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Will Smith - Men In Black (Video Version)
Playlist Best of Will Smith: https://goo.gl/5Zg9kF Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/ey9sVi Will Smith's official music video for 'Men In Black'. Click to listen to Will Smith on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/WSmithSpot?IQid=WSMIB As featured on Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/WSmithGHiTunes?IQi... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/WSmithMIB?IQid=WSMIB Amazon: http://smarturl.it/WSmithGHAmz?IQid=W... More from Will Smith Gettin Jiggy Wit It: https://youtu.be/3JcmQONgXJM Miami: https://youtu.be/IwBS6QGsH_4 Switch: https://youtu.be/uzUozo1628U More great 90s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate90?IQid=WSMIB Follow Will Smith Website: http://www.willsmith.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillSmith Subscribe to Will Smith on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/WSmithSub?IQid=WSMIB --------- Lyrics: The good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we ever face to face and make contact The title held by me - M.I.B. Means what you think you saw, you did not see So don't blink be what was there Is now gone, black suit with the black Ray Ban's on Walk in shadow, move in silence Guard against extra-terrestrial violence But yo we ain't on no government list We straight don't exist, no names and no figerprints Saw somethin strange, watch your back Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.'s is at Uh and... Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) Galaxy defenders (oahhaooohh ohhhhh) Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack) They won't let you remember"
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Boyz II Men - In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember) [Cover of Five Satins]
{DISCLAIMER} I Don't Own This Song No Copyright Intended This Song Belongs To Its Respective Owners Please Support The Artist By Buying Their Songs/Albums
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OUAT Hotties [Men] || Remember The Name
Watch in HD____Follow me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/OUATSamantha FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/MissStarlight08 _________________________________________________________________________ Tribute to Prince Charming, Rumplstiltskin, Mr. Gold, Killian Jones, Captain Hook, Neal Cassady, Dr. Whale. So this is a video I made for the entire OUAT community and FANS!! I know that there are some sexy men on the show and you have ti love at LEAST one of these! I didn't include August or Graham b/c they are now a child or dead....SO this is dedicated to the current Men!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! Song: Remember the Name by Fort Minor Coloring- Mine Overlays by: DineTrace _________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: All characters, names, places, titles, songs (including both lyrics and music), dialogue, clips, etc. belong to their respective owners. MissStarlight08 productions is in no way affiliated with any of these networks, companies or people. MissStarlight08 Productions is not making any money off of these videos. Any copyright infringement is unintended. This is for criticism and comment purposes only in accordance with the "fair use" policy under Section 107 of the following Copyright Disclaimer Act: "Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Will Smith - Men In Black (Song)
Lyrics: Here come the Men in Black (Uh it's the M.I.B.'s) (Uh here come the M.I.B.'s) Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black) They won't let you remember Nah, nah, nah, The good guys dress in black, remember that, Just in case we ever face to face and make contact. The title held by me... M.I.B. Means what you think you saw, you did not see. So don't blink, Think what was there but now's gone. Black suit with the black Ray Ban's on. Walk in shadow, move in silence, Guard against extra-terrestrial violence. But yo we ain't on no government list. We straight don't exist, No names and no fingerprints. Saw something strange, Watch your back. Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.'s is at, Uh and... Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black) The galaxy defenders. (uh oh, uh oh) Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black) They won't let you remember. (won't remember) (uh uh, uh uh) Now from the deepest of the darkest of night, On the horizon, bright light in the site tight, Cameras zoom, only impending doom. But then like BOOM black suits fill the room up. With the quickness talk with the witnesses, Hypnotizer, neuralizer. Vivid memories turn to fantasies. Ain't no M.I.B.'s. Can I please, Do what we say that's the way we kick it. Ya know what I mean, I say my noisy cricket get wicked on ya. We're your first, last and only line of defence, Against the worst scum of the universe. So don't fear us, cheer us. If you ever get near us, don't jeer us. We're the fearless. M.I.B.'s freezin' up all the flack. What's that stand for? Men In Black. Uh, M-m-m-... The Men in Black. (Uh uh uh) The Men in Black. (Uh uh uh, ah ah ah) Let me see ya just bounce it with me. Just bounce with me. Just bounce it with me. C'mon, Let me see ya just slide with me. Just slide with me. Just slide with me. C'mon. Let me see ya take a walk with me. Just walk with me. Take a walk with me. C'mon, And make your neck work. Now freeze. Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black) The galaxy defenders. (ooh ooh) Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black) They won't let you remember. (uh no, no) A-ight check it. Let me tell you this in closin'. I know we might seem imposin', But trust me if we ever show in your section. Believe me it's for your own protection. Cuz we see things that you need not see, And we be places that you need not be. So go with your life, Forget that Roswell crap. Show love to the black suit. Cuz that's the Men in, That's the Men in... Here come the Men in Black. (Here they come) The galaxy defenders. (galaxy defenders) Here come the Men in Black. (oh, here they come) They won't let you remember. (won't let you remember) Here come the Men in Black. (Oh, here they come) The galaxy defenders. (uh oh, uh oh) Here come the Men in Black. They won't let you remember. Lyrics and Song go to their rightful owners. I DO NOT own anything. Follow me on Twitter!! ------------- http://twitter.com/#!/MuzicIsLife1127
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The Weeknd - Reminder
Reminder (Official Video) Taken from the album Starboy http://theweeknd.co/StarboyYD XO Official Store: http://theweeknd.co/MR001YD Connect with The Weeknd http://www.facebook.com/theweeknd http://instagram.com/theweeknd https://soundcloud.com/theweeknd https://twitter.com/TheWeeknd https://www.theweeknd.com Directed by Kid Studio Produced by Vince Tran & Ryan Hahn For HPLA Music video by The Weeknd performing Reminder. © 2017 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/79j4RW Best of The Weeknd: https://goo.gl/76DXjL Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/GWXGWM
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Mad Men - A Night to Remember ending
The priest singing "Early in The Morning", Don not being allowed home and the overall melancholic mood sums up a great episode. This is from Mad Men season 2 episode 8.
