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Steve Hillage - Hurdy Gurdy Man
captured somewhere in germany 1977
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Pianist David Smith plays Goossens' "The Hurdy-Gurdy Man"
Vintage 1940 film showing Conductor Composer Sir Eugene Goossens, accompanied by David Edward Smith playing Goossens' Hurdy-Gurdy Man in a 1981 performance. This 1940 film is from a reception at the home of Karol Liszniewski. It shows Eugene Goossens, conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony at a reception honoring composer Albert Noelte of Chicago. The piano music is my father, David Edward Smith, playing Goossens' The Hurdy-Gurdy Man in a 1981 performance in Oregon. GOOSSENS, Sir EUGENE AYNSLEY (1893-1962), conductor and composer, was born on 26 May 1893 at Kentish Town, London. steam locomotives and ocean liners which he was to retain throughout his life. In 1931 Goossens succeeded Fritz Reiner as permanent conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, a post he retained for the next fifteen years. As a composer he was placed alongside his British contemporaries (Sir) William Walton, (Sir) Arthur Bliss and Ralph Vaughan Williams. Goossens was happy to exploit his authority as a conductor to champion new music in his programs. My father played many times with the Cincinnati Orchestra conducted by Goossens. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArnGD-Ef4lg (video includes picture of David Edward Smith, Karol Liszniewski and Eugene Goossens).
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Hurdy Gurdy Men at Folklife 2002
Two men playing Hurdy gurdies at Seattle's Folklife festival in 2002.
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Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Beatle Week Liverpool)
Donovan performing Hurdy Gurdy Man with a special verse that George Harrison had written for the song that never had been recorded.
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
A short film of a knight defending his house.
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HOW TO: NY Hurdy Gurdy Is Beautiful featuring Melissa Kacalanos www.melissatheloud.com playing her hurdy-gurdy November 14, 2006 on Canal Street New York, NY ................ A MY NEW YORK COMPANY PRODUCTION [email protected] 2006 Yura Dashevsky
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Chaoticum - Nickelodeon Hurdy Gurdy
From the album "Chaoticum IXII - Necessary Death" Made for Chaoticum by Steve Hyperdriver of the awesome band "Cult of Ashand"
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Green Man : Column Capitals, Carlisle Cathedral UK
Medieval carvings on the column capitals in Carlisle Cathedral depicting a diversity of foliate themes from folk life & folk lore, including diverse greenmen, babewynes, Janus and such like. Images by Sabrina Eden. Hurdy-Gurdy music by Sedayne (aka Sean Breadin) from his new album Horse-head in Winterland available FREE from Woven Wheat Whispers: http://www.wovenwheatwhispers.co.uk/folk_community/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=&idproduct=355
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Matthew Szostak on Hurdy Gurdy and Bob Lucas on Guitar. help.forgetdementia.net
Sweet Chariot 2003 - Matt told me it was one of the highlight of his life playing like that with Bob...Unfortunately I ran out of tape and the song was over before I could find a new one... copyright www.espritvoyageur.net Please check www.forgetdementia.net - Alzheimer new form of therapy through guided imagery and music
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Voznesenie bylo Gospodnee
Buy my CD http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00RJSBOT&pp=1 http://kunaki.com/DigitalSales.asp?PID=PX00RJSBOT https://avinogradov.bandcamp.com/album/russian-hurdy-gurdy-tunes Please, support my music https://www.paypal.com/ru/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=ZeCh_4QRmwgecDmzDze-PWDFqu7rv4kWeK207KacNrZ-nO42paMp6TTPeRu&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d333dc9aadeed3fe0b5b299d55fd35542 Russian traditional sacred chant. Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy, voice It was the Ascension of the Lord. The Lord Himself ascended into heaven With the Cherubim and the Seraphim, With all the hosts of heaven. Then the little brethren wept, "Our Daddy, our merciful King, Who are You leaving us to? Who will feed us and give us to drink, And protect us in the dark night?" The merciful Lord the King says to them, "Do not weep, my little brethren. I will create for you a mountain of gold. You will be fed and feeding, Clothed and shod, Protected in the dark night." John the Golden Mouth ["Chrysostom"] says to Him, "Do not give them a mountain of gold, Do not give them this grace. [Otherwise] merchants and boyars, Men of power, very rich people would take it from them. Create for them such possessions as Christ had, They will go into the world And magnify You Christ And laud You Christ. They will be fed and feeding, Clothed and shod." The Lord God, the King of the Heavens said to him, "Oh, you John the Golden Mouth, You showed skill in how you spoke to Me And protected your brethren. Your mouth will be [called] golden From now on and forever." It was the Ascension of the Lord, The Lord Himself ascended into heaven, With the Cherubim...
