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Victory At Sea Theme Song
The theme song from the TV series "Victory at Sea."
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Victory At Sea Preview
http://flashbackentertainment.com/movie.asp?ID=1009 Famous for it's combat footage, articulate narration from the power voice of Leonard Graves, and Richard Rodgers' movie score performed by the NBC Symphony Orchestra.
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Ep-21 (2) - Victory At Sea ~ Full Fathom Five - HQ
FULL FATHOM FIVE U.S. submarines, 1941-1945 Release Date: March 29, 1953 ... (Episode #21) The story of the U.S. submarine force and its activity in the Pacific Ocean is told in this episode called Full Fathom Five. The goal of the American Secret Service was to sink as many Japanese merchant ships as possible during their trolling throughout the Pacific. Sink the ships that carry the raw materials back the to the Imperial Empire of Japan (oil, gas, iron ore, rubber, ect.) to help feed the war machine. 4-5 new American submarines reach Pearl harbor every month. Her crews undergo extensive training and maneuvers before their arrival in Hawaii. Admiral Lockwood, commander of the submarine forces in the Pacific realizes that use of American subs in a coordinated Allied wolf packs and also single vessels will help bring the war to a close much faster. These underwater ships with names like Thrasher, Tang, Barb and Silversides help sink tens of thousands of enemy shipping all over the Pacific. Besides torpedoing the Japanese Fleet, the U.S. Submarine Force is also responsible for carrying out other secret and hazardous missions: mining enemy waters, photographing enemy shorelines for invasion, rescue operations of downed pilots and many other military operations. The American submarine motto read, Find Them. Chase Them. Sink them. In the wars end, some 1,392 Japanese ships are sunk with over 6 millions of tonnage, including tankers, freighters, cargo ships and many types of war ships. The American submarine force helps sink the Japanese empire. Fifty-two U.S. submarines never return. But for those that did return, their citation reads, Well Done.
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Battalion Wars 2 Skirmish Exchange of Fire
This is Exchange of Fire (Navel Battle). For a three star commander he isn't verey tough, I have twice his score. What's this I start losing units and fast. Will I stand long enough to claim victory, or will I be the victim of the worlds largest come-back ever. Watch to find out. Live sound finally.
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Patton Theme
The theme for Franklin James Schaffner's "Patton" (1970).
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The Sea Score - Late Night Train
Video courtesy of: http://www.bfi.org.uk/creativearchive/titles/409874.html
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Barricade "Demons" Commercial
Barricade "Demons" commercial. Available 09.30.08 in stores, Itunes and more.
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Allied General OST - Main Theme (PSX)
Allied General, at one time also known as Panzer General II before the proper one was made. The PlayStation version has a particularly epic main theme compared to the mediocre fanfare of the PC release. Stereo quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D0qBnEAhDo&fmt=18 (or add &fmt=18 manually at the end of the video address) Composed by Steve Kirk.
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James Horner - Braveheart Theme Song
Great movie and this is my favorite soundtrack in the film!
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Fox Racing Shox Offroad Teams
By Dirtnewz, featuring Menzies Motorsports, Chet Huffman Motorsports, and Rob MacCachren.
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Region War#1 - Kanto Battle
Hello everyone. This is the first video in my 4 part spinoff series, Region Wars. In each of the Region War battles, my opponent is Electro_Ponce of the Regi League forums. He is a very skilled battler and a worthy opponent. The Region War competition goes by standard rules, however there are some additional rules: * Teams used must consist of Pokemon originally found in the region corresponding to the battle, i.e. only Pokemon originally found in Kanto can be used in the Kanto battle. Pokemon that have evolutions originally introduced in other regions can not battle in this evolved form, i.e. Although Ralts is found in Hoenn, Gallade cannot be used in the Hoenn battle as it is introduced in the Sinnoh region. * Teams must consist of the following: 2 OU Tier Pokemon, 2 BL Tier Pokemon, 2 UU / NU Tier Pokemon. * A score will be assigned to the winning trainer depending on how many Pokemon they had left at the time of victory, i.e. If someone wins 5-0, they gain 5 points. Scores will be tallied at the end of the 4 matches and a winner will be determined. Right then everyone, thats just about it for the rules. I hope you enjoy watching the Kanto War, you can expect the other 3 remaining battles to appear *soon*. _______________________ The Music is: * Seized with Fury by Housethegrate. * A boy and his Blob by Mazedude (used for filler). _______________________ OMGZ, Check it out!? http://regileague.forumup.com http://marriland.com/phpbb/index.php
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235yds in 12
I watch this clip before every round, I don't play for second!
