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Experience Porn: Erotic hypnosis for women
*watch until the end for a special surprise! Experience virtually any fantasy you can think of. If its been filmed (wink wink) then you can feel it. Always looking for new and sexy ideas form my slaves so feel free to leave a suggestion! To contact me send a picture of yourself to [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis: Become a Slave (18+ Only)
PM me for more commands. [email protected]
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Dreamgasm - Binaural Beats and ASMR Erotic Dream Hypnosis
Adults 18+ Only - contains sexually suggestive language. Headphones or earphones are required. Be prepared to enter an intense state of erotic hypnosis. For optimal effect, listen in entirety (about one hour) just before you plan to go to sleep. Get comfortable, close your eyes, relax, and enjoy the experience. WARNING: Listening repeatedly may cause a prolonged state of arousal. Wet and lucid dreaming may continue up to several nights later, even when not desired.
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Become a Doll - Erotic Hypnosis For Women
This Video intend to transform viewer to a doll for sexual pleasure if you feel offended please leave
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Erotic Hypnosis for Beginners
*Wear headphones for maximum effect* This video is designed for anybody, male or female, to experience erotic hypnosis regardless of hypnosis experience. It takes the viewer into a deep trance and then allows them to feel great pleasure! It also talks a bit about the power of hypnosis so that even someone completely new can understand what is happening to them during the video. This video is not ONLY for beginners and should produce a very strong result in experienced subjects. If you would like to contact me for any reason my email is [email protected] If you have any suggestions about upcoming videos feel free to leave a comment or contact me at the above email. Enjoy
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Copy of EROTIC HYPNO that bed.wmv
Strictly 18+ ( Hopefully the Youtube folks will make it a Sign In only video- i am not able to do it it seems). This video is designed for users who have already experienced deep erotic hypnosis and who are able to "sleep" easily. Please enjoy and leave a comment More Videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/hypnoplay?feature=mhee Website https://sites.google.com/site/hypnoplayerotichypnosis/ If you enjoy it, please send the link to a special friend. Perhaps someone who also enjoys the ultimate in mind games. :-D
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Erotic Hypnosis for women, the remote control
now as you are under my control, i will give you the best orgasmic experience you ever have
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CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE---https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzifRWxPlhOYPH69nYkNcw?sub_confirmation=1 For more exclusive contents which are not availabe on youtube please visit my PATREON PAGE---https://www.patreon.com/sleeplessknights Erotic hypnosis:hands free orgasm This hypnosis session is designed for listeners 18 years or older if you're not 18 please stay away from this video.. This is an Erotic hypnosis session which is designed to induce Orgasm.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO GET MORE CONTENTS LIKE THIS... TWITTER-https://twitter.com/sleeplessknigh8
Is Erotic Hypnosis Legit?
The letter-writer has a submissive side that erotic hypnosis has fulfilled for him, but now he finds himself with a "post-hypnotic" effect that won't go away. **I mention Patreon in the video, but I'm on Only Fans now! My Only Fans: https://onlyfans.com/liz_lapoint Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDatingAdvice/ Sources/References: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/01/hypnosis.aspx http://www.bustle.com/articles/94585-what-is-erotic-hypnosis-its-a-way-to-have-an-orgasm-without-touch-and-you-could http://mic.com/articles/121617/youtube-hypnosis-sex-videos#.bf8gmc3d4 https://mindhacks.com/2007/05/01/science-of-hypnosis/ http://news.psu.edu/story/141251/2005/10/03/research/probing-question-does-hypnosis-work
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Erotic Hypnosis Pillow
HAVE A PILLOW IN FRONT OF YOU BEFORE BEGINNING! This video along with all of my other videos are strictly 18+ and meant for entertainment purposes only. You may message me through YouTube Private messages or by E-Mail at [email protected]
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A Taste Of Erotic Hypnosis and Where To Find It
Podcast: www.worshipglittergoddess.com/episode-7 Twitter: @1GlitterGoddess Instagram: @1GlitterGoddess Blog: www.worshipglittergoddess.com
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BAD GIRL (Female erotic hypnosis)
INDUCTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeOssyV7BJ0 Like and subscribe If you want to contact me my email is [email protected] Originally by HypnoGASM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9yZV9lvJWcoL2KdGxxkatQ
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Erotic Hypnosis Frozen
This video along with all of my other videos are strictly 18+ You may message me at [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis for Women: How much pleasure can you stand?
