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SpotWorld iPhone App - Product Design
SpotWorld is a social travel app which enables users discover the best travel spots, anywhere. The video gives an overview of some of the key design decisions that the founders made when they created the app. www.spotworld.com
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Mobile App Design Tutorial
In today's project we create a mobile app for a backpack company. I designed the app to fit an iphone 6. The design of the app is a little flat, based on colors and background image. However, the mobile app gets a little into material app design with drop shadows on buttons creating depth. This mobile app design tutorial shows you the general process and steps for creating a cool mobile app. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zimrimayfield Website: http://www.zimrimayfield.com/ Instagram: @zimmayfield
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How to Design & Prototype a Mobile App - Adobe Xd Tutorial
Most of y'all have some sort of app idea. The next step in the software development process is design. Today, I teach y'all how to design a mobile iOS app using Adobe XD. Download Adobe Xd FREE --- https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html Follow & Tag --- https://www.instagram.com/adobestudents Follow & Tag --- https://instagram.com/Forrest.Swift My Adobe Xd Design from the Video FREE Download --- https://sellfy.com/p/yj3O/ Get Adobe CC HERE --- http://clkuk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=264355&a=3050319&g=22804962 This video was in partnership with Adobe Students. Original Thumbnail Mockup made by Anthony Boyd --- https://www.anthonyboyd.graphics/ ---------------------------------------------------------- I share and document my experiences on a topics including computer science, software engineering, and iOS development. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber & iOS developer. My hobbies outside of what's been mentioned include surfing, snowboarding, and playing video games. Subscribe, so you don't miss a thing! ----------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------------------- Twitch --- https://www.twitch.tv/forrestknight GitHub --- https://github.com/ForrestKnight Instagram --- https://instagram.com/Forrest.Swift Twitter --- https://twitter.com/ForrestPKnight Discord --- https://discord.gg/tF5p4qb Medium --- https://medium.com/@ForrestKnight ----------------------------- PRODUCTS ----------------------------- Design Store --- https://sellfy.com/forrestknight Recommended - Udemy iOS 11 & Swift 4 Course --- https://tinyurl.com/y8b7nhmn ----------------------------- DESK SETUP ----------------------------- Monitor --- http://amzn.to/2E9sioB Monitor Arm --- http://amzn.to/2E8UckG Standing Desk --- http://amzn.to/2C3T3oG Desk Chair --- http://amzn.to/2EaWTy5 Keyboard --- http://amzn.to/2EaSxHa Mouse --- http://amzn.to/2C3Bbud Mousepad --- http://amzn.to/2GWASVB Microphone --- http://amzn.to/2C4Upzj ----------------------------- VIDEO GEAR ----------------------------- Camera --- http://amzn.to/2dS8uYi Microphone --- http://amzn.to/2eHr7xj Tripod --- http://amzn.to/2jgbaOI Bendy Tripod --- http://amzn.to/2eO2r5S Lighitng --- https://amzn.to/2LqrqPv ----------------------------- OUTRO MUSIC ----------------------------- Country Cue 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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My Product Catalog App (Android & Iphone)
Our App is meant for companies or distributors who are looking for smart and innovative yet cost effective solution to reach there buyers or customers. To know more contact us at [email protected] today !
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How to Draw a Shoe Using Concepts App on iPad
Welcome to Concepts, the App Store Best of 2016 professional sketching and design app for iPhone and iPad Pro. In this tutorial, join Finnish designer Lasse Pekkala as he sketches a sneaker and shares the advantages and secrets of the Concepts 4.4 vector eraser tool. For a quick recap, read the companion - 5 Tips to Transcend the Eraser: http://cnce.pt/NzQ2 Concepts User Manual: http://concepts.tophatch.com/manual Link to Drawing: http://cnce.pt/M2M4 Download Concepts: http://cnce.pt/try
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Exporting Design Assets for Projects | Part 3 - iOS & Android Applications
The methods of exporting assets for iOS and Android Applications. Let's get down to business! In this video, I cover the methods of exporting assets specifically for iOS & Android Applications. Product design is a very functional form of design. These apps that we all use and love are built for fast and enjoyable user experiences and the quality, clarity and load time of the assets matters. Remember to Subscribe https://goo.gl/6vCw64 I cover basic understanding of pixel density, retina screens, file sizes like @2x and @3x and the difference between the 2 platforms. I use Sketch to demonstrate the export process and highly recommend you using something like Sketch or Figma to do your Product Design and Application Design since it's geared towards this kind of workflow. Understanding Pixel Density and Screen Resolution https://medium.com/@pnowelldesign/pixel-density-demystified-a4db63ba2922 http://sebastien-gabriel.com/designers-guide-to-dpi/ http://blog.fluidui.com/designing-for-mobile-101-pixels-points-and-resolutions/ http://dpi.lv/ Always remember the 2 main goals of exporting assets. 1. Make them look as good as possible 2. Make them load as fast as possible At the end, I will cover creating your own presets, naming conventions, and handoff techniques for your development team. This video is part 1 in a series of 3 videos. Part 1 - File types Part 2 - Website Exporting Workflow Part 3 - Application Exporting Workflow I really hope these videos are helpful!! If you've got any questions then please feel free to ask them in the comments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ////////// Website http://www.jesseshowalter.com - ////////// Subscribe: https://goo.gl/6vCw64 - ////////// Social Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamjesseshow Anchor: https://anchor.fm/iamjesseshow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjesseshow Medium: https://medium.com/@iamjesseshow - ////////// Equiptment Vlogging Camera - Panasonic G85 http://amzn.to/2EwumHn - Drone- DJI Spark http://amzn.to/2CpodH9
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iPad Pro App: Concepts, a quick take
Hey guys. Here's a look at concepts for iPad Pro, and app for creators, ideators and anyone who is looking for something to capture quick ideas. It's an app that feels more like a thinking tool than a finishing tool and has some interesting features for capturing ideas. Here's my quick take on the app. more to come and more to talk about once I dig into this a little deeper.
