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NORTHSEAKAYAK - P&H Custom Sea Kayaks Cetus
Meet my brand new working horse, the P&H Cetus (Mv)! It’s a composite, hand build, customized sea kayak. Instead of posting a few pictures of this boat, lying on a shelf, we choose to make a short video of it. You can now have an idea how stable this boat is, how it reacts when puts on edge and see all the details. This Cetus is made in expedition layup, reinforced Kevlar carbon, including a keel strip. The bolts from the foot pegs are glassed in, there’s a compass build in and what I like the most, a Connect seat! This particular seat makes you feel like paddling from your sofa. It gives lots of support on the sides and your lower back, and really “connects” you with the boat. The kayak is provided with state of the art Explorer VE Paddles. Looking to buy a quality sea kayak? Make sure to have a look at this one!
P&H Hammer Ocean Play Sea Kayak | Review | Adventure Kayak | Rapid Media
In-depth, on-water review of the radical new rough water sea and river touring and play kayak from P+H Sea Kayaks. This boat loves rough water, surfing and rock gardening, but will also take you safely on overnight tripping adventures. For more information visit http://www.paddlingbuyersguide.com and find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/adventurekayak
Ocean Paddler #38 PH Hammer Review
Read the full review and much, much more in Issue #38 of Ocean Paddler. www.oceanpaddlermagazine.com
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P & H Scorpio complete revised review
This updated and revised review is after 8 months of paddling this boat in a wide range of conditions. The model is the Corelite X LV with skeg. Overall a good sea kayak, but this one also has its problems... Update: new parts received from P&H!
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P&H Sea Kayak Scorpio MKII LV | Review | Adventure Kayak | Rapid Media
Check out this all-new, redesigned favorite from P&H. The sleek and spirited Scorpio MKII is ideal for touring, rough water and play. For more information visit http://www.paddlingbuyersguide.com and find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/adventurekayak For more of the best in kayaking visit http://www.adventurekayakmag.com.
Ph??t C�t B�
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Kayak Overview/Review - P&H Kayaks Delphin MK2 150 & 155 CLX
OutdoorsNB's review of the P&H Delphin MK2 150 and 155 CLX.
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P&H Bahiya Fiberglass Sea Kayak Review and Sea Trial
I had this '04 P&H Bahiya for sale, so I took it out to give it an objective test. It may not be too objective, though, because it turns out I really love this boat.
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P&H Promo 2017
#ExploreTheSea with P&H Sea Kayaks; handcrafted in the UK since 1968. Filmed and Edited by Erin Bastian of Evoke Adventure.
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Next Adventure - P&H Aries 155 Sea Kayak
Michael from the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center in Portland takes us through the design features of the P&H Aries 155 sea kayak. http://nextadventure.net
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P & H Kayak Sailing Rig | Adventure Kayak | Rapid Media
Graham Mackereth from P&H Kayaks gives us a bit of a history lesson on sailing and kayaking and tells us why this new rig you can add to your sea kayak might get you out on the water enjoying it even more. For more information visit http://www.paddlingbuyersguide.com and find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/adventurekayak
KILLING SURFERS on a SEA KAYAK 28-04-12 (Vídeo polèmic)
Kayak Experience presenta una nova sessió trepidant de surf amb kayak de mar. Aquest cop amb el P&H Scorpio LV, que ha demostrat un bon rendiment en l'art d'agafar reprís i enforquillar bé a l'oponent... Cada cop és més difícil surfejar en aquesta platja! Tot i així, no renunciaré i continuaré exercint aquesta increïble modalitat de kayak de mar.
P&H Delphin
The Delphin takes accepted methods of sea kayak design and turns them on their head; there really is nothing better! For full specs and more info, go to phseakayaks.com
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PLAY THE SEA (P&H Delphin surf sessions 21-10-12)
Petit resum de lo bé que t'ho pots passar amb un kayak de mar a la Costa Brava quan el mar no està pla. Kayak: Marc Adroher Càmera: Xavier Fontanella Gravat a Platja de la Fosca (Palamós, Costa Brava)
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Kayak Review - P&H Scorpio
OutdoorsNB Inc's Jeremy Cline reviews the P&H Custom Sea Kayaks Scorpio 17 and 168 LV.
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A Quick Look at the P&H Kayak Sail Systems
Mat takes time out from circumnavigating Menorca to talk us through the P&H Kayak Sail System, and how it can help you get more out of your time on the water in your P&H Sea Kayak.
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Sea Kayaking France
Kayak: P&H Aries 150 Natuerlich Paddeln http://www.natuerlichpaddeln.de/
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PH Cetus MV Touring Kayak 2013
Online B007JMVQXC/?tag=taxaza-20 P&H Cetus MV Touring Kayak 2013 special. Discount: P&H Cetus MV Touring Kayak 2013.
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P&H Scorpio sea kayak
Trying out the P&H Scorpio Kayak, nice day in Papudo Chile.
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P&H Hammer -Surf test
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P&H Delphin Demo
The new P&H Delphin's features and performance are explored in the short demo at Skookumchuck, BC. Bryan Smith and Chris Tretwold surf and test this new, playful sea kayak from P&H.
