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Victory At Sea Preview
http://flashbackentertainment.com/movie.asp?ID=1009 Famous for it's combat footage, articulate narration from the power voice of Leonard Graves, and Richard Rodgers' movie score performed by the NBC Symphony Orchestra.
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Victory At Sea Theme Song
The theme song from the TV series "Victory at Sea."
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Ep-18 (1) - Victory At Sea ~ Two If By Sea - HQ
TWO IF BY SEA Pelelui and Angaur Release Date: March 8, 1953 ... (Episode #18) In September of 1944, the Island Hopping campaign continued on in to the chain of islands known as Palau. The American forces led by the Marines attacked both Peleliu and Angaur on the way towards the liberation of the Philippines. Peleliu was supposed to be a quick victory for the Americans as they landed on the tiny island on September 14th. Strong dug-in Japanese forces gave the Americans all they could handle as they would die almost to the final man. In the end, the Americans would clear the islands of all Japanese personnel as over 10,000 Jap soldiers would lose their lives in the impossible task of defending the islands. Peleliu and Angaur are just two more islands that the Americans had to take in order to help liberate the people of the Philippines. Even a small convoy of 13 naval boats and barges could not stop the Americans as the Japanese tried to reinforce their troops. Thanks to both the 81st Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division, victory was won in both Peleliu and Angaur.
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The Sea Score - Late Night Train
Video courtesy of: http://www.bfi.org.uk/creativearchive/titles/409874.html
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Braveheart Soundtrack -  'Freedom' The Excecution Bannoburn
Composer- James Horner Movie- Braveheart Song- 'Freedom' The Excecution Bannoburn
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Anja Chong - 2008 Singapore National Figure Skating
#1 Novice Short Program (Anja Chong)Singapore Technical Element Score = 13.48 Program Component Score = 15.20 Deduction = 1.00 Total Segment Score = 27.68 - Place 2 Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/G7lk/
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Wan Siti Haniza Wan Izahar Hoop AA Portimao World Cup 2007
Name: Wan Siti Haniza Wan Izahar Federation: Malaysia Apparatus: Hoop Event: All Around Portimao World Cup 2007 Score: 12.950 http://www.rsgvideos.com/
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Patton Theme
The theme for Franklin James Schaffner's "Patton" (1970).
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Fairyland - On The Path To Fury
Off their album, Of Wars In Osyrhia.
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Gladiator Soundtrack- The Battle
Gladiator Soundtrack- The Battle Hans Zimmer
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Barricade "Demons" Commercial
Barricade "Demons" commercial. Available 09.30.08 in stores, Itunes and more.
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Nightingale 2
Judy Collins from her "Whales And Nightingales", 1970
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235yds in 12
I watch this clip before every round, I don't play for second!
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Braveheart Soundtrack -   The Battle Of Stirling
Composer- James Horner Movie- Braveheart Song- The Battle Of Stirling
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Fairyland - Across The Endless Sea
(Bonus) Track from the album "The Fall Of An Empire"
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No Way To Die
I am truly convinced that one Bond actor can only survive with the help of his predecessors. Now you will find out why...
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Victory celebration, Vietnam wins AFF cup 28 December 2008
filmed in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) in front of the Opera house / Continental Hotel
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Across the Stars: Love Theme
Across the Stars: Love theme from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. Music by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. No copyright infrigement intended. All rights to Sony music, John Williams, and all their affiliates.
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Lets all laugh at rangers
A SMall Video To SHow No hUNS In Eorope
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SF Fog Women vs. Davis DoubleDeckers, 9/27/2008
Video episode of the friendly rugby match between the San Francisco Fog Women and the Davis DoubleDeckers on Saturday, September 27, 2008. The game featured outstanding rugby play and a tight score during all 80 minutes with the Fog falling just short of the victory line and a final score of 16-12 in favor of the upstart DoubleDeckers. Video: Sean Chapin, Pete Arden and PJ Sullivan
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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - Soundtrack 12 - One Day
Soundtrack nr 12 from pirates of the caribbean at world's end
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Old Firm Game in Celtic Park 27th of April 2008
Half time at Celtic Park during an Old Firm game on the beautiful day of 27th of April 2008. The Huns(mainly oppressors and bigots) at one side of the stadium with their British and small Israeli flags, singing away sectarian songs, while the Celtic fans are having fun waving their colorful flags and banners, singing away traditional folk music and being sure of victory. The final score was 3x2 for Celtic! Erin go Bragh! Visca Catalunya i Euskadi lliures!
