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School at Sea: Challenge your world!
korte film over School at Sea, gemaakt door oud-leerling Joni de Vries (SaS 12/13)
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A Day In My Life on SEMESTER AT SEA 2016
Here is what it would look like if you lived a day in my life on Semester at Sea sailing on the MV World Odyssey for Spring 2016! Hey girl hey, let's be friends! I'm Kristee Vetter, aka Strawberryelectric48, a 20 year old college kid in Southern California. On my channel you'll find fun lifestyle, college, and beauty videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way! ► TWITTER/INSTAGRAM ◄ @kristeevetter ► SECOND CHANNEL ◄ http://www.youtube.com/morekristee ► FACEBOOK/TUMBLR ◄ strawberryelectric48 For business inquiries please contact: [email protected] with "strawberryelectric48" in the subject line Thanks for Watching! Lots of Love, Kristee Yo, FTC! These products were all purchased by me, playaaaa. Fosho. I'm so gangsta I don't need companies to pay me for videos. Which I didn't in this video, capishe? Is that even how you spell that? Have an unforgettable day. And remember, this is always my honest opinion. Over and out.
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Sea-Through Communication (English) - School Food Punishment
English version, Suddenly the image disappeared while rendering this video. LYRICS: Our hearts are joined together We have sucha deep connection That's how we fare the stormy weather That hits us now every single day Travel the speed of light Over the furious ocean And I will face the rainy weather To get my message across to you Hold on - a dictionary of phrases To tell you how I'm feeling I'll make the perfect choices to be clear I always want to have you here Avoiding a breakdown All of the magic that I wanna show you So just be open to all that is possible This is my phrase speaker, It's calling to you across the distance There is so much that I wanna tell you Communication - I'm doing it all for you Miracles really happen - you have to believe Delivered to you, delivered to you, my message to you Our heads are locked together, To resolve a recurring problem That time and space cannot endeavor To ever really tackle right There are so many gadgets And means to keep in contact I can't believe you're not in favor Of great big steps in technology After all - there are so many phrases To tell you how I'm feeling So many perfect methods of describing How the color of the sky is changing Far beyond imagination All of the wonder that I wanna show you So just be open up to all that is possible This is your flight motor - oh, please don't resist it Let's bridge the distance There is so much that I wanna tell you Telepathy's not always the quickest way We gotta make it happen - exchanging the keys Delivered to you, delivered to you, my message to you Sometimes the rain Pours down around me I'm feeling so very blue I want to run away - ah Sometimes my heart It starts to shut down All my thoughts start to turn to you They're bringing a shiny new day - yeah Night is falling, there's no need to fear it The rain is pouring, there's no need to run from it This is my platform and I'm always beside you across the distance There is so much that I wanna show you Communication - I'm doing it all for you I know the sun will shine soon And everything that's precious And everything I treasure I hold it Right here in my hand, I'll keep it special Got to be aware of every option There is so much that I wanna tell you Communication I'm doing it all for you Miracles really happen - you have to believe Delivered to you, delivered to you, my message to you
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Learning For Kids | Learning Colors - Sea School | Toddler Fun Learning | Color Learning For Kids
Learn colours for toddlers with best friends Ruby the Seahorse, Spike the Puffer Fish, and Pip the fish. On Spike's first day at Sea School Mr Fin the Hammerhead Shark sets up the Super Shell hunt - find and learn the different coloured shells to win the trophy. Love Toddler Fun Learning and Gecko's Garage? You can watch all of our videos over on our app. Watch ad free and download for offline viewing. Click here to download http://apple.co/2t5dDla Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/toddlerfunlearning Visit us at http://www.toddlerfunlearning.com Toddler Fun Learning makes fun, free and educational videos, nursery rhymes, stories and songs for toddlers all over the world.
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The hottest guy in school wants to be my math tutor | 'So Young 2: Never Gone' starring Kris Wu
For Liu Yifei (aka the next Mulan), being bad at math may have some advantages... Stream full movie 'So Young 2: Never Gone' on our app: http://bit.ly/acAPP Stream on the web: http://bit.ly/2iMNjqx Or watch on Amazon PrimeVideo: https://amzn.to/2YfMxr8 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ytasncrsh About So Young 2 - Never Gone 致青春:原来你还在这里 A couple of high school sweethearts (played Chinese rapper/former K-pop sensation Kris Wu and Liu Yifei of the upcoming live action adaptation of Disney's Mulan) reunite when they move into the same neighborhood after living apart for a few years. Cast: Kris Wu 吴亦凡 Liu Yifei 刘亦菲 Qiao Renliang 乔任梁 Li Qin Jin Shijia Hao Shaowen Director: Zhou Tuo Ru About AsianCrush: AsianCrush is the leading streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment in North America, with over 1000 premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Users can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on all major internet-connected screens with no cost involved. Premium subscribers can access exclusive content and stream without commercials. Connect with AsianCrush Visit AsianCrush WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/asncrush Like AsianCrush on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/asnFB Follow AsianCrush on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/asnIG Follow AsianCrush on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/asnPINT So Young 2: Never Gone 致青春:原来你还在这里 | AsianCrush http://youtube.com/asiancrush #PrimeVideo #KrisWu #LiuYifei
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School at Sea - de SaS-lessen
In dit filmpje ziet u de docenten en crew verschillende lessen geven uit het School at Sea curriculum. Les over zeiltheorie, sterrenkunde, proefjes die wij i.s.m. met het NIOZ opzetten, huiswerk maken in de jungle van Suriname en biologie in de praktijk.
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The Super Shell Hunt | Learn Colours for Toddlers with Sea School
Learn colours for toddlers with best friends Ruby the Seahorse, Spike the Puffer Fish, and Pip the fish. On Spike's first day at Sea School Mr Fin the Hammerhead Shark sets up the Super Shell hunt - find and learn the different coloured shells to win the trophy. Subscribe to our channel for more toddler learning videos http://bit.ly/1RyvZEG Love Toddler Fun Learning and Sea School? You can watch all of our videos over on our app. Watch ad free and download for offline viewing. Click here to download http://apple.co/2t5dDla Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/toddlerfunlearning Visit us at http://www.toddlerfunlearning.com Toddler Fun Learning makes fun, free and educational videos, nursery rhymes, stories and songs for toddlers all over the world.
