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First Northern Sea Route passage-maker Venta Maersk sails from Felixstowe,  11 October, 2018.
One of Maersk Line's new ice-class Baltic superfeeders, Venta Maersk, became the first major container ship to make the east-west passage of the Northern Sea Route to the north of Russia. She's shown here sailing from Felixstowe after completing her maiden call on the 11 October 2018
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Maersk Sends First Container Ship Through Arctic Route
On Friday Reuters reported that a Maersk vessel loaded with Russian fish and South Korean electronics will next week become the first container ship to navigate an Arctic sea route. The Arctic voyage by the 3,600 20-foot container capacity Venta Maersk is the latest step in the expansion of the so-called Northern Sea Route which is becoming more accessible to ships as climate change reduces the amount of sea ice. Ships sailing the route will require a permit from Russian authorities. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/topNews/~3/8_k2974roc4/maersk-sends-first-container-ship-through-arctic-route-idUSKCN1L91BR http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Chinese cargo ships sail along Arctic routes as Beijing plans ‘Polar Silk Road’
Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://sc.mp/2kAfuvJ While China plans its "Polar Silk Road" under the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese commercial boats sail along shipping routes in the Arctic to transport cargo. There are currently two routes: the Northeast Passage in the Arctic Ocean, which is the shortest route connecting northeast Asia and western Europe, and the Northwest Passage, which runs along Canada’s northern coast.
Russia’s Northern Sea Route
Северный морской путь России Video the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation https://mil.ru/ licensed Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.en
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Chinese Ice-class Cargo Ship Arrives at French Port
After a 33-day voyage, Chinese ice-class cargo ship Tian En, designated to transport cargo via the northeastern shipping route of the Polar Silk Road, arrived Thursday at Rouen port, France, where part of the cargo will be unloaded. In January 2018, China outlined its ambitions to extend the Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic by developing Arctic shipping routes that would form a "Polar Silk Road". Under the guidance of French pilots, the cargo ship sailed into River Seine at 16:00 local time on Wednesday, and anchored at Rouen Port two hours later. Tian En, the first ice-class cargo ship developed by China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, departed from Lianyungang Port in east China's Jiangsu Province on Aug 4. The ship sailed through the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan, the Okhotsk Sea, the Chukchi Sea, the Siberian Sea, the Laptev Sea, the Kara Sea, the Barents Sea and the North Sea in Europe, and finally arrived at the port in Europe. The voyage of Tian En covered more than 18,500 kilometers and lasted more than 30 days. The vessel is fully loaded with wind power generation equipment of 37,000 cubic meters imported by European countries including France, the Netherlands and Sweden. On many occasions of the voyage, the ship was besieged by large amounts of floating ice in the Arctic Ocean, and the speed of the ship once slowed down to less than 1km per hour. It also experienced challenges from icebergs, dense fogs and strong winds. Finally, it overcame many difficulties and dangers and successfully finished the mission. http://www.cctvplus.com/news/20180906/8089928.shtml#!language=1 Welcome to subscribe us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsContent.CCTVPLUS Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTV_Plus LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cctv-news-content Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cctvnewscontent/ Video on Demand: www.cctvplus.com If you are in demand of this video footage, please contact with our business development team via email: [email protected]
Today News - US demands shared use of Russia’s Northern Sea Route
Today News - US demands shared use of Russia’s Northern Sea Route Published time: 12 Apr, 2018 11:27 Edited time: 12 Apr, 2018 13:15 The Northern Sea Route, which lies in Arctic waters and within Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone, should be a transport corridor open to the entire world community, Admiral Paul Zukunft, Commandant of the US Coast Guard, said. Zukunft told journalists that the US Armed Forces still do not intend to conduct operations in the Arctic to uphold the principle of freedom of navigation, as is done in the South China Sea.  Read more “Ther... Source: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/932980429?-17176:26449:3 © Today News THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: https://xuri.co/todaynews ─────────────────── ▼ DISCLAIMER : ➤ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via email or YT inbox. Thank you :) ➤ If you wanna use my uploads in your videos/streams, please give a link back to my original video, thats all ;) #TodayNews #News #News24 #LiveNews #NewsLive #NewsToday
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LNG CARRIER Transiting the Northern Sea Route   Teekay tanker
FOR MARINE ENGINEERING NOTES AND BOOKS YOU CAN VISIT OUR BLOG ,IT IS VERY HELPFUL FOR MEO CLASS4 AND CLASS2 EXAM https://sites.google.com/site/frerfuninstudy/ MOBILE NO ;- +91-8210767178 EMAIL;- [email protected] LNG carrier Eduard Toll’s recent transit through the Northern Sea Route marked the first time a shipping vessel has made the independent passage without the support of an icebreaker at this time of year.
