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Teacher being punished - Old Janitor Tales
Spanking a bad teacher. I often had to “rush the job” because I had to have the bench prepared for the “highlight of the day” for four o’clock p.m., when the afternoon lessons ended. The headmistress took there the guilty female teachers. This concerned practically only the young ones. “The old frumps” were making sure that “I don’t become lazy”. These young teachers were able to wear an indifferent expression but when they undressed and I asked them to lie down on the bench , their courage was over. I put a cushion under their hips so that they had their bottoms stuck out nicely and I tied them firmly because in these cases, the whip, a really nasty instrument was used most frequently; this instrument could also hurt someone, but I could be sure that “the old hag” is watching together with her loyal colleagues and so, even though I was sometimes sorry to mark that beautiful ground, I always did the lashing with full might. When I started lashing their beautifully grown bottoms, the adult young female teachers yelled just like all the other girls.
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Jennifer Miller caning scene
Very good female caning scene from a film.
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Ms. Servalan Cane Class @ DomConLA  taken by Mistress Ellen
DomconLA 2015 Ms. Servalan from South Wales Australia Traveled to Los Angeles, California to DomConLA World Premier Professional Domination Convention to do a wonderful class on Canning. Mistress Ellen did the video.
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korean teacher caning and girls beating up a boy
This is from a Korean movie. A male teacher is holding a cane and threatening to use it. Also in this clip a gang of girls beat up a boy by kicking him as he is on the ground.
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Tylluan Wen school caning scene
A boy and a girl are caned by a male in the film.
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Headmaster canes the girls (The Leaving of Liverpool)
This is the caning scene from "The Leaving of Liverpol"
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The corporal punishment in Russia. Вырывание языка.
Музейная коллекция. Инструмент для вырывания языка и история несчастной княгини Лопухиной. На экране руководитель экскурсионного отдела Музея истории телесных наказаний Михаил Елохин. Москва, Арбат, 25 Сайт музея - http://www.pereverzev.su ВКонтакте - https://vk.com/torturemuseum
Happy Valley - Caning Scenes
Scenes from the made for TV movie The Happy Valley (1987), starring Holly Aird.
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Sri Lanka Female Soldiers Cruel Punishment
Sri Lanka Female Soldiers Cruel Punishment
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Crime and Punishment
Get the Thug Notes BOOK here! ▻▻ Join Wisecrack! ▻▻ From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes' Crime and . Audio book Part 1 - Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment (Russian: Prestupleniye) i nakazaniye; is a novel by the Russian . Delivered on January 30, 2015 at Middlebury Union High School (VT).
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tarzan slave girl whipping.wmv
Sorry, I'm not able to fix the audio. These are scenes from the movie "Tarzan and the Slave Girl", featuring a brief, off-screen whipping scene
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Munchie Gets Caned
Munchie gets walloped repeatedly with a reed cane on her birthday (talk about a Birthday Spanking!)
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Go To whippinginthemovies.com to see hundreds of whippings of females from mainstream movies
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Canning in Malaysia
Canning in Malaysia if s human just whistle a girl
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Lady Teacher palm caning girl
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Caning by a nun scene from "The Magdalene Sisters"
The two girls gets caned by the sister for a perceived misdeed. The caning appears to be administered on the back of their thighs by the nun. From "The Magdalene Sisters".
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Rica 3: A catfight and a caning
The ladies fight and have a brawl so the male guards deliver a caning as punishment for it.
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female caned by the housekeeper
She does a misdeed so the man of the house instructs her to report to the maid for a caning on her bare bottom!
