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joe fletcher and friends close out "knowing newport" in folk fest style
joe fletcher and friends close out "knowing newport" in folk fest style (closing of knowing newport at berklee school of music's cafe 939, featuring joe fletcher, ryan mastro, jay sweet and chris capotosto)
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Mariza   Primavera Cambridge Folk Festival 2004
Mariza singing "Primavera", live at Cambridge Folk Festival (2004) Фаду (порт. fado от лат. fatum — судьба) — особый стиль традиционной португальской музыки. Она часто описывается словом «саудади» (порт. saudade), в значении которого сочетаются понятия одиночества, ностальгии, грусти и любовного томления.
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In Folk Style
Timothy Zhang 10 Year Old. His play won 1st Place @Russian Music Festival.
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Jamaica Independence Festival 50 Huddersfield 5 Aug 12  3 Quadrille Dance Troup
The event was in Greenhead Park Huddersfield West Yorkshire.
Jamming in the Session Tent Beverley Folk Festival 2012
Jamming folk style the Session Tent Beverley folk & acoustic Roots Festival 2012
Långdans från Sollerön. Smörgåsklickarna at the Rütti Folk Festival 2010 (Switzerland)
Smörgåsklickarna (www.nyckelharpa.ch) play at the Rütti Folk Festival (Switzerland) - folk dance, workshop, evening dance. Smörgåsklickarna (www.nyckelharpa.ch) spelar på Rütti Folk Festival (Schweiz) - svensk folkdans, danskurs och spel till dans. Smörgåsklickarna (www.nyckelharpa.ch) spielen am Folk Festival Rütti (Schweiz). Tanzkurs "Schwedische Tänze" mit Astrid Heinzer, Tanzabend im Saal. Special guests: Elena Konstantinidis (five string fiddle) and Anna Poncet (fiddle)
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Foggy Mountain Breakdown "Croatian Style"
Dale Ann Bradley with Otrov at the American Folk festival in Bangor, ME on 8-25-2012 jamming during the Masters of Harmony session.
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Yakutia Dance Theater's Street Dance at 2012 Cheonan World Folk Dance Festival, Korea
Dancing Gangnam Style. Yakutians appeared to be the best. National Dance Theater of Republic of Sakha-Yakutia became the winner of the street dance parade competition within 2012 International World Folk Dance Competition in Cheonan, Republic of Korea. Theater deserved the prize from Cheonan Mayor. The event took place on streets in Cheonan and Seoul on October 07, 2012. Official website of Yakutia's National Dance Theater: http://www,dancesakha.ru
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Hassan Hakmoun - Richmond Folk Festival 2012
One of my favorite performances of Saturday-- Hassan Hakmoun in the Dominion Dance Pavillion. Sorry for the choppy edit, but I had to show the audience members brave enough to get up on stage and dance! From richmondfolkfestival.org: Hassan Hakmoun first appeared on our shores a little over 20 years ago, singing and playing the mystical and intoxicatingly danceable music of the Gnawa people. A mesmerizing blend of Islamic mysticism and hypnotic African rhythms, it combines the sinuous solo vocals of Arab devotional chanting with the rhythmic call-and-response of sub-Saharan Africa. In both performances of traditional devotional trance music and his collaborations with artists like the late jazz great Don Cherry and pop star Peter Gabriel, Hakmoun's masterful playing of the sintir, arresting singing and electrifying performance style have continued to amaze listeners with the incomparable sounds of Gnawa. The word Gnawa signifies not only a style of music, but also a Sufi Islamic religious order and the Moroccan ethnic group from which it arises, the descendants of sub-Saharan Africans originally brought to Morocco as captives and slaves in the 16th century. Troupes of Gnawa musicians perform all-night trance rituals (derdeba) for healing and purification of both individuals and community. Hassan Hakmoun's mother was a noted Gnawa healer in his native Marrakech, and he studied both at her side and, beginning at age seven, in formal school training in the tagnawit, the arts and lore of the Gnawa. At 14 he left school for informal study with m'allem (master musicians) throughout Morocco and France. On his return, Hakmoun not only worked as a m'allem, but also performed in the Djema El Fna, the main square of Marrakech. That experience at the cultural crossroads of Morocco fueled his interest in bringing the traditional devotional Gnawa music to the world stage. As m'allem, Hakmoun sings and plays the central Gnawan instrument, the sintir, which he has called "the grandfather of all basses." In addition to plucking out hypnotizing melodies on this three-stringed, long-necked lute, he amplifies the rhythm by using the face of the sintir like a drum. Other members of the troupe fill out the sound with percussion—including the distinctive, oversize Gnawan castanets, the qarkabeb—and contribute their voices to the music's aural layering. Gnawa combines the sinuous solo vocals of Arab devotional chanting with the rhythmic call-and-response more typical of sub-Saharan African music. Propelled by these glorious sounds, Hassan Hakmoun takes literal as well as lyrical leaps, responding with astounding acrobatic dancing to the soaring trance music that is Gnawa.