cargo ships collided in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Corsica, France
cargo ships collided in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Corsica, France October 7, 2018 | В Средиземном море столкнулись два грузовых судна к северу от Корсики, Франция | Dos buques de carga chocaron en el mar Mediterráneo, al norte de Córcega, Francia | Deux cargos sont entrés en collision en mer Méditerranée, au nord de la Corse, en France | Due navi da carico si sono scontrate nel Mar Mediterraneo, a nord della Corsica, in Francia
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MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Russia Ships First LNG Cargo To China Via Arctic
Please Click On YouTube Notification Bell 🔔 Next To Subscribe Button To Be Notified Of New Russia Insight Videos! Subscribe to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Gas from the Yamal LNG project was delivered to China in special tankers via the Northeast Passage. Vladimir Rusanov and Eduard Toll are the names of two LNG tankers. They brought the first batch of Russian gas via the Northeast Passage. These are special heavy-duty Arc7 ice-class tankers. They can travel through the North Sea without icebreaker assistance. Donate Bitcoin 17svLdxJmzf8GyehbpqVpbiJhxs8j66G26 Donate Litecoin LbCxkRx7ikFbZiHt69nc2hVrAeakqdFo7t Donate Ethereum 0xd760DEedaA49Ff2C8BdfeB7f332b407EDe272b18
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The Northern Sea Route with Dr. Mike Sfraga
A weekly installment of the Energy for All Alaska program by Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation. Find the slide pack for this program at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RAI1C3tjSnSL6KqHCX_l_AN4hDaJ5NPE/view?usp=sharing.
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World's Biggest Shipping Firm Tests Russian Arctic Route | MW NEWS |2018
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark's A.P. Moller-Maersk, the world's biggest shipping group, said Friday that one of its cargo vessels has successfully passed through the Russian Arctic on a one-off trial journey as a result of melting sea ice. Please subscribe My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi4WbmCEeUhLrO-JwNdMYtA?view_as=subscriber
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Venta Maersk - Northern Sea Route - East Siberian Sea - 09/09/2018
"Venta Maersk" passing through the ice in the East Siberian Sea (near Sannikov Strait) on the 09/09/2018. The ice breaker in front is called "50 Let Pobedy" (The world largest atomic ice breaker). The "Venta Maersk" was the first ever container ship to sail through the Northern Sea Route. 1 second of video equals 2 minutes in real life.
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Cadet Shipping 2018
Here is a compilation movie from my experiences for Cadet Shipping this past summer of 2018. Scenes are as follows: 00:00 Sunrise over NYC as we depart from Port Elizabeth in Newark, NJ 00:30 Our course down the East Coast towards our next port 00:55 Fog along the coast 04:28 The forward fog whistle sounds off 06:37 Working cargo at North Charleston Container Terminal in Charleston, SC 17:32 Steaming up the Savannah River and opposing the NYK Rigel 18:42 Working cargo at Garden City Container Terminal, Savannah, GA 27:35 A look at the size of a container bay while underway 28:35 Docking at Bayport Container Terminal in Houston, TX 39:33 The handy size chemical tanker Chem Barcelona approaches Bayport as it heads for the chemical docks further down. At this point, we are waiting to get underway from the docks. 43:02 A look at the engines which power the ship 52:30 Working cargo at Norfolk International Terminal in Norfolk, VA 57:50 Working cargo in Port Elizabeth, Newark, NJ 1:08:12 Riding the elevator down, to head down to the engine room 1:08:37 Doing some work on one of the diesel generators 1:11:11 Heading back up the elevator 1:11:50 Performing regularly scheduled testing of the emergency diesel generator 1:13:20 Some amusing radio chatter while steaming eastbound through the Mediterranean Sea 1:14:44 The Captain practices his bagpipes out on deck 1:16:35 Looking down at the bulbous bow while underway 1:17:44 Approaching Port Said Container Terminal, which is adjacent to the Suez Canal 1:23:45 Working cargo at Port Said Container Terminal, Port Said, Egypt 1:37:15 Steaming down the Suez Canal 1:46:17 Working cargo in Salalah, Oman 1:49:17 Being assisted into port at Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates by a pair of P&O tugboats 1:52:16 Passing oil rigs in the Gulf of Suez while en-route back up towards the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea 1:56:50 At anchor near Suez, as we wait for the convoy to start up the Suez Canal in the morning 1:58:20 Crossing the Prime Meridian in the Mediterranean Sea 1:59:30 In fog while approaching Algeciras, Spain. Listen to all of the different fog whistles of the different vessels in the vicinity 2:04:27 Performing the daily Noon tests of the general alarm, the aft whistle, and the forward whistle 2:04:55 Sunset and the end of the movie I hope you enjoyed the view from the ship. There are videos which will be posted in the future, which show my time in the cities of the ports that we called at, including some which were not seen in this video compilation. As for the ship, I will keep the name to myself for security purposes. Any other questions, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome.