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Dolphin kayaking GO SEA KAYAK july 15  Ph: 0416 222 344
Plenty of dolphins around today. Watch as they swim under the boat, a mother and calf. Your guide is Kurt Tutt, 3 x World Title medallist in surf ski racing. When in byron come out kayaking 0416 222 344
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This video shows what you get with the newest model of Scorpio. The video is made in Croatia @ beautiful Adriatic sea by Peak and Paddle Croatia travel agency.
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P & H Delphin Review
Level 5 Sea Kayak coach and top expedition paddler Olly Sanders takes us through the P&H Sea Kayaks Delphin, showing why it's great for both novices and advanced paddlers. Olly is contactable via his website: http://www.rockandseadventures.co.uk.
2014 P&H Cetus LV Walkthourgh
Jay from Naples Outfitters going through the new 2014 P&H Cetus LV with custom metal flaked deck, Kevlar keel strip and wide seam. Amazing kayak, this one sold instantly and there is another sweet White with red accents LV that came in with it. Another MV will be here next week.
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P&H Sea Kayaks Cetus
P&H Promo Video for the cetus
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The P&H "Kink-Free" Skeg System
Short video by P&H Team paddler Mark Pecot, detailing the correct use and maintenance of the new P&H skeg system.
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Delphin 155 by P&H
Visit our website: http://www.activeseakayaking.ca/ or become a Facebook friend with Active sea kayaking A few shots and videos of the Delphin at work, in surf, currents, tide races.
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Shubie Tidal Bore Vs. The P&H Hammer.
"The Shubie" tidal bore is a world class sea kayak play sport. It bore runs on a river called the Shubenacadie River located at the top of the Bay of Fundy. This video was shot on a tidal range of 49.3 feet. The river is a magical place and the hammer has to be in the top 3 boats I have used on the "the Shubie". I was once told the hammer was to slow for "the Shubie" but after paddling it I would have to say it was one of my best days on the river. In this video there was no Bore wave to speak of but depending on the conditions there is a great front leading wave that forms a fun play wave and once it does up the river it leave us with plenty more things to play on. come to Nova Scotia. You will be glad you did. committed2thecore.com
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tooling around Lake Hiawasee in a P/H Cetus :)
one thing I love in a sea kayak is carving turns
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P&H hammer on the West
First outing in the new P&H Hammer out on Irelands west coast, Old head in Co Mayo and Scuba Dive West in Connemara.
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P&H Delphin Combined Roll
Combined Roll in PH Delphin 150 and short clip of trip to Selsea
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Sea Kayaking Tidal Race - Anglesey - Penrhyn Mawr
Penrhyn Mawr - Anglesey with the P&H Hammer
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Sea Kayak Surfing: Delphin 155.
Visit our website: http://www.activeseakayaking.ca/ or become a Facebook friend with Active sea kayaking Last winter, surfing the Delphin 155.
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Cetus by P&H Kayaks
A description of the features of the Cetus by P&H Kayaks.
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P&H Kayaks Cetus at PADDLEexpo 2018
Video recorded at PADDLEexpo 2018 and brought to you by Kayaksession Publishing. Go to www.paddlerguide.com for the world's largest selection of paddlesports products.
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P&H Scorpio LV 1st Paddle
Playing with my new Scorpio LV
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P&H Cetus at PaddleExpo 2015
Pez, head of composite production at P&H, takes us through the design features of the Cetus that make it the first choice for expeditions and all round sea kayaking. Create your own unique construction and colour scheme now: phseakayaks.com/kayakCustomiser.php
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P&H Hammer on the Mawddach
Andy Butler paddling the P&H Hammer (a 13ft long sea kayak) on the Afon Mawddach in North Wales. Music: Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix) Find it: https://soundcloud.com/eau-claire/marvin-gaye-how-sweet-it-is-eau-claire-remix-2
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P&H Hammer at the wave
P&H Hammer
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Capella 167 by P&H Kayaks
A description of the features of the Capella 167 by P&H Kayaks.
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Cathy at North Beach in P&H  Cetus
Burlington, Vermont. 9/18/16
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P&H Delphin Kayak Surfing Rocky Island Wave on the Potomac River
A bit of white water on the Potomac River with the P&H Delphin sea kayak. The water level was 4.48 ft on the Little Falls gauge. I was able to attain all the way to Rocky from the put-in at Angler's without any portages today. That's a pretty good workout itself, the surfing is the icing on the cake ;) Shot with Sony TX5 waterproof cam off a rock on the side - sorry for the jittery video, the wind was pretty gusity and must have been shaking the cam while no one was holding it...
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Rock Gardening and Sea Kayaks
Visit our website: http://www.activeseakayaking.ca/ or become a Facebook friend with Active sea kayaking. Some action, some rocks, beautiful area on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Relax day of play, paddlers, Michael Pardy and Nick Castro
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Byron Dolphins with Go Sea Kayak
Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay Ph: 0416 222 344, we kayak with dolphins everyday. Join us
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Sea kayaking wave riding
Wrightsville Beach, NC sea kayaking P and H Capella
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P&H Scorpio MKII at PaddleExpo 2015
The world renowned P&H Scorpio design has been updated to put it back at the forefront of modern Polyethylene Sea Kayak performance; Pez takes us through just some of the improvements, including the ready to fit P&H Sail Systems and revolutionary Skudder. Want to see more? Check it out on our website now: phseakayaks.com/kayaks.php?kayak=Scorpio%20MV%20MK2
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