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Sardine Feeding Frenzy: Whale, Shark, Dolphin and Sea Lions | The Hunt | BBC Earth
A sizeable shoal of Sardines proves to be quite a magnet for a variety of different sea predators. Surprisingly, none of the predators on display attack each other, instead they corral the ball of fish, taking turns to eat. Taken From The Hunt Subscribe to the BBC Earth YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel here: https://tinyurl.com/YouTube-BBCEarth-FanPanel BBC Earth Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bbcearth BBC Earth Twitter http://www.twitter.com/bbcearth BBC Earth Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bbcearth/?hl=en Visit http://www.bbc.com/earth/world for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.
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James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go (Official Music Video)
James Arthur 'Say you won't let go' Get the song here: https://smg.lnk.to/sayyouwontletgo Stream it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5uCax9HTNlzGyblStD3vDh Get tickets: http://www.jamesarthurofficial.com/#live In just a few short weeks, James has made an unbelievable comeback with his single 'Say You Won't Let Go'. Following two years away from the spotlight, the 2012 winner of 'X Factor' has held the #1 spot on the official charts for several weeks in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. 'Say You Won't Let Go' tells the moving story of a love, which nearly would've defeated by fear. The album 'Back from the Edge' is out now: http://www.jamesarthurofficial.com Visit James: https://www.facebook.com/jamesarthur https://www.twitter.com/jamesarthur23 https://www.instagram.com/jamesarthurinsta23 #JamesArthur #SayYouWontLetGo #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Baby Fish and Shark Cartoons | Learn Colors For Kids | Sea School | Videos For Children
Learn colours for kids with best friends Ruby the Seahorse, Spike the Puffer Fish, and Pip the fish. On Spike's first day at Sea School Mr Fin the Hammerhead Shark sets up the Super Shell hunt - find and learn the different coloured shells to win the trophy. Subscribe to our channel for more toddler learning videos http://bit.ly/1RyvZEG Love Toddler Fun Learning and Gecko's Garage? You can watch all of our videos over on our app. Watch ad free and download for offline viewing. Click here to download http://apple.co/2t5dDla Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/toddlerfunlearning Visit us at http://www.toddlerfunlearning.com Toddler Fun Learning makes fun, free and educational videos, nursery rhymes, stories and songs for toddlers all over the world.
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Promotiefilmpje School at Sea
In oktober 2019 wil ik met 35 andere leerlingen mee met School at Sea. School at Sea is een organisatie die het voor leerlingen uit klas 4 of 5 mogelijk maakt om een half jaar de oceaan over te zeilen terwijl je je normale schoolprogramma volgt. De reis start in IJmuiden en via de Canarische eilanden varen we naar het Caribisch gebied. Daar gaan we op bezoek bij andere scholen en hebben we excursies. Daarna varen we via de Azoren weer terug naar IJmuiden.
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Caillou | Caillou At School - Caillou's at Sea - Caillou's Check Up | FULL EPISODES Compilation
New Kids on the Block / Caillou AT School / Caillou's Kitchen / Caillou's at Sea - Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to WildBrain today to catch your favourite show uploads EVERY DAY http://bit.ly/WildBrainTVSub Walking by the empty lot at the end of the street, Caillou and Dad notice the real estate sign showing that it's been sold. Caillou watches as the tractors arrive and a house magically appears. Next comes the moving van and Caillou soon finds out that what he thought was a single new playmate turns out to be two! // When Sarah's school has a little sister or brother day, Sarah decides to invite Caillou to spend the day with her class. Caillou packs his school bag and a lunch and is off to first grade for the day. // Mom is preparing a feast for guests and Caillou wants to help. Caillou lends a hand but when he accidentally spills water all over the kitchen floor, Mom suggests that he go and play outside. Caillou and Rosie are outside when Sarah wanders over. Caillou and Sarah decide to cook up an imaginary feast of their own! // It's another rainy day and Caillou decides to invite a friend over to play. When no one is available, Caillou finds that the has nothing to do. Rosie wants to play with Caillou and the two kids soon discover that with a little imagination, and a lot of cushions the living room can be transformed into their very own pirate ship! The Little Bird / Lights Out / Caillou's Check Up / Calling Dr. Caillou - Caillou and Sarah find a baby bird that fell from its nest. With Mom and Sarah's help Caillou cares for it and protects it from a very interested Gilbert. He's a bit frightened by the bird at first, but soon grows very attached to it. Soon the bird is ready to fly and Caillou has to let him go. // A winter storm knocks the power out at Caillou's home. Caillou is startled and confused that none of the lights are working. But soon the evening turns into a campout in the living room complete with marshmallows cooked in the fireplace. Caillou is especially delighted when he gets to sleep in front of the fireplace in his sleeping bag. // It's time for Caillou's visit to the dentist. He thinks it sounds neat until Leo tells him he's heard terrible things about the dentist. He tells Caillou some crazy stories he heard from his older cousing and now Caillou's not so sure he wants to go. But once he gets there, the dentist is actually really nice and shows him lots of neat stuff. He even gets a special treat!! // Caillou is really looking forward to a special day at work with Dad, but Dad gets a bad cold and has to stay home. Caillou is pretty disappointed at first, but then with some help from Mom, Dr. Caillou looks after patient Dad. He brings him a snack, makes him a get well card, entertains him and ends up having fun. On WildBrain, you can watch clips and full-length episodes of your favourite TV shows, not to mention exploring new ones! Popular shows on KidVid include Rosie and Jim (animated series), On Nom Series, Leo the Inquisitive Truck, Dr. Mac Wheeley, Max the Excavator, Doodlebops, Musti English, Caillou, Kinetic Nursery Rhymes, Rosie and Jim live series and MANY MORE! Check out our popular channels today! ★The latest toys unboxed and reviewed on Toyshop: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9xfYf1HwJ_8hGD8Y3nESQQ?sub_confirmation=1 ★Children's stories and read-alongs on Story Time for Kids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5BDi5ZfkR2TiN9xE6P3Eg?sub_confirmation=1 ★Fun with Play-Doh on Play-Doh Universe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9XY_enlRG4E3tZiP38orlw?sub_confirmation=1 ★A celebration of all little princesses: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkBYQTFmYc5q8QHs_rmwi4A?sub_confirmation=1
Play School - Benita, Simon and Deborah - Flying over the Sea
This video is for nostalgia and historical purposes only and not intended to infringe copyright held by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
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Sea Coming over at Rossall Promenade and Rossall School, Cleveleys
The sea front car parking area at Rossall Promenade, Cleveleys, was completely underwater when the high tide came over on 3 January 2014. The huge waves crash against the tank traps in front of Rossall School and onto the coastal path.