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Alex Bishop Gypsy Jazz Guitars at the Bath Folk Festival Craft Fair
Alex tells us all about his hand crafted Gypsy Jazz guitars and treats us to great demonstration!
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Fall Folk Festival - Mele Polinahe "Pa Mai Ana Ka Makani"
We performed the paniolo-style song "Pa Mai Ana Ka Makani" with Koapaka dancing at the annual folk fest in Spokane, Washington Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012 at Spokane Community College
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Jungal - People
"These Jungal girls know how to bring some serious foot stomping, festival-style. Veering between roots and blues and then all over both, it's wicked when they all get going, a total party." Live review from FasterLouder .... "One of the most originally charged blues and roots bands Melbourne has to offer." Brooke Wolsely, Mess Noise.... Jungal has the heart of John Butler, the soul of Amy Winehouse, and the power of Ani DiFranco! Jungal are three powerful young women who create their own brand of Australian-flavoured indie roots music blended with folk, soul and rock.
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JAZZ GITAN plays BLUE DRAG at San Francisco Free Folk Festival 2012
Dan Price Bandleader and lead guitar, Jane Thompson, upright bass, Ken Billeci Rhythm guitar.. "Jazz Gitan is a premiere Northern California acoustic jazz trio that specializes in The Hot Club style of jazz in the tradition of gypsy swing created by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli during their domination of the Paris jazz scene in the 1930s." from their website www.jazzgitan.com "San Francisco Free Folk Festival is an annual event produced by an all volunteer crew of professional people and the SF Folk Club crew and attendees. On June 9-10, 2012 from noon to 10pm at Presidio Middle School in San Francisco, the SF Free Folk Fest celebrates with dozens of live performances and interactive workshops on 13 stages of folk music and dance on three stages, over 100 music and dance workshops led by performing arts experts, impromptu "jams," food, raffles, crafts from local artisans, and more. Admission is free, and everything was family-friendly. Presidio Middle School is located at 450 30th Ave b/n Geary & Clement in San Francisco." http://sf.funcheap.com/san-francisco-free-folk-festival Recorded June 9th, 2012 HEADS UP BERKELEY Project 115 PREVIEW Of COMING ATTRACTIONS Producer BB Simmons
Prague Folk Festival
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RiverRoots Music & Folk Art Festival
Folk music; the music of the people, has been with us since man began to form societies. It is an art form with simple roots and functions. Originally it could be best described as a "musical process", dependent on repetition, and incorporating a wide variety of styles. Now this music has evolved into a contemporary, living phenomena that manages to retain much of its early traditions. In its beginnings, folk music formed, in virtually every civilization, as, among other things, the basis of ritual, dance, and justification of conflict. Even then it was continually evolving. Like in the party game where a person whispers a sentence to an adjacent person, who whispers to a third, who whispers to another, and so forth until, at the end of the line, the context of the original sentence has completely changed, so folk songs have been reinterpreted. As societies became more mobile, literate and complex, the function of the music grew to serve as a means to lodge protest, inject political satire and comment on the human condition. Much of what folk music was still remains as "tradition", or process, thatis passed on through the generations. This music relates our history, reminds us of home, or another time or place. But today's contemporary folk singer/songwriters no longer function just to pass on the news or stories from town to town. But, they do remain our "minstrels" using original compositions in the traditional "style" to make observations on our society, provide fresh political satire, and comment on the human condition; pointing to our follies, foibles and the things of beauty we should see like love and life. And, they still reinterpret and reshape the traditional music that is at the root of this simple art form.