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Keith Emerson「GODZILLA FINAL WARS:Ending Title」
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Are You Celtic in Disguise - Sporting Lisbon v Rangers
Rangers fans celebrating 2-0 victory against Sporting in Lisbon in UEFA Cup 1/4 final by chanting "Are you Celtic in Disguise".
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Troy Soundtrack- Achilles Leads The Myrmidons
By James Horner
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Fairyland-Doryan the Enlightened
i noticed that this track isnt up on youtube (other than the live video). so here is another track from the CD. LYRICS: Majesty I've seen the fate of your lands visions of hell invaded my dreams believe me I am your only chance I will serve the peace of your land To protect and save my beloved world King Morick there's no time to waist By mounds and plains I'll destroy the enemies Eleandra will shine once again Young Doryan we have heard your call Prophecies will become reality By mounds and plains you'll destroy the enemies Osyrhia's light will shine once again Gods of war, lands of freedom On my way to battle Lend me your force I won't fight for gold or glory I don't need no fame or pride I will take my sword to veil upon my land The victory is in my hands Pain and torture, all I caught in my sight the visions of terror have burned my heart I won't fight for gold or glory I don't need no fame or pride I will take my sword to veil upon my land The victory is in my hands we won't fight for gold or glory we don't need no fame or pride we will take our sword to veil upon our land The victory is our hands END. All rights reserved to owners. I do not own any of this material. If I should remove this video due to government restrictions, I will do so when notified.
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Across the Stars: Love Theme
Across the Stars: Love theme from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. Music by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. No copyright infrigement intended. All rights to Sony music, John Williams, and all their affiliates.
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Farah Ann's Beam at Sukma Selection April 2008
Beam Score: 13.15 She did not do the dismount today.
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Pirates of the Caribbean - 01 - Jack Sparrow
The first part of the second Soundtrack of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies:Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. I hope you enjoy. ^_^
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04/05/08 Round 2 Game 2 Titan @ Sea Dogs 5-2 Win
SEA DOGS WIN GAME TWO IN FRONT OF TITANIC-SIZED CROWD The Saint John Sea Dogs continued their winning ways on Saturday night, earning their sixth consecutive playoff victory by a score of 5-2 over the Acadie-Bathurst Titan in front of a sell-out crowd of 6,488 at Harbour Station.
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Potc Flyingdutchman
FLyingdutchman attacks of pirates ships scene in at worls end
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Historic 387runchase win
Sachin scoring his 41st century and giving India a historic win by chasing 387 runs against England, Sachin should retire from cricket only when INDIA will be No.1 and certainly India can achieve no. 1 beacuse of SACHIN well supported by Sehwag,Dhoni,Yuvraj and Bhajji.
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Fairyland - On The Path To Fury
Off their album, Of Wars In Osyrhia.
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Live To Tell the Tale
The most laggiest MS (MotherShip) I have ever been to. There was over 50 people their and we owned BCU.
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Clayton Richard start
Clayton Richard starts against Richmond June 28, 2008.
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Metal Church - Little Boy
SUBSCRIBE Little boy by metal church Mama, I'm crying, did the silver angel warn the earth From a blue sky falling? Father, I'm frightened, what will happen if it falls again? Will you be there to shelter me? The little dot that falls, a little boy, that's all That's all Morning comes, I walk to school, but something's in the air Things have changed, there's war at hand, but I'm too young to care My home is a paradise, a jewel in the east My family, they have seen the battles, they're praying for relief Soon to be over, my father he said, victory is ours son We will mourn all of our dead I wonder what happens when a world is at war In order to win, does someone else keep the score? I think of my future on this beautiful day How could I have known that the end's on its way? The sky is quiet Just one single plane To bring destruction Has mankind gone insane? What happened to the land? Metal fused with stone Nothing remains, nothing lives Burned through the bone The sun touched the earth somehow, life melts away One city barren wasteland, a split-second blaze The heat turned the men to shadows, the sand into glass A master stroke of evil in a blinding flash The sea of dead and dying increases by the day For years to come we pay the price of science gone astray SUBSCRIBE
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EP.20.0 Sea Dogs vs Le Titan 10/17/08
SEA DOGS' WINNING STREAK HITS SIX GAMES Audio Provided by Tim Roszell/Andrew Mcgilligan and News 88.9 The Saint John Sea Dogs matched a franchise record on Friday night by registering their sixth consecutive win, defeating the Acadie-Bathurst Titan by a score of 2-1 in front of over five thousand fans at Harbour Station. Import goalie Robert Mayer continued his strong play in backstopping Saint John to the home victory, turning aside 22 of the 23 shots sent his way. The 19-year old has allowed only ten goals during his teams current winning streak.