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Living on the Line | Sea of Change
This school is tackling the poverty cycle by giving kids a real chance to succeed. Subscribe to BESE: http://bit.ly/2ruSGBg Founded by Hattie Mitchell, Crete Academy is a non-profit charter school based in South Los Angeles, CA that is specifically designed to serve the needs of children experiencing poverty and homelessness. The school provides mindfulness/mental health services, transportation, after-school care, three meals a day and resources to help parents get out of poverty as well. - Follow us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2wtXfkb Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jMqSDS Twitter: http://bit.ly/2jMjQiv New on BESE.com The Crusade Of Transgender Activist Sylvia Rivera: http://bit.ly/2LyitQm Nando Chang Explores Cultural Fusion Through Hip-Hop And Food: http://bit.ly/2xVU0Tn The Allure Of Actor Dolores Del Rio: http://bit.ly/2JsxTVF - BESE's mission is to broaden and reshape the cultural narrative by shining light on the untold stories that reflect today’s America. We respect all identities and admire the people who have the courage to say, “this is who I am.” We are BESE.
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Play School - The Sea (1 of 2)
Featuring: * Playing with a large model harbour * Making a paper yacht * Watching a wave machine * A look through the Arched Window at some old fully-rigged sailing ships * Reading "Jack and Nancy", a story about two kids who lived by the sea, written and illustrated by Quentin Blake * Seeing what things float and sink in a basin of water * Cuckoo giving Elizabeth some tongue-twisters to say * Plus songs and poems about the sea Presented by Mike Amatt and Elizabeth Watts. First broadcast on 16th July 1987. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play_School_%28UK_TV_series%29 http://catalogue.bbc.co.uk/catalogue/infax/programme/LCHT891P Plus a short bonus clip of Andy Crane reading out some kids' birthday cards :)
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E-Days 2018: Lost at SEa Days
Since 1934, Mines students have put the stress of studying aside each spring to celebrate Engineering Days (E-Days), uniting the local Mines community in honor of our unique history, traditions, and unflappable Oredigger spirit.
The Nature School at Sea Acres National Park, Port Macquarie
In September 2015, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service partnered with The Nature School to pilot a series of holiday activities in the rainforest. For further details, go to: https://www.facebook.com/TheNatureSchoolPMQ Visit our blog: https://blog.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/ See more NSW National Parks: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NSWNationalParks Instagram: https://instagram.com/NSWNationalParks Website: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au Stay in a NSW national park: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/bookings About NPWS: Founded in 1967, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service manages more than 850 protected areas in NSW, Australia, covering over 7 million hectares and including national parks, nature reserves, World Heritage areas, rainforests, beaches, alpine areas and sites of great cultural and historic significance. Management of these areas involves a wide range of responsibilities, including plant and animal conservation, fire management, sustainable tourism and visitation, research, education, volunteering programs and more. Volunteer with us: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/about-npws/volunteering Volunteering is a great way to connect with our environment, meet new people, and experience some of NSW’s finest natural locations. There are many ways you can get involved - join a local bush regeneration group, get your company signed up for corporate volunteering, or become a tour guide.
Mermaid Secrets 5 - Sea Rescue - High School Love Story - Jpyplus games for girls
Mermaid Secrets 5 & its a High School Love Story . Jpyplus games for girls Donlaod: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.joyplustech.android_mermaid5 1. Someone is drowning in the sea! Accidents happened at the finals. Rescue him Now! 2. Time is tight! Ride the speed boat and start right away! 3.It's emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring Eric back to life! 4. Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cure the patient. 5. Rake the dirty seaweed from Eric's head. 6. Cure the wounds with magic cream. 7.Eric seems recover consciousness. But why he fainted away again. I think my tail scared him. Send him to hospital immediately. 8. The professional doctor will try her best to save Eric. Treat him with cool surgeries! 9. Bring the yummy soup to the hospital and it can help Eric recover soon! 10.In order to thanks for your good care, Eric invited you to a dinner, sounds great! 11. Oh, no! Why Mia left in such a hurry! Did Eric do something wrong? The best mermaid secret love story in high school ever! Download Free Now! ABOUT US JoyPlus creates fresh mobile content for the whole family. we lovingly produce digital adventures that entertain, challenge, and engage families all over the world. Find us on Apple's iOS and Google's Andriod operation system! Visit us: http://www.joyplustech.net/ Watch us: https://www.youtube.com/c/JoyPlusGames Thats My channel and it'll offer you with a spread of academic content for your children. i will be able to review mobile learning apps for youths for instance ABC song and alphabet educational institution assortment with twenty six letter from a to z, twenty five variety from one to twenty five, fun alphabet episodes, phonics, sharp and color, potty coaching and games for kids of educational institution age, kids, babies, preschool and toddlers. what is more i will be able to review fascinating fun video games for youths and fogeys. thus visit my channel for enjoying videos on academic apps and games for ladies and boys. Like us on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/KidsPalace22 Google plus: https://aboutme.google.com/?referer=gplus Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/kidscartoon2018/ Vk: https://vk.com/rashadul Stubleupon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/kpalace6 Blog: http://kidspalace2018.blogspot.com/
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Students create giant sea turtle outside school in Westland
Students at Hayes Elementary School created a giant "living" painting of a sea turtle Tuesday afternoon on the school playground in Westland.