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VTS MARINES(Cr.TK) - ICEBREAKER EDUARD TOLL TRANSITING THE NORTHERN SEA ROUTE - TÀU LNG PHÁ BĂNG TỰ HÀNH EDUARD TOLL TIÊN PHONG HÀNH TRÌNH PHƯƠNG BẮC https://www.youtube.com/c/VIETTANKERSSHIPMANAGEMENT https://youtu.be/JL-KozgimSM https://www.facebook.com/VIETTANKERS https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIETTANKERS.SEAFARERS https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIETTANKERS.TRAINING.CTR https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIETTANKERS.FC https://www.facebook.com/VIETTANKERSMIENBAC https://www.facebook.com/VIETTANKERSMientrungBranch https://www.instagram.com/viettankers.shipmanagement http://www.vtsmarines.com
Venta Maersk - East Siberian Sea - Northern Sea Route - 09/09/2018
Video from the forecastle of the Venta Maersk, while sailing through the Northern Sea Route in the East Siberian Sea and while sailing in ice.
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Russia makes India an offer it can't refuse
Russia, that holds significant part of resource-rich Arctic region, has offered India access to the Northern Sea Route that connects Europe with the Pacific Rim including additional supplies of natural gas and joint development of gas fields to meet New Delhi’s growing energy needs. Russian President Vladimir Putin made this announcement here on Friday in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a business summit. “…the Prime Minister and I discussed this earlier today; we welcome our Indian partners to join the work in the Arctic as well. This is a very promising, long-term and very serious project that looks decades ahead, one with good investment and good return. As the climate continues to change — in some places, this is good, and elsewhere perhaps not so good —the Northern Sea Route offers growing opportunities,” Putin said in his address. “We are building a nuclear-powered fleet, eight nuclear-powered ships, which will be steadily put into operation. This work is in progress. This will ensure reliable LNG supplies to the Indian and world markets. So this could be very interesting joint work,” he said. There was concrete reference to Indo-Russian partnership in the Arctic region in the joint statement issued after the annual summit on Friday. “The two governments also expressed support to companies from both sides ‘for development of cooperation and exploring opportunities for joint development’ of oilNSE -10.57 % fields in Russian territory, including on the Arctic shelf, and projects on the shelf of the Pechora and Okhotsk Seas.” Putin and Modi also discussed a 2017 joint study on possible gas supply routes from Russia to India, sources told ET. The Arctic contains a wealth of petroleum and mineral resources. Currently, the region produces about one tenth of the world’s oil and a quarter of its natural gas. The Russian Arctic is the source for about 80% of this oil and virtually all of the natural gas. The most developed sector of the region, the Russian Arctic also holds abundant deposits of nickel, copper, coal, gold, uranium, tungsten, and diamonds. Putin assured “our country has been and will be a reliable energy supplier for the Indian economy”. He noted joint projects in the field of supplies of LNG are of strategic importance. Source :- ET Background Music :- bensound.com Disclaimer- This channel is for defence related news worldwide . We try to give you true news related to each and every aspects of defence . It is either country, defence weapon, air Force, army ,navy, military or anything we will try to fully explain . The content specially news we upload are taken from various news channels and media houses . we never claim it is 100 % on our behalf but we try to deliver you exact without rumours . our news is specially related to india . As India is a growing country specially in defence under narendra modi BJP government . Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/DefenceTube Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/defencetube Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/DefenceTube Check my all playlist : https://www.youtube.com/defencetube/playlist
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Venta Maersk - Northern Sea Route - East Siberian Sea - 09/09/2018
Shot from the aft deck of the Venta Maersk while sailing in the East Siberian Sea in ice and through the Northern Sea Route.