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The Rigs - All The King's Men (Audio)
"All The King's Men" by The Rigs Website: http://www.therigsofficial.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/therigsofficial Instagram: http://instagram.com/therigsofficial Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/therigsofficial Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/therigsofficialchannel Lyrics: All The King's Men When all the Kings men And all their horses Can't find a way to A way to save you When all the day's end Remember me then It's not too late to Too late to save you I've been chasin' windmills for as long as I have been Found my Dulcinea but I don't remember when Still I will be your hero when that love comes to an end Somehow you lost your wonder in your quest to feel alive Slayed your hope but didn't let yourself know it had died Thought growing up meant you had to go and kill the child inside Wake wake wake up child Wake wake wake up child Wake wake wake up When all the Kings men And all their horses Can't find a way to A way to save you When all the day's end Remember me then It's not too late to Too late to save you Remember when the darkness wasn't all you had to see Remember when a part of you still hoped for what could be Well I got this suit of armor and a sword I need to swing Wake wake wake up child Wake wake wake up When all the Kings men And all their horses Can't find a way to A way to save you When all the day's end Remember me then It's not too late to Too late to save you
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A Day To Remember - All I Want
A Day To Remember "All I Want" is from their album, What Separates Me From You, available now. iTunes: http://bit.ly/13tfukv Amazon: http://amzn.to/145v2e3 Direct (CD / Vinyl): http://bit.ly/1avir7s Spotify: http://spoti.fi/7guuh9 Directed by Drew Russ © Another Victory 2010
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Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day
Mariah Carey's official music video for 'One Sweet Day'. Click to listen to Mariah Carey on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareySpotify?IQid=MCareyOSD As featured on Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareyGHiTunes?IQid=MCareyOSD Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MCOneDayPlay?IQid=MCareyOSD Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareyGHaz?IQid=MCareyOSD More from Mariah Carey We Belong Together: https://youtu.be/0habxsuXW4g Touch My Body: https://youtu.be/9b8erWuBA44 Angels Cry: https://youtu.be/DyGNfbKkMVE More great ultimate 90s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate90?IQid=MCareyOSD Follow Mariah Carey Website: http://www.mariahcarey.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariahcarey Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariahCarey Instagram: https://instagram.com/mariahcarey/ Subscribe to Mariah Carey on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareySub?IQid=MCareyOSD --------- Lyrics: Sorry I never told you All I wanted to say And now it's too late to hold you 'Cause you've flown away So far away Never had I imagined Living without your smile Feeling and knowing you hear me It keeps me alive Alive And I know you're shining down on me from heaven Like so many friends we've lost along the way And I know eventually we'll be together One sweet day Darling I never showed you Assumed you'd always be there I took your presence for granted But I always cared And I miss the love we shared
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A DAY TO REMEMBER ask OF MICE & MEN [Bands ask Bands ]| www.pitcam.tv
A DAY TO REMEMBER ask OF MICE & MEN [Bands ask Bands ]| www.pitcam.tv Subscribe to us: http://goo.gl/0ZRlE5 - - - - - - - - - - - - ► http://twitter.com/PitCamtv ► https://www.facebook.com/PitCamTV - - - - - - - - - - - - BEHIND THE INK @ FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/BehindTheInk - - - - - - - - - - - - BUSCRIBS @ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/BusCribs
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Blue Boy - Remember Me (Original 12")
Download or Stream : https://AltraModaMusic.lnk.to/aDkcc Blue Boy is a pseudonym for the Scottish DJ, Alexis 'Lex' Blackmore. The single Remember Me peaked at #8 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1997. The single also went to number two on the American dance chart. The track is built around two samples from the 1973 live version of "Woman of the Ghetto", a 1969 soul song by Marlena Shaw, originally recorded for her album The Spice of Life. Near the end is the line: "Remember me? I'm the one who had your babies", in reference to African-American maids raising white children for little pay. #BlueBoy #RememberMe
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Conchita Wurst - Where Have All The Good Men Gone [Official Audio]
Download 'Conchita' the album: http://smarturl.it/Conchita_album WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE ( ↓ ↓ ↓Lyrics below & in subtitles↓ ↓ ↓) written by Lucinda Belle & Gil Cang | published by Big Life Music / Copyright Control | keyboards & programming: Erwin Bader & David Bronner | bass: Rue Kostron, Lukas Hillebrand | guitars: Stefan Holoubek, Lukas Hillebrand | trumpet: Pepi Burchartz | saxes: Manfred Franzmeier | trombone: Werner Wurm | backing vocals: Juci Janoska, Stella Jones, Ramona Steiner | recorded at Die Fleischerei by Erwin Bader and dB Music by David Bronner | strings recorded at Tom Tom Studios, conducted by Peter Pejtsik, produced by Doro Badent, arranged by Doro Badent, David Bronner & Erwin Bader, recorded and mixed by Tamas Kurina | Protools editors: Doro Badent, Cecile Desnos, Sebastian Arman | mixed at The Cauldron / Dublin by Ciaran Byrne | produced by Erwin Bader & David Bronner #whatgmg –––––––––– LYRICS (feel free to share on lyrics websites) –––––––––– Conchita – Where Have All The Good Men Gone Do you remember what your daddy used to tell you About the so called nice boys that keep on coming 'round He said they'll let you down At 21 I bet you've seen a little heartache But when you're 22 it's time to learn from your mistakes But you don't expect the pain by the time you get to my age Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? Tell me: Why they're taken or they're just playin' wrong ¬– so wrong Ladies, ladies help me sing this song – I wanna know now Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? They're gone for good It's hard to find a man who's a genuine original When all the guys I see are data virtual and digital I've spent almost every night searching every single site And I'm bored Said he was witty but I couldn't laugh at his jokes He made me pay for dinner when he claimed he was a CEO But he still lives with mom - oh no no no! Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? Tell me: Where they've taken all the good and strong – they're gone Ladies, ladies help me sing this song – I wanna know now Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? They're gone for good Tell me: Where are all the good men? Tell me: Where are all the good men? We got divorced guys, lonely guys, men who never leave their wives Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? Tell me: Why they're taken or they're just playin' wrong – so wrong Ladies, ladies help me sing this song – I wanna know now Tell me: Where have all the good men gone? They're gone for good –––––––––– Photo: © Markus Morianz Video edited by André Karsai –––––––––– #whatgmg #theunstoppables #conchitawurst #conchymusic –––––––––– MY OFFICIAL CHANNELS –––––––––– http://www.youtube.com/ConchitaWurst http://www.facebook.com/ConchitaWurst http://www.twitter.com/ConchitaWurst http://www.instagram.com/ConchitaWurst http://www.conchitawurst.com
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Not All Men Are Like That - NAMALT - MGTOW
The Nawalt topic has been done to death but I don't think the Namalt or Not all men are like that has been covered before. I can't remember the name of the person or his comment exactly but he thought it was funny how a woman is looking for the exact opposite of what a man is looking for. The perfect man or NAMALT is wealthy and dumb, with an inexhaustible trust fund or large business that doesn't involve his direct participation in many cases. And it constantly spits out a large and consistent income. And if a woman finds a guy like that she never has to work at a real job ever again. Instead she works full time controlling him while someone else manages the money and acts rationally for him. Literally a good looking man with with money to burn and is easy to manipulate like putty in her hands. Naive and gullible, inexperienced when it comes to women and most importantly rich. For a woman such a guy is an endless gravy train with no accountability. And if she gets bored she dumps him and takes enough from him to never have to work again. And with her new found stash of money she can then go out and repeat the same process again except find an even wealthier guy. Successful Hollywood actors make great NAMALTs as well. They are attractive to women because they have status and can waste resources endlessly and many do. Nicholas Cage was once that type of guy and so was Robbin Williams. Until they both became broke and Robbin Williams even ended up taking his own life. A guy that's not like that is not consciously aware of what women are up to. Women hate men that are aware of how females operate. That's the main reason they hate MGTOW. It's not so much about the idea that we are walking away. Women assume we will return because of sex and intimacy. It's more the red pill knowledge that they hate because it takes their game away. For a man dating a woman that's ridden the carousel and been involved with forty or fifty guys that's the equivalent to a guy that's aware of the red pill. The way we don't like their promiscuity is the way they don't like the red pill. They see us as spoiled and ruined when that happens. Smart single men with wealth resources are dangerous to dumb rich guys because both types of guys have to compete for the same money in the same economy. But the single man has a higher IQ because he's not in love and he doesn't have that emotional handicap and the obligations of family and children in many cases to distract him from producing wealth. He is a good producer but he's a free agent and doesn't have a slave master yet. But women want the wealthy man they can control instead of the guy they can't. The perfect man DOES exist ... in fact there are FIVE of them out there! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2247988/The-perfect-man-DOES-exist--fact-FIVE-types-there.html 10 pictures paid for and licensed through BigStock.com (In order of appearance) 1. VadimGuzhva - Rich businessman lighting cigar with $100 dollar bill http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-70166506/stock-photo-money 2. Creatista - Rich Elderly Man With Gold-digger Companion Or Wife http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-10034459/stock-photo-rich-elderly-man-with-gold-digger-companion-or-wife 3. Kzenon - Couple - man and woman - in a shopping mall with colorful bags; they having a break http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-19617422/stock-photo-couple-man-and-woman-in-a-shopping-mall-with-colorful-bags%3B-they-having-a-break 4. NejroN Photo - Group of young people playing poker in a casino http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-52089673/stock-photo-group-of-young-people-playing-poker-in-a-casino 5. leaf - Portrait of confident mid adult businessman in front of car and private jet at terminal http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-58892498/stock-photo-portrait-of-confident-mid-adult-businessman-in-front-of-car-and-private-jet-at-terminal 6. tlorna - Avarice Deadly Sin Of Greed Dollars http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-6574367/stock-photo-avarice-deadly-sin-of-greed-dollars 7. Luis Louro - Businessman with money isolated against a dark green background http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-71217586/stock-photo-greed 8. NinaMalyna - Bling bling dude http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-15329813/stock-photo-bling-bling-dude 9. michaeljung - wealthy arabian businessman wearing sunglasses on black background http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-45766285/stock-photo-wealthy-arabian-businessman-wearing-sunglasses-on-black-background 10. Wavebreak Media Ltd - Geeky businessman holding money bags against colourful fireworks exploding on black background http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-78475205/stock-photo-geeky-businessman-holding-money-bags-against-colourful-fireworks-exploding-on-black-background
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Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man (lyrics)
Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man (lyrics) Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name It all just sounds like oooooh... Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize That I should have bought you flowers And held your hand Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance Take you to every party Cause all you wanted to do was dance Now my baby's dancing But she's dancing with another man My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, ohh... And it haunts me every time I close my eyes It all just sounds like oooooh... Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize That I should have bought you flowers And held your hand Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance Take you to every party Cause all you wanted to do was dance Now my baby's dancing But she's dancing with another man Although it hurts I'll be the first to say that I was wrong Oh, I know I'm probably much too late To try and apologize for my mistakes But I just want you to know I hope he buys you flowers I hope he holds your hand Give you all his hours When he has the chance Take you to every party Cause I remember how much you loved to dance Do all the things I should have done When I was your man Do all the things I should have done When I was your man
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Acappella - All Men Will Know
From the album "Radiance". Click here to listen to the complete album: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVOKOqgBQhcx0NpwkhQ0NF46FErN5FVYc Lyrics: I have lived among you (lived among you) here on earth (here on earth) I have shown you love (I have shown you love) I have shown you worth (shown you just how much you’re worth) Now it’s nearly over (now it’s over) you will find (you will find) That the spirit will remind you Of all the things I had in mind Now I want you to remember Chorus 1: All men will know (all men will know) All men will find (all men will find) All men will see (all men will see) That you are mine (that you are Mine) Repeat Chorus 1 Now the time is coming (time is coming) I must go (I must go) But the Comforter will guide you (He will be your guide) In the things you need to know (show you what you need to know) No it won’t be easy (it’s not easy) you will see (you will see) They will hate you and despise you All the same they did to me (they will do to you the same to me) Now I want you to remember Repeat Chorus 1 (x2) Very soon His own disciples found The testing quickly came around To share their faith with boldness, without fear (without fear) Now today we face an equal test Divinely called to do our best To share with the world - what will they hear? (what will they hear?) Repeat Chorus 1 Chorus 2: All men will know (all men will know) (all will know) All men will find (all men will find) (all will find) All men will see (all men will see) (all will see) That you are mine (that you are Mine) (that you are mine) All men will know [held] Repeat Chorus 2 Repeat Chorus 2 (x2)
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Mad Men - Rivers of Babylon (excellent)
Mad Men s01e06-Babylon. excellent song with excellent scenes.
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A championship to remember | Men's EHF EURO 2020
For the first time 3 nations host the EHF EURO in 2020, contested - also a first - with 24 teams. Already now it is a championship to remember. ___ This is the official EHF EURO YouTube channel, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes reports, interviews, highlight videos, historic reviews and much more from the European Handball Federation’s flagship national team event. Website: http://www.ehf-euro.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ehfeuro Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ehfeuro Official YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/ehfeuro All matches are streamed live on: http://www.ehfTV.com Follow us on Twitter: @EHFEURO Follow us Snapchat: ehf_live
Jessica Delfino -  A Message to All Men
Jessica schools the men in our audience in this clip from her interview on the Checkerboard Kids Program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
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Of Mice & Men - The Depths (Official Music Video)
iTUNES: http://smarturl.it/omm-flood-dlx MERCH: http://riserecords.merchnow.com/catalogs/of-mice-and-men Get up! And here we go... Now listen up I'll say a thing or two, I bet I know something about you, That you don't even know, You don't wanna believe, I know you're down for anything. That's not what you're looking for, There's not a reason to walk out that door, And I don't even want you to sing, I just want you to jump with me. (I'm so complicated) My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I cannot feel anything anymore. My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I can't remember anything anymore. And I'm gonna miss your face for a long long time (for a long, long time) And I can't escape this place, it's in my mind ('cause it's in my mind) And now that you don't even care, I've got you inside the palm of my hand. You don't really wanna get inside my head, Let's leave out all our skeletons. The dead just like you will rise, So come on lift your voices towards the sky, Now I want you to jump, now I want you to sing, Now I want you to scream with me... I've been put down for way too long, You'll never be good enough. All they told me was "Just give up", You'll never be good enough. I've been put down for way too long, You'll never be good enough. All they told me was "Just give up", You'll never be good enough, never be good enough Pushing me, and pushing me, Shut up. Shut up. I'm gonna miss your face, I'm gonna miss your taste, I'm gonna miss your face, It's in my mind... I'm gonna miss your face, I'm gonna miss your taste, I'm gonna miss your face, It's all in my mind... My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I cannot feel anything anymore. My body's failing, I think I've hit the floor, I can't remember anything anymore.