Pia Groeneveld gaat mee met School at Sea
Ze is nog maar 16, maar weet al goed wat ze wil. Pia Groeneveld wil in oktober 2019 mee met School at Sea. Dit is een organisatie die in 6 maanden met allemaal leeftijdsgenoten naar de Caraïben zeilt en terug. Dit wil ze niet alleen omdat het simpelweg fantastisch is, maar ze wil ook zichzelf leren kennen, ontdekken waar haar talenten liggen en zelfstandig worden. Mooie dromen waar Deining Magazine achter staat. Lees komend najaar over haar avonturen in Deining Magazine!
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My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea [Official Trailer, GKIDS]
GKIDS proudly presents a new animated comedy from acclaimed cartoonist Dash Shaw (New School), featuring the voices of Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham, Reggie Watts, Maya Rudolph and Susan Sarandon. Dash (Jason Schwartzman) and his best friend Assaf (Reggie Watts) are preparing for another year at Tides High School muckraking on behalf of their widely-distributed but little-read school newspaper, edited by their friend Verti (Maya Rudolph). But just when a blossoming relationship between Assaf and Verti threatens to destroy the boys’ friendship, Dash learns of the administration’s cover-up that puts all the students in danger. As disaster erupts and the friends race to escape through the roof of the school, they are joined by a popular know-it- all (Lena Dunham) and a lunch lady (Susan Sarandon) who is much more than meets the eye, in this wild send-up of disaster cinema, high school comedy and blockbuster satire.
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Over the Sea to Skye (McLeod/Gruselle) - Herndon High School Concert Orchestra - Festival 2011
The Concert Orchestra of Herndon High School in Herndon, Virginia performs at the District XII Festival on Friday, March 4, 2011 in Langley High School in Vienna, Virginia. The orchestra is directed by Bette Gawinski.
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Nieck School at Sea Motivatie
Deze video gaat over Nieck School at Sea Motivatie
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Over the Sea to Skye - Hartland High School Women's Varsity Chorus - 2011/2012
The Hartland High School Women's Varsity Chorus performs "Over the Sea to Skye," arr. Wagner, at their Festive Choir Concert, accompanied by Mrs. Mary McLain under the direction of Mrs. Kathi Letovsky.
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School of Dolphins jumping and playing in Sea of Cortez
Filmed on the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Mexico. We were coming back from fishing when we came across this pod of 100 - 200 porpoise. They were eager to play near the boat and they even got to eat what was left of our live bait!
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Point Fortin ASJA Primary School’s Lexi Balchan Topped This Year's SEA Examination
Following the trend recognised over the past few years, this year's top performer in the Secondary Entrance Assessment exams hailed from the Southland. Lexi Balchan, a pupil of the Anjuman Sunnat-Ul-Jamaat (ASJA) Primary School in Point Fortin was named top student by Education Minister Anthony Garcia, becoming the only top student the school has produced thus far. But while the news came as a surprise to some, 12 year old Lexi says she expected it. Janine Browne has more.
Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks!
DIY Edible School Supplies & Back to School Pranks! Learn HOW TO sneak food, candy in class and prank your school friends and teachers. Prank video shows 19 weird ways to sneak candy in class and back to school. School pranks and prank wars are easy, simple and a perfect pranks for kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, teenagers, classmates and siblings. No need for fancy back to school haul - transform your DIY school supplies into DIY edible school supplies and make epic back to school pranks for kids and DIY school supplies beginners. - Sour gummy worms in a tin pencil case! Sour gummy candy is a favorite to so many. Sneak sour candy in class by hiding them in a tin pencil case. Cover the candy with a special DIY pencil topper and let the school prank wars begin! - Edible EOS! This edible school hack is so affordable and delicious. Place a rounded chocolate or candy in an empty EOS container. You can prank you friends by making them believe that you're eating a lip balm. You'll be enjoying a tasty chocolate instead! - I can't get enough of delicious candy belts! This time I show HOW TO sneak lot's of them to school inside a notebook! This prank idea is phenomenal and your DIY school notebook will look amazing too. - DIY Edible glue stick! Rounded sour gummies with a hole in the center are a perfect treat to store in a clean glue stick. This DIY school supplies idea is simple and easy. - Rounded pencil case full of salty bread sticks is what dreams are made of, right?! One of my favorite DIY edible school supplies and a great way to prank your teacher. - A very unique and creative idea to sneak candy in class is hiding small nerd drops into an eraser! This is so convenient, extra sneaky and simply very clever! The teacher will have no idea. - Crunchy gold fish and pretzels are one of my favorite salty snacks! An easy way to sneak them back to school is by hiding them in a pot of paper pins. A perfect DIY edible school hack for when you start to feel a bit hungry during classes. - One of my favorite weird ways to sneak food, drinks in class is coca cola in a pencil case! You can pull so many funny pranks and pranks on your classmates and teachers with this one! - Any pot packaged snacks are very easy to sneak to school in a form of a pencil pot. Just wrap the packaging in some wrapping or crafting paper and you're set! A great way to sneak mini oreos, jelly beans or salty nuts to class. - PEZ candy drops are so tasty and remind me of my childhood. Sneak them in class by hiding them in a notebook. You can smuggle so many in class for you and all your school friends! - Chewy fruity drops are a perfect candy to hide in a box of coloring pencils! Switch up the normal coloring pencils with a shorter version and you get a lot of free space for candy! So smart! - Skittles are small and convenient so sneaking them to school is very easy. Split a pencil pot in two halves with a piece of a cardboard. Now fill one half with pens and pencils and the other half with skittles! - A giant gummy candy belt and hubba bubba are perfect treats to hide in a tape dispenser. This edible school hack is simply genius! - Replace the erasers with meringues on your pencils! You get the most delicious and sneaky pencil toppers ever. Prank your teachers and school friends with your new DIY edible school supplies! If you want your desert to taste even better, squeeze some delightful chocolate sauce on to. Hide the chocolate in a clean non transparent glue bottle. You'll be the funny school prank wars winner for sure! - Take a box of crayons and switch the crayons with chewy candy sticks. Extremely delicious! - Melody lollipops are so fun and you can hide one in your marker! This DIY school supplies idea is so creative ! Hope you like these DIY edible school supplies. Please remember that this video is made for your entertainment only. School is really important so it's better to leave the sweets outside the classroom and listen to the teacher instead. Also healthy diet is the best choice that you can make for yourself. A little treat here and there is completely fine, but a healthy diet is always the best idea! Help me translate this Edible DIY School Supplies Video: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=LV6CWkppDpA Become my Friend & Enter Giveaways :) Instagram: http://instagram.com/sarabeautycorner Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaraBeautyC Facebook: http://goo.gl/020J6i Tumblr: http://goo.gl/Y7zYU8 Music from Monstercat: https://www.monstercat.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/monstercat and Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/5koA4i Music under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). #School #Pranks #SaraBeautyCorner
Sea of Flags - 2014 Schools Spectacular
Featured Artists Ollie Kirk, Siobhan Clifford and Clarisse Dorika are joined by dancers from primary schools all over NSW to perform Jessica Mauboy's 'Sea of Flags' at the 2014 Schools Spectacular.