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Northern Sea Route and One Belt One Road
Andrew Rigden Green, partner at Stephenson Harwood on why the Northern Sea Route so important to China's One Belt One Road initiative? #Shipping #OBOR
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83 shipping containers fall from cargo ship off Australia's east coast
A maritime emergency off the New South Wales coast is continuing, after dozens of containers fell from a cargo ship in rough seas. There are now questions surrounding how the containers were loaded and whether they were secured properly. Read more here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-01/83-shipping-containers-tumble-from-cargo-ship-off-nsw-coast/9825950 For more from ABC News, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/abcnews.au Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abcnews_au
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First Tanker Carrying Yamal LNG Cargo Arrives in China
The first tanker carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Yamal LNG project in Russia's Arctic arrived in Rudong County, east China's Jiangsu Province on Thursday. Regarded as the "energy pearl" in the Arctic Circle, the Yamal LNG project was jointly launched by China and Russia. It is owned by Russia's largest independent natural gas producer Novatek (50.1 percent), France's Total (20 percent), China National Petroleum Corporation (20 percent) and China's Silk Road Fund (9.9 percent). As the important pivot of the so-called "Silk Road on Ice," the project consists of three production lines with each having a capacity of 5.5 million tons per year. The first production line started operation in December 2017, the second production line will start operation at early August and the third one is expected to be commissioned in 2019. http://www.cctvplus.com/news/20180720/8085852.shtml#!language=1 Welcome to subscribe us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsContent.CCTVPLUS Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTV_Plus LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cctv-news-content Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cctvnewscontent/ Video on Demand: www.cctvplus.com If you are in demand of this video footage, please contact with our business development team via email: [email protected]
Venta Maersk - East Siberian Sea - Northern Sea Route - 09/09/2018
Video from the forecastle of the Venta Maersk of her ploughing through some shattered ice in the East Siberian Sea as part of the first ever voyage, by a container ship, through the Northern Sea Route in September 2018. Video by C/E Christian Hornbek
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Russia's Northern Sea Route, Oceania vs China, & US Propaganda vs Thailand | NEO Review: 56/18
In this Review: Dmitry Bokarev talks about the possibility of developing an alternative trade route in Russia’s Northern Seas. Vladimir Terehov takes a look at ongoing efforts by the US to rally Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific island nations in its growing row with China. And Joseph Thomas covers the latest attempt by the Western media to undermine Southeast Asia’s Thailand. 1. Perspectives on The Northern Sea Route Project https://journal-neo.org/2018/07/14/perspectives-on-the-northern-sea-route-project/ 2. Oceania Countries are Getting Drawn into anti-Chinese Games https://journal-neo.org/2018/07/18/attempts-to-include-oceania-countries-in-anti-chinese-games/ 3. US Propaganda: Time Magazine Takes Swipe at Thailand https://journal-neo.org/2018/07/14/us-propaganda-time-magazine-takes-swipe-at-thailand/ Read more articles and stay up to date with the latest in geopolitical analysis from New Eastern Outlook at https://journal-neo.org/ . Connect to NEO through social media via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/New-Eastern-Outlook-118396674859857/ And Twitter: https://twitter.com/JournalNEO
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PLA launches first Biggest civilian military air cargo route
The SF Airlines successfully launched the air cargo route from southwestern China's Chengdu to western China's Lhasa and held its maiden flight on Jan. 22, 2018.