"Erotic Hypnosis Gave Me the Most Intense Orgasm of My Life!" http://fromMrV.com/journey - - - What is erotic hypnosis for women? It’s an art of discovering and living through your innermost desires and fantasies. It’s a way to your natural sexuality, femininity and great fire that is buried deep inside of you. It’s about being dominated and controlled, opening up and giving yourself to your master, following commands and surrendering to overwhelming amounts of pleasure... My name is Mr V and I’m going to take you into the world of wonderful sensations, arousing feelings, breathtaking experiences and orgasmic bliss. Listen to my erotic audio, follow my voice and discover how does erotic hypnosis for women feels like. And when it’s done, go to my website, download my 1st erotic audio message and let’s continue what we’ve already started: http://fromMrV.com/journey
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Greatest Orgasm Ever By Sexy Girl Under Hypnosis
After over 2 million views this video was taken down a few months ago. After receiving thousands of requests for it, we decided to put it back up for a short period of time. This event happens in my nightclub after closing one night. One of my employees asked me to perform a hypnosis session on her to cure her of a few issues. Never having an orgasm in her life was one of them. The other was to cure her of Claustrophobia (see other video). She asked me to do it in front of over 20 employees and staff members to see if it would work on her. She is 26 years old and this was done with her consent. This is being posted once again at the request of my many subscribers. The results are very surprising and quite entertaining. Contact Info: 305 796-3592 or Email: [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis #1 - Male (Voice)
Support me on patreon if you enjoy :) https://www.patreon.com/Hypnoman19 Female version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocL7MSS6Uuo
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Most pleasure.. EVER: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
This video allows you to re-live your best sexual experience with increased sensitivity! If you would like to contact me my email is [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis for Women, Masturbation Instruction
Erotic Hypnosis for Women, Masturbation Instruction till orgasm
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INTENSE AROUSAL: Erotic Hypnosis For Women
Feel intense pleasure at a single word. Watch until the end for ultimate pleasure! If you would like to contact me, send an e-mail with your photo to [email protected] This is my first hypnotic session. Feel free to give any constructive criticism.
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Erotic Hypnosis: Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis Session Jackpot
Ready for more? http://withloveisabella.com/join -- $79 Limited Time Holiday Membership Special! Hundreds of hours of my hands-free orgasm and erotic hypnosis for only one price. You all have asked for it and here it is! Many people have asked me to make an erotic hypnosis recording designed for a hands free orgasm. The wait is finally over! Technically speaking, a female hypnotist like myself can’t “make” people orgasm. But we can give triggers, suggestions, and commands. It’s up to you if you want to follow them because YOU have complete control of your erotic mind control experience. No one can force you do to anything you don’t want to do, plain and simple. This applies to hypno fetish files as well. Essentially you’re making yourself achieve a hands free orgasm using hfo hypnosis, not me. I’m just a guide to get you there. If you are new to Jackpot and you are considering trying it, first of all, welcome. I’d like to share with you beforehand that learning to surrender will take some effort on your part. Please don’t get frustrated if you don’t have a hands free orgasm hypnosis experience the first or second time. Challenge yourself and keep trying. It DOES work and CAN work for you! You CAN have an erotic hypnosis hfo experience! Hundreds (it seems like thousands) of people have written me to say it WORKS. 8 out of 10 emails suggest that they ejaculated with NO hands within the first two times and it was the biggest orgasm of their lives! Another 15% say it worked within the first 3-6 times they listened to it. And the other 5% are either still trying, it took them a few weeks, or they didn’t write back to tell me their results. At the very least, 99.9999% of the people who contacted me about their experiences with this erotic hypnosis video all reported some sort of hands free hypnosis orgasm, whether physical, spiritual, or overwhelming body sensations that were equal or close to wet orgasms. My method works and is far from just mind control porn. This Jackpot series is the #1 bestseller of all my hands free orgasm hypnosis recordings and it has consistently stayed at the top of the charts. All you really have to do is warm up to the idea of allowing a female hypnotist control, it’s that easy. Before I begin describing this recording, please understand that this takes practice and this type of trance involving no-hands orgasm will INDEED take a lot of practice on YOUR part. The ease at which you orgasm with my hfo hypnosis file all depends on your body’s ability to accept trance for what it is, and your enthusiasm to actually obey and do what is told during trance! If you want this to work, then come into this with an open mind and let go of all your expectations and resistance. When you do, you’ll see the results instantly with this asmr hfo! Curious to see how far your orgasm can go with sexual hypnosis used? Or how long you’ll feel your hands free orgasm afterward? The special thing about this femdom hypno recording is that it is entirely hands-free. That means at NO point will you be instructed to rub, grind or hump something against yourself. You will orgasm using the power of erotic hypnosis and your mind. That’s the beauty of a hands free joi. Your brain can make you orgasm instantly under the right circumstances so that you feel wonderful! This mp3 was also designed for those people who often have trouble visualizing or relaxing during recordings. It mostly focuses on feelings and the kinesthetic aspect to help you achieve trance in a completely different way. Also includes binaural audio sounds and beautiful whispers to deepen your trance. P.S. When you have reached success with this, check out the sequels to Jackpot (Over 14 and counting) on my streaming site http://withloveisabella.com/join. Hundreds of hours of asmr and erotic hypnosis for only one price. Memberships close again after the weekend so come see the tour if you want more: http://withloveisabella.com/join
