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American Idiot(186bpm) - Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up mode
Audition(Taiwan) Beatup mode's fastest song(but not the hardest) in December's patch. Enjoy.
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You (136bpm) - Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
This is purely a video as a record of me changing my outfit. Its seems like I have found the best hair style EVER on audition lol. You - Audition (136bpm) Enjoy.
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我不是在笑 - Leessang (84bpm) by 勁舞團 Audition Beat Up Mode
我不是在笑 - Leessang (84bpm) Currently the slowest lv. 3 Beat up song in TW audition. 1 bad during chance period...well, i can do better than 1 bad, but really not worth the time recording another trial Woot i made a perfect video transition lol, the cut isn't even noticeable lol.
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Sugar - SIC (118bpm) Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
Full screen on my big monitor really makes it hard for me to play, and it wasn't smooth to start with. After the first few trials I thought 700p wasn't gonna happen in full screen, but when I was just about to say screw it, I got lucky on last trial. Heh. Also, one can see that this video, although over 3 minutes, has no "intersection point", thats because my own camera died, and this is a camera i borrow from a friend. It has no video length limit, so I finally get to record some of my favorites. Thx Kenneth for the camera by the way. Sugar - SIC (118bpm). Enjoy.
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Twilightzone Remix - 偉大合唱團 Audition 勁舞團 Beatup Mode
this is shake-proof version :D I was aware that the video I had up here was shaky like hell, so recently I took the time to re-do it. Didn't get to 1000P in this video but meh, the song is long you know lol, don't wanna spend time doing it again. Twilightzone - 偉大合唱團 (128bpm). Enjoy.
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驀然回首 (116bpm) - Deuce 勁舞團 Audition Beatup Mode
This was taken quite some time ago (maybe a month) 驀然回首 - Deuce (TW) 請回頭看我 - Deux (HK) Look Back at me - Deuce (SEA)
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Sea(大海) - Up by Audition 勁舞團 (126bpm) Beat Up Mode
Sea(126bpm) by a group called Up. Somewhat a cute song. Enjoy.
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Don't push me (110bpm) - 糖果盒子 (Sweetbox) Audition 勁舞團
Me and my game GF again. Thx Kenneth for the camera. Don't push me (110bpm) - 糖果盒子(Sweetbox). Enjoy.
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Butterfly(135bpm) - 勁舞團 Audition Beat Up Mode
dang, Butterfly is not only in DDR!! This song was actually from the same patch as american idiot, just never realize it was this short(under 3 min) Enjoy.
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My Style (96 bpm) - Ta Un Eop Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
Me and my game GF dancing. My Style (96 bpm) - Ta Un Eop. Enjoy.
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激情 - SE7EN (101bpm) by 勁舞團 Audition Beat Up Mode
I did relatively well keeping the vibration down. 1 bad, again, not worth the time recording another trial. 激情 - SE7EN (TW) 熱情 - SE7EN (HK)
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偉大合唱團 - Twilightzone Club Mix 勁舞團畢業論文
(Heard it is reborn in KR? Good, too bad I can't play) Graduation Thesis. Twilightzone (128bpm) - 偉大合唱團 The only song I am still capable to play. lol A little lag throughout, but managed not to break the combo from it, so whatever. Enjoy. **Special thanks to NET 仔樂園 for their nice computers, especially that keyboard...where did they buy those from anyway LOL
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吳鐘赫 - 最後說ByeBye(94bpm) by Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
吳鐘赫 - 最後說ByeBye (94bpm) Behind me is my friend :D Enjoy.
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所以 - Typhoon (138bpm) 勁舞團 Audition Beatup Mode
overall a good song. 所以 - Typhoon (138bpm) Enjoy.
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鴨子飛了Flying Duck - Cherry Filter From 勁舞團 Audition
I've decided that my first Flying Duck video wasn't good enough, so here I am making a new one. 鴨子飛了 - Cherry Filter (158bpm) Enjoy.