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Track #8 on Street Bop..these guys getdown and dirty
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Minotaurs vs Mt Druitt - 1st Round - 1st goal
Minotaurs first and only goal against Mt Druitt Rangers scored by Dimitri Kappatos. Final score was Hurstville 1 - Mt Druit 0. The game was played at Popondetta Park the 31/05/2008.
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golden point round
first one to score wins
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EP.16.0 Sea Dogs Vs Mooseheads 10/04/08
SAINT JOHN HAMMERS HALIFAX 5-1 Audio Provided by Tim Roszell and News 88.9 The Saint John Sea Dogs snapped a five-game losing streak in style on Saturday night, thoroughly dominating the Halifax Mooseheads in all aspects of play for sixty minutes of intense major junior hockey while exuding championship-calibre bravado in registering a 5-1 victory over the reigning division champs.
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Saigon 28th December - Vietnam won the cup!
On 28th December 2008, Vietnam beat ThaiLand in the AFF Cup and be the winner in 10 years. This is CMT8 Street after the game, at 10pm. My neighborhood came to the main street to take part in the flow of motorbike, the main street turned from 2 ways into 1 way, lol.
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Frank Sinatra - Somewhere Beyond The Sea
Probably the best song in the world
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My First Ever Football Match - Fionna Brown, Age 1
Adelaide United vs Perth Glory, Sunday 26th October 2008 featuring Fionna Brown Age 1 at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, South Australia with family. The final score was ADL 2 Perth 1, taking United to the top of the A-League. This music is THIS DAY and AN TOLL DUBH by RUNRIG.
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Erin at UNH spring trials - xcountry
Erin competing in xc porton of spring 2008 UNH Horse Trials
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White Sox Animated Pinwheels
The Animated Pinwheel Lights at US Cellular Field, Home of the Chicago White Sox
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Brendan TKD: 2008 Hong-Ik Second Round Sparring
Fourth Annual Hong-Ik Tae Kwon Do Tournament held at Queens College in New York on March 22, 2008. Brendan from Black Belt America in Marlboro, NJ is trained by Master Sunny as he spars for the gold medal in 6 to 7 year old blue and purple belts category. Final score 6-2.
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Penang DAP draws a record 30,000
Election heat in Penang soared with an unprecedented turnout of almost 30,000 people at DAP's final election rally leading up to the polls. As early as 7pm, thousands had already gathered at the Han Chiang school field - the same venue that hosted the 10,000 who attended a joint PKR-DAP ceramah last week At the peak of the ceramah, the crowd of about 30,000 spilled out onto the school compound and outer perimeters to listen to DAP candidates speak. "The size of the crowd is unusual but (so is) the enthusiasm coming from them," said DAP supporter TH Wong who arrived at 5.30pm to score front row seats. Organisers have hailed this as the biggest rally organized by BN opponents in Penang thus far. DAP leaders - Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, party supremo Lim Kit Siang and party chairperson Karpal Singh - received thunderous welcomes as they arrived at different times of the night. It was a sea of red - with many supporters donning the colour - listening attentively and cheering each time a speaker drove home a point or took a swipe at the BN. Taking the stage first, Datuk Keramat state candidate Jagdeep Singh Deo restated the case for a pro-opposition vote. "We are not asking for a change of government, we are asking for a stronger opposition in state and parliamentary (representation)," he said. Addressing the crowd of all ages, Bayan parliamentary candidate Lim Guan Eng also urged Penangites to "lead the change". "Let us translate this show of force, people power into a people's victory," Lim added, prompting the crowd to cheer at length. Drawing on Mahathir's comment that Malaysia needs a strong opposition, Lim asked the crowd to applaud the former premier for his remark. "It's a bit late but better late than never," Lim quipped. The atmosphere turned carnival-like as Jelutong parliamentary candidate Jeff Ooi took to the stage with an electric guitar to sing instead of deliver a speech. The popular blogger-turned-politician belted out a medley of three songs - two popular Chinese songs and the official "Marilah mengundi (Let's vote)" song with a few humourous twists. Other DAP candidates in attendance included Bukit Mertajam parliamentary candidate Chong Eng, Bukit Bendera parliamentary candidate Liew Chin Tong, Komtar state candidate Ng Wei Aik. PKR candidates also attended the event, led by its Bayan Baru parliamentary candidate Zahrain Mohamed Hashim. Will it translate to votes? Met after the event, a beaming Lim was clearly happy with the turnout but reserved optimism as to whether the large attendance will translate into votes for the opposition. Previous electoral experience - particularly DAP's Tanjung 3 campaign in 1995 - has shown that large turnouts at opposition ceramah does not necessarily correspond to votes. At the end of the event, DAP Padang Kota state candidate Chow Kon Yeow announced that the event had raised RM123,000 in donations. The crowd was also urged to wear red in support of DAP when casting their vote on Saturday. Whether the strong attendance at this final rally will translate to votes for the DAP remains to be seen. Camera & editing: Ng Kok Foong Reporting: Chua Sue-Ann *credit:MALAYSIAKINI NEWS* http://www.malaysiakini.tv/
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Top Film Scores XII
My twelfth film score slideshow. This time featuring, for the first time, Steve Jablonsky. The return of Hans Zimmer's epic, sweeping compositions continue to dominate. I hope you enjoy. Band of Brothers - Michael Kamen Flyboys---Trevor Rabin King Arthur - Hans Zimmer Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Hans Zimmer Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Hans Zimmer Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron - Hans Zimmer Steamboy - Steve Jablonsky Titanic - James Horner Transformers - Steve Jablonsky Beowulf - Alan Silvestri {DISCLAIMER}-None of the images or music belongs to me. All artists are credited.