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Taking 3D Design To The Next Level with Shapr3D and an Apple Pencil
Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD to run on an iPad Pro. Easy to learn. Easy to use. But still professional. Draw shapes, then transform them. Use freeform surfacing, sketch on faces, and chamfer edges in seconds. All you need is your iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and Shapr3D. WHAT IS SHAPR3D? Shapr3D is the only truly mobile CAD app. It offers you a quick but precise way to create 3D models. It is mostly used by engineers, industrial designers, 3D hobbyists and architects. SHAPR3D FITS YOUR WORKFLOW The app was specifically created & designed for iPad Pro. From the ground up. With the easy to use interface it takes less than 15 minutes to learn how to use the program. FAST Sketch like you did on paper, and have the results instantly in 3D. All you need is your iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and Shapr3D. COMPATIBLE Shapr3D is compatible with ALL major CAD software, like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Rhino3D, CATIA, Inventor. You can import from .STEP and .IGES files, and export to .STEP, .IGES and .STL which are compatible with other CAD solutions. PRECISE Your sketches and models will be perfectly measured. We support mm, cm, m, inch and foot. BUILT FOR PROFESSIONALS The ultimate goal of Shapr3D is to be your 3D modeling tool of choice. To do this, we support many transformations & features. You can find the list of these tools at the bottom of this description. DO I NEED AN APPLE PENCIL? Yes. To enjoy all the functions of Shapr3D, you need an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. Other styluses are not going work. If you don’t have an Apple Pencil, Shapr3D works only as a CAD viewer. You can showcase and explore modeling work on the go, but you won’t be able to create or edit designs. PRICING SHAPR3D PRO: $19 / month SHAPR3D PRO: $99 / year FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Designed for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Compatible with cloud storage options (iCloud, Dropbox for example) Surface modeling capabilities Uses multiple cores for greater performance (optimized for iPad Pro) LIGHTWEIGHT INTERFACE DESIGNED FOR THE IPAD PRO Lean interface with minimal interference with the design Switch between left-handed and right-handed layouts Every tool within your fingers' reach The Apple Pencil takes design sketching to the next level Feature hints with videos SEAMLESS WORKFLOW INTEGRATION Export your models with the touch of a button Export / Import your models in .STL, .STEP or .IGES into any other iOS app Use your models instantly in Solidworks, Catia, Creo, Rhino, Blender, Solid Edge, and many more desktop software. LIST OF AVAILABLE TOOLS Boolean operations (Union, Subtract, Intersect) Hollowing (Shell) Loft Revolve Sweep Offset Freeform surface Export to .STEp and .IGES and .STL Import from .STEP and .IGES Sketching regular curves and splines Filleting Chamfering Extrude and Offset faces Sketching on faces Read more: http://shapr3d.com Download the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shapr3d/id1091675654?mt=8
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Apple's Design Philosophy
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Learn Product Design Drawing on the iPad - Mega 3hr Tutorial!
Support me on Patreon for more tutorials likes this one - https://www.patreon.com/myrin Sam's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sam_does_design/ Jacob's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/myrin20/ Get Sketchbook pro for FREE - https://www.sketchbook.com/ This is the ultimate digital product design drawing video. It is all in real time and is designed to use while you are actually drawing. Enjoy.
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How to Master Sketchbook in 4 Days
With only 4 days left until the deadline, this is probably the most intense drawing session of my life!
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Apple – Designed by Apple in California
Designed by Apple in California chronicles 20 years of Apple design through 450 photographs of our products and the processes used to make them. A visual history spanning iMac to Apple Pencil, this hardcover volume is both a testament and a tribute to the meticulous processes of design, engineering, and manufacturing that are singularly Apple. Available in two sizes, only at Apple: http://www.apple.com/designed-by-apple/
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Shapr3D - Think & Design in 3D
Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD to run on an iPad Pro and the only truly mobile CAD app. It offers you a quick but precise way to create 3D models. It is mostly used by engineers, industrial designers, jewelry designers, 3D hobbyists and architects. ----- Subscribe to our channel to never miss out on the updates and new video tutorials! ----- Download Shapr3D from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shapr3d/id1091675654?mt=8 Website: https://shapr3d.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/shapr3D Twitter: https://twitter.com/shapr3d Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shapr3dapp/ ----- Learn more about Shapr3D tools in our Manual: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us Need help? We are here: https://discourse.shapr3d.com/
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A designer's take on the iPad Pro
Rocket ship image credit: Photo credit: Marko Stupić | Icon-A-Day | http://icon-a-day.com/ The iPad Pro is being marketed to creative professionals who use specific suites of apps. But can the Pro really replace the MacBook Pro? Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/lfcGfq Visit our playlists: http://goo.gl/94XbKx Like The Verge on Facebook: http://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: http://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com
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Crafter App- Product Design & Prototyping
Crafter is an artist discovery platform.It's like a LinkedIn for Artists helping like minded artists to "Connect-Collaborate-Create".
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iOS Design Kit: How to use in Sketch
iOS Design Kit is the newest library of native iOS templates. Check it out on https://iosdesignkit.io/ This is a new tutorial clip which shows the most efficient ways of working with iOS Design Kit while using Symbols Library, Text Styles, Overrides and Nested Symbols. Step your game up with iOS Design Kit!
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How to Use Sketchbook Pro (on the iPad Pro)
I thought I should break down the fundamentals of Sketchbook Pro before going into more in-depth sketching tutorials. Let's get everyone up to speed!