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Female Psychology De-Coded - All Men Need To Watch This!
For the FULL Article and more info on Female Psychology, check out http://www.legendsacademy.com.au/what-are-women-attracted-to/ Some Say Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus That May Be A Little Bit Extreme, BUT There Are Important Differences Between The Sexes, Particularly In Our Psychology, When It Comes To Dating And What Causes Attraction So Many Guys Are Terrible With Women Because They Don't Understand These Differences Learning These Important Ideas About Female Psychology Allows You To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Create Massive Amounts Of Attraction With The Women You Want Join Ben Alexander From The Legends Academy As He De-Codes The Mysterious Realm Of Female Psychology Find out more about what women are attracted to on our website here: http://www.legendsacademy.com.au/dating-tips/ Watch The Video Here Now: http://youtu.be/BquNoi7FRlI Remember to Subscribe, Share & Thimbs-up Like Us On Facebook #LegendsAcademy http://www.facebook.com/TheLegendsAcademyPage Instagram @becomingalegend Twitter @AcademyLegends Thanks for watching and remember to Stay Legendary Out There!
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The Company Of Men: Remember This Day | Urban Outfitters
As part of the UO Creative Couples series with Urban Outfitters,, photographer and filmmaker Arnaud Ele works with Swiss rock band, The Company of Men to produce the video for their new track, Remember This Day. Their debut album, I Prefer is set for release later this year. Read the full interview on the UO Blog: http://blog.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/?p=31629 Credits: Film Director: Arnaud Ele Assistant Director : Nadia Tarra Find more from The Company of Men below: https://thecompanyofmen.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/Themenofcompany https://instagram.com/thecompanyofmen
41-Man Battle Royal for a Championship Match of Winner's Choosing: SmackDown, October 14, 2011
The largest Battle Royal in WWE history takes place on SmackDown with the winner receiving a Championship Match of their choosing later in the night. As a bonus, you will get both matches right here. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://po.st/pkpbTE Follow WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT More WWE: http://www.wwe.com
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A PRINCESS THAT BELIEVES THAT ALL MEN ARE BORN EQUAL - NOLLYWOOD MOVIES|NIGERIAN MOVIES Omalicha is the only child of the king of Ezeudo kingdom. She’s a princess that believes that all men are born equal no matter their background and status in society. This believes has shaped her attitude towards the people and empathy for the suffering. But her father takes exception to her approach and interactions with the commoners, considering it a letdown to the royal family. Starring: DURO MICHAEL, CONCILIA, GLORIA OMON OKOH Please remember to subscribe to our channel for Latest Nigerian Movies 2018 - Nigerian Films https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5HXKbQBSWqPUSyrWDPuiQ Thanks for watching and always remember that we have hundreds of 2018 Nigerian Movies lined up for your enjoyment. Couvert par AFOREVO. Offert par Latest Nigerian Movies 2018 - Nigerian Films Powered by AFOREVO. Brought to you by Latest Nigerian Movies 2018 - Nigerian Films
Men Don't Listen | Is It True?
Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 It is widely known that men have a hard time listening so we here at All Def Digital put it to the test. Is It True is a brand new series from All Def Digital where we tackle some of the biggest racial stereotypes head on with ridiculous "experiments". This is something you don't want to miss, only on All Def Digital! #ADD → CONNECT WITH THE CAST ← @kanishaiscomedy @mstaber @lourdesgonzlez @iamdoboy @teddraycomedy @wahlidm Teachers: @normantowns @angieanddj → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Starring: Kanisha Buss, Whitey Taber, Lourdes Gonzalez, DoBoy, Teddy Ray, and Wahlid Mohammad Directed by: Sydney Kim Producers: Josh Gonzales, Desiree Alcaraz Director of Photography: Adam Bial Edited by: Amy Glickman Brown VFX: Ryan Kehoe Post Supervisor: Rich Song
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Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man [Official Video]
Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 tickets and more info: http://www.brunomars.com/moonshinejungletour Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man Download the single now: http://smarturl.it/wheniwasyourman Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.twitter.com/brunomars http://www.facebook.com/brunomars http://www.instagram.com/brunomars Get 'Unorthodox Jukebox' on iTunes http://smarturl.it/unorthodoxjukebox Follow Bruno on Spotify http://bit.ly/1gDnkxr © 2013 WMG.
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In The Still Of The NIght Boyz ll Men boyzllmen
lyrics to the romantic song in the still of the night
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T.I. - Memories Back Then ft. B.o.B., Kendrick Lamar (Official Music Video)
Buy the single here: http://smarturl.it/memoriesbackthen Music video by Hustle Gang featuring T.I., B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar and Kris Stephens performing Memories Back Then. 2013 Hustle Gang Music. #TI #MemoriesBackTheb #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men
This is just a cLaSSic This video/song just gives you chills!!!! Why-ever did they stop making music?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~eminem nick cannon precious lopez tonight mos def lil wayne jermaine dupri bird man oprah winfrey david letterman drake beyonce chris brown rihanna lady gaga gucci mane the dream t-pain remix 2009 jump smokers memoirs of an imperfect angel trey songz 50 cent lopez tonight ellen linkin park taylor swift whitney houston 2009 good morning america regis and kelly mos def snoop dr dre andre 300 r kelly
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Wild Elephants salutes the men who rescued their baby elephant from a ditch
Wildlife Officials rescue baby elephant from a ditch. Elephant herd salutes the men before leaving In Kerala, India, a baby elephant falls into a ditch (or an abandoned well) and gets trapped there. As the family of wild elephants watches and waits on the other side of the river, local people and forest officials use an earthmover to help the baby get out. Watch when they come running and welcoming the baby, checking whether it is fine. The incredible moment then occurs when the elephant family head turns and salutes the humans, thanking them for saving their little one..