From south to north (Cargo Cab Ride Switzerland | Brig - Basel Part 2)
We're on a freight train heading towards Basel and have just left Burgdorf behind us. It is 08:30 in the morning, we are about to cross the Oberaargau region and will soon reach Olten, an important junction in the Swiss railway system. The Hauenstein Base Tunnel takes us further north and halfway through, we cross borders into the canton (state) of Baselland, where our destination is located. After a short trip through Baselland we arrive in Basel SBB RB, where the locomotives are uncoupled and the carriages will soon be distributed further across europe. Locomotive: Re 10/10 (Re 420 + Re 620) Any questions? Just ask! Like what you see? Please like, subscribe and click the bell next to the subscription button to get notified instantly about new uploads! You can now follow me on Twitter @swisscabrides ! All content is original content created by me and/or my affiliates and ANY use outside this channel requires written permission from me.
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Chinese Cargo Ship Joins Russian Icebreaker On Its Way
The Chinese ice-class cargo ship, Tian En, has joined a Russian icebreaker on Friday on its way along the Arctic Northeast Passage, a waterway connecting northwest Europe and the Far East known as the "Polar Silk Road." Right now, Tian En is voyaging at the East Siberian Sea. Just a few days ago, Tian En was besieged by large areas of floating ice at the Arctic Ocean, forcing it to slowly voyage forward. After it met with the Russian icebreaker, Tian En has gone forward to its destinations. Tian En set sail on Aug 4 from Lianyungang City of east China's Jiangsu Province, to a European port by the northeast passage of the Arctic shipping routes. Tian En, a multifunctional ship of COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co., was delivering wind power equipment to the ports of France, the Netherlands and Sweden. http://www.cctvplus.com/news/20180824/8088823.shtml#!language=1 Welcome to subscribe us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsContent.CCTVPLUS Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTV_Plus LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cctv-news-content Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cctvnewscontent/ Video on Demand: www.cctvplus.com If you are in demand of this video footage, please contact with our business development team via email: [email protected]
Cargo Ship in Storm in North Pacific Ocean in 1983
Canadian Pacific Bulk Carrier "T Akasaka" enroute from New Orleans via Panama Canal to Kashima in Japan during March 1983 in heavy seas. I was Radio Officer onboard having joined in November 1982 in Dunkirk and flew home from Japan. The film was converted from Super 8mm Cine Film using Winait Film Scanner. (Please note there is a spelling error in the title - and the ship is T Akasaka and not TA Akasaka as shown in the video clip - apologies for that!). More clips from this trip will be uploaded in due course.
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Container Ship lost part of its cargo in rough seas 01/06/18
Container Ship lost part of its cargo in rough seas Nappies and surgical masks were washing up on New South Wales beaches as boat operators were warned to look out for debris after more than 80 shipping containers came loose from a vessel off Newcastle. The Liberian-registered YM Efficiency was making its way from Taiwan to Sydney on Thursday night when it encountered rough seas. It lost 83 containers overboard and a further 30 were badly damaged. The ship, operated by the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, spent Friday night at sea off Sydney and as assessment was due on Saturday. Roads and Maritime Services warned boaters over marine radio to be aware of the potential hazards and said two containers were spotted about 100 metres off Fingal Head and Boondelbah Island, near Port Stephens while sections of another container were found on rocks at Yacaaba Headland. A helicopter scoured the coastline on Saturday for the 40-foot containers while nappies, surgical masks and plastic containers were among the first debris to wash up on Jimmys Beach and Rocky Point. A Yang Ming spokeswoman said there were no dangerous goods or marine contaminants inside. “There is no security concern about the condition of the vessel,” she said. The company was informing customers and discussing the next steps with its insurer. YM EFFICIENCY Container Ship IMO: 9353280 MMSI: 636013698 Call Sign: A8OS5 Flag: Liberia [LR] AIS Vessel Type: Cargo Gross Tonnage: 42741 Deadweight: 52773 t Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 268.8m × 32.2m Year Built: 2008 Status: Active Read more at http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:754239/mmsi:636013698/imo:9353280/vessel:YM_EFFICIENCY#i7RXfjEAvUbWZrbp.99