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Rapid Prototyping 1 of 3: Sketching & Paper Prototyping
Mariam Shaikh and Melissa Powel talk about sketching and paper prototyping. Have you ever struggled with how to get from an idea to a high fidelity prototype? Every design has to start somewhere and even at Google we often start with low fidelity prototyping options such as sketching and paper prototyping. After all, the fidelity of your prototype should match the fidelity of your idea, so stop worrying and start sketching. Material design resources mentioned in this video: Material design color palette: https://goo.gl/NP5o44 Elevation and shadows: https://goo.gl/OWZzCw This is part of a video series on Rapid Prototyping. Part 2 - Digital prototyping: https://youtu.be/KWGBGTGryFk Part 3 - Native prototyping: https://youtu.be/lusOgox4xMI
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Design Trends in 2019 (for UX/UI Designers)
What are the key design trends and tech trends for 2019? What design & tech trends are people already talking about, and where might these design & tech trends lead the UX & UI industries in 2019? AJ&Smart's Brittni Bowering analyses different design trend articles to present five key trends in 2019, for the industry professionals, and the users alike! All the featured links: Minimalist Design/Reduce annoyances: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/heres-where-ux-going-2019-top-7-design-trends-anas-nasir/ https://tubikstudio.com/lean-and-mean-power-of-minimalism-in-ui-design/ Internet of Things (voice) https://academyxi.com/blog/prediction-upcoming-ux-trends/ Content Focused Design: https://academyxi.com/blog/prediction-upcoming-ux-trends/ Flat vs Material Design: http://merehead.com/blog/flat-design-vs-material-design/ Personalisation: https://medium.com/@cadabrastudio/ux-design-trends-in-2019-167c84048e81 Everyone is a Design Lead: https://trends.uxdesign.cc/ Tim Höfer (of AJ&Smart) on Trend Reports: https://blog.ajsmart.com/what-all-trend-reports-get-wrong-616008ebe9ba Watch a FREE 1.5 hour Design Sprint webclass, featuring Design Sprint creator Jake Knapp: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026315610/657cf1055f You can also sign up to our school for expert Design Sprint training: https://ajsmart.com/masterclass Thanks so much for watching this video! Like what you see here? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! https://goo.gl/aRQXPS Follow us on our other channels for more great design tips! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajandsmart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsmartdesign LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aj&s... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajsmartdesign/ Medium blog: https://blog.ajsmart.com/ digital design Design Trends 2019 for UX/UI Designers: https://youtu.be/OXTXq_fJiNc
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Photoshop Tutorial | Learn how to Create an Iphone | Product designing Lessions
Have you ever tried to create a product in Photoshop? In this Tutorial, you are Going to Learn Photoshop Product Designing. This is Basic Product which i created with the shapes only. I used Adobe Photoshop CS6. ----------------------------------------- Follow- https://www.facebook.com/bebrightstudio Music Credit- "Leopard Print Elevator" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Design Jam: User Scenario to App Design in 20mins
Here's how to design an app in under 20minutes (strictly timed and limited). I'm going to take a simple UX user scenario/journey that would be created based on user research, identify key touch points that need to be represented, and then apply simple product design techniques to bring these to live. I'll also walk you through design choices, rationale and how previously define journey translates to features. This is a fictitious case, but same principle can be applied to any real project. Tools I'm using for this effort: Miro (formerly Real-time board; journey mapping), Sketch App (product design), Noun Project (quick icons). 👍SUBSCRIBE to this channel to get the latest updates on user experience (UX), design strategy and more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMEQZDhP_k_YkFnwoCgT7SQ?sub_confirmation=1 --- 👍Like what you see? Show some love by sharing, giving a like or leaving a comment below. --- 👨More from V: Blog: http://blog.vaexperience.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/vaexperience Twitter: http://twitter.com/vytautasalech Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Vytautas-Alech2
Productive Design Apps for Artist, Fashion, Graphics and Multimedia Designers
Are you an artist that works within fashion, graphics and multimedia design and would like to draw or captures your creative process without waiting to get back to your office or home? Then these apps are certainly for you full of benefits to make your every move that much easier. All apps mentioned in this video are available for both IOS and ANDROID. I have left a link to the google play store. Adoe Photoshop Lightroom - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.lrmobile&referrer=utm_campaign%3DLr%2520Product%2520Page%26trackingcode%3De3jlxb72%26utm_source%3DProduct%2520Page%26utm_medium%3DWeb Adobe Illustrator Draw - https://www.adobe.com/go/getdraw_android Adobe Primiere Clip- http://www.adobe.com/go/premiereclip_android Adobe Capture CC - http://www.adobe.com/go/getcapture_android Photo shop mix-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.photoshopmix
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Design Thinking and Innovation At Apple
A Harvard business case: Winner of a 2013 ecch Case Award. It describes Apple's approach to innovation, management, and design thinking
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Invention Calculator iPhone App Demo
Innovate Product Design is very excited to announce the launch of our free app, the InventionCalculator™! The InventionCalculator™ is a first-of-its-kind educational tool to help the individual innovator, aspiring inventor or entrepreneur understand the global market potential and financial implications when exploring the different routes to take a new product idea to market.
Material Design UI Animation - After Effects Tutorial
In this After Effects motion graphic tutorial we are going to be taking a look at how to reporduce this beautiful Material Design Google Music App UX. This is based off of the UX design shown when Google unveiled Material Design in 2014. This app design was not utilized in the final build. I hope you learned something new from this After Effects UX design tutorial. Thanks for watching this After Effects Tutorial on a UI Phone Music App How to do animated number counter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2mSuvnypvE How to replace screen of iPhone for app mockup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpeS5SsvfIk After Effects camera tutorial for blur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axa38beTBvo ✖ Project Files - https://www.patreon.com/posts/17390998 ✖ Twitter - https://twitter.com/MoboxGraphics ✖ Instagram - https://www.Instagram.com/MoboxGraphics ✖ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MoboxGraphics Contributor: Mike Ridolfi ✖ Social Media - @MikeInHD Music by: https://www.epidemicsound.com Workstation: Intel i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 32Gb DDR3 @ 2400GHz 500GB Samsung Solid State HHD 2TB Standard Drive MSi Z97-G55 Motherboard I record with GeForce Shadowplay Motion Tool: http://www.mtmograph.com/motion/ Editor's Note: Material Design After Effects designs are a beautiful recreation of the UI design standards put forth by Google in 2015, This material design after effects template can be downloaded via Patreon and used for any app UI design. In addition, this material design after effects tutorial should have show you everything you need to know to create an app design in Photoshop / After effects and give you a general insight for graphic design tutorial techniques and app design tutorial for beginners.
