it, easy to make money, easy to lvl up, easy to become stronge, friendly server, lots of events, gms r very cool they help every1 in they problems.... o.0 omfg..................... this server OWN xD JOIN US!!! SHARE WITH US!! HAVE FUN WITH US!! :D All u ever dream to be a good player to be stronge and be respect by other ppl u can do it in this server, so what u waiting for :) go join us now hehe. And btw this is my 2nd vid i think is better than 1st :P i hope u like it, feel free to comment and rate...:P
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