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it´s a long way to tipperary
Improvisación nº1 del tema :it´s a long way to tipperary
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Recording Hurdy-gurdy / Polish song
This was a sound check - I wouldn't normally walk in on a performer during a recording! Part of a recording for my Masters Degree in Audio Production.
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This girl was perfoming next to Metropoliten Museum, unfortunately I forget her name Melissa's full name is Melissa Kacalanos, and you can find her on-line at melissatheloud.com
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Monkey Man
Another dumb animation...
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the adventures of atom man ep 2 enter fast guy
after the grabber loses to atom man and brakes his grabber he is in need of help so he hosts side-kick auditions in hopes of finding that speacial one
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Cealed Kasket Dance with the Man
This is Cealed Kasket forcing the fans to shoot up to a nifty track called Dance with the Man. Very Medieval, very heavy metal.
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Hurdy Gurdy
Daniel Korb mixes Spinal Tap and Planet of the Apes, creating a world where humans are owned by monkeys and do their jobs, not because they make creative decisions, but because they get treats. At first, JERRY appears to be an average organ grinder monkey. But it soon becomes apparent that JERRY is not owned by the three men with whom he lives; he owns and employs them. His protégé are played hysterically by Brian Ruf, Aaron Robinson, and Richard Edgar. For his searing portrayal of an alcoholic organ grinder monkey down on his luck, Hobo The Monkey garnered Best Actor at the Slum Dance Film Festival. While pretending to document the life and times of an alcoholic organ grinder monkey, this film exposes human nature at both its best and worst.
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Alberti Hurdy Gurdy
5 minute video of the 10th annual Alberti Hurdy Gurdy!
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bilwesz in Lißberg 2006
German-Austrian band bilwesz plays at the hurdy-gurdy festival at Lissberg, Germany. The tune is from Norther Germany, called "Schiefer" and is available on the CD "hardigatti!" Musicians: Matthias Branschke (bagpipes), Simon Wascher (hurdy-gurdy), Merit Zloch (harp)
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Herr Mannelig
New Account: http://www.youtube.com/user/DutchThroat An instruction video for the song Herr Mannelig on the Hurdy Gurdy. The video has been taken from two sides, front and back. In the last piece I was having such a good time and began playing the wrong song... I hope you can see it clearly enough. Sorry for the few mistakes, but I'm just a beginner. Still everything works better without a camera in front of your nose! -Edit: There are several ways of playing this piece. I found a nicer way. Still this little instruction is the best way to begin. (only the fingerposing is a bit lame, i perfected that too)
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Mushroom Man, The Life And Times Thereof
Enter Mushroom Man, the meanest, greenest, leanest Mushroom Hunta of all the frickin' US of A. Follow through his artistically filmed master piece of intellectual revolution.
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Street Fightin' Man
Jerry Holmes' group The Blisters from summer 2005 at Natural East Music School, doing Street Fightin' Man. Great group; one of our best camps ever! http://naturalearmusic.com
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Hurdy Gurdy
Folk Erotica
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old man
singing in old town
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Hidden Man
This video is an exercise in creative editing set to a track from by band's debut release. The original footage was only about 2 minutes of stop-motion created for a college assignment. The goal was to successfully edit the minimal footage out to the 6 or so minutes of the song's duration in a creative way that's not boring.