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Sound check, folk style - 1-2-3-4 by Elixir
Elixir warms up with a sound check before the start of their show at the 2012 Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The band is made up of Mike Petee, Chris Petee, and Gerry Rensel. For more of their music, see the video play list "Mike Petee & Elixir" : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5570CA7DF011D594&feature=plcp Also, check out the band's website: www.elixirsings.com
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Kyan - Live at the 30th Orkney Folk Festival
Orcadian traditional trio Kyan performing their acclaimed set at the orkney folk festival's open stage "One of the most prolific up and coming acts of the underground folk music scene in Orkney, "Kyan" combine classic tunes with self penned numbers, oozing with style and character, to create a performance that is truly unparalleled."
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Jaywalkers @ Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2012 - Não Me Toques
Brazilian tune in the choro style (translation is Don't Touch Me)
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ahab (Cambridge Folk Festival 2012)
Club Tent, Cambridge Folk Festival, Thursday the 26th of July 2012. The ahab boys wrapping things up in style with Rosalie followed by Rosebud.
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11th Annual Russian Cultural Festival "Russian Style"
The Russian Style Festival is a wonderful event. Its vivid cultural and ethnic flavor grabs the attention of many Los Angeles-area political and cultural leaders. The Festival has become a very important event in the life of the Russian-speaking community and the entire City of West Hollywood. Our Russian-speaking community represents a significant part of our city's population and they are an integral factor in our business and economic vitality. Below is the link in too other videos in my channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/vitallis1000 The link below only for those people who want to work from home: http://yasai101.wix.com/onlinebusiness
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Bathampton Morris Men @ Frome Folk Festival, 18/2/12
Bathampton Morris Men kick off the inaugural 2012 Frome Folk Festival in fine style! Saturday 18 Feb 2012.
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Clayton McMichen at Newport Folk Festival
Clayton McMichen, Mike Seeger, and Pete Seeger play for dancers at Newport Folk Festival.
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Bulgarian Dancing at the 2012 NJ Folk Festival
The dancer in the brown jacket is Anita
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Philadelphia Folk Fest campground, August 2001
Daytime and nighttime wanderings around the campground at the Fest.
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Albuquerque Folk Festival
Singer, Songwriter and Musician, Jimmy Abraham, joins Nikki today to talk about the Albuquerque Fold Festival coming up this Saturday at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum. Jimmy has written award-winning children's songs and will be performing at the Albuquerque Folk Festival. He gave us a special performance right here on New Mexico Style!
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Richmond Folk Festival 2012 - Lance Lipinsky performing Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
Here is Lance Lipinsky doing a great Jerry Lee Lewis imitation at the 2012 Richmond Folk Festival...though it is probably not fair to compare the two because Lance definitely has his own style...and that is high energy on steroids! Wow! Don't know how he could play for 10 minutes at that speed. I got tired holding up my camera that long!
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Dalek Dancing at Derby Folk Festival
I'd suggest the title's pretty self-explanatory really. This is what happens when you combine Daleks with Morris Dancing. Possibly one of my favourite festival moments so far! If you're interested in reading about the events from the rest of Derby Folk Fest 2012, you can do so right here: http://ellylucas.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/derby-folk-fest-dalek-dancing-and-all-round-delight/ As mentioned in the video, next year's festival will be occurring on the 4th - 5th - 6th October. Check out the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/456724917703368/
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Freight Train -- Stefan Grossman and Christian Marsh at the Stock Camp, National Folk Festival 2012
An audience request, with background story about left-handed blues guitarist and songwriter Elizabeth Cotten. Stefan starts playing 2 minutes in (2:00). Christian Marsh joins him with improvised harp solos in different jazz styles. American acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and singer, music producer and educator Stefan Williams and fantastic NSW harmonica player Christian Marsh at the Stockman's Camp during the 2012 National Folk Festival. http://www.guitarvideos.com/ http://www.christianmarsh.com/ Stefan has been touring Australia with Arelmedia Management: http://www.arelmedia.com.au/
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Sam Bush - "I've Just Seen A Face" - Harvest Music Festival 2012
Sam Bush - "I've Just Seen A Face" - Harvest Music Festival 2012
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Richmond Folk Festival 2012  Hassan Hakmoun ( moraccan gnawa) Friday 10/12/2012