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Dreamgasm 4 (Sweet Spells of Suxsex) - Binaural Beats / ASMR Erotic Hypnosis
Let the hypnotic binaural soundscapes and erotic 3D ASMR audio drift you away to a world where wanton witches and lustful gypsies lure you with their seductive magic spells and your fantasies are limited only by your imagination. Feel your mind and body enter a unique state of simultaneous deep relaxation and excitement as they use all of their powers to coax you to explode! Use high quality earphones or headphones. WARNING: Contains adult content. 18+ only.
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Dreamgasm 2 (Subconscious Desires) - Binaural Beats / ASMR Erotic Dream Hypnosis
An intense, hypnotic, erotic dream simulation and stimulation experience. Adults 18+ only. Contains Sexually Explicit Language. Headphones or Earphones are Required. Contains powerful binaural tones and head spinning ASMR audio designed to induce an erotic trance and multiple "braingasms" (hands free orgasms). Get comfortable, relax and enjoy! Caution: Some sections contain binaural tones which may cause lightheadedness and/or elevated pulse rate. Note: Contains no cuckold, sissy slave, or financial draining mind control bullshit!
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Erotic Hypnosis Massage (warning! sexually explicit content), Self Hypnosis
This erotic hypnotic massage is a male masseuse and female client scenario, for those who ID as female. This recording has explicit sexual descriptions and should not be listened to if such material is offensive to you. For entertainment only. Do not listen while driving, operating any type of machinery, walking, or in any other unsafe conditions. USE HEADPHONES, while lying down or in a recliner, in a quiet space with no interruptions. Contains an orgasm trigger. This audio does contain 1 post-hypnotic suggestion that you will respond better each time you listen, and 1 suggestion that you will wonder if it was a dream or if it really happened upon waking. My public recordings will never contain unethical post-hypnotic suggestions. To request a custom recording, contact me at [email protected] Please comment and subscribe. Give a thumbs up if you like this recording.
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Hypnosis - Erotic Slave Hypnosis 2
Another kinky video! :3
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Like and subscribe If you want to contact me my email is [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis - Good Girls Are... - Spiral
Find all my MP3's at Soundcloud.com/coolguyhsu-401186106 Find me on Tumblr at coolguyhsupage.Tumblr.com Female voices by: reddit.com/user/ReinerScott bimboette.tumblr.com
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Pleasure Multiplier: Erotic Hypnosis For Women
This video is designed to enhance all other pleasurable experiences and comes with a lot of pleasure contained within. To contact me send a picture with your photo to: [email protected]
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Erotic Hypnosis The Special Time
This erotic video is designed to give the female listener a special time from the daily stress to enjoy themselves as queens.This video contain a command orgasm with some gift that specially designed for you queens.so watch this video and enjoy. Before you get started: This is adult 18+ video that designed for female listener so if you are a male ,leave now please. Make sure that you are alone when you watch this video and In a safe place to get the full result . Find a comfortable place like your bed or chair to watch this video without disturbance. Use your headphones and Watch this video in full screen for the best result. Safety: Don't listen if you're pregnant. Don't listen if you're drunk. Don't listen if you're under the age of 18. Don't listen if you have mental health issues. Feel free to contact me through my email if you have any questions or if you want a free private hypnosis session,so don't hesitate I am looking forward to see your emails =) [email protected] Enjoy and have fun
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Hypnotic Masterbation: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
This video keeps you on the edge of orgasm so that you will have the best orgasm possible If you would like to contact me, send an e-mail with your photo to [email protected]
Views: 90645 HypnoGASM
What is erotic hypnosis and why do people enjoy it?! This wee we talk to Neil, a New York City based hypnotist with over 16 years of experience. He does both erotic/BDSM and therapeutic hypnosis. -Follow Neil- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Erotic_Hypno Website: https://erotic-hypno.com -Follow Amp and Bolt - Twitters: http://twitter.com/WattsTheSafewrd http://twitter.com/Pup_Amp http://twitter.com/pup_bolt Instagrams: https://instagram.com/Pup_Amp/ https://instagram.com/bolterrific/ Facebook: http://ow.ly/Z5nvM Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud
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Horny Urges: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
**Watch until the end for full pleasure!** This video is designed to get the viewer into an incredibly horny and aroused state. It is strongly recommended that the viewer watch my slave induction before this video If you have any video suggestions then feel free to email me at [email protected] Enjoy! Make sure to tell me about your experience either in the comments or through email at the address above!
