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Google Docs APA Table Formating
How to set up an APA table in Google Docs. Check Purdue OWL for proper formatting: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/19/
Views: 3087 Isaac Zimmermann
Attaching Rocket Fins
Attach your rocket fins
Views: 1654 Isaac Zimmermann
Opening an HTML File using Notepad
How to Open a HTML file using Notepad
Views: 16004 Isaac Zimmermann
Menasha High School Car Show 2012
2012 Menasha Car Show May 20 2012. We hope to see you at the 2013 show May 18th.
Views: 685 Isaac Zimmermann
Creating Basic Circuits Using Yenka
How to build basic circuits using Yenka Technology.
Views: 1638 Isaac Zimmermann
Linking to Internal Pages with Dreamweaver CS5
Link all of the pages you have created for a website together using Dreamweaver CS5.
Views: 491 Isaac Zimmermann
setting up your ste file.wmv
Setting up your STE file in Dreamweaver.
Views: 577 Isaac Zimmermann
VEX Easy C V2 Line Follower
This video shows how to create the code for a line following robot.
Views: 9318 Isaac Zimmermann
Using AP div Tags for Page Layout Dreamweaver CS5
This video shows how you can use AP DIV tags for page Layout in Dreamweaver CS5
Views: 1777 Isaac Zimmermann
Create Animated Gifs with GifPal Edu
Use gifpal.edu to create and download animated gifs for schools. GifPal Edu: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/gifpal%20edu
Views: 514 Isaac Zimmermann
Use the Hot Spot Tool (Image Map) to Link an Image in Dreamweaver CS5
Link your banner text to the corrisponding sections on your website.
Views: 2091 Isaac Zimmermann
Basic Button Design in Adobe Fireworks CS5
How to design a basic button in Adobe Firewworks CS5
Views: 92 Isaac Zimmermann
Creating QR Codes for the Classroom with Kaywa
Using the kaywa QR code generator to create QR codes for your classroom.
Views: 461 Isaac Zimmermann
Building Your Engine Mount
Engine Mount
Views: 185 Isaac Zimmermann
Line Breaks and Paragraphs in Dreamweaver CS5
Create text with no spaces between paragraphs using Dreamweaver CS5.
Views: 4552 Isaac Zimmermann
End Sanding Rocket Fins
Sand the fins of your rocket to make them all the same size.
Views: 200 Isaac Zimmermann
CSS Intro:  A Basic Embedded Style Sheet
http://w3schools.com/css/default.asp A basic introduction to style sheets. Learn how to embedd a style sheet in your website, this will let you change the colors and many other attributes of your website. Check out this website for tons more information on Styling your webpages: http://w3schools.com/css/default.asp
Views: 481 Isaac Zimmermann
Inserting Images using Dreamweaver CS5
Add an image to your dreamweaver CS5 page.
Views: 115 Isaac Zimmermann
Use Google Drawing on your Interactive White Board for Collaboration
You can use the Google Drawing tool inside of your Google Drive account to create a canvas for your students to interact and collaborate on. This is an excellent way to get students using Interactive White Boards.
Views: 1280 Isaac Zimmermann
Wisc Online
Wisc Online is a great learning tools for students in technical and general information.
Views: 744 Isaac Zimmermann
Hohli Chart Builder
This weeks video shows you how to build graphs using Hohli.
Views: 2036 Isaac Zimmermann
Bevel Fin Edges
Bevel your fin edges to increase aerodynamics
Views: 285 Isaac Zimmermann
Use Hapara to Interact with Students in Google Chrome
Use hapara to interact with your students on the Chromebooks or while they are using the Chrome browser.
Views: 399 Isaac Zimmermann
Wisconsin State VEX Tournament Finals
First match of the Wisconsin State VEX Tournament finals 536c 2527a blue 20 1200. 1200 f red 27 February 22 2014
Views: 85 Isaac Zimmermann
Menasha High School Robotics Minesweeper 2012
Robotics 1 minesweeper robots
Views: 185 Isaac Zimmermann
Adding Images to Your HTML Websites
How to add images that are already online to your HTML website. You can use a site like http://imgur.com/ to upload your photos if needed. Check out W3 Schools to learn more about HTML http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
Views: 120 Isaac Zimmermann
Wilson Raiders 5/1/15 Annoucements
Willson Middle School announcements 5/1/15.
Views: 72 Isaac Zimmermann
Adding Skin Templates
Skin Templates
Views: 62 Isaac Zimmermann
How to Blabberize
How to create your own talking photo's using blaberize.com
Views: 179 Isaac Zimmermann
Photoshop CS5 Lasso Tool Pixel Selection
Photoshop CS5 Lasso Tool Pixel Selection
Views: 384 Isaac Zimmermann
External Link Dreamweaver CS5
Create an external link in dreamweaver CS5
Views: 128 Isaac Zimmermann
VEX Motors Wont Stop Running
My VEX motors run constantly when connected to a microprocessor.
Views: 669 Isaac Zimmermann
Maplewood Middle School 2013 Co2 Races
Maplewood Middle School students designed, built and tested these Co2 cars during the Fall semester of 2013.
Views: 208 Isaac Zimmermann
Coat Your Fins
Use white glue to strengthen your balsa wood rocket fins
Views: 218 Isaac Zimmermann
Aligning Images Using HTML
How to float the images on your webpage. This W3 Schools editor has a great example of the diffrent align attributes http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_image_align
Views: 4075 Isaac Zimmermann
Create Graph in Google Sheets
Use your Chromebook to create graphs with Google Sheets
Views: 333 Isaac Zimmermann
Moving an Image using Dreamweaver CS5
Align your image to diffrent spots on your webpage and add horizontal / vertical space between your image and other page elements
Views: 3677 Isaac Zimmermann
Maplewood Middle School Egg Crash Cars
Technology education egg crash cars
Views: 17066 Isaac Zimmermann
Payload Specialist
Payload Specialist Position Introductions
Views: 301 Isaac Zimmermann
Rocket Assembly
How to assemble your rocket, engine mount and recovery system.
Views: 502 Isaac Zimmermann
VEX PIC Microcontroller
Views: 534 Isaac Zimmermann
HTML Lists
Creating ordered and unordered lists using HTML. Learn More about HTML by visitng W3 Schools http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
Views: 49 Isaac Zimmermann
Adding Videos to Your HTML Page
Embed You Tube vidoes to your webpage. Learn more about HTML by visiting w3 Schools http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
Views: 119 Isaac Zimmermann
Saving Your Yenka Files
save the Yenka Files You Create
Views: 84 Isaac Zimmermann
Photoshop Pixel Selection with Poly Lasso tool
Polygon Lasso Tool
Views: 463 Isaac Zimmermann

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