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Who's using InVision to power their product design?
Hear how InVision (http://invisionapp.com) powers product design at some of the world’s smartest companies—from the people who use it every day. For companies defined by the quality of their user experiences, InVision serves as a central platform for the entire product design process, from the initial clickable prototype to the final, polished design. Use it to build better UIs for your sites and apps, whether for the web, iOS, or Android. --- InVision is the world’s leading product design collaboration platform, trusted by more than 1.5 million designers at companies like Uber, Netflix and Twitter. InVision empowers teams of all sizes to prototype, review, iterate, manage and test web and mobile apps—all without a single line of code. Get InVision free forever: http://invs.io/1QOCxZq --- See who else uses InVision: http://invs.io/1QOD5P3 Stay up to date on the latest trends in product design: http://invs.io/1QOD91g Follow InVision on Twitter: http://twitter.com/InVisionApp/
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Paypal App Design Review | UX/UI Design
An app design review series where I choose an app and share thoughts about the UX/UI design, what's working, and what's not. My goal is to learn a few things along the way and encourage discussion on ios app design. What are your thoughts on the Paypal app design? Share in the comments below! Best book on UX design: http://amzn.to/2FFbDGl Design of everyday things: http://amzn.to/2FJyzrf Another good book on UX design: http://amzn.to/2FJhCNH UX reserach: http://amzn.to/2FCtxcK Book I'm currently reading on designing for voice interfaces: http://amzn.to/2FMlGfO - ABOUT ME Hello! I'm Monica, a designer and photographer from the Bay Area of California. This channel is a place where I share all my design side projects and help you learn more about design in the process. - MORE - Design portfolio – https://monicagalvan.me/ - Photography portfolio – http://monicagalvan.co/photography - Photography blog – http://monicagalvan.co/blog - SOCIAL - On Instagram – https://instagram.com/mlynngalvan - On Dribbble – https://dribbble.com/monicagalvan - On Twitter – https://twitter.com/mlynngalvan - On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MonicaGalvanCreative/ - About this video: In this ios app design series, my goal is to teach you a few things along the way about UX/UI design, ios app UI design, and the app design process. With these app design critiques, I also want to encourage design discussion where we can all learn app design tips from each other.
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Build a Shopping App with Moltin - Ep 5 - Product Details
Build a Shopping App with Moltin Lesson 5 In this series, I'll show you guys how to build an ecommerce shopping app leveraging Moltin! This lesson shows you how to pass the selected product to the detail view controller and then to display the product details! The demo we're building will illustrate a simple shopping flow. Product browsing, product selection, adding to cart and checking out. Related links: Get a customized roadmap for your app and start building it in 7 days: ⚡ http://codewithchris.com/actionplan Moltin Get Products documentation: http://docs.moltin.com/api/1.0/product/php#get-products Previous Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lim3t6xdbXg&index=4&list=PLMRqhzcHGw1ZoHkcws12dToxIXrRU4GA7 Warning: It's going to be a little challenging for those who are completely new to iPhone app development so I recommend that you watch my "How To Make An iPhone App With No Programming Experience" series of videos first. That playlist is 17 lessons long but it'll give you the foundation and explain the terminology and object oriented programming concepts that I'm going to be using in the building of this Shopping App. That playlist can be found on my site here: http://codewithchris.com/how-to-make-an-iphone-app/ For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you subscribe and visit my site where you'll find a community of like minded learners! Learning something new is always more fun with other people! Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CodeWithChris Website: http://codewithchris.com CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and app building from my course and materials! Intro & Outro music "Heartbreaker" by Jahzzar (http://www.betterwithmusic.com/)
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Product Designers Review Apps Part 1 | Designers Discuss || Crema
Product Designers Review Apps Part 1. In this video, product designers review apps they love to use every day! What about these apps stands out to Crema Product Designers? Find Crema on the web at http://www.crema.us, or on: Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/cremalab Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/CremaLab Twitter — https://twitter.com/cremalab Snapchat — https://www.snapchat.com/add/cremalab
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What Can You Do with Python? - The 3 Main Applications
What is Python used for? What can you do with Python? Watch this video to find out :) Looking for a Python tutorial for beginners? I have a playlist for that here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBZBJbE_rGRWeh5mIBhD-hhDwSEDxogDg Also, if you're looking for a good Django tutorial, I recommend the book called Django for Beginners. You can find it here: http://csdojo.io/dj You can also find the free sample chapters of that book here: https://djangoforbeginners.com/ And, you should follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ykdojo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ykdojo/ Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entercsdojo Links I mentioned in the video: - frontend vs backend (my explanation): https://bit.ly/2tlSqp4 - Flask vs Django: https://goo.gl/QY4W4a - My data visualization tutorial video: https://youtu.be/a9UrKTVEeZA - The quora thread about desktop applications: https://goo.gl/jMX3eU Outline (check the comment section for a clickable version): 0:44 : Web development intro 1:08 : Why web framework? 1:28 : Which Python web framework should you use? 2:30 : Machine learning intro - what is machine learning? 4:36 : Machine learning with Python 5:10 : How to learn machine learning 5:33 : Data analysis / visualization - an example 7:23 : Data analysis / visualization with Python 8:14 : Scripting - what is it? 9:20 : What about game development? 9:50 : What about desktop applications? 10:48 : What about embedded applications?
