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The Evolution Control Committee - Hurdy-Gurdy Men
Gunderphonic, 1994
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DONOVAN - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Here is the ONE video that I've edited that makes me think of WEDDINGS and ANNIVERSARIES. (This work falls under the FAIR USE DOCTRINE and COPYRIGHT EXCEPTION. FIRST FACTOR: This video is an EXPRESSION of "ART" and to that end, any sounds/images are used SOLELY for "EDUCATIONAL FAIR USE" as ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. SECOND FACTOR: The NATURE of this INTERPRETATION is PURELY CREATIVE, and it only SERVES to be a CATALYST for EDUCATIONAL DEBATE as to how the original work was INTERPRETED, and/or USED within the SPECIFIC confines of THIS SPECIFIC INTERPRETATION of the previously published material. THIRD FACTOR: This "music/video" uses PUBLISHED ART, ONLY in as much as it CHANGES THE EXPRESSIONS of the artist(s) to show a differing INTERPRETATION of the original piece, therefore is used ONLY to show IMPERATIVE discussions as to the EDUCATIONAL VALUE of the original published format. FOURTH FACTOR: This falls under the "Fair Use Exception", since THERE IS NO "SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF WORK being USED for FINANCIAL GAIN, and any views of said INTERPRETATION will NOT RESULT in any MAJOR IMPACT of the ORIGINAL WORK, as the ORIGINAL WORK is AVAILABLE through MANY MAJOR MARKETS, and ALSO because this INTERPRETATION does not AMOUNT to a "SIGNIFICANT WORK," Nor will it be available to any SIGNIFICANT MAJOR MARKET. THEREFORE: I BELIEVE that this work be ALLOWED under the FAIR USE DOCTRINE and COPYRIGHT EXCEPTION.) I have a good faith belief that the claim(s) described above have been made in error, and that I have the right(s) necessary to use the contents of my video for the reasons I have stated. I have not knowingly made any false statements, nor am I intentionally abusing this dispute process in order to interfere with the rights of others. I understand that filing fraudulent disputes may result in termination of my YouTube account.
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Jimmy Page playing the hurdy gurdy, off The Song Remains The Same film.
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Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Harp, Sitar & Guitar Cover
60's classic Ft. Nicolas Tomlinson on Sitar ! With harmony. I do not own any rights to the source material and make no profit from it. For entertainment only. Nicolas Tomlinson : http://nicholastomlinson.bandcamp.com/ Thanks for watching ! Please share this video on your social media, and don't forget to LIKE, FAVORITE, & SUBSCRIBE ! Teak Wood Gallows is the name under which 26 year old Cameron Masterton makes his unique and genre defying music. An avant-garde blend of electronic and acoustic, strange and soothing, he is a self taught one man band and multi-instrumentalist living in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Come find Teak Wood Gallows on these other sites ! iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/teak-wood-gallows-ep/id820377047 FaceBook : http://www.facebook.com/teakwoodgallows Twitter (@teakwoodgallows) : https://twitter.com/#!/teakwoodgallows Instagram : teakwoodgallows Let's be friends !