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La Femme Nikita caning scene
The pretty blonde gets a nice caning
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See first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU3QIsxC8mY The above video is part of a film of Jacob Jakobsen presented by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and produced with the support from the Danmission and Danish Mission Council Development Department. We are sharing this video to show the carnage perpetrated by teachers and particularly by headmasters and headmistresses in schools in Tanzania. Our sole aim is not to hurt or traumatize parents of these kids or to downgrade or belittle the good work that teachers in Tanzania are doing today under very difficult circumstances. But, to create awareness and bring to notice child abuse among our schools in Tanzania which is very rampant today. In the video the headmaster says that students must be caned because they are just like cats. This is an abusive statement from a headmaster! As parent ourselves, we are devastated to see the severity of these punishments, especially to girls. In the video one girl is even crying for mercy because her finger has been injured by the teacher and the teacher doesn’t bother. He goes on caning her. These are not punishments to correct pupils' behaviours. These are human rights abuses and must be condemned by the Ministry of Education in the country. Our intention is to tell teachers that the good work that they are doing is camouflaged by these abusive acts that they create in their schools. I hope this 2nd video will help to educate each and every one of us, that we need to be very kind and humane especially when dealing with kids, as they are the future leaders of our countries. We said this before and we are saying it again, that without our children this country will not have any leaders in the future and therefore let's treat them as fellow human beings and not as cats!
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Asia public caning from TV
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The House That Screamed (1970) - Clip 1: Whipped! (HD)
CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1reuGJV Follow us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/scream_factory Follow us on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1ojljJS The chilling 1970 horror film by Narciso Ibáñez-Serrador (Who Could Kill A Child?) has been cited as an influence on Dario Argento's classic SUSPIRIA. At a 19th-century French boarding school for troubled girls, run by the sinister headmistress Madame Fourneau (Lilli Palmer, The Boys From Brazil), students begin to disappear shortly after the latest student's arrival (Cristina Galbó, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue). Could a mysterious killer be loose within the school's dark corridors or have some of the girl's escaped the tight grip of the stern Fourneau? Buy here: https://www.shoutfactory.com/film/film-horror/the-house-that-screamed Scream Factory™ is a DVD, Blu-ray and Digital brand created to focus on notable (and underrated) horror, sci-fi, thriller films from the past that have massive cult followings. The Scream Factory brand also includes recent contemporary genre films released and distributed in the US and international territories.
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Woman caned
Adhabu baada ya kupatikana na kosa la kuto nyonyesha mtoto
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Caning of Charles Sumner Midkota 8th grade girls
Caning of Charles Sumner
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Asian caning of woman
A woman is tied up to the ceiling and is beaten while two other young ladies peep on it.
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Rupununi girls stripped, flogged in school
http://www.capitolnewsonline.com | http://www.capitolnewsgy.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/wrhmnews Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CapitolNewsGY
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House of Whipcord - Girl Whipped
One of the whipping scenes from the film House of Whipcord
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Corporal Punishment - Ear Pulling & Caning For The Culprit - ROHAN DEY, SOHRAB ARDESHIR
Rajesh (Rohan Dey) is using a dormitory toilet at the Catholic boarding school in India he attends when he is disturbed by classmates up to mischief with a firework. Unfortunately, the dormitory master, Brother Anthony (Sohrab Ardeshir), the ear-pulling, boy botherer we have met before (see https://youtu.be/K5WUfNARkWg & https://youtu.be/mDJEjMXkRPk), is pitilessly anxious to find the culprit, even at the cost of punishing Rajesh who refuses to "sneak". This does shame the mischief maker, David (only credited as Imran), and his sidekick to own up, they face the severe consequences of ten strokes of the cane each, a fine and loss of privileges. Brother Anthony, a monk, clearly takes great pleasure in his disciplinary role. This is from the 1999 autobiographical Indian film "Rockford".
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The Happy Valley F/f caning scene 2
The abusive guy once again gives his female employee a cane and tells her to use it on the poor girl. This movie has very powerful corporal punishment scenes.
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17 Year Old Girl Gets Caned and Beaten in Karate Testing!
Alexandra at her karate testing. Is she tough or what? 17 Year Old Girl Gets Caned and Beaten in Karate Testing!