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Create an iOS Camera App Icon using Affinity Designer - 03 - Creating the Lens
Hi, My name is Andy Leverenz and I work as a Product Designer at Dribbble. For fun, I design, code, and write. Check out my blog called Web-Crunch https://web-crunch.com where I publish design and development tutorials with the occasional vlog. ==================== PART 3 OF 5 This lesson sparks the beginning of the lens portion of our app icon. The lens itself will feature many circles with dark and subtle gradients which mimic shadows and light from the top right of our icon document. The idea here is to establish the base of the lens. In the next lesson we'll add a few more effects to enhance the "realness" of the lens. This 5 part series will teach you my process for creating a custom iOS app icon from scratch. Note: This content was the result of a recent app I created called Affinicasts. Unfortunately, I discontinued the app to pursue other endeavors. This video and more was premium content on the app. I hope you'll enjoy it here on my channel now for free. ==================== 💻 Check out the blog: https://web-crunch.com 🦄 Check out my personal site: https://justalever.com 🚀 Links: Weekly Newsletter: https://web-crunch.com/subscribe Twitter: https://twitter.com/webcrunchblog Twitter(Personal Account): https://twitter.com/justalever Facebook: https://facebook.com/webcrunchblog Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/justalever Github: https://github.com/justalever Medium: https://medium.com/the-web-crunch-publication 📘Check out my book on UX Design: "LUXD: Learn User Experience Design" https://web-crunch.com/books/luxd 📙 Check out my FREE book on Tumblr Theming: "Pro Tumblr Theming" https://web-crunch.com/books/ptt 💯 Need awesome web hosting? Check out cloudways. They allow me to use a variety of hosting providers and build apps with ease: http://bit.ly/webcrunchhosting 🌊 Need more advanced hosting for Rails, PHP, Node, or other projects? Digital Ocean has you covered. https://m.do.co/c/ee243ee15648 💎 Ruby on Rails devs, Try HatchBox.io. You'll save upwards of 50% compared to Heroku. I use it and love it! https://hatchbox.io/?via=andy ☕️ 🙏🏻 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/webcrunch ☕️ Or buy me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/webcrunch
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Augment - View & share your 3D models in Augmented Reality, on iPad, iPhone and Android
Augment is an end-to-end platform for configuring, managing, and viewing 3D models in augmented reality from concept to consumer. *Design - Streamline your design process and cut down the prototyping costs with augmented reality product visualization. *B2B Sales - Simulate your products effortlessly in real size in your customers' environment and drive sales. *Marketing - Bring print to life. Engage your audience in your augmented reality experience. *OmniCommerce - Allow your customers to try your products in 3D augmented reality at home before buying through their smartphones or tablets. Download Augment now on iPad, iPhone and Android. Visit http://augment.com to learn more and add your own 3D models.
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Introducing iPhone XS and iPhone XR — Apple
Three entirely new devices. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. All-screen. Faster, more advanced Face ID. The A12 Bionic, the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. A breakthrough camera system with Portrait mode and new software-enhanced, adjustable depth of field. And so much more. Learn more at https://apple.co/2QnFTv3 Music by obylx https://apple.co/2xhvN6r
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App Design Review
Try to help my friend Aqeel to improve the design of his new iPhone app. - Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/fluxwithransegall?sub_confirmation=1 - Currently working on: http://www.goprospero.com http://www.thenuschool.com - Join the Flux community on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/flux_ransegall - Twitter: http://twitter.com/ransegall Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ransegall/ - Vlogging camera - Canon G7x: http://amzn.to/22dnCQt - Work Hard & Be Nice Poster: https://society6.com/ransegall
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Build a Mobile App for Any IoT Product in Minutes with Blynk | Intel Software
Blynk helps people build mobile apps for connected products in minutes. Blynk is an IoT platform that provides developers with a drag and drop interface that works on iOS and Android and across multiple programming languages. Check out this short demo from the Makerspace at IDF 2016! Learn more about Blynk: http://bit.ly/2c3vuoE Learn more at the Intel Developer Zone for IoT: http://intel.ly/2aNcC9i About Internet of Things: Videos featured here can help you create projects on different hardware options using a wide range of IDEs and programming languages including Arduino*, C/C++, JavaScript*, Node.js*, Java, and Python* and more! Connect with Internet of Things: Visit IOT HOME PAGE – INTEL DEVELOPER ZONE: http://intel.ly/2CBkp75 SUBSCRIBE NOW: http://bit.ly/2iZTCsz About Intel Software: The Intel® Developer Zone encourages and supports software developers that are developing applications for Intel hardware and software products. The Intel Software YouTube channel is a place to learn tips and tricks, get the latest news, watch product demos from both Intel, and our many partners across multiple fields. You'll find videos covering the topics listed below, and to learn more you can follow the links provided! Connect with Intel Software: Visit INTEL SOFTWARE WEBSITE: https://software.intel.com/en-us Like INTEL SOFTWARE on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2z8MPFF Follow INTEL SOFTWARE on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2zahGSn INTEL SOFTWARE GITHUB: http://bit.ly/2zaih6z INTEL DEVELOPER ZONE LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/2z979qs INTEL DEVELOPER ZONE INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2z9Xsby INTEL GAME DEV TWITCH: http://bit.ly/2BkNshu Build a Mobile App for Any IoT Product in Minutes with Blynk | Intel Software https://www.youtube.com/intelsoftware #IntelSoftware #InternetOfThings
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Learn UI design in 25 minutes - Figma tutorial
Go from zero to your first screen in just 25 minutes. In this video, I create a random conceptual app and walk through all the features of Figma. | #10kdesigners Like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Check out the full playlist on my channel profile. Figma file: https://www.figma.com/file/CxnIGuSkLdlfyWOzK3yBwFWt/Meeto-app?node-id=0%3A1 iOS template: https://iosdesignkit.io/ios-11-gui/ Android template: https://materialdesignkit.com/android-gui/ Request to join the Facebook group: https://goo.gl/oKpfd4 'Learn Design with Abhinav' syllabus outline: https://goo.gl/AzqgZk Pyjama Profit: The Millennial's Guide to a Sustainable Freelance Career https://goo.gl/qTYa1e UI Sources: Get real design inspiration from the world's top grossing and best designed apps https://goo.gl/3UcYxY Webflow: Make websites without learning how to code. It's what I use for all my projects http://bit.ly/2DwyuWe Follow me on Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/abhinavc Check out some behind the scenes and more 👇🏼 https://instagram.com/abhinavch https://twitter.com/abnux
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FX Luminaire Luxor App Product Guide
The Luxor app gives you total control of your Luxor lighting system directly from your iOS or Android device. With the Luxor app, you can conveniently adjust fixture intensities and choose from 30,000 striking colors to create beautiful and distinctive lighting designs. Then, easily transfer groups with desired intensities and colors to one of 40 available themes. Once your designs are complete, use the app to create a personalized lighting schedule throughout the year. Navigation is simple, so you can quickly find desired functions. Wirelessly assign lighting fixtures and Luxor accessories using the Lighting Assignment Module. Manually adjust group intensities and colors to fine-tune your lighting design. Use the color picker to generate 30,000 available colors. You can also save colors to create a custom color palette. Effortlessly design themes for parties, holidays, seasons, and sporting events using the create theme and copy theme features. Easily set desired lighting schedules by choosing exclusive dates for predefined programs. The Luxor app is the most powerful and convenient way to interact with your Luxor lighting system — right from the palm of your hand.