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Erotic Hypnosis
http://www.DirtyHypnotist.com For more information Discover: Erotic Hypnosis Recreational Hypnosis Hypnosis For Sex Hypnodomme Kali DuBois Recommended Resources: "Hypnodomme: Forbidden Erotic Hypnosis Secrets Revealed" http://www.amazon.com/HypnoDomme-Forbidden-Hypnosis-Revealed-Training-ebook/dp/B00JBTFTXO "Sexual Freedom Technologies" (The Mind Games) http://www.amazon.com/Sexual-Freedom-Technology-Games-Volume/dp/1497435439/ "Erotic Hypnosis | Hypnosis For Sex | Hypnodomme" http://www.amazon.com/Hypnosis-Sex-Erotic-Hypnodomme/dp/1480234559/
Views: 10895 Kali Dubois
Listen: Erotic Hypnosis for Women (Male Hypnotist / Binaural Beats) Hands Free Orgasm Vin Charles
Erotic audios and better orgasms for women: http://ecstaticrelaxation.com/?utm_campaign=yt6YrEo Like this? Click Like and Subscribe! If you're a woman and want to experience Erotic Hypnosis, listen to 'Erotic Hypnosis for Women' now. [18+ Adults Only!] Want to experience this live instead of a recording? Check out my site and book a session. I can guide you to feel this much more powerfully when I can see and react to your responses. This track contains binaural beats that go down to the theta level. http://ecstaticrelaxation.com Listen to this audio/video track and allow yourself to become completely hypnotized. This audio will relax you and will bring you to a state that feels very pleasurable. During this hypnosis session, you'll be completely able to hear me the whole time, and you could pop out of hypnosis / trance anytime you really wanted to. Also, when you listen to this erotic hypnosis session for women, you'll find that it helps you to relax better anytime you desire. It's easy to go into hypnosis now. People go into trance all the time, multiple times throughout the day. You're always moving from one trance to another. This audio helps bring you to a very relaxing state that will feel really good. You'll want to listen again and again. Let me guide you to a state of pure relaxation, and then arousal and finally a hands free orgasm (HFO). #erotica #erotichypnosis #hypno #hypnosis #orgasmhypnosis #orgasm Demo videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFVty70ySU4 (Ellie Full) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ9YCCcv3rM (Mal Full) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB6XWY3WafQ (Ellie - Tell Me Game)
Views: 290815 Ecstatic Relaxation
Goddess Isabella Valentine Hypnotic Tease
http://withloveisabella.com/join -- $79 Limited Time Holiday Membership Special! A few erotic hypnosis videos from My membership site combined for your enjoyment! Listen to over 300 audio & video files on my streaming site, WithLoveIsabella.com! Stream hundreds of hours of My intoxicating erotic mind control for only $79 this weekend. (Limited Time Offer)! No monthly payments, just one charge to have My erotic hypnosis close to you at any time. This is for LIFETIME access to my streaming site. Lifetime sale is going on for a few more hours! Ready to see which erotic hypnosis files are available with your membership? See this full list here: http://withloveisabella.com/join New Winter 2018 Update Features More Hands-Free Hypnosis Files and Huge Gallery Updates. Ready for hours of erotic hypnosis available to you 24/7! Don't miss your chance to get sucked into my power for one low price! The time is now! http://withloveisabella.com/join
Views: 5668 Goddess Isabella
FANTASY (Erotic hypnosis for females)
Like and subscribe If you want to contact me my email is [email protected] Originally by HypnoGASM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9yZV9lvJWcoL2KdGxxkatQ
Views: 3741 Hypno Master
Constant Pleasure: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
**Watch until the end for full pleasure!** This video is designed to get the viewer into an incredibly horny and aroused state. It is strongly recommended that the viewer watch my slave induction before this video If you have any video suggestions then feel free to email me at [email protected] Enjoy! Make sure to tell me about your experience either in the comments or through email at the address above!