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Boyz II Men - Do You Remember
{DISCLAIMER} I Don't Own This Song No Copyright Intended This Song Belongs To Its Respective Owners Please Support The Artist By Buying Their Songs/Albums
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Remember, Overwatch, Gillette, etc, all trying to insult men.
http://www.realsexism.com/ original video from blizzard : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIQBvOGspmw (reupload of someone's video, got deleted apparently)
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Boyz II Men - Do You Remember (Live in Korea) +Lyrics
From the "Music In High Places" DVD, 2001; Album: Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya, 2000 ::: LYRICS ::: Couldn't have been more than a day over three Tried to do and be everything that I saw on TV That won't work now like it did work back then But then it was easier to imagine for me We never had to care which party would win Would the fighting go on, would it ever end? Yeah, yeah Not knowing right from wrong was the safest way to be When we were free, so young and free And we didn't have a care in the world We were just too young to understand, at all And if you feel what I'm feelin' Then you remember Tell me do you remember when Everything in life was so much better then Tell me do you remember when Do you remember? Do you, do you remember? Never had to save for a rainy day Just enjoying this time in our lives, come what may But you and me, we never needed to think about the time Then we were free (you know we were free) So young and free And we didn't have a care in the world And we were just too young to understand, at all Ooh, and if you feel what I'm feelin' I know you remember
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all men are pigs!
Jake should be edited with so much more than he is! Super quick MEP part I did this morning, but this was super fun and I like the outcome! I don't remember the last time I fired up the old mashtop to be honest. -------------- I OWN NOTHING Audio: All Men Are Pigs ©Stuio Killers Clips: The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under ©Disney
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ALL Men are Rape Supporters... Apparently
Remember to rate and subscribe :) No I don't know why the sound is slightly off kilter with the picture :P This is a video in reply to a blog by a radical feminist and, more specifically, her truly ludicrous list entitled 'A man is a rape supporter if...' which pretty much accuses all men on earth of being supporters of rape, as well as being horrendously sexist against men, alleging that they are inferior in every single way. I have always been interested in issues relating to racism and sexism and, more specifically, the notion that the idea of gender is fully environmental, rather than innate, and bred into people by their upbringing. This is reflected in the expectations parents' have of children of either gender, with regards to what clothes they will wear, what toys they will play with etc. The blog article can be found here: http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/a-man-is-a-rape-supporter-if/
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Remember Me - Tribute to the Men and women protecting us.
An inspiring video about the men and women who are fighting overseas. They are the true heroes of this country.
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He Wants You
Men look at pretty women. That goes for men who are married, men who are dating, and men who are single. That's their nature. But is this built-in attraction with the female body a threat to their spouse, girlfriend, or partner? Donate today to PragerU! http://l.prageru.com/2ylo1Yt Joining PragerU is free! Sign up now to get all our videos as soon as they're released. http://prageru.com/signup Download Pragerpedia on your iPhone or Android! Thousands of sources and facts at your fingertips. iPhone: http://l.prageru.com/2dlsnbG Android: http://l.prageru.com/2dlsS5e Join Prager United to get new swag every quarter, exclusive early access to our videos, and an annual TownHall phone call with Dennis Prager! http://l.prageru.com/2c9n6ys Join PragerU's text list to have these videos, free merchandise giveaways and breaking announcements sent directly to your phone! https://optin.mobiniti.com/prageru Do you shop on Amazon? Click https://smile.amazon.com and a percentage of every Amazon purchase will be donated to PragerU. Same great products. Same low price. Shopping made meaningful. VISIT PragerU! https://www.prageru.com FOLLOW us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prageru Twitter: https://twitter.com/prageru Instagram: https://instagram.com/prageru/ PragerU is on Snapchat! JOIN PragerFORCE! For Students: http://l.prageru.com/29SgPaX JOIN our Educators Network! http://l.prageru.com/2c8vsff Script: The London newspaper The Daily Mail listed the top ten problems experienced by couples on vacation together. And topping the list was: The man looking at other women in bikinis on the beach. Now, in another Prager University course, I explain the sexual power of the visual on men. And as I show, and as anyone readily understands unless they've been misled by a politically correct college course the power of the visual to excite men has no analogue in women. Women don't get excited by virtually every male body at the beach. Male legs don't turn them on like female legs turn men on. Etc. etc. It takes massive willpower in fact for a heterosexual man not to look at bikini-clad women. And few men -- even the nicest, finest, and most monogamously faithful and loving -- have such willpower. So, the Daily Mail notes, this frequently causes problems when a couple's itinerary includes a visit to the beach. And what exactly is the problem? The problem is that the wife or girlfriend feels threatened by his looking. And why does she feel threatened? Because she thinks he is comparing her to those women. And why does this disturb her? Here are three reasons. First, virtually every woman, no matter how attractive, thinks that when her man is looking at other women -- other women in general, and in bikinis especially -- he is finding them more attractive than her. Second, she thinks that he is therefore dissatisfied with her, which in turn arouses the unspoken but primal fear that he might leave her. And third, she is sure that her man will continue to think about these women long after they have disappeared from sight. So now, let's analyze these reasons. First, does the husband or boyfriend find these women on the beach -- or for that matter anywhere else -- more attractive than he finds his wife or girlfriend? Well, since I believe that only honesty works in the long run, the answer is sometimes, yes. He may very well find some of those women more physically attractive than his woman. But, here's the point that most women, again understandably, don't know: with very few exceptions, it doesn't matter! You heard me right. Of course, when looking at these other women, he may find some of them more physically attractive than the woman he is with. But -- and here's the good news -- SO WHAT?? Presuming he is attracted to you -- and if he isn't, it doesn't matter if you're vacationing in a monastery and all he sees are monks -- he wants YOU. I repeat, he wants YOU. And if he does, all these other women don't amount to a hill of beans. There's another thing women need to know. Within seconds of her disappearing from view, he has no memory of any of these women. When in sight, they can take over his male mind. But out of sight, they are out of mind. It's as if they never existed. Yes, the visual gets men's total attention in a matter of seconds, but as soon as the woman he was focused on vanishes, most men forget what they saw in an equal number of seconds. Why does this come as news -- and hard to believe news, at that -- to most women? Because you, the woman, remember the women your man looked at. And you therefore think that he, too, remembers them. But let me assure you he doesn't. Most men under torture couldn't identify the women they looked at that the hour before, let alone the day before if they were shown photos of them along with photos of women they had never seen. For the complete script, visit https://www.prageru.com/videos/he-wants-you
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Alan Jackson - Remember When (Official Music Video)