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Staretz i Piatnitsa1
Russian traditional sacred chant. Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy.
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Mushroom Man 2: Chronicles Of The NetherSpore
The second chapter in the most terrifying film franchise of all given time. Experience the dredged remorse of melancholic Mushroom Man. This is: Mushroom Man 2.
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Mushroom Man
a shout out to Bushwick from the Mushroom Man
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Melissa the Loud @ an NYC Subway station
Melissa the Loud! (really sorry for the distortion and short length). you can find out more about her at www.melissatheloud.com
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the hurdy gurdy dance by the flim flam flugel horns
the speed of the dancing in this amazing footage beggers belief
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Prague 5
Hey Mr Music Man!
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Branle des chevaux (hurdy-gurdy, Jembé)
My brother playing an old French dance on the hurdy-gurdy with me doing the background percussion. We're sorry for the little mistake at about sec. 20... Recorded in Dublin, August 2006. UPDATE: Check out our latest videoclip, which features not only the great hurdy-gurdy, but also some mandolin and singing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f42CF_Aiqi8
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Bob The Man
Bob The Man Playing Like a PRo
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"Zodiac" Trailer
Trailer to movie "Zodiac"
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Uzh i ya li moloda, tonkopriaditsa byla
Buy my CD http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00RJSBOT&pp=1 http://kunaki.com/DigitalSales.asp?PID=PX00RJSBOT https://avinogradov.bandcamp.com/album/russian-hurdy-gurdy-tunes Please, support my music https://www.paypal.com/ru/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=ZeCh_4QRmwgecDmzDze-PWDFqu7rv4kWeK207KacNrZ-nO42paMp6TTPeRu&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d333dc9aadeed3fe0b5b299d55fd35542 Hurdy-gurdy. Russian traditional jocular song. Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy, arrangement. CD and tracks Russian hurdy-gurdy tunes are available at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic.
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Swedish Chef - Meatballs
Its The Swedish Chef... with meatballs!
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Old Man at the Pool
This old dude does whatever we tell him to do. He claims he was the first to go off the Bedford Pool high dive in the 70's.
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Green Man - performance "Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile"
Green Man performing Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile at H.O.B. in Los Angeles, CA.
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I have the weirdest... but the greatest friends
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Bee String
a bee tied to a string the camera man is afraid of bees
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Mushroom Man
mushroom man rocks!
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Featuring members of Butthole Surfers, Honky, Scratch Acid & Ministry, Areola 51 covers the Spencer Davis Group classic "I'm A Man" with guest vocals from late punk rock legend Randy Biscuit Turner from the Big Boys. Shot in March 2005 in Austin Texas.
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The Young Ones computer game advert
A TV advert for the computer game based on the 1980s BBC British TV sitcom The Young Ones. Complete with awful fake impersonator. Get more information on The Young Ones and other 80s Britcoms at http://www.wonderful-electric.co.uk/Comedy/ Apparently, you can download the game (for your local friendly Commodore 64 emulator) at http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=8829 and see the walkthrough at http://c64.tin.at/_single_files/young_ones.sol.txt (although a bug apparently means you can't win the game if you're Rik. So not fair, man)
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Morris Dancing Litchfield Milly's Bequest
More clips of our Morris Dancing practice sessions, mainly to aid our new men but all are welcome to watch our progress. Our dance programme can be found at www.crmm.org.uk
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girly man
us at walmart, david dancing in a towel thing
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Story of the blue man
man fnds a dog, short animation with dough and the song a thousand miles.
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Donovan - Mellow Yellow (live)
Donovan performing at Borders in Glasgow (Oct 2005)
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Menichal Servants "Satellite Man"
The Video to a great Song
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