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Song of the Sea - Horfield Primary School - Save the Ocean!
Written by Horfield School - please share our song and this video - will your school sing this song on JUNE 7th 2019 for WORLD OCEANS DAY to raise awareness about the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean? Words written by children from Horfield Primary School (http://www.horfieldceprimaryschool.org) - Hatty, Lila, Alisha, Emma, Amelia, Elijah, Sophia, Chloe, Zoie, Aimee, Huwey, Aniya Music composed by Claire Alsop Video edited by Dan Alsop (https://tinyurl.com/jwn2l7a) Written for the South West Science Summit STEM challenge at Bristol University on 28th March 2019. Free downloadable resources (score and lyrics) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xO_eurqlJTZSAj72j5Hz_BtOCbLqdgrG All is quiet and all is calm, The whispering water glistens, Shining, shimmering, full of charm, The tranquil ocean listens, But now the water is not so good, creatures mistake plastic bottles for food, dolphins, whales, crabs and eels Are eating plastic for their meals Plastic bags like jellyfish shouldn’t be on a shark’s shopping list The sea is for fish, dolphins and whales, not rubbish and plastic but corals and shells. The monster raised his plastic claws Tumbling, cascading through the waves, This plastic beast rumbles and roars, Choking fish who can’t be saved Our beautiful turquoise sea once was the picture of tranquillity Bottles, bags and so much waste Are hiding the beauty of that place. Plastic bags like jellyfish shouldn’t be on a shark’s shopping list The sea is for fish, dolphins and whales, not rubbish and plastic but corals and shells. Strange seaweed jungles, Cities of colourful coral, Oceans of wonder, Streams of Dreams Plastic pollution - we need a solution Plastic bags like jellyfish shouldn’t be on a shark’s shopping list The sea is for fish, dolphins and whales, not rubbish and plastic but corals and shells. Recycle, reuse or even refuse Stop this plastic pollution Only we can make a difference, Only we can save the ocean.
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Coastal Sea School - Promo - RYA Boat Training in Dubai UAE
Safety on the sea is our main call. Training wise we have the full range of RYA power boat and motor yacht qualifications available through our friends the Coastal Sea School and Coastal Sea School ME. These courses include handling marina situations and high speed night navigation. We teach first aid and emergency medical techniques for incidents that may be afar from civilisation We provide medical and safety cover at large maritime events, by arrangement. We have bases in Dubai, UAE and Weymouth, Dorset, UK. We have over eleven years experience of providing and teaching marine safety at virtually any marine or coastal location globally. There are dates available throughout the season. For course types, content and dates use the links above. Included are links that we find useful for looking up weather and other marine related links. Please forward any useful links that you wish to share We are large enough to satisfy, yet personal enough to care about standards, quality and reputation! We look forward to seeing you on course in Dubai or Weymouth.
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1,000 Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez, Rattlesnakes & Drone Crashes
In this video, I was flying my (Phantom 3) drone over the Sea of Cortez. I had seen some Manta Rays jumping from shore... and I set out to capture them on video. I was expecting a half dozen perhaps... what I saw complete blew my mind. This is filmed in the East Cape of Baja, Los Cabos, Mexico. It includes amazing Ariel drone footage, a school of over 1000 manta rays a phantom 3 drone crash and a huge diamond back rattlesnake and a bark scorpion... enjoy!
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Sea Creatures - Sharks, Fish, Octopus & More! | Wiki for Kids at Cool School
Did you know that oceans cover almost 70% of the earth? And way, way down below there are lurking sea creatures that are really cool? Watch this Wiki for Kids to learn about all the different sea creatures in the ocean! Subscribe to Cool School: http://bit.ly/18enloo Like Cool School on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1EFNxXE Follow Cool School on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1EUu2fI Follow Cool School on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1GIWGxU Follow Cool School on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1OIKV1I Best of Cool School: http://bit.ly/1JoVcJK Story Time with Ms. Booksy: http://bit.ly/1Du0DBX Nursery Rhyme Time: http://bit.ly/1GNe5TG Letters of the Alphabet: http://bit.ly/1GYNqJ8 Arts and Crafts with Crafty Carol: http://bit.ly/1HrPjh6 Cool School is a place for kids to learn, laugh, and sing. Cool School features classic children's stories, nursery rhymes, lullabies, fun kids songs, educational music, arts and crafts, history, science, math and more!
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Mary Star of the Sea School - Mabel Stable
December 2017
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Outback by The Sea
'Outback by the Sea' was written, recorded and filmed with the kids from Normanton and Karumba in the Carpentaria Shire of North Queensland. The Gulf country is all at once rugged and beautiful, from sunsets over the ocean to wetlands and cattle country. Thanks to all the kids who took part and showed us around. Also thanks to the Carpentaria Shire Council, RADF, Normanton State School, Gulf Christian College and Karumba State School.