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Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Acoustic Cover - Danny McEvoy
Please like my Facebook Page..https://www.facebook.com/pages/Danny-McEvoy/122209577855371?fref=ts..I post up all the chords to the songs I do as well as thoughts and busking stories!! No copyright Intended..this video has been made not for any commercial purposes. Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Acoustic Cover - Danny McEvoy - UK Number 4 in June 1968 - written by Donovan Leitch
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2014 WIN TV News _ Hurdy Gurdy Man
2014 WIN TV News 02/09/14 _ Hurdy Gurdy Man _ D K Weir named Country Racing Victoria Horse Of The year 2013_2014 Presenter _Wes Cusworth WIN _ Ballarat Country Racing See http://www.countryracing.com.au/about-country-racing/ H G Man http://www.racingnsw.com.au/default.aspx?s=search-horse-form&key=HURDY%20GURDY%20MAN
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Hurdy Gurdy Man Harry Wass
Fun to meet you, Harry! Your travels were inspiring, and your craftsmanship and music - a memorable experience! Hope one day to have a jam! Joe
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Hurdy Gurdy Man – Donovan
From the album Donovan's Greatest Hits - Donovan; © 1969, Epic Records / CBS, Inc I do not own the copyright to this recording; it's specifically for your private listening pleasure. Buy authentic copyrighted music to support your favorite musicians. Spun on my Technics SL-1200 MK2 vintage turntable with a Denon DL-103 MC cartridge. The video editing software is PowerDirector 12 and the audio was recorded/edited using AVS Audio Editor. Any audible "hum" is from pre-amp used to transmit the analog signal to my computer. The purpose is to burn my LPs to CDs for everyday playback. The purpose of this video is to share the process with you.
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Zodiac (2007) - Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau assassination - HD
The opening scene of David Finchers movie "Zodiac". Starting with the murder of Darlene Ferrin, Michael Mageau survived. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - Seven Nation Army - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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Es spielte einst ein Leiermann (The Hurdy-Gurdy Man) - Sung by Klaus Gross
Es spielte einst ein Leiermann (The Hurdy-Gurdy Man). "Langsamer Walzer." Music by H. Gaze (Hans Carste?); words by Bruno Balz. Sung in German by baritone Klaus Gross (a.k.a. Klaus Groß), 1921-1971; with Orchester Adalbert Luczkowski, Recorded in 1950. Note that "Leiermann" is misspelled on the record label.
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The Hurdy Gurdy Man
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A pirate plays a hurdy gurdy at the canal centennial
Bob Chandler of Woonsocket, R.I., plays a hurdy gurdy at the Cape Cod Canal Centennial celebration in Buzzards Bay. Chandler is part of Free Men of the Sea, a pirate troupe that draws members from Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. They were invited to the canal centennial to add some colorful characters to the crowd.
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan sung by Franz Olisar
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - Hurdy Gurdy Man - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
Fred Schane plays Donovan on the Ukulele!
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The Hurdy Gurdy Man
The Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument that seems buried in time. Contemporary Luthier, LiamSckhot, designs and builds hurdy gurdies and speaks about their history.
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'Der Leiermann' (The Hurdy Gurdy Man) - Mantey/Schubert/Muller
Whilhelm Muller wrote his 24-poem collection, 'Winterreise' (The Winter Journey) in 1824. Using them as texts, Franz Schubert wrote his song cycle of the same name in 1828. I have taken the last song, 'Der Leiermann,' and recreated the hurdy gurdy man's version (a song that Franz might have heard being played on a hurdy gurdy?), and combined it with Franz's setting; my arrangement was written in about 2011. All told I expand on 7 measures of Franz's piano part. I do apologize that the vocals are so echoy. Most hurdy gurdy buskers would have been restricted to street playing (no echo at all!), but we will imagine that this beggar was allowed to play in the church chapel, or a town hall foyer, on the cold Winter day? (Need to work on the mix in the studio?) I follow closely to Muller's text, but have put 'worn shoes' and the originally 'barefooted' player (too cold for me to even think about!). I also have the dogs only begging, rather than barking and biting (though they might have howled along?). And I add a final closing phrase which turns the piece into the Leiermann's autobiographical air. Oh, and I do sing it in English, mostly my own translation. AND, almost called this 'the Hurdy Gurdy Man's Revenge' but would be better called 'My Revenge,' on all the horribly, dreadfully slow versions of Schubert's song, that we always must suffer through. No idea how long ago that started, but maybe mid-20th century, and via somebody's recording? This piece is sung, performed (piano and voice) SO needlessly slow. Wrong. First of all, Muller's poems. He gives us 23 poems of his Winter journey, and then, only at the end, does he see the lonely, frozen, penny-less hurdy gurdy man, busking in the snow and ice, and wants to give up