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vid0039a Caning of schoolgirls, S.Korea
Mass caning of high-school girls, South Korea, 2006 For more, see http://www.corpun.com/vidsc6.htm
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Girl and boy sexy caning
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Two Women Caned In Malaysia For Homosexuality
According to Newser, Malaysia has Caned two Lesbians in a crackdown on LGBT rights. Authorities caned two women caught having sex in a parked car, The women each received six lashes on Monday morning. The women, ages 22 and 32, were also fined $800. This incident comes amid a heightened crackdown by the government on homosexuality. The caning was public and watched by about 100 people. It comes after a raid on a gay club earlier this month saw some 20 men charged with illicit behavior. Homosexuality is illegal in the country. A Muslim Lawyers' Association rep says caning under sharia law isn't meant to be painful. They didn't scream or cry, he said, but "showed remorse. Repentance is the ultimate aim for their sin." But Amnesty International has called Malaysian laws "repressive." "Caning is a form of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and may amount to torture. People should not live in fear because they are attracted to people of the same sex." Amnesty International http://www.newser.com/story/264131/malaysia-just-caned-2-lesbians.html http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Kangaru school student died 'after caning'
The family of 15 year old Ebbie Noelle Samuels is still struggling to come to terms with her mysterious death which occurred at the Gatanga CCM secondary school last week. She was buried today as coincidentally investigations began to ascertain what led to the death of another form two student from Kangaru high school in Embu County. Citizen TV is Kenya's leading television station commanding an audience reach of over 60% and in its over 12 years of existence as a pioneer brand for the Royal Media Services (RMS), it has set footprints across the country leaving no region uncovered. This is your ideal channel for the latest and breaking news, top stories, politics, business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment from Kenya and around the world. Follow us: http://citizentv.co.ke https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya https://www.facebook.com/Citizentvkenya https://plus.google.com/+CitizenTVKenya https://instagram.com/citizentvkenya
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Korean mass caning
A large group of boys are caned by an older man. Also he makes the girls raise their hands as some sort of punishment.
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Savage Beating "Women's Prison" (1955)
Ida Lupino ("Amelia") unleashed all her frustration on poor pregnant Audrey Totter ("Joan") causing a riot among the female inmates.
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Father caning his daughter's feet (tv scene)
A tv scene where an asian father is caning his crying daughter on the back of her legs seemingly.
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Stormquest Whipping Scene
The whipping scene from the movie Stormquest, listed on the now-defunct Whipping Scenes in Movies Database.
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Caught on Camera: Principal Canes Girl Students for 'Talking to Boys'
Videos shot by the physical education teacher at Rudraprayag Vidya Mandir in Allahabad shows the school's principal brutally caning students. In one of the videos, he is seen caning a group of girl students allegedly for 'talking to boys' in the school. (Audio in Hindi) NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile. Subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/ndtv?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ndtv Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ndtv Download the NDTV Apps: http://www.ndtv.com/page/apps Watch more videos: http://www.ndtv.com/video?yt
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5ive girls my favourite moments of Alex and Mara part 1.
This is a video from 5ive girls my favourite moments from Alex and mara part 1
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Indian female falaka / foot caning
A beaatiful Indian female actress gets punished on her feet.
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Lion Mums 2 - Caning Scene
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Teacher caning a boys ass
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Female Falaka / foot whipping punishment
Many girls are whipped on their bare feet as punishment.
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The Cane in the Cupboard - trailer
Probation officer Molly Malone is keen to correct 'delinquent' Nimue Allen in this real life F/F caning story. It's the 1980s, so technically the cane is forbidden, but her unlucky victim doesn't know that. Molly makes Nimue fetch the cane from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for her punishment. But as the red stripes burn into Nimue's bottom, Molly looks like she's having second thoughts. When Nimue returns for her next meeting, will she seek revenge on her cruel probation officer? Watch the full caning film and behind the scenes video at Dreams of Spanking: http://dreamsofspanking.com
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Gentlemen, Boys 1976 caning
A extremely strict male teacher uses corporal punishment on the boy. The actual caning isn't really shown though the lead-up and aftermath are shown.
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