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My Best Friend Tricked Me And Caused Me To Get Arrested
❀ Thank you for your constant support and engagement! We have received many stories and are working on animating them! ❀ A PROFESSIONAL Voice Actor will record your story! We do everything to keep your identity private, unless you wish differently! Hi all, I’m Owen. When I was two, my mum and dad split up and I was brought up with dad. Mum moved to a nearby town with her new boyfriend, whilst dad has introduced me to a lot of potential stepmums over the years. Dad’s done great, but he isn’t perfect. He works long hours doing security, so I spend a lot of time with my grandparents. They’re awesome, but they are old. So, they don’t always keep an eye on what I’m doing. Because of this, I’m with friends most of the time. Hank is my closest friend. I met him a couple of years ago at school. His home-life is as dysfunctional as mine. His dad has spent time in prison for robbing and his brother, Tony, has had a few run ins with the police too. Due to all this, me and Hank have had each other’s backs. Sometimes, blood isn’t always thicker than water…or however the expression goes. One day, me and Hank were hanging out after school. We were sitting on a bench at the sea-front. We got talking about a new video game that was coming out. But neither of us had any money. I suppose we could’ve watched videos on YouTube of people playing, but it’s not quite the same. We started thinking about a way to make some money quickly. There weren’t any jobs for people our age in town. We were really stuck. If we didn’t get the game, our other mates would take the mick out of us. Hank came up with an idea, “hey, you know Tony might know a way for us to make money”. I immediately didn’t like the sound of that. I replied, “but, he’s into some really dodgy stuff. I don’t wanna get into anything like that”. Hank attempted to reassure me by saying, “nah, it’ll be fine. I’ll speak to him tonight and I’ll tell you tomorrow”. It didn’t exactly fill me with confidence as Hank walked off towards his house. The next day at school, I was playing football with some mates. Hank walks up to me. Hank had spoken to Tony about our money wishes. “Tony has a great idea”, Hank said, “So, Tony’s mate has some trainers he wants to get rid of. Like 20 pairs of ‘em. Tony’ll give us the trainers to sell. We just give him a cut of what money we make”. At the time, I didn’t see anything bad about this. I should have asked more questions. Hank’s bright, but he can be blind when it comes to his family. “Sell them to who though?”, I asked. Hank shrugged. Then he was hit with an idea. We would sell the trainers to other kids at school. At ours and the other school on the other side of town. “They’d be more likely to buy from us, people their own age, rather than some random adult, right?”, Hank stated. But I couldn’t fault his thinking and agreed to sell the trainers with him. The following week, we had received the box filled with trainers from Tony. I had the box stashed at my grandparent’s house. We then began our journey into being entrepreneurs. Sorta. At school, we told all our mates that we had trainers to sell. A lot of them snapped them up and paid. We made a good couple of hundred pounds in the first week. The trainers go for £100 in the shops, but we were selling them for £50. Bargain for them, so they had to buy them. But we ran out of friends who wanted or could afford to buy the trainers. This is when we had to start selling to others. We got word around school that were selling these expensive trainers really cheaply. We started to get loads of people interested and it wasn’t long until we ran out of trainers to sell. Which meant we could afford to get the game we wanted. But now, we had a taste for making money. Hank went back to Tony to see if there were any more trainers from his mate. Luckily, Tony managed to get hold of another box! Me and Hank decided to try selling to the other school. One day, we skived off school and went to the other school just as they were finished for the day. Hank was great at selling things, he went up to kids as they were leaving school and told them about our business, as I stood guard with the trainers. No one bought the trainers then, but there were a lot that promised us they would. We said we’d be back here after school tomorrow. The next day, me and Hank got on our bikes and rode straight to my grandparent’s. I grabbed the bag that had a few pairs of trainers in it and we left. We got to the other school and there were a few kids looking for us. Me and Hank grinned at each other, this was all going amazing. We felt like Richard Branston had nothing on us. We got cocky. We sold the trainers to three kids, but around the corner, a couple of police officers approached us. Hank saw them first and ran off. Before I realised what was happening, the police had grabbed me. I watched as Hank glanced back at me but kept running. He abandoned me. The police picked up the trainers and took me to the police station.
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EO Smith High School -- the parting of the RED SEA
The fan base at EOS is the best in Connecticut. Here's your proof.
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11 Weird Ways To Sneak Candy Into Class / Back To School Pranks
Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/KM3Axw 9 DIY Miniature Candy World: https://youtu.be/L7QYvlHHnzY?list=PLy0LaulZe0vRyRDcwVaqbvnbSqhSQNtS- Eat snacks during the lesson its cool! But the teacher thinks differently... How to solve this problem? Watch our new ideas on how to sneak food into class easily and without anyone noticing! Supplies and tools: • Fruitella candies • Cornstarch • Gummy wheel • Toothpick • Food marker • Confectionery glue • Twizzlers candies • Colored fondant • Ballpoint pen refill • Awl • Modeling tool • Colorful licorice candies • Sponge cake • Buttercream • Food coloring • Acrylic paint • Hubba Bubba • Tape dispenser • Glue • Thumb tack container • Cardboard • Ruler • Pencils • Scissors • Candy drops • Ballpoint pens • Globe • Knife • Gummy men • Cube shaped jelly candies • Keychain ring • Badge pin • Empty glue tube • Sprite • Food glitter • Dropper • Pencil sharpener • Tic Tac • Round cutter • Marker Music: Tobu - Damn Son by Tobu is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License. Source: https://soundcloud.com/7obu/damn-son Watch More Troom Troom: Popular Videos: 14 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / Back To School Pranks: https://youtu.be/W5p2ndS34vA 18 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! https://youtu.be/yWazGzCNtJ4 11 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas/11 Funny Pranks: https://youtu.be/kewz3hF63Xo 17 Weird Ways To Sneak Makeup Into Class: https://youtu.be/bvhBIsmzhwE Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge! https://youtu.be/jBIG6GsQcq8 Popular Playlists: Funny Pranks: https://goo.gl/hi5TWw Back to School: https://goo.gl/J5fhDt Life Hacks: https://goo.gl/Bcd7KW Beauty And Makeup Hacks: https://goo.gl/Rqpxqg Home Décor: https://goo.gl/Rh88EL Follow Troom Troom: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/KM3Axw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/troomtroom/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/troomhands Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/troomtroom/ Troom Troom Español: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/RL3cF2 Troom Troom Française: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/1LHrhX Troom Troom Russian: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/kLx8qK Troom Troom Deutsch: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/qoFyJ4 Troom Troom Chinese: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/T9B6oF Troom Troom Português: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Z6vdNC Troom Troom Japanese: Subscribe: https://goo.gl/x3V8HH About Troom Troom: Easy DIY "how to" video tutorials. DIY Accessories, Scrapbooking Cards, Home Décor, Make Up Tutorials, Life Hacks, and MUCH more! Make it easy! For any business enquires please contact me at: [email protected] Question of the Day: what weird ways to sneak food you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe!