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Russia Is Profiting Off Global Warming | VICE on HBO
While many parts of the world are struggling from catastrophic effects of climate change, Russia is looking to capitalize on it, with the Kremlin driving a narrative that touts the economic benefits. Like more and faster access to petroleum and mineral reserves that were previously unreachable. The Northern Sea Passage, a legendary shipping lane along Russia’s Arctic coastline, has been largely inaccessible for part of the year because of dense sea ice. But now, that ice is melting, opening up a new trade route for Russia's cargo ships. Russian oil companies are already betting big on the new reserves they hope to find in the Russian Arctic, and other industries — like mining — are ramping up production since they now have faster shipping routes to many ports. “The problem of climate change is actually the problem of adaptation to climate change. This is not a tragedy,” said Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Oleg Anisimov. “Certainly some places will become unlivable, but other areas are places that will become more livable.” But the Russian people seem unaware, or unconcerned, about the environmental impacts of these climate change-related activities, like pollution from the booming factories, and wildfires in the North that destroyed million of acres of forest in a major tourism area. VICE’s Gianna Toboni visited Russia's Arctic to see just how big the country is betting on climate change. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo #VICEonHBO
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World's biggest shipping firm to test Russian Arctic route  - fox news
World's biggest shipping firm to test Russian Arctic route - fox news Scroll down for video The container Vessel, dubbed Venta Maersk, will travel between St Petersburg and Vladivostok over the top of Russia Share this article Share Janina von Spalding, spokeswoman for Maersk, said its new ice class container vessel would embark on a trial journey in the Arctic route over Russia next month. Pictured is the firm's Munkebo Maersk container ship on the River Thames in 2015 The trial 'will offer us a unique opportunity to gain operational experience in a new area and to test vessel systems, crew capabilities and the functionality of the shore based support setup,' according to Maersk (file photo) VENTA MAERSK SPECS  Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6090215/Worlds-biggest-shipping-firm-test-Russian-Arctic-route.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ito=1490&ns_campaign=1490
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How Overnight Shipping Works
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Venta Maersk - Northern Sea Route - Passing Bering Strait - 06/09/2018
On the 06/09/2018 sailed Venta Maersk through the Bering Strait as the start of the first ever crossing of the Northern Sea Route by a container ship. Unfortunately was the last part of the Bering Strait engulfed in fog. 1 second of video equals 2 min in real life.
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More Belt and Road trains! New route links China's Shanxi to Germany
The first two cargo trains from north China's Shanxi have arrived in Duisburg of Germany, marking the launch of another route for the rail freight service between China and Europe. The China-Europe rail freight network forms an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative.
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Russian Arctic Voyage: World's biggest shipping firm tests route
Freezing waters of the Northern Sea will soon be an important sea route for countries near the Arctic. Trial for the same has been carried out by the world's biggest shipping firm Venta Maersk. Melting ice-caps of the Arctic region can turn out positive for the transportation companies in the future.
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Venta Maersk on her maiden voyage, Working cargo alongside Felixstowe's Trinity Terminal  091018
The Venta Maersk was specifically designed for the Baltic, 9 vessels were ordered back in 2015 and 3 years later throughout 2018 these vessels have been delivered. 7 Seago Line, a sub-company of Maersk Line decided to push one of these ice ships to it's limits by a scientific trial journey through the Russian Arctic from Busan in South Korea to Vladivostok then on to St. Petersburg. After this trail the Venta Maersk was re-assigned to the Baltic and Nothern Europe routes which calls at the following ports: Wilhelmshaven, Felixstowe, Kotka and Riga. As usual, for a maiden voyage vessel, the Venta Maersk arrived to the Port of Felixstowe under the cover of darkeness. She was planned port side to Trinity 5 berth. During her stay she will load up with containers filled with cargo and fresh air (empties) to Kotka. ETD 10am Thursday 11th October 2018