Views: 527 Hunter Irrigation
Lürzer’s Archive iEdition [Newsstand Universal iOS App + Product]
For three decades Lürzer’s Archive magazine has showcased the very best ads and campaigns from around the world. Each issue showcases 70 exceptional print campaigns, 50 commercials and 15 digital designs. Inside the app, you will find a free issue for you to download. It’s available in English, German and Chinese. Choose from the following subscription and purchasing options: • Lürzer’s ARCHIVE iEdition – Yearly auto-renewal: – 44.99 euro • Lürzer’s ARCHIVE iEdition – 2 year subscription: – 89.99 euro • Back issues and future issues are available for purchase within the app: – 9.99 euro The application can be downloaded here: http://goo.gl/3Rfc0c Our latest major update includes: • multi-language support in German, English and Chinese • complete redesign • full offline mode • search • free for our digital and print subscribers system Credits: Project: Lürzer’s Archive iEdition Client: Lürzer’s Archive Design and Concept Studio: Mind Treat Studios "Acid Trumpet" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Views: 209 Mind Treat Studios
Plethora iPhone Application Concept
This concept video demonstrates some of the core features of our upcoming iPhone application called Plethora. Plethora is a slick new iPhone app delivering design inspiration from a dozen different creative disciplines - graphic design, architecture, interiors, product design, fine art and more. If you run your own design blog or gallery, visit www.plethora-app.com to find out how we can help promote your site for free.
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Product Demo: Building a Site on The Grid Using our iOS App
The Grid's Community Evangelist Jeff Woods does a quick product demo showing how he built his sites, http://myothercamera.is and http://thewoods.today, only using our iOS app. This is the first time web design can be done completely via mobile, and one of many new features coming with The Grid.
Views: 22834 The Grid
Concept Ui design Page Product on Mobile App with Adobe XD CC 2019
learn ux, learn deisgn ui for mobile app and website Concept Ui design Page Product on Mobile App with Adobe XD CC 2019 When building a website, start here. Our shared service delivers a powerful, proven platform that's perfect for hosting your websites. https://www.bluehost.com/track/sombokcreative Find more UI kid Huge Layout Collection and UI Kit Library for Web & App Design https://goo.gl/KgN5wP Shoppiee Mobile App - UI Kit https://goo.gl/ge1FRj Anna | Women Mobile App UI Pack https://goo.gl/PPhPfN ABER Driver - Taxi UI Kit for Mobile App https://goo.gl/2Wh7E1 HomeMaid - Home Cleaners and Handymen Booking Mobile UI Pack https://goo.gl/V7CWHR BearHunt Mobile UI Kit https://goo.gl/9jTtM8 Smart Growth Mobile UI Kit with 220+ screens https://goo.gl/4emZSr Nove - Mobile UI Kit of 125+ iOS Templates for Sketch https://goo.gl/tQEqbN Homm - Real Estate Sketch UI Kit https://goo.gl/Y59sqE Let our professional services team help design, build and market your website so you can stay focused on running your business. https://www.bluehost.com/track/sombokcreative =================================================== Check more information with Us other social media by link below: Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+khmerux Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/khmerux Twitter: https://twitter.com/khmerux Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/khmerux Blog Sport: http://khmerux.blogspot.com/ Website: www.khmerux.com
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The new InVision mobile app for iOS and Android
Learn more: https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/invision-mobile-app-ios-android Share your ideas more expressively from anywhere. The latest release of the InVision mobile app for iOS and Android lets you create and review freehands on mobile and tablet. Or, jump right into a prototype to review and leave comments. Grab the app for free today, and design better, faster, together—on the go. --- InVision is the world’s leading product design collaboration platform, trusted by more than 3 million designers at companies like Uber, Netflix and Twitter. InVision empowers teams of all sizes to prototype, review, iterate, manage and test web and mobile apps—all without a single line of code. Get InVision free forever: http://invs.io/1QOCxZq --- See who else uses InVision: http://invs.io/1QOD5P3 Stay up to date on the latest trends in product design: http://invs.io/1QOD91g Follow InVision on Twitter: http://twitter.com/InVisionApp/
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Build a Shopping App with Moltin - Ep 4 - Listing our Products
Build a Shopping App with Moltin Lesson 4 In this series, I'll show you guys how to build an ecommerce shopping app leveraging Moltin! In this lesson, we use the Moltin API to retrieve our products that we set up through the Forge admin dashboard. We take a look at the JSON response for beginners and then we list those products in the UITableView of our Xcode project. The demo we're building will illustrate a simple shopping flow. Product browsing, product selection, adding to cart and checking out. Related links: Get a customized roadmap for your app and start building it in 7 days: ⚡ http://codewithchris.com/actionplan Moltin written tutorial: https://moltin.com/blog/2015/11/creating-a-mobile-store-part-2 Moltin API doc for Products: http://docs.moltin.com/api/1.0/product/php#get-products JSON syntax: http://www.w3schools.com/json/json_syntax.asp Previous Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ai433HaTjo&index=3&list=PLMRqhzcHGw1ZoHkcws12dToxIXrRU4GA7 Warning: It's going to be a little challenging for those who are completely new to iPhone app development so I recommend that you watch my "How To Make An iPhone App With No Programming Experience" series of videos first. That playlist is 17 lessons long but it'll give you the foundation and explain the terminology and object oriented programming concepts that I'm going to be using in the building of this Shopping App. That playlist can be found on my site here: http://codewithchris.com/how-to-make-an-iphone-app/ For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you subscribe and visit my site where you'll find a community of like minded learners! Learning something new is always more fun with other people! Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CodeWithChris Website: http://codewithchris.com CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and app building from my course and materials! Intro & Outro music "Heartbreaker" by Jahzzar (http://www.betterwithmusic.com/)
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Artboard Studio Preview: Easy to Use Product Mockup App!