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觀察 - God (118bpm) Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
Nothing remarkable. Just about what I can get with full screen. Meh. Thx Kenneth for the camera. 觀察 - God (118bpm). Enjoy.
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Mov Mov(107bpm) - 勁舞團 Audition Beatup Mode
Took me long enough Could have done better, especially first half not exactly a real full combo, but I can live with this :D Mov Mov (107bpm) - Audition Enjoy.
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Half - 李貞賢 (Lee Jung-hyun) Audition 勁舞團 Beat Up Mode
It's I believe the first video I have my game GF dancing next to me :D. She's no beatup dancer, but please be generous and show her some love :D. Thx Kenneth for the camera. Terrible result, but who cares :D Half - Lee Jung-hyun (143bpm). Enjoy.
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埃及豔后 (91bpm) - 勁舞團 Audition Beat Up
LOLz got scared by my friend's PM 李孝莉 - 埃及豔后 Beat Up Mode Enjoy.
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5-man chronosphere in dota 2
Pretty rare occasion. Catching a FULL TEAM into that area for an AOE freeze. Awesome moment.
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Silvery bugs in soil of gardening pots
Beginner in growing plants here. Have a few rosemary shoots in pots, but i noticed some tiny silver bugs in the soil. Any help to identify this bug / fix the issue will be appreciated. Clue 1 : they are about 1mm in size Clue 2 : they are most active right after i water, very hard to spot in dry soil surface Clue 3 : they dont jump in the soil, but one had landed in my watering cup before, and it jumped around when i tried to add water to the cup. So it CAN jump when have to
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九龍灣德福 Virtual Zone - The Last Day (最後一天)
Sorry for the awful video quality. I only had my cellphone with me at the time so this will have to do. (Click SHOW MORE for background story!!) 街機已成為夕陽工業,剩番好多變左賭場,大舖執得就執,今日又一間。無論你係而家仲有一大班friend,個個禮拜落機舖玩既後生仔, 還是好似我咁,已經做左好幾年野,當年機友已無再聯絡,各散東西,希望大家都可以借此懷緬一下街機既黃金時代。 We are witnessing a falling empire, a dying trend. For HKers who were / are still passionate about arcade gaming, may we forever remember this place, forever remember this day, and the sweet memories we all had playing in arcades with friends when we were young. **The video and a few of the photos were taken by me. The remaining photos were downloaded from news sites. (Background song : Today - 梁詠琪 GiGi Leung. It's copyrighted so ads might appear in the video, sorry for that!)
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碰碰我的臀 (145bpm) - 勁舞團 Audition Beatup mode
Re-uploaded because BGM was off. 碰碰我的臀 (145bpm) - Audition I believe the english name of this song is "shake that bootie" Enjoy.
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My Starcraft 2 Epic Moment
Oh man....This is actually my first nuke ever. After playing on and off, I've lost my touch a long long time ago, but this definitely lightened my mood up. I'm here to share my joy with you guys!! Enjoy :)
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traffic crossing
testing purpose
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Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado (114bpm) by勁舞團 Audition Beat up
Sorry for the intense vibration. This is *the* song in TW audition right now that plays with off-beat hits, which was exactly the reason why I couldn't keep the vibration down (not a good result either) Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado (114bpm)
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彈得不動聽的話,請見諒 ^^ 覺得可愛的話,有心人請留個言 ^^
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Ez Do Dance(93bpm) - 白智英 by Audition 勁舞團
Ez Do Dance(93bpm) - 白智英 Enjoy
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My Guild Wars 2 Character
This is Sad Paris, a Human Thief that doesn't have very good eye sight :D Enjoy the scenery behind!
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Hong Kong, Mongkok umbrella revolution protester sexually assaulted by anti protester
For anyone who would like to know more about the issue and the revolution, please search on Medium such as CNN and BBC for current affairs in Hong Kong.
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damaged external hard drive
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