Views: 25146 HypnoGASM
Erotic Hypnosis
Erotic Hypnosis, Hypnosis For Sex and Hypnodomme Scripts and Programs available at http://www.hypnosisforsex.com including a FREE Manual on Advanced Erotic Hypnosis (Value $110). Sex makes you live longer, look younger and feel more alive says researcher who released their yearly statistics. However, the other statistics that did not reach their headlines were 17% of married couples engaged in sex weekly. The other statistics also talked about how men want to last 29 minutes and women want men to last 11 minutes. Then came the statistics on the Blow Jobs, anal sex and the frames of reality people had for sex. It makes you stop and think for a moment, doesn’t it? Listen, if your “animal instinct” is doing its job you already know, deep down, that… A phenomenal sex life is the structure of a deeply fulfilling existence But… what you probably don’t know is… how much setting sexual goals for what you want and having your mind working for you affects the quality of sex and your life. If it is all in your mind (even if you don’t want to believe) you can have kinky fulfilling sex. You can have sex in any position you so desire. You can have long lasting sex even… multiple orgasms. You can act out sexual fantasies with your woman and have her enjoy them. Why? Because you are human. You have a natural biological sex drive built into you for procreation. Most every man until the day you die can produce sperm. Since your time on the planet you have walked the earth looking for meaning. They may have told you lies because they don’t want you to know. If you want to go deeper into your meaning you will find that it is your birthright to have satisfying sex. No matter if you’re old or young, married or single, looks or your career… Erotic Hypnosis acts like a laser beam of focus to give you an unfair advantage by rewiring the brain to work for you instead of against you: Give off the unconscious signals women need to feel sexually attracted to you! Overcome sexual fears develop an exploratory, playful attitude that erases that old software that is literally eating away at your brain! Plus have a some adult fun with a beautiful woman's voice who is the most sought after erotic hypnotist while listening to Erotic Hypnosis to give you those skills today. Erotic Hypnosis, Hypnosis For Sex and Hypnodomme Scripts and Programs available at http://www.hypnosisforsex.com including a free manual on erotic hypnosis.
Views: 314451 Kali DuBois
Femdom erotic hypnosis for financial domination with Goddess Zenova
It feels so good to just surrender to your Goddess Zenova and submit to her will because when you let her deep inside your mind she will make you feel such amazing pleasure. This is a femdom erotic hypnosis video for financial domination for those who enjoy being financially controlled by a strong woman. It contains subliminal messages, whispers, echos and brainwave entertainment. If you would like more info or to find links to my other videos visit http://www.goddesszenova.com you can also follow me on twitter for updates and photos etc. https://twitter.com/goddesszenova and don't forget to go "like" my facebook page facebook.com/goddesszenova With this video and others like it you should not listen if you have epilepsy, are prone to seizures or other similar medical conditions. This video is intended for adults only, 18 and over
Views: 68599 zenova braeden
Wings Hypnosis The Experts in Erotic Hypnosis and Erotic Hypnotherapy
If you are having trouble with your sex life or want to enhance your sex life, Wings Hypnosis is here to help! If you're having trouble with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inorgasmia (inability to orgasm), porn addiction, low sex drive, high sex drive,
Views: 90 Wings Hypnosis
Hypnotized Porn Auditions
While hypnotized by Anthony Cools, we were made to audition for a porno movie with a chair.
Views: 35030 Jason Jones
Hot and steamy hypnosis for women
Very hot hypnotic movie for women. How hot you ask well you will have to watch to find out. You need to be over 18 to watch this.
Views: 68502 TheMasterHypnotist4U
Cynthia Erotic Hypnosis
Worship your mistress Cynthia! [WARNING] May contain content that some find offensive. If you have any constructive criticism of how I can make my videos better, please let me know in the comments.