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Metal Church - Little Boy
SUBSCRIBE Little boy by metal church Mama, I'm crying, did the silver angel warn the earth From a blue sky falling? Father, I'm frightened, what will happen if it falls again? Will you be there to shelter me? The little dot that falls, a little boy, that's all That's all Morning comes, I walk to school, but something's in the air Things have changed, there's war at hand, but I'm too young to care My home is a paradise, a jewel in the east My family, they have seen the battles, they're praying for relief Soon to be over, my father he said, victory is ours son We will mourn all of our dead I wonder what happens when a world is at war In order to win, does someone else keep the score? I think of my future on this beautiful day How could I have known that the end's on its way? The sky is quiet Just one single plane To bring destruction Has mankind gone insane? What happened to the land? Metal fused with stone Nothing remains, nothing lives Burned through the bone The sun touched the earth somehow, life melts away One city barren wasteland, a split-second blaze The heat turned the men to shadows, the sand into glass A master stroke of evil in a blinding flash The sea of dead and dying increases by the day For years to come we pay the price of science gone astray SUBSCRIBE
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Erich Korngold - The Sea Hawk 1/2
The Sea Hawk was a 1940 adventure movie starring Errol Flynn.
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Farah Ann's Beam at Sukma Selection April 2008
Beam Score: 13.15 She did not do the dismount today.
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Vince DiCola - War (Rocky IV)
Vince DiCola song, "War", from the Movie, "Rocky IV".
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online....Victory
For me mates in Icerage! this is my 2nd attempt in using WMM. O.k. i can say that my 1st one stunk to high heaven, hopefully this one is better....i think it is a little. The game footage is from Pirates of the Caribbean Online. The song is called Victory and is sung by the Pirates & Mike Brady from that 1980's classic...The Pirate Movie. All copyrights belong to those who created the materials used here. Oh yeah...all the pirates in here are ICERAGE. WE RULE!!!
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Ensiferum - Tale of Revenge (Live at Rock Sound 2008)
Ensiferum - Tale of Revenge live at Rock Sound Festival 2008 in Huttwil.
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Gladiator Soundtrack - 15 - Elysium
Enjoy. ^_^
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Fox Racing Shox Offroad Teams
By Dirtnewz, featuring Menzies Motorsports, Chet Huffman Motorsports, and Rob MacCachren.