Alan Jackson's official music video for 'Remember When'. Click to listen to Alan Jackson on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AJacksonSpot?IQid=... As featured on 34 Number Ones. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AJackson34iTunes?I... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/AJacksonRWPlay?IQi... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/AJackson34Amz?IQid... More from Alan Jackson Chattahoochee: https://youtu.be/JW5UEW2kYvc Country Boy: https://youtu.be/JnX2BoZE9w4 Livin' On Love: https://youtu.be/DDXLmYyFu4I More great country anthem videos here: http://smarturl.it/CountryAnthems?IQi... Follow Alan Jackson Website: http://www.alanjackson.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlan... Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialJackson Subscribe to Alan Jackson on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/AJacksonSub?IQid=A... --------- Lyrics: Remember when I was young and so were you and time stood still and love was all we knew You were the first, so was I We made love and then you cried Remember when Remember when we vowed the vows and walked the walk Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard We lived and learned, life threw curves There was joy, there was hurt Remember when #AlanJackson #RememberWhen #Vevo #Country #VevoOfficial
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Will Smith, Men In Black (With Lyrics)
Welcome to The Channel Of Music. This channels aim is to provide you with a collection of the very best in all types of music. All the music that is used on this channel has been legally purchased. Have fun listening and dont forget to subscribe. LYRICS: Here come the men in black Its the mibs uh here come the mibs Here come the men in black men in black They wont let you remember Nah nah nah The good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we ever face to face and make contact The title held by me mib Means what you think you saw you did not see So dont blink be what was there is now gone The black suits with the black ray bans on Walk in shadow move in silence Guard against extra terrestrial violence But yo we aint on no government list We straight dont exist no names and no fingerprints Saw somethin strange watch your back Cause you never quite now where the mibs is at Uh eh Here come the men in black men in black Galaxy defenders oho oho oho Here come the men in black men in black They wont let you remember Aha aha Now from the deepest of the darkest night On the horizon bright light enters sight tight Camaras zoom on the impending doom But then like boom black suits fill the room up With the quickness talk with the witnesses Hypnotizer neuralizer Vivid memories turn to fantasies Aint no mibs can I please Do what we say thats the way we kick it Dya know what I mean I see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya Were your first last and only line of defense Against the worst scum of the universe So dont fear us cheer us If you ever get near us dont jeer us were fearless Mibs freezin up all the flack Whats that stand for men in black Uh eh The men in black The men in black Let me see ya just bounce it with me Just bounce with me Just bounce it with me Come on let me see ya just slide with me Just slide with me Just slide with me Come on let me see ya take a walk with me Just walk with me Take a walk with me Come on and make your neck work Now freeze Ohhhhhoh Here come the men in black men in black Galaxy defenders ohh ooohh Here come the men in black men in black They wont let you remember oh nohh Alright check it Let me tell you this in closing I know we might seem imposing But trust me if we ever show in your section Believe me its for your own protection Cause we see things that you need not see And we be places that you need not be So go on with your life Forget that roswell crap Show love to the black suit cause Thats the men in Thats the men in Here come the men in black here they come Galaxy defenders galaxy defenders Here come the men in black oho here they come They wont let you remember wont let you remember Here come the men in black ohh here they come Galaxy defenders oho oho oho Here come the men in black They wont let you remember
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5 Sneakers Every Man MUST own!
Check out The 5th here: https://goo.gl/0HJnOV Use code TMF for a discount! Remember the store opens the 5th on every month, so subscribe to their mailing list to not miss out the drop! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to The 5th for sponsoring this video! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ejnsFf Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hiqMS4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hirC19 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired & https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
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6.1 The Men | Yohji Yamamoto & Comme des Garçons Fall / Winter 1991 Joint Presentation in Tokyo
A/W 1991, as far as I know, showed in Paris at the end of January 1991 and then showed again together with CdG in Tokyo on June 1st and called “6.1 THE MEN”. Still one of the most talked about and coveted collections by Yohji fans in Japan from what I can tell, many of the pieces still catch quite large sums on the second hand market. The theme was “war”, several musicians including Charles Lloyd and John Cale (who also modeled in A/W04 btw) modeled the show and apparently sang some antiwar song together at the final part of the show (the collection was created and shown during the gulf war). Some of the signature pieces was the leather jacket with women prints on the back (he referenced this in “my dear bomb” as well, when he talked about nose art of american fighter planes being pictures of “girlfriends and sexy ladies” when heading into battle), zipper jackets and Joan Miró inspired blazers. This is a great story from Ottmar Liebert about his experience when he walked the show, well worth the read. “In 1991 the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, together with Comme des Garçons, was putting on the first men’s fashion show in Japan and asked me to be one of his runway models. At the time Yohji prefered to use actors and musicians over models and he has also used athletes in the past. I flew to Tokyo from Los Angeles and was picked up at the airport and taken to a very nice hotel in Tokyo, which Frank Lloyd Wright had designed in the sixties. The show took place in the Olympic swim stadium of Tokyo, where the pool had been covered by a runway stage. On each end of the runway a huge wall was erected. Behind one wall Yamamoto was set up and behind the other wall Comme des Garçons. Comme des Garçons : Dennis Hopper, Trumpet player Don Cherry and his son Eagle-Eye Cherry (a TV presenter in the UK and not yet the pop star), British actor Julian something or other, Keyboardist Morgan Fisher (who later produced the wonderful CD "Miniatures” to which I contributed a piece)… Yohji Yamamoto : Charles Lloyd, Edgar Winter, a member of YMO (one of Japan’s most famous bands, which also featured Ryuichi Sakamoto)… Yohji and his people treated everyone wonderfully. And then he made a mistake on the day of the show. Thinking we were all men instead of the stars some felt they were, he offered as part of the refreshments Japanese cans of beer. In Japan cans are tiny, they are cute and many of the guys probably thought that one couldn’t possibly get drunk from drinking tiny cans of beer….well, if you drink a dozen of them you do get drunk, you know! And then a British pop singer asked a French rapper to turn down the crap on his boom-box and the French guy responded with his fist, which fractured the pop guy’s jaw. While he was rushed to the hospital Yohji’s people frantically searched for somebody who could wear his clothes…. In the end one of Yohji’s French employees took his place and wore the clothes well. I felt terribly embarassed. Here we were in one of the great cities of the world, guests of a real artist, and these men had to get into a fight. What a way to repay Yohji’s kindness! But fame is fleeting and karma instant.. I never heard from the British pop star and the French rapper again… I remember how amazed we were at the Japanese audience. Some had waited since the early morning hours and yet, when the doors opened the first in line went to the last seat instead of claiming the best seat in the house. It was almost biblical… One thing I remember about the show itself is that Yohji, who is a guitarist himself and also produced the soundtrack, had installed sound triggers along the runway. We were invited to step on those triggers, each of which controlled a different sound that would blast over the music. Car crashes, industrial sounds, drum breaks, glass breaking, guitar riffs etc…I also remember that the Brit who was walking ahead of me was drunk or high or both and thought that the crowd’s enthusiasm was directed at him instead of the clothing…I remember three or four people helping me change into the next outfit, grabbing shirts, pulling on shoes…I remember the late Don Cherry walking around on the runway like a court jester and greeting the other Comme des Garçons walkers…“
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Michael Jackson-Man in the mirror lyrics
Man in the mirror lyrics
Views: 83491065 jennifer95828
Of Mice & Men - On The road to the A Day to Remember Tour - 2013
For more information about tickets for this tour with A Day To Remember Filmed & Edited by: Danny Todd Find us online: http://ofmiceandmenofficial.com http://twitter.com/omandm http://facebook.com/ofmice
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Logic - Man Of The Year (Prod. No I.D.)