Support Me! Check Out My Design Resources: http://bit.ly/1QniFxp Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks! https://amzn.to/2DGZaDc Design Books and Tech Recommendations: https://amzn.to/2ND39CT *Creative Market and Amazon links above are referral links to support this channel. :) View Artboard Studio here: https://artboard.studio This video goes over a brand new product mockup app called Artboard Studio! As of right now it's still in Beta, but you can sign up to check it out for free. It's surprisingly powerful and easy to use, so feel free to sign up to get an invite and look around for yourself. I'm excited to see where this goes as it continues to develop further. Have any questions about what you've seen in the video? Feel free to leave a comment! Personal Website / Store: http://www.mattborchert.com #design #productmockups #artboardstudio
Views: 3028 Matt Borchert
Aaron Harris: Business Ideas | Product Design | Udacity
Learn from Udacity and Google in our FREE Product Design course and check out the Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program! ►►► http://bit.ly/Tech-Entrepreneur-Nanodegree ◄◄◄ ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------- Built in partnership with Google, this program mixes theory and practice to show students how to transform ideas into market-ready products. ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------- Product Design: Validation and UX through Design Sprints ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------- ►►► http://bit.ly/Product-Design-Course ◄◄◄ ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------- ● What's in the course? There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. This course is designed to help you materialize your game-changing idea and transform it into a product that you can build a business around. Product Design blends theory and practice to teach you product validation, UI/UX practices, Google’s Design Sprint and the process for setting and tracking actionable metrics. ● Why take this course? Over the years, Silicon Valley startups have developed a series of frameworks and best practices for product design. Through startup case studies and interviews with industry experts, we want to bring you the best of Silicon Valley with lessons you can apply to influence the design of your mobile or web app. By the end of the course, you will know how to perform a Google Design Sprint (developed at Google Ventures and exclusively taught in this course) to design, prototype and test your ideas. You will also learn to design low fidelity mockups for your product and capture appropriate metrics. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------------------- LESSON 01: Ideation and Validation ● What's in the lesson? This lesson will help you develop, validate and refine your ideas to ensure you’re building for a product/market fit. Through case studies and interviews with founders, product experts, and investors, you will learn how to efficiently conduct user research and build an entrepreneurial mindset. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------------------- Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree Our Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program teaches you the skills you need to create your own revenue-generating app, and build a successful business around it. You’ll learn to succeed the Silicon Valley way! ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------------------- ►►► http://bit.ly/Tech-Entrepreneur-Nanodegree ◄◄◄ ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------------------- Udacity | Google | Tech Entrepreneur | Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree | Product Design | Validation and UX through Design Sprints
Views: 2976 Udacity
Teespring - Best FREE Teespring Design App
Teespring - Best FREE Teespring Design App Join my full Online Income Academy Masterclass 20% OFF http://bit.ly/Masterclass20 Full Teespring Course: http://bit.ly/YTteespringcourse2 #Teespring Did you know there is an easy way to make Teespring designs? In this Teespring tutorial, I'll show you how to use a smartphone app to make all of your Teespring designs! Here's some more information on the full Teespring course: This Course Is PART 2 To The First Course, Showing FREE Marketing Methods To Explode Sales! You will be walked through every step via Screen Recording and given all the necessary documents for FREE. You Will Learn All My Trade Secrets To Ensure Your Success: - Social Media Marketing Hacks to boost sales! - How To Sell Shirts WITHOUT PAID ADVERTISING! - Campaign Setting Tricks To Optimize Sales And Sell Continuously Long-Run! - Given A FREE Copy-Paste Description To Turn Lookers Into Buyers! - Everything To Setup An Online Storefront For FREE! If you have a computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone (iOS or Android) you are ready to begin. Sell T-Shirts On Teespring Using FREE Marketing Instead Of Paid Ads! Teespring allows you to work from home or anywhere with internet and my method will show you how to sell shirts passively long into the future. Learn from years of experience, all the Trade Secrets and Tricks/Tips are included in this course. The best way to start a t shirt business! Full Udemy Courses [Coupon: YOUTUBEDISCOUNT] 🎓http://bit.ly/2BUH9AD Online Income Academy Masterclass [20% OFF] 🎓http://bit.ly/Masterclass20 Most Recommended E-Courses On The Internet 🎓http://www.buyecourses.com HUSTLE Merch 👕http://bit.ly/hustle-merch •••••••• Teespring Tutorials and Other Teespring Videos •••••••• Stay up to date with future Teespring tutorials and Teespring videos: https://bit.ly/2SfzceJ https://youtu.be/ITjVeH0JfVA Teespring - Best FREE Teespring Design App
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History of the iPhone
Watch the iPhone evolve through eleven years of development. Starting with the original iPhone in 2007, which revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and ending with the iPhone XS and XR in 2018. What's in store for the best selling smartphone in America? No one knows for sure. But it would appear that the iPhone will remain a leader in the smartphone industry for years to come. Music: Summer - Ben Sounds (www.bensounds.com)
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Augmented Reality Application in Manufacturing and Product Design, ARATLab@NUS
Our ARAT Lab research on the application of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing - July 2013.