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China’s Evolving Arctic Policy: Two Geopolitical Threats – OpEd
China’s Evolving Arctic Policy: Two Geopolitical Threats – OpEd By Qiyang NiuOn July 19, Russian natural gas company Novatek delivered the first ever liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo to China via the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic. The route from Russia’s Sabetta port through the Bering Strait cuts delivery time to China’s east coast by over 20 days compared with the traditional Suez Canal-Strait of Malacca route. The shipment demonstrates China’s growing utilization of the Arctic. Unlike its science-focused activities in the Arctic in the 1990s and early... --------------- Don't Forget Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwAH8fTz9PXORyYmGGTA2ig?sub_confirmation=1
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Maiden call Venta Maersk departs Felixstowe after loading empties bound for Kotka  11th October 2018
Venta Maersk has gone in the history books by making a voyage that no other container ship of her size has ever done. The Venta Maersk was delivered straight from the ship yard in South Korea and headed to Vladivostok in the far east of Russia, loaded with South Korean electronics and Russian fish destined for Europe. She took the Northern Sea Route up through the Bering Strait, before travelling along Russia’s north coast and into the Norwegian Sea. During some parts of the voyage through the ice fields, she had an escort of the Nuclear icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy. After 2 days in the Port of Felixstowe she had been loaded with containers bound for Finland, Latvia and Germany. A confirmed departue time of 13:30, the last crane boom lifted. A Harwich Haven pilot boards from the shore side. With one tug ordered, Svitzer Deben breaks away from the tug pontoon and paddles up to Trinity 5. Svitzer Deben makes fast centre lead aft ready for the pull off the berth. A problem with a crane boom was causing an issue. The pilot said that if the engineer couldn't sort it out quickly, let them depart and they can get on with the repairs. The boom was up but wouldn't lock into the up position. Engineer down, the pilot began easing the Maersk Venta off the berth with using bow thrust and the Svitzer Deben. Once off the berth, the pilot runs the engine ahead then gets the Deben to close up to let go from aft. As the Venta Maersk rounds the 90° Beach End turn at the entrance of the harbour, Britannia Seaways makes her final approach to the harbour. Both pass each other port side to port side.
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"Silk Road on Ice" to inject new impetus to Murmansk: Russian official
Marina Kovtun, the governor of Murmansk region in Russia says "Silk Road on Ice" will bring new impetus to local development and boost trade with China. In 2017, Russia and China agreed to carry out the Northern Sea Route cooperation and jointly build an "Ice Silk Road" which refers to a shortcut between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans through the Arctic.
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New China-Europe freight train route from Qinghai to Russia launched
A new China-Europe freight train line was launched Tuesday, linking Delingha, northwest China's Qinghai Province, with Russia. The first train, loaded with chemical containers, will leave China through the Alataw Pass in Xinjiang and pass through Kazakhstan before reaching Barnaul in Russia. The trip covers 4,345 km and takes about 12 days. #BeltandRoad
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Melting ice caps will open the northern sea to commercial traffic and change world trade patterns
Melting ice caps will open the northern sea to commercial traffic and change world trade patterns Arctic ice cover has been shrinking as a result of global warming. Besides the important and critical environmental and economic effects of melting ice caps, a side effect is to open the northern sea route for high volume commercial traffic. This shipping route will connect East Asia – Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China – with North-western Europe through the Arctic Ocean. This route along the Arctic Ocean is shorter than the currently used southern sea route between Europe and Asia through th... --------------- Don't Forget Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwAH8fTz9PXORyYmGGTA2ig?sub_confirmation=1
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Coastal Exploration Company - Beer Under Sail
Watch the Coastal Exploration Company test the new North Sea Clothing gear for Autumn/Winter 2018. The crew transport Beer cargo from Wells Next The Sea to Kings Lynn under sail.