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9 Edible School Supplies / Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class
Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on 16 Funny Student Pranks On Teacher! Back To School Pranks!: https://youtu.be/g95EtDLSK3I?list=PLy0LaulZe0vRyRDcwVaqbvnbSqhSQNtS- Today we'll be cooking weird meals! What about yummy English textbook, sweet tape, delicious scissors and tasty watercolors? In our video you'll find 9 edible school supplies recipies. Supplies and Tools: • Sponge cakes • Milk caramel spread • Utility knife • White sugar paste • Starch • Ruler • Textbook cover printed out on sugar paper • Tape dispenser • Flat chewy candy • Water • Brush • Edible glitter • Used tape spool • Scissors with metallic handles • Rubbing alcohol • Cotton pad • Food coloring • Rubber gloves • Sprinkles • Wide drinking straws • Adhesive tape • White chocolate • Marker cap • Jelly candies • Eraser cardboard wrapping • Double-sided tape • Notebook • Numeral patterned paper • Wooden sticks • Hot glue gun • Skittles • Pin • Fishing line • Pen • Gelatin • Waffle stick • Cup to wash brushes • Plastic cup • Paint • Milk chocolate • Foil • Clean palette Music: Itro & Tobu - Holiday by Tobu is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License. Source: https://soundcloud.com/7obu/itro-tobu-holiday Beachfront Celebration - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200022.E1168 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Watch More Troom Troom: Popular Videos: 18 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! https://youtu.be/yWazGzCNtJ4 11 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas/11 Funny Pranks https://youtu.be/kewz3hF63Xo 14 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / Back To School Pranks https://youtu.be/W5p2ndS34vA DIY Slime Stress Ball— 5 Ideas https://youtu.be/3VH6KeJn-XA 11 DIY Edible School Supplies / Pranks For Back To School! https://youtu.be/ZMnz2hfmubs Popular Playlists: Funny Pranks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Back to School: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Life Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... DIY Cosmetics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Awesome Slimes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Follow Troom Troom: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2uaz0on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2t0BsOK Facebook: http://bit.ly/2uf2qTb Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2tFz9iT Troom Troom Español: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2uaqyFo Troom Troom Française: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2vnYmfc Troom Troom Russian: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2tEWWiQ Troom Troom Deutsch: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2wo0oOR Troom Troom Japanese: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2xK2mZv About Troom Troom: Easy DIY "how to" video tutorials. DIY Accessories, Scrapbooking Cards, Home Décor, Make Up Tutorials, Life Hacks, and MUCH more! Make it easy! For any business enquires please contact me at: [email protected] Question of the Day: which idea did you like the most? Comment Below! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe!
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Harlem kitesurfing tested by North Sea Kitesurf School
FHL Kites – The Harlem turns on a tight axis without an aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything in between. When learning new moves, the Harlems predictable power delivery, direct bar feel and intuitive steering puts riders in control at all times. The medium aspect ratio supports substantial low-end power and great upwind performance. This 3 strut design lets you be you. A kite that gives you the freedom to surf & play. Waves oo flat water, doesn’t matter. The Harlem is your first choice for epic sessions, awesome weekends or for your next trip to the best kitesurf spots. Express yourself with Kitesurfshop Haarlem newest addition “The Harlem” as a high performance all-rounders, and experience the awesomeness of this wave, freeride and hooked-in style machine. http://northseakitesurfschool.nl/ http://kitesurfshop.nl/winkel/fhl-kites-the-harlem/ Vind ons op: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/northseakitesurfschool/?ref=bookmarks Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/northseakitesurfschool/ Website : https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/ Blog artikelen over kitesurfen https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/info-center/ Neem je eerste kitesurfles! https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/kitesurfles-zandvoort/kitesurfles-introductie/ Kun je al kitesurfen? Ga voor de gevorderden les https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/kitesurfles-zandvoort/kitesurfles-gevorderde/ Echt leren kitesurfen? De 5 daagse cursus is een echte aanrader! https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/kitesurfles-zandvoort/kitesurfles-5-daagse/ Reserveer meteen je kitesurfles op https://northseakitesurfschool.nl/contact/ Locatie Boulevard Paulus Loot 2 2042 AE Zandvoort 0031 613769173 [email protected] www.northseakitesurfschool.nl
Back to School DIY Duct Tape Pencil Holder | Sea Lemon
Watch more videos - http://bit.ly/SeaLemonDIYChannel Subscribe - http://bit.ly/SeaSubs Click for more info below ↓ In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a duct tape pencil holder that fits into your binder. This will make it easy for you to grab the pens or pencils you use the most without having to dig around through a pouch. Materials: • Pens or pencils • Duct tape Tools: • Cutting Mat • Ruler • X-Acto blade or scissors • Hole punch Back to School playlist - http://bit.ly/17thLJR .............................................. ❋ Related Videos ❋ DIY Decorate Notebooks & Folders http://bit.ly/128SVPC DIY Memo Books http://bit.ly/10dUhUp DIY Spiral Binding http://bit.ly/100DmUt DIY Heart-Shaped Paper Clip http://bit.ly/125oFkM DIY Book Pocket http://bit.ly/151HyHS Elastic Band Book Closure http://bit.ly/13jmwXN .............................................. ❋ Follow me! ❋ FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/sealemon TWITTER http://twitter.com/sea_lemon PINTEREST http://pinterest.com/sealemon INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/sealemon ETSY SHOP http://sealemon.etsy.com .............................................. Music credits: "Fireworks" by Jahzzar http://bit.ly/14BCNKn "Mr. Bleach" by Jahzzar http://bit.ly/1352tOa