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Ist das die iPhone 11 Alternative? | JOCR News #75
In diesen JOCR News berichte ich über eine Designalternative für das iPhone 11 - Apple plant wohl eine neue App um z.B. seinen Schlüssel zu finden via einem Chip - kommt ein neuer modularer Mac Pro? - was hast es mit dem WhatsApp Hack auf sich? Viel Spass! ————— 🎵 MUSIK: ————— Ich benutze die Musik für meine Vlogs von Epidemic Sound. Hier findest du den Link: http://share.epidemicsound.com/pM7ms * ——————————— JOEL SAMAEL / JOCR ——————————— Joel Samael ist ein Solo-Entrepreneur, CEO und Gründer von JOCR - Apple Product Support, welches Kunden mit ihren Apple Produkten unterstützt, vor-Ort in Berlin, per Fernwartung weltweit und auf YouTube mit kostenlosen Hilfevideos und Tutorials. Folge meiner unternehmerischen Reise hier: https://www.youtube.com/c/joelsamael100 ——————- JOCR PRO: ——————- Du bist noch kein Pro an deinem Mac, willst es aber werden, unterstütze mich um die Qualität und Quantität meiner Videos weiter voranzutreiben und erweitere dein Wissen rund um deine Apple Produkte. (Was du dafür bekommst: Sticker, Kaffeetassen, Hoodies, Early-Access zu neuen Inhalten, monatliche Webinare, Store-Vergünstigungen u.v.m.) Folge mir auf JOCR Pro hier: https://www.patreon.com/jocr —————————- #fragJOCR / BLOG —————————- In der #fragJOCR Show beantworte ich eure Fragen, die ihr mir mit dem #fragJOCR in die Kommentare auf YouTube schreibt. Wenn du eine Frage zu deinem Apple Produkt hast, schreib sie mir einfach in die Kommentare auf YouTube mit dem #fragJOCR und vielleicht ist schon in einer der nächsten #fragJOCR Shows dabei! Jeden Sonntag beantworte ich eine Auswahl der Fragen. Gleichzeitig findet ihr auf dem JOCR Blog eine Suchfunktion um eine schnelle Antwort auf eure Fragen zu bekommen und alle #fragJOCR Shows. ———————- JOCR STORE: ———————- Im JOCR Store findest du JOCR Merch, sowie T-Shirts, Hoodies, Schlüsselanhänger und Rucksäcke! Viel Spass beim stöbern: https://www.jocrstore.de —————————————————— MEINE PRODUKTEMPFEHLUNGEN: —————————————————— Welche Backup Festplatte soll ich verwenden? Was ist ein guter WLAN Repeater? Welches iPhone Case macht Sinn? Auf https://kit.com/jocrtv * habe ich dir meine täglichen Begleiter in Listen zusammengestellt. Schau gerne vorbei! ———————————————— JOCR X RHINOSHIELD CASES: ———————————————— In Zusammenarbeit mit RHINOSHIELD sind coole JOCR Cases entstanden, die nicht nur dein Smartphone bestens schützen, sondern auch mit dem JOCR Design dir die nötige Power für den Tag geben. Stöbere mal durch den Rhinoshield Online Store und suche dir dein JOCR Design raus! Rhinoshield Cases: https://rhinoshield.de/collections/artist-jocr/?aff=jocr * ———————————————— WHATSAPP BROADCASTLISTE: ———————————————— Trage dich noch heute in meine WhatsApp Broadcastliste ein um keine Neuigkeiten auf meinem Kanal zu verpassen! Um der Broadcastliste beizutreten brauchst du mir nur deinen Namen an +49 30 44715815 zu senden und ich füge dich hinzu! (Die Broadcastliste ist eine reine Informationsquelle über meinen Alltag und wichtige Apple News) ——————- WERBUNG: ——————- Die beste Wahl für ein Girokonto und Apple Pay: Melde dich bei N26 an: https://n26.com/r/joelsirs0868 ———————————————————— FOLGE MIR AUF SOCIAL // JOEL SAMAEL: ———————————————————— Instagram: https://instagram.com/joelsamael Facebook: https://facebook.com/joelsamael Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/joelsamael Website: https://www.joelsamael.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/joelsamael Twitter: https://twitter.com/joelsamael ———————————————— FOLGE MIR AUF SOCIAL // JOCR: ———————————————— OffiziellerJOCR Merch: https://www.jocrstore.de Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jocrtv Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jocrtv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jocrtv Podcast: https://apple.co/2KjFl5R Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links sind sogenannte Affiliate-Links, die mit dem Partnerprogramm von Amazon verknüpft sind. Kommt über einen solchen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für Dich entstehen dabei keine Mehrkosten. Wo, wann und wie Du ein Produkt kaufst, bleibt natürlich Dir überlassen.
iPad Pro unboxing + hands on with pro drawing app Concepts
The Concepts team has just gotten its first iPad Pro! Watch us unbox it and compare it's performance to the iPad Air 2. ----- Concepts is an award winning sketching app made specifically for design professionals. Leading Architects, Industrial Designers and Illustrators use Concepts to iterate on ideas and to create high quality professional grade sketches. Concepts is a raster + vector hybrid that lets you quickly manipulate and adjust any stroke at any time. The infinite canvas and infinite layers allow you to free sketch without having to plan out your work in advance. Precision tools - like flexible shape guides and auto-measurement - give your sketches the precision of AutoCAD(R) on your iPhone + iPad. Just like many of the best design tools, Concepts has a bit of a learning curve. But we know that once you learn how to use it, you’ll see why top designers at Philips, Nike and Citrix have made sketching in Concepts a part of their normal workflow. Concepts connects to real-world formats like AutoCAD DXF, Adobe Photoshop PSD, and web-standard SVG. You can bring your favorite stylus from Apple, Wacom, Adonit, and Pencil by FiftyThree. Concepts is currently available on iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone, but we are coming to other platforms soon! Concepts is free to try and if you like it, you can upgrade to our ‘Pro Pack’ version (one-time, in-app purchase) to unlock those professional exports (PNG, SVG, DXF, PSD), get full use of the precision toolkit, advanced layer control and options for images and text. Download Concepts on your iPad or iPhone at: http://cnce.pt/go Want to learn more? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular tips & tricks or read our detailed manual here: http://concepts.tophatch.com/manual
Views: 63100 Concepts App