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[TOP 100] RPG Battle Themes #25 Suikoden 2
Title: Gothic Neclord Game: Suikoden 2 Composed by: Miki Higashino My personal TOP 100 RPG Battle themes (No Arranges), I might miss some great battle themes from games I never played. I will try to upload a lot of different games so you won't see more than 3 themes per game and not so many themes from the same saga either. I hope you like it. Play All: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fbeQCF0eOE&feature=PlayList&p=CE0B024FBB06A192&index=0&playnext=1 +++++++++++RPG BATTLE THEMES TOP 100+++++++++++ #100 Phantasy Star IV - Defeat at a Blow #99 Breath of Fire IV - A Warring God #98 Shin Megami Tensei I - Battle #97 Romancing Saga 2 - The Seven Heroes Battle #96 Wild Arms - Battle - Zeik #95 Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance - Against Black Knight #94 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - Battle! Wild Pokemon #93 Revelations: Persona - Battle ~ Mid-Boss #92 Breath of Fire - Battle Theme 2 #91 Shining Force 2 - Battle 3 #90 Tales of Destiny - Lion, Irony of Fate #89 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Battle Theme #88 Kingdom Hearts - Night of Fate #87 SMT: Digital Devil Saga - Hari-Hara #86 Dragon Quest IV - Battle for the Glory #85 Disgaea - Running Fire #84 Skies of Arcadia - Battle 2 #83 Final Fantasy Tactics - Apoplexy #82 Suikoden 2 - The Chase #81 Atelier Iris - Duke of Stratosphere #80 Tales of the Abyss - Meaning of Birth #79 Final Fantasy X - Seymour Battle #78 Legend of Heroes IV - A Tear of Vermillion - Wait, Eimelle #77 Shadow Hearts - Imbroglio #76 Ys I - Final Battle #75 Wild Arms - Critical Hit! #74 Suikoden 3 - Path Destroyer #73 Illusion of Gaia - Clash of Light and Shadow #72 Atelier Iris - Deceitful Wings #71 Breath of Fire 2 - Dying Corpse #70 Golden Sun - Battle with Saturos #69 Baten Kaitos - Vitriolic a Stroke #68 Suikoden V - Battle to Recapture Sol-Falena #67 Shadow Hearts Covenant - Deep in Coma ~ Battle in Japan #66 Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - There is no regret #65 Tales of Phantasia - Fighting of the Spirit #64 Grandia 2 - FIGHT!! Ver. 3 ~ Middle Boss Battle #63 Final Fantasy VIII - The Man with the Machine Gun #62 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim - Ernst #61 Rudra's Secret Treasure - The Spirit Chaser(Surlent) #60 Baten Kaitos Origins - Iconoclasm #59 Wild Arms 3 - Gun Metal Action #58 Tales of Legendia - Seeking Victory #57 Shadow Hearts Covenant - The 3 Karma ~ Decisive Battle #56 Chrono Cross - Between Life and Death #55 Super Mario RPG - Fight Against Smithie #54 Parasite Eve - U.B. #53 Shin Megami Tensei III - The Final Battle #52 Baten Kaitos - True Mirror #51 Saga Frontier II - Feldschlacht IV #50 Secret of Mana - Meridian Dance #49 Tales of the Abyss - Finish the Promise #48 Final Fantasy Tactics - Ultema, the Perfect Body #47 Star Ocean 3 - The Incarnation of Devil #46 Dragon Quest VIII - Battle in the Heavens #45 Xenosaga III - The Battle of your Soul #44 Skies of Arcadia - Battle 1 #43 Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A #42 Shin Megami Tensei III - Last Boss Battle(After Transformation) #41 Romancing Saga 3 - Last Battle #40 Star Ocean 2 - Stab the Sword of Justice #39 Xenosaga II - Fatal Fight (Jin & Margulis) #38 Final Fantasy IX - Feel my Blade #37 Tales of Symphonia - Fatalize #36 Lufia 2:Rise of Sinistrals - Battle#3 #35 Arc the Lad IV - Natural Selection #34 Valkyrie Profile 2 - Celestial Troupe #33 Xenosaga I - Last Battle #32 Final Fantasy VI - The Decisive Battle #31 Ys The Oath in Felghana - Chop!! #30 Star Ocean 3 - The Divine Spirit of Language #29 Saga Frontier II - MiBgestalt #28 Final Fantasy IV - Boss Battle #27 Zwei!! - Final Battle ~Demon Vesper~ #26 Grandia - Battle 3 #25 Suikoden 2 - Gothic Neclord
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Battalion Wars 2 Skirmish Exchange of Fire
This is Exchange of Fire (Navel Battle). For a three star commander he isn't verey tough, I have twice his score. What's this I start losing units and fast. Will I stand long enough to claim victory, or will I be the victim of the worlds largest come-back ever. Watch to find out. Live sound finally.
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Saigon 28th December - Vietnam won the cup!
On 28th December 2008, Vietnam beat ThaiLand in the AFF Cup and be the winner in 10 years. This is CMT8 Street after the game, at 10pm. My neighborhood came to the main street to take part in the flow of motorbike, the main street turned from 2 ways into 1 way, lol.