Subscribe to SwagyTracks for more music daily ! http://bit.ly/SubscribeSwagy ......... • Logic - https://twitter.com/Logic301 http://www.facebook.com/mindoflogic http://mindoflogic.com/ Picture credit - Not found. If somebody know who took this picture,please contact me! If you are the owner of this picture and want it removed,contact me and I will delete the video as soon as possible,no drama! ......... Follow SwagyTracks on Facebook • http://www.facebook.com/SwagyTracks Twitter • https://twitter.com/SwagyTracks SoundCloud • https://soundcloud.com/SwagyTracks Instagram • http://instagram.com/swagytracks Tumblr • http://swagytracks.tumblr.com ......... Download his new mixtape 'Welcome To Forever' • http://piff.me/e9615f2 You can find this picture here • http://swagytracks.tumblr.com/image/49927997222 ......... There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed, no drama at all. This channel is strictly for promotion towards the artists of the music. I try to help promote their music and their social networks.
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Star Wars - Men of The Death Star | Vader's Lament
▶Try our sheet music transcription service: http://mysheetmusictranscriptions.com ▶ Visit my sheet music catalogue: https://sellfy.com/lucaskingmusic A sad version of the Celebration theme from Episode VI pops up throughout as well as Vader's theme at the end. I am not the artist of the artwork http://wil-woods.deviantart.com/gallery/ _________________________________________________ Patreon https://www.patreon.com/LucasKingPiano Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/lucaskingpiano Bandcamp https://lucaskingpiano.bandcamp.com/releases YouNow https://www.younow.com/LucasKingPiano/channel Instagram http://bit.ly/1VlAYcP Twitter http://bit.ly/1bxbJj3 Facebook http://bit.ly/1X486n7 Wattpad http://w.tt/1VgR06v4757 SoundCloud http://bit.ly/1QkWkSL
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How Strippers Get Money From Men - MGTOW
How Strippers Get Money From Men - MGTOW I had the opportunity to work as a director at a strip club after my second wife ran off with another guy. Here are some of the things that I learned and how they relate to MGTOW.These women (believe it or not) make very short relationships with men to get money. If you observe them they go through the same steps as any ten year marrage. Man falls in love, He gives her his money, he runs out of money, she moves on to the next guy. These relationships can last from five minutes to sometimes an hour, as long as the guy has some money. The point I am trying to make here is that all of the techniques that women employ to catch a man are used by strippers and protitutes to extract money. Why you may ask? Because they work very well. I sometimes had to coach new women on how to properly get the most money from men. I coached them on how to look, girl next door look always made the most money. The younger men do not have any money, Older men over thirty five have money. That is who you want. Be soft, not roudy. Be what attracts an older man. Do not spend too much time with one guy at stage, even if he is attractive, only stay if he is giving you money. The other men may have even more, play the men against each other. Make them want you. Do not talk about your husband, work or kids. Find out what he likes and talk with him about it.It could be someone stressful at work or something. He just needs someone to vent to. You MUST be interested in his issues, not your own. You need to be what he needs, not what you are. Remember as long as he is giving money. Soften your voice, men love a soft voice, make him lean in to you to hear you, he will then smell your perfume. When he does this touch him on the back of his neck or shoulder. Make sure he knows you touched him. Make him buy you a drink, if he can spend money on a dirink, he has money to spend on you. Pick out the bull shit artist who did not come with any money, If the guy has no money, do not spend time with him, your time is money. Remember you are here to earn money, not to get a date. Do not show everything at once. You have three songs to get naked on stage, make it last. I cannot tell you how many times I heard one of the strippers tell a guy “You re the first one to ever make me feel this way” or “ you are the only one I have done this for” Remember my job was to make sure the girls made money so they would be happy and make the club money. Am I evil enough? Remember these men came into the club to spend their money on the girls. This was almost a game because the men knew the game but liked it any ways. I saw these men get touched by a woman and there eyes would roll back and they would shudder just a bit. Was I watching someone get a heroin fix? This is the male weakness and believe me women know how to exploit it. I was very professional and did not have sex with any of the women there. They tried but who wants that? I do have to admit one incident. On Saturday nights we had a Sixty eight year old stripper named Mama Ty. We were talking on one shift and she touched me behind my neck. For a second I thought she was the most wonderful woman in the world, just for a second. You know that switch that she knew how to activate. She did it on purpose to prove she could do it because I had asked her how she stays in business at sixty eight years old. That is the power that women have. I am quick to admit my weaknesses and try to protect them from harm. This is I believe what you are teaching in MGTOW. Here was my realization. My second ex wife left me after I got laid off from a good paying IT job. She had already picked out a guy before I even got laid off. She was ready because we knew I was getting laid off. Remember the short term relation ship a stripper has with her client, exactly the same thing with a long term with a “normal” woman, PayPal Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RP7SAZRNRT3QL Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106716618... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howard.dare Twitter: https://twitter.com/Howard_Dare -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Built By Men Made For Women - MGTOW" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAxRjxRergY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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The ONLY 7 Exercises Men Need To Build Muscle
​These are the 7 best exercises for men to build muscle fast. Whether you're a beginner, a skinny guy struggling to get bigger, or even if you're advanced these exercises will help you gain muscle mass faster. You should be incorporating a couple of these everyday obviously leaving enough time for recovery. You can also combine these exercises into full body muscle building workouts that provide the best results. ​ 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=bear Fat Loss Calculator: https://bit.ly/2JoQenD TIMESTAMPS: #1-Barbell row 1:04 #2- Barbell and dumbbell chest presses 2:48 #3- Barbell squats 4:33 #4- The pull up 7:12 #5 -Deadlift 8:51 #6- Shoulder press 10:15 #7- Power clean 11:51 If you're looking for the simplest solution to build muscle in a fast and efficient way, the bottom line so to speak, I gotta say it doesn't get much simpler than this. Because after spending years building muscle naturally I've learned that there are certain useless exercises that you should avoid entirely other exercises that you might want to consider incorporating and then there are the exercises that you just cant go without. Exercises that by themselves have the power to transform your physique. I've narrowed this list down to just seven of the most important exercises that you absolutely should have as a staple part of your routine to efficiently build the most muscle in the shortest amount of time. By mastering these 7 key compound exercises you'll see incredible results even if you're not doing any other exercises in the gym. And I made this video specifically for men not because women can't benefit