Views: 44177 Mistress Cynthia
Insatiably Silly - A FREE Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst
PLEASE VISIT https://erotic-hypnosis.com/amethyst-silly-trigger/ BEFORE LISTENING to the full hypnosis to get to know more about the included suggestions. This free erotic hypnosis will embed a hypnotic trigger into your mind that is going to make you feel like a horny, giggly airhead. Every time you hear Mistress Amethyst say it, you’ll feel the effects instantly and overwhelmingly. This erotic hypnosis contains the following features: - Silly Trigger - Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks Very soft sporadic giggle sound effect - Verbiage to serve Me as your Mistress - Delta brainwave tones - Count up at the end Purchase & download this file through the link mentioned above to pay tribute and support Mistress Amethyst.
Views: 3530 Erotic Hypnosis
Intense Orgasm: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
**Watch until the end for a special treat** Always looking for new and sexy ideas form my slaves so feel free to leave a suggestion! If you wish to send a personal message send it to [email protected] Enjoy! Make sure to tell me about your experience either in the comments or through email at the address above!
Views: 191699 HypnoGASM
Kitty erotic hypnosis
Views: 31908 Freddy Kimble
5 Types of Erotica | Mastering Masturbation | What's My Body Doing
There is so much rad erotica content in the world to inspire your fantasies!! If you don't like video pornography, or just want to expand your horizons, you might want to explore these 5! Hang out with me online! -Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WhatsMyBodyDoing - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sex_Ed_Ontario - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatsmybody... - Tumblr (ask me questions anonymously!): http://whatismybodydoing.tumblr.com/ RECOMMENDATIONS! Written Erotica: -https://mcstories.com/ → erotic hypnosis stories -http://www.bloodandmilk.com/10-steamy-summer-reads/ → aimed at women -Tiffany Reisz - suspenseful romance -Laura Antinou- M/M and queer erotica -Nerve Endings is a trans erotica anthology from Tobi Hill-Meyer (a specific rec is the story written by Rocket) - Carly Phillips “Dare” series - light BDSM, cishet couples Fanfiction: -fanfiction.net -https://archiveofourown.org/ Audio Erotica: -https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/ -https://www.girlonthenet.com/audio-porn/ - British, narrates her blog posts, there are some photos but they are mostly vanilla/SFW -http://soundsofpleasure.tumblr.com/ & http://audibleporn.tumblr.com - more voyeuristic- people have recorded themselves- people submit anonymous- also have short descriptions Comics: https://www.oglaf.com→ fantasy, male POV, funny https://www.patreon.com/InCaseArt → fantasy, cis male POV https://www.patreon.com/rockcocks → about a rock n roll band!, light hearted http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Sunstone → cute lesbian BDSM http://elsewhere-comic.tumblr.com/page/182 → fantasy, queer, cute Macho Sluts by Califia Compilations/subscription sites: http://filthyfigments.com/about.php → erotic comics created by women & non-binary people! You can pay to subscribe and get more content! https://www.amazon.ca/Smut-Peddler-Impeccable-Pornoglyphics-Exceptional/dp/0979408067 http://orgymania.net/ → cute, diverse comics ASMR Erotica: -Cherry Crush: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp5oSl262QFMOsjKj_kYILA Music: http://www.bensound.com
Views: 1492 What's My Body Doing
Musical Arousal: Erotic hypnosis for Women
Have you ever masturbated to your favorite song? If so then this will take it to the next level. This video is designed to make your react to every beat of music. With pleasure at every note, what's not to love? To contact me, send your picture to [email protected] As always if you have an idea for a video I will always listen to requests and more often as not grant them.
Views: 8598 HypnoGASM
Orgasm Countdown: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
This video requires my Slave Induction video to work This video is designed to give women a very powerful orgasm If You would like to contact me send a picture of yourself to [email protected] I am always open to new suggestions, ideas, and criticism so feel free to let your opinions known down below in the comments section.
Views: 50041 HypnoGASM
DEEP TRANCE: Erotic Hypnosis for Women
This one has a long induction but is well worth the wait. It'll take you deeper than ever before and the deeper you go the better it feels! Always looking for new and sexy ideas form my slaves so feel free to leave a suggestion! If you would like to contact me, send an e-mail with your photo to [email protected] (during the video there will be rewards for doing this)
Views: 41699 HypnoGASM

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