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James Horner - Braveheart Theme Song
Great movie and this is my favorite soundtrack in the film!
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A Bangaa Challenge: Duck Hunt
Hey everybody. I have finally decided to make my first fan-interactive challenge. I want you all to post videos of yourself playing the popular shooter for the NES, Duck Hunt. The objective is to get the highest score. Your levels and scores will be tallied weekly, and the winner gets to pick which classic game I have to review. So your victory will determine what I do next. Either submit your entries here as a video response or send me an e-mail at [email protected] to where they are. Good luck to every one of you.
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Frank Sinatra - Somewhere Beyond The Sea
Probably the best song in the world
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2008 AFF Suzuki Cup : A fantastic night for Vietnamese football fans
All streets are full of people riding motorcycles, carrying Red flags and shouting "VIETNAM CHAMPION". They tried to make noise by any means, they're singing, climbing cars and street signs... Blablabla.. You can see this in all cities and villages in Vietnam, from North to South, from the Highlands to the Delta. A sleepless night in Vietnam because for the first time in HISTORY (since 1959), we become a CHAMPION!
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3. The Dark Ages (cont.)
Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) In this lecture, Professor Kagan addresses what scholars call the Homeric question. He asks: what society do Homer's poems describe? He argues that in view of the long oral transmission of the poems, the poems of Homer probably reflect various ages from the Mycenaean world to the Dark Ages. More importantly, close scrutiny of the poems will yield historical information for the historian. In this way, one is able to reconstruct through the poems, to a certain extent, the post-Mycenaean world. Finally, Professor Kagan says a few words on the heroic ethic of the Greek world. 00:00 - Chapter 1. The Importance of Homeric Poems 13:08 - Chapter 2. The Society Described in Homer's Poems 35:49 - Chapter 3. Political Structures 52:26 - Chapter 4. Ethics and Values Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2007.
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Rangers song. Last 16
On the 6th day of December, was the UEFA Champions league Inter Milan they came to Ibrox as we chased the last 16 As the teams run out the tunnel all our hearts were filled with pride For the whole Govan stand was the Union flag with a Saltire on both side Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers Play up the boys in blue Our destiny is the Champions league It all comes down to you Now the game is quite a contest But it sure is going to plan Adriano scores for the Italians Cancelled out by Lovenkrands One all in the final moment Tho that score is no victory The Last 16 is within our grasp And a place in history Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers Play up the boys in blue Our destiny in the Champions league It all comes down to you The referee has checked his time piece He's preparing to blow for time While the players are all still digging in And they're fighting side by side While the noise it is quite deafening As the fans are in full voice Well you could not hear the final whistle as The Rangers fans rejoice No you could not hear the final whistle as The Rangers fans rejoice Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers Play up the boys in blue Our destiny is the Champions league It all comes down to you
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The Battle of Manila
As a Filipino, I thought It was best to make a movie about the history of the Philippines during the second World War.
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Matt's Block
Matt Hasselbecks killer block
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Potc Flyingdutchman
FLyingdutchman attacks of pirates ships scene in at worls end
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Final Fantasy X OST-The Men who Live for Blitz
"The Men who Live for Blitz" Final Fantasy X
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Celtic you'll never walk alone
celebrations on 22nd may 2008 as celtic lift the title at tannadice park.final score dundee united 0 celtic 1.
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Fa cup final southsea common
Fa cup final southsea common 17th may 08
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Bowling Commercial
A commercial promoting bowling.
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Keith Chapman plays the Bach Little Fugue at Wanamaker's
This is a short clip that captures most of the Little Fugue in G minor, played on the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in the early 1980s at a noontime recital by Keith Chapman. Keith was a graduate of Curtis Music Institute in Philadelphia. See the other video clips of this same noontime recital for more about Keith.
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Bloom Township Concert Band 2007 - Beautiful Dreamer
Bloom Township Concert Band plays "Beautiful Dreamer" from "Foster's America" by David R. Gillingham. Directed by Mrs. Sarah Whitlock.
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