Richmond Folk Festival 2012 Hassan Hakmoun ( moraccan gnawa) Friday 10/12/2012
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Royal Liberty Morris - The Vandals of Hammerwich, Tenterden Folk Festival 2012
Royal Liberty Morris dancing The Vandals of Hammerwich at Tenterden Folk Festival 2012
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Hom Bru - Scarce O' Tatties - Shetland Folk Festival 2012
From the Folk Festival concert set at Islesburgh 04/05/2012 Gary Peterson - mandolin/banjo Brian Nicholson - guitar/vocals John Robert Deyell - fiddle John Hutchison - double bass/vocals Filmed by Arthur Nicholson
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Folk group Lang Linken - Denmark   Small concert on Old instruments
Danish Folk Music "Lang Linken" playing New music in traditional style on old instruments at the Mime Theatre in Odense Lang Linken has been playing together for more than 40 years. - Hurdy gurdy - Dulcimer - Castagnri- spiller lille koncert på MimeTateret i Odense
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richmond folk festival
hassan hakmoun
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Folk Festival (Bhangra) Bristol 07.05.2012
Folk Dance (Bhangra) Bristol 07.05.2012
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American Folk Festival Draws Big Crowds
11th Annual Folk Festival is held on the Bangor Waterfront
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Allen Folk Festival 2011  Part 2 of 3
Emanating from the heart and soul of all cultures, folk music brings people together in a way no other musical genre can accomplish. The Allen Folk Festival held its inaugural event at the Allen Public Library, Saturday evening, September 17, 300 N. Allen Dr. Live performances from popular local folk musicians. Sponsored by Bach to Books. Allen resident Kevin Vaught opens the festival. A graduate of the University of North Texas, majoring in theater, Kevin is an adherent of the philosophy that music is too important to be left solely to professionals. "I'm certainly no one's idea of a virtuoso player but I don't want to let that stop me from making music. That's why folk music really speaks to me and so many others. It's a form where I can be a participant, not just an audience. I hope this festival continues as a tradition." An ever-popular staple of folk music venues across North Texas, the duo of Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes have been entertaining audiences with their blend of Texas blues, folk and rock, for over 20 years. They have shared billings with Albert Collins, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hot Tuna, Arlo Guthrie, Guy Clark, and more. Their recent venues have included the South by Southwest Convention, and they are regulars at the internationally acclaimed Kerrville Folk Festival. In addition, they were the winners of the 1990 Best Blues Act in the Dallas Observer readers poll. Bruce Balmer and Lisa Markley perform an exciting blend of jazz and folk. After studying music at Marlboro College, Bruce played lead guitar for rock, jazz, and country bands, and composed for dance performance and film. A multi-instrumentalist, Lisa holds a degree in music composition. In 2000, she received "Honorable Mention" in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for two of her songs (in both the jazz and in the folk categories). That same year she went on to win the B.W. Stevenson Songwriting Contest. Her solo projects include Goddess of Groove, The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries, and One Word. The musical duo Twice As Far delight and engage audiences with music that ranges from traditional mountain dulcimer tunes to contemporary and original songs. Jeannie Clark Fisher began her career as a singer/songwriter in Red Bank, New Jersey, where she opened for Bruce Springsteen in his early days. When she and Judi Altstatt Allen formed their duo Twice As Far, her folk roots resurfaced. Jeannie also sings with the Dallas Opera Chorus. Judi Altstatt Allen earned a bachelor of music education degree and continued her training by completing a master's degree in clarinet performance. She plays with the Allen Symphony and teaches band at Ereckson Middle School in Allen.
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Costa's Folk Fest Set 2012
Collette Costa's Folk Festival Set 2012
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Folk Music of the American Civil War - Live Musical Performance
A broadcast style vintage film performance of Traditional Folk Music of the American Civil War as performed by the US Army Band & Chorus as well as civilian singers.- "A NATION SINGS" - SUBSCRIBE to Bright Enlightenment: http://www.youtube.com/BrightEnlightenment - LIKE our page on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/BrightEnlightenment - TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/BrightEnlight WEBSITE: http://www.BrightEnlightenment.com/ A NATION SINGS (1963) http://archive.org/details/gov.dod.dimoc.30155 http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ This film was created by the United States Federal Government and is in the public domain for any use including commercial use. Department of Defense PIN 30155 A NATION SINGS A MUSICAL REMEMBRANCE OF CIVIL WAR TUNES, FEATURING U.S. ARMY BAND AND CHORUS, AND CIVILIAN VOCALISTS. Producer: Department of Defense Creative Commons license: CC0 1.0 Universal
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