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Marshmello - Moving On (Official Music Video)
NEW Mello™️ by Marshmello gear SHOP NOW ▶ http://mellogang.com GET MOVING ON HERE ▶ http://apple.co/2qLTgaE WATCH SILENCE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/Tx1sqYc3qas WATCH FIND ME MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/ymq1WdGUcw8 WATCH SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/2vMH8lITTCE WATCH ALONE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/ALZHF5UqnU4 WATCH KEEP IT MELLO MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/_J_VpmXAzqg SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ http://www.youtube.com/marshmellomusic?sub_confirmation=1 MARSHMELLO: Merch | http://mellogang.com Spotify | http://spoti.fi/marshmello Apple Music | https://apple.co/2n8Evz6 SoundCloud | http://soundcloud.com/marshmellomusic Instagram | http://instagram.com/marshmellomusic Facebook | http://facebook.com/marshmellomusic Twitter | http://twitter.com/marshmellomusic Twitch | http://twitch.tv/marshmellomusic Director: Daniel Burke Creative Agency: 23FIFTN Executive Producer: Daniel Malikyar Producer: Karam Gill & Jack Winter Director of Photography: Casey Stolberg Production Designer: Clara Diez Editor: Patrick Hall Colorist: Bryan Smaller Casting Director: Jake van Zyll Marshmello - Moving On (Official Music Video) #Marshmello #MovingOn #Joytime #Skrillex #Slushii
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2012 Virginia All-State Elementary School Chorus - "Over the Sea to Skye"
Mar. 31, 2012 - Longwood University
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AMAZING Mural-By-The-Sea Artist in Residence at Dreamland!
Charlie Evaristo-Boyce who is originally from Margate is a kind of 21st century pop artist who transforms the ordinary into the iconic. The subjects of his prints are unassuming images found within the agricultural industry, such as fruit and vegetable boxes, or other objects plucked from the urban detritus of everyday life. The images are cut up, manipulated and printed in large format to show in striking detail and colour what is already there, opening the viewer’s eyes to previously unseen details of everyday life. His works are hand printed through a process that ensures each print is unique even though it may appear superficially the same as another. Charlie currently runs Margate’s Smallest Gallery which hosts regular events and artist film screenings. [email protected] PARTY 21 JULY 2018 Ever since Charlie made his first “AMAZING” print, he has seen, heard and read the word everywhere. He couldn’t turn on a reality TV program without hearing people speak it or walking down the street without seeing it on advertising. It is a word of the now and it is here to stay. Charlie believes everyone can relate to this word and it carries a very positive, feel good message. The AMAZING mural was an interactive, community based, collaborative artwork. The artwork was made with 700 pieces of ply sheets each 50cm x 16cm, with each piece fitting together to cover the whole face of the mural 28 across and 25 down. Members of the public attending the Block Party got to print their own individual panel on site and watch the mural build throughout the day. Alongside the Hall-By-The Sea Artist in Residency, Charlie ran a vibrant creative learning arts project with Ramsgate Arts Primary School. Over two days children from all age groups worked with the Charlie on creating designs on dozens of cardboard boxes under Charlie’s favourite theme – the word ‘amazing’. The pupils were asked to paint, draw, and write on the cardboard structures that were eventually combined to create a large ‘amazing’ collaborative work that was exhibited at the Block Party in the Hall by the Sea Venue. Charlie has facilitated similar projects with organisations such as Printworks and the Royal Academy of Arts.
Views: 62 Dreamland Margate
Starlight Dance's summer school at Kettering by the Sea
Commercial dance and singing. Achieve your potential, chase your dream... Starlight Dance & Musical Theatre School Starlight Dance & Musical Theatre school in Kettering was established in February 2009 founded by professional Dancer/Choreographer Jacc Batch BA (Hons) TBDAF and is now one of the UK's largest independent dance and musical theatre schools. Starlight prides itself on offering an outstanding level of dance and theatre training including classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Commercial, Street, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Disco, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Drama, Vocal Training & Piano Lessons. Students here at the school are given many opportunities to perform within our international award winning show teams. Our show teams perform two large scale, professional standard production shows annually, compete in regional, national and international competitions, perform in many local, national & charity events. Our show team dancers are also given special opportunities to perform in some of Europe's most prestigious venues and to date, have performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Her Majasty's Theatre in London's West End and Disneyland Paris.
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Teen rescued after 49 days at sea
Aldi Adilang, 19, was rescued after nearly two months, surviving on fresh caught fish from his wooden fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean that floated 1,200 miles away from Indonesia to Guam. https://abcn.ws/2YsYkBH #Rescue #Sea #Teen #ABCNews
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Mijn motivatie voor school at sea
Het is mijn droom om oktober dit jaar mee te gaan met school at sea. Dit is een organisatie die VWO-4 scholieren de mogelijkheid biedt om een half jaar een tall ship te bezeilen via de historische handelsroute naar de Cariben van deze reis leer ik heel veel bijvoorbeeld over de leefomstandigheden van bewoners daar, maatschappelijke problemen worden tastbaar doordat je ze meemaakt. Maar ook krijgen we bijvoorbeeld biologie les midden in het oerwoud. Of Aardrijkskundeles op een vulkaan. Deze reis biedt mij de mogelijkheid mijn skills te ontwikkelen en mijn blik op de wereld te verbreden. Vertel het me en ik zal het vergeten, laat het me zien en ik zal het onthouden, laat het me ervaren en ik zal het me eigen maken. -Confucius Geinspireerd? Bekijk mijn site: http://brechjeatsea-nl.webnode.nl/
Views: 2318 Brechje Niendieker