his ways, and follow this wise man! NOT a sad song at all, but one of soulful, poetic awakening. Secondly, Franz indicated the piece as 'etwas langsam' (sort of on the slow side), not slow, or multo adagio, or whatever. The meter is in 3, and the beat should be felt as one 'medium slow' beat to the bar, NOT the quarter note. Thirdly, NO hurdy gurdy busker plays slowly! Well, they will if they are doing some slow folk song or ballad, but most street musicians need to briskly 'entertain' to earn the pennies and nickels or dimes (or whatever). Franz certainly heard street busker flying through their hurdy gurdy solos (just like all the YouTube videos!), and he wrote a 'memory' of one of these songs. Probably many people would have known the tune that Franz borrowed, and known how fast it was, so Franz hinted 'somewhat slow' as his tempo marking, to slow people down! My tempo (or up around there) should be the norm for playing this piece, even if done on piano. Certainly Schubert would have played about there. AND, speaking of Schubert, found out some very interesting things about him. He never had a job, never married, only gave 1 public concert ever in his whole life, was drunk all the time, hung out at cafes, and did nothing but compose music. He was NOT famous AT ALL during his short life (died age 31), AND he was only 5'2'' tall! With his mop of curly hair, and glasses, his nickname was 'Mushroom!' And very funny that his most famous composition, he never even finished! I find that all rather amazing.
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
legion of rock stars
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - De la Noche a la Mañana - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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PET - Let's Go Down To The Hurdy Gurdy Man's House 10
Track 10 from "Colourful Again" by PET
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Hurdy Gurdy Man (Live)
Here. For some reason Page and Bonham were no-shows, so I had to take it on all by myself.
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - Sunshine of Your Love - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan
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hurdy gurdy man--cover--from the--butthole surfers 1991--they cover it from--donovan--from 1968--
hurdy gurdy man--is a drum cover song that i try and play from the -butthole surfers-there release is in 1991 called -piuhgh- they cover it from --donovan-- from 1968 --i hope my youtube-- friends enjoy --take care--see ya,s--
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
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Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man (2007)
Just want to share this. From the performance at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood L.A 2007
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
I was bored and thought I'd destroy an old classic Donovan song. :)
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The Hurdy Gurdy Men - Down Bound Train - NYC Guitar School Rockband 8-2-14
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"Hurdy Gurdy Man" performed live by the Grand Slambovians, 2014-01-24, Bull Run Restaurant
The Grand Slambovians perform "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (by Donovan) at Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley, MA, on January 24, 2014. For photos, set list, and a review of the show visit http://www.nicepace.net/concerts/20140124slambovians.htm. Personnel: Joziah Longo (guitar, lead vocals); Sharkey McEwen (guitar, vocals); Eric Puente (drums); Tink Lloyd (tambourine, cowbell, vocals). This song appears on the Circus' recent album, 'Folk.'
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Volkswagen - "Hurdy Gurdy Man"
TV ad for Volkswagen. Music: "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Butthole Surfers. Originally performed by Donovan.
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Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
HURDY GURDY MAN Donovan Thrown like a star in my vast sleep I open my eyes to take a peep To find that I was by the sea Gazing with tranquillity. 'Twas then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Came singing songs of love, Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Came singing songs of love. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Histories of ages past Unenlightened shadows cast Down through all eternity The crying of humanity. 'Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Comes singing songs of love, Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Comes singing songs of love. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang. Here comes the roly poly man and he's singing songs of love, Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly, poly he sang. Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang, Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang
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Hurdy Gurdy Man
Sebastian warms up
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Hurdy gurdy in Old Town Square Prague
A man plays Hurdi gurdy in Old Town Square Prague.
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Hurdy Gurdy Man Cover by Neoway
My cover of Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man originally released 1968.
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The Deep Woods Band - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Front Street Bar & Grill 3/21/14
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