from these exercises as well but because the ideal attractive body type for men is a V shape whereas for women it's more of an hourglass figure. So even though a lot of the exercises do crossover for both men women this video is specifically to help you develop the best manly physique with the least amount of exercises possible. I'm going to list off these exercises in no particular order, so Let's start first with a very important upper body exercise the bent over barbell Row. With this exercise you'll be working the rhomboids which are the muscles that connect your shoulder blades together so your upper back muscles and you'll also be working the back of your shoulder and your biceps. This is one of the most important pulling movements that you can do. Because you're working multiple muscle groups responsible for Pulling you're able to lift a lot more weight with this compound exercise then if you were to isolate any one of these muscles individually. By strengthening your rhomboids and your posterior deltoid you'll be tightening up your upper back which will help you hold yourself straight up and maintain a better more attractive upright posture. Since you can lift heavy weight with this exercise your biceps are also going to get a lot of stimulation because you'll be lifting a weight that would be impossible to lift with an isolated movement like bicep curls. A basic bent over row is done by grabbing a barbell with your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Stick your butt out and stick your chest out before beginning the movement. Then bend down by about 60 degrees so you're a little higher than being fully parallel to the ground and you want let the weight hang straight down, do not flex your shoulders. While keeping your chest out pull the barbell inward towards your stomach and aim to touch your belly button with the bar. Then bring it back down to that hanging position and repeat this motion for reps. The great thing about rows is that you can do it with a barbell or you can do it with dumbbells, but a general rule of thumb to remember is that you'll be able to lift more weight and typically you'll be able to build more mass with barbells over dumbbells. Also by changing the angles at which you bend during a bent over row you can Target different parts of your back. A fully bent-over position where you're at a 90 degree angle will Target more of your lats and the middle of your back whereas standing more upright will Target more of your traps and upper back. Let's move on to another staple exercise that you should be doing, barbell and dumbbell chest presses. While the rows will help you develop the posterior or the back part of your upper body the chest presses are there to help you develop the anterior or the front part of your upper body. It'll hit your chest, the front head of your shoulders as well as your triceps. With chest presses you want to spend the majority of your time doing them at two different angles flat and incline. If your weakness is your upper chest you want to spend more of your time doing incline presses. if your upper chest is fine but you lack lower chest development you want to spend more of your time doing flat movements. Now the reason why I didn't mention the decline angle is because with flat presses you're going to get
The Doom of Men
It is indeed the doom of men that they forget - all the more reason to remember the past, lest we relive it again in the future.
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NHCC : these men we all need to remember, Colossians 4: 7 - 18.
These three men we all must remember for their stewardship, servitude and their love for Christ serving Jesus from day to day. We need to put this type of attitude in our lives today instead of trying to find ways to tear people down and judge or fight them. This is not what Christ what is going on in many churches today that is what Christ really wanted for his church of Believers to be fighting each other. We should love one another and appreciate each other for what we do in the body of Christ.
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The 15 Types of Men (Which Ones to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!)
http://www.CoachNorth.com - The 15 Types of Men Hey ladies, Amy here. Just like no two fingerprints are the same, neither are any two men. I’ve taken the time to break down each stereotype and explain the pros, cons and things to consider when dating each kind of man. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that your man can be a combo of any number of these things. For instance, he could be a artistic, intelligent nerd, or a romantic party boy. Also remember that not all of these traits are necessarily true for each type. One size doesn’t fit all, so you may be dating a Man’s Man who isn’t a huge sports fan, or a bad boy who doesn’t resist commitment. Anyways, to give you a better idea of each type of man, I’ll break it down further. Mr. Romantic is the Jerry Maguire type, the kind of guy to bust out phrases like “You complete me.” He may pull it off, but it may also come across as incredibly cheesy, it kind of depends on what you’re into. These kind of guys are sensitive or your feelings and careful with their words. They think before they act and will put hours of thought into how they’ll show up at your door or what kind of cologne they’ll wear. If you’re looking for a man to take care of you, then this could be him. At the same time you may find his romantic view suffocating, especially when you just want to let it all out. Keep in mind that if he’s used to using his charm then you may not be the only women getting to hear it. *** More from Amy North: *** How to Get A Man: http://www.coachnorth.com Love Learnings: http://www.lovelearnings.com Google+: https://plus.google.com/116823069948654495789 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.north.798
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Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official Music Video)
The Maurice White story is a MUST read for any true fan of the mighty EW&F: http://smarturl.it/MW_MyLifeEWF?IQid=ytd Click to subscribe: http://smarturl.it/SubscribeEWFVevo?I... Listen to Earth, Wind & Fire on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/EWFSpotify?IQid=yt... Album's from Earth, Wind & Fire: Open Our Eyes: Click here to buy: Amazon: http://smarturl.it/EWF_OYE_Amzn?IQid=... That's the Way of the World: Click here to buy iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EWF_WOTW_iTunes?IQ... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/EWF_WOTW_GP?IQid=y... Now, Then & Forever: Click here to buy iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EWF_NTF_iTunes?IQi... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/EWF_NTF_GP?IQid=yt... Greatest Hits: Click here to buy iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EWF_GHL_iTunes?IQi... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/EWF_GHL_GP?IQid=yt... More from Earth, Wind & Fire: Boogie Wonderland: http://smarturl.it/EWF_BWL?IQid=ytd.e... Reason: http://smarturl.it/EWF_Reasons?IQid=y... Serpentine Fire: http://smarturl.it/EWF_SF?IQid=ytd.ewf.S Follow Earth, Wind & Fire: Website: http://www.earthwindandfire.com/ Facebook: http://smarturl.it/EWF_YD_FB?IQid=ytd... Twitter: http://smarturl.it/EWF_YD_T?IQid=ytd.... Lyrics: Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders While chasing the clouds away Our hearts were ringing In the key that our souls were singing. As we danced in the night, Remember how the stars stole the night away Ba de ya, say do you remember Ba de ya, dancing in September Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day Ba de ya de ya de ya Ba de ya de ya de ya Ba de ya de ya de ya de ya Music video by Earth, Wind & Fire performing September. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment" #EarthWindAndFire #September #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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