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GSM Update 4/28/18 - Coldest April on Record - Steamboat Geyser - Solar Cycle 25 Forecast
Meteorologists Expect Coldest April on Record https://www.nationalreview.com/news/meteorologists-expect-coldest-april-on-record/ Colder than Fairbanks and Anchorage https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DbACPtTUQAAV-Sw.jpg Gusty thundershowers with hail to mark arrival of brief chill in northeastern US https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/gusty-thundershowers-with-hail-to-mark-arrival-of-brief-chill-in-northeastern-us/70004795 GFS Total Snowfall US https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs&region=us&pkg=asnow&runtime=2018040300&fh=96 Extreme cold weather in Southeast China https://owutranscript.com/2018/04/26/extreme-cold-weather-in-southeast-china/ Extreme weather hit the Middle East https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/local/weather/extreme-weather-hit-the-middle-east/2018/04/27/22b39882-4a44-11e8-8082-105a446d19b8_video.html?utm_term=.fa4a196bf3ae Worldwide Volcano News and Updates: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volcano_news.html Mount Ebino/Ioyama (硫黄山) OnGoing | MultiView Volcano Live | 24/7 | 4K Stream https://youtu.be/FScrGXxf7Gk Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park erupts for third time in six weeks https://www.cbsnews.com/news/steamboat-geyser-eruption-yellowstone-national-park-today-2018-04-27/ Cargo transit along Russia's Northern Sea Route expected to rise by 50% this year https://www.rt.com/business/425325-northern-sea-route-transit/ Arctic Sea Ice Thickness http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icethickness/images/FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180426.png Solar Cycle 24 declining more quickly than forecast https://watchers.news/2018/04/27/swpc-solar-cycle-24-declining-more-quickly-than-forecast/ https://globalwarmingfordummies.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/solar-cycle-25-a-complete-mystery-until-it-begins1.gif?w=1143&h=486 https://ktwop.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/sc24-versus-sc5.png?w=450&h=286 Solar Cycle 24: Still on track to be smallest sunspot number cycle in 100 years https://ktwop.com/2011/08/25/solar-cycle-24-still-on-track-to-be-smallest-sunspot-number-cycle-in-100-years/ DREADING SOLAR CYCLE 25 https://globalwarmingfordummies.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/chapter-7/ Are You Ready? https://globalwarmingfordummies.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/upcoming-maunder-like-minimum2.jpg?w=720 Awaken https://in5d.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/awaken-others-in5d-1111.jpg Illuminati Baby https://aboveaverage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Baby-Illuminati.jpg Boom https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYNFr33qzyiyDfO/giphy.gif COLD TIMES - Oppenheimer Ranch Project SPECIAL Just $14.95 (over 20% off the cover price of $18.95!) No shipping charge. https://www.auctoritaspublishing.org/specials HEMPLUCID - EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING Oppenheimer Ranch Project Exclusive Link https://lddy.no/3gxt Support our work on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/OppenheimerRanchProject Check out our WEBSITE!! https://www.3canyons.org/ https://www.oppenheimerranch.org/ One Time Donations: https://www.paypal.me/OppenheimerRanchProj Bitcoin: 17NV3vtcQhRnsRnjckCcYkKVEUcnirKQ62 Dtube: https://d.tube/#!/c/solarshutdown Steemit: https://steemit.com/@solarshutdown Please Visit Our Facebook Resources: Solar Shutdown: https://www.facebook.com/SolarShutdown/ Comet C/2017 K2 - Panstarrs: https://www.facebook.com/OppenheimerRanchProject/ Plasma Geology: https://www.facebook.com/Plasma-Geology-321021831434846/ Oppenheimer Ranch Project: An experiment in high alpine sustainability. https://www.facebook.com/oppenheimerranch/ Check Out Ice Age Farmer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Am0t4qQaP_Do9FwMWw3Q Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you enjoyed the content. Share this video with like-minded individuals ​
About Venta Maersk
A brief chat about this ship - main video up soon.
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Cargo ship loses 83 containers in rough seas
Australia's Sky news on Saturday 2 June 2018
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Passage Plan/ Navigation Planning at Sea/ ShipSailorSunil
This video shows practical passage planning onboard a ship with second officer. I am a sailing Master ( Captain) , making videos to share my experience and knowledge at Sea and Ashore. Visit my Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/shipsailorsunil (#Shipsailorsunil) for more detailed informations . Follow my Instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/shipsailorsunil For any business- E mail: [email protected] All shots on deck are always with Intrinsic safe camera only All my music has been downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library. Music name- FortyThr33 X Epshteyn Delusion- Feat. Gina Livia by FortyThr33 https://soundcloud.com/fortythr33-43 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Q2jPvDiUI8E Primary camera-Canon G7X Mark 2 Secondary Camera - Go pro hero5 with Rode Video mic compact Intrinsic safe Camera-Gravity X Pixavi Background-Virtual Studio
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Ice-Class superfeeder Vayenga Maersk sails, 4 October 2018
Now settling into her routine rotation, Vayenga Maersk sails from Felixstowe after her second call. Filmed late afternoon, 4 October 2018
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Shipping in the Arctic: Promise, Preparations, and Impacts
October 7, 2015: As sea ice melts in the Arctic, shipping in the region is expected to increase, bringing new challenges. An expert panel discussed the impacts on marine life, ecosystems, and local communities, as well as how these impacts can be best mitigated. http://www.rff.org/events/event/2015-10/shipping-arctic-promise-preparations-and-impacts

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