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Keith Chapman plays the Bach Little Fugue at Wanamaker's
This is a short clip that captures most of the Little Fugue in G minor, played on the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in the early 1980s at a noontime recital by Keith Chapman. Keith was a graduate of Curtis Music Institute in Philadelphia. See the other video clips of this same noontime recital for more about Keith.
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The New Jason Botts Cheer (part 2)
The ouendan leaders taught us all in the stands this "new Seibu-Dome-Only Jason Botts song to the tune of Gake no Ue no Ponyo", during the 8th inning of the Fighters-Lions game on August 10th 2008. We weren't really expecting to have an opportunity to use it, but what do you know, the Fighters managed to score a run and get a few guys on in the top of the 9th, so Botts got another at-bat, and here's the new song in action. The lyrics are basically "Botts, Botts, Botts, Jason Botts, he came from a faraway country, Botts, Botts, Botts, Jason Botts, HITS A BIG, BIG... FOUL BALL." People seem to discriminate on their own whether they want to jump up and down while singing it. I feel bad for thinking this is super-funny.
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X-mas night in Saigon - 24 December 2008
2008 December 24th - Vietnam won 2:1 away in the first leg of the final of the Southeast Asian Football Championship (AFF). The decide all home game in Hanoi is on 28th. There was quite a celebration in the city...
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Norman Finkelstein - Israel and Palestine
Title - Israel and Palestine: Roots of Conflict, Prospects for Peace Speaker- Norman Finkelstein Recorded in the Ford Auditorium on December 11th, 2008 at Case Western Reserve University. Sponsored by The Hallinan Project for Peace and Social Justice
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15. Athenian Democracy
Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) In this lecture, Professor Kagan describes the mechanics of the Delian League and its transformation into the Athenian empire. This transformation caused Athens to rival Sparta as an equal in power and prestige. He also argues that this process took place rather smoothly due to the good relations between Sparta and Athens. Professor Kagan argues that Cimon the Athenian generally played an important part in this development. Finally, Professor Kagan begins to describe the workings of Athenian democracy by comparing it with modern American democracy. 00:00 - Chapter 1. The Rise of the Athenian Empire (Cont.) 10:25 - Chapter 2. Competition for Power between Sparta and Athens 15:51 - Chapter 3. Cimon, His Popularity and Rise to Power 30:29 - Chapter 4. The Thasian Rebellion and the Eventual Removal of Cimon 42:59 - Chapter 5. A Fuller Athenian Democracy 55:12 - Chapter 6. Organization of Athenian Democracy: The Legislative 01:04:42 - Chapter 7. Organization of Athenian Democracy: The Executive Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2007.
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Pompey bringing home the FA Cup
Pompey players on open topped bus in Southsea!
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007s Live James Bond Band playing YouOnlyLiveTwice 26 sept 2008 gig at Viva Viva, London, UK
Extra thanks to the enthusiam of the audience that night. What a blast!! re: 007s Live James Bond Band playing YouOnlyLiveTwice 26 sept 2008 gig at Viva Viva, London, UK
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BWII Skirmish Sand Castles Part 2
Things start off well. I just captured the Frontier airbase... and my score is higher than my opponents. Typical of everything I film, the opponent somehow gets an upper hand... Will it result in my defeat or my victory? WATCH THE EPIC CONCLUSION.
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Custom - Inferno 98% 599k
Nailed some pretty good stuff here. Too bad I missed 600k by a few points. :(
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Orioles at Nationals 06-27-2008
Orioles at Nationals
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Matt's Block
Matt Hasselbecks killer block
Views: 2708 Nick Cairns

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