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Caspian Sea, Baku, Azerbaijan
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Caspian sea beach Baku
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We took a ferry across the Caspian Sea ( Baku - Aktau)
On our last day in Baku, we got interviewed by an Azerbaijani TV crew. We would be on TV again! After the interview it was time for us to go to the port of Alat where we would take a cargo ship that would bring us to Kazakhstan. We were hoping that the ship would leave soon but we ended up waiting for three days at the port and even had to camp during a big sandstorm! We finally left Azerbaijan on the fourth day. Crossing the Caspian Sea by boat was a fantastic experience! It took 28 hours to reach Aktau, the port in Kazakhstan but it didn't feel so long as we shared a great time with fellow travelers, who each had their own unique story and journey! A guide on how to take this ferry: https://www.journalofnomads.com/crossing-the-caspian-sea-by-boat-azerbaijan-kazakhstan/ Find out what we're up to: https://www.facebook.com/journalofnomadsaworldodyssey/ https://www.journalofnomads.com https://instagram.com/journalofnomads/ Make sure you subscribe for WEEKLY VIDs Big thanks for the music by: the sound knitter-MPD 145-4 (sounds of the past) Andrew Applepie-sundeck AK-lovestory All filmed on a canon 700D,canon g7X mark 2,gopro Hero 5 session and gopro hero
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Baku City Tour - Seaside of Caspian Sea
Hello Youtubers, In this vidoe i would like to tell you about, How do we enjoy the spring in Baku Azerbaijan. As you see in the video, we were visiting Park Boulevard, it is situated in the seaside of Caspian sea, in the downtown Baku Well, yes the world is waking up from the cold winter. The flowers are flourishing, Everyone all ages seems happily enjoying the warm of the sun Oh thi is ferris wheel which is well-known in Baku Baku Eye, you can see from the top of Baku Eye the whole Baku City. The sky is getting dark, but people are still here, spending their time with family or even . And look some of them are running or having exercises . And you sport has no gender and ages, Oke, How is your spring ?
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Baku - Capital of Caucasus. Baku - Azerbaijan. Absheron and Caspian Sea. Baku.
Baku - Capital of Caucasus. Baku - Azerbaijan. Absheron and Caspian Sea. Baku. http://youtu.be/FaOQfUGgoVg Baku Azerbaijan Absheron Caucasus CaspeanSea Caspean Khazar .Where is Baku. Bakı Abşeron XəzərDənizi Azərbaycan Kavkaz Xəzər Subscribe on Youtube/Подписывайтесь на Ютубе: http://www.youtube.com/user/HaciChelebi http://www.youtube.com/user/BakuAndAzerbaijan On Facebook/На Фейсбуке: https://www.facebook.com/NagornoKarabakhAZ On Twitter/ В Твиттере: https://twitter.com/NagorNKarabakh Live Journal / На ЖЖ: http://NagornoKarabakh.livejournal.com/ VKontakte/ В Контакте: http://vk.com/NagornoKarabakh Odnoklassniki /Одноклассники http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/NagornoKarabakh
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Nardaran sea breeze
Nardaran sea breeze
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Energy Security, Caspian Sea and Judo Sparring: President Putin Tops Off Busy Baku Trip
Subscribe to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Baku today. Although it was a short working trip, it addressed very important issues. One month ago, the Caspian states finished the negotiations on the legal status of the sea. The agreement opens vast possibilities for cooperation. The presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan discussed those possibilities at the Inter-regional Forum, which Baku has been holding for nine years.
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sea in Baku 🌊
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Light House Baku - Sea Breeze Resort
Lighthouse - клубный дом на берегу моря, расположенный на территории Sea Breeze Resort 🌴 Lighthouse - это элитное жильё самой разной квадратуры и планировки. Резиденция оборудована отельным лобби, спортзалом, спа-зоной и открытым бассейном с прилегающим к нему мини-баром Владельцы апартаментов в Lighthouse становятся резидентами комплекса Sea Breeze. Получайте удовольствие от жизни вместе с нами! 👉 www.lighthouse.az ☎ 994 12 3104242
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Baku. Boulevard. Caspian Sea. Waves
Bakı. Bulvar. Xəzər dənizi. Dalğalar Баку. Бульвар. Каспийское море. Волны Baku. Boulevard. Caspian Sea. Waves
Lance discovers something new about the Blue Lion while he and Hunk fight The Baku Sea Dragon! Will Lance's new powers be enough to beat this sea monster? Join the battle in an all-new season of DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, on Netflix January 20! Follow DreamWorksTV! instagram - https://instagram.com/dreamworkstv/ twitter - https://twitter.com/dreamworkstv facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dreamworkstv Join the fun on DreamWorksTV where you can find an endless supply of laugh-out-loud jokes, lovable characters, life hacks, music, magic, gaming and more! Get crafty with our DIY hacks, sing along to today’s catchiest songs, surprise your friends with clever magic tricks, and learn all the best video game tips and tricks. DreamWorksTV has it all, made just for kids! Check back daily for new episodes and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. → Watch Something New! ← http://bit.ly/1L3zRrF → SUBSCRIBE TO DreamWorksTV! ← http://bit.ly/1kulRcU
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Azerbaijan, Baku, walking tour - To the Caspian Sea ep 21-Travel vlog calatorii tourism video
Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest city on the Caspian Sea and of the Caucasus region, with a population of 2,374,000. Baku is located 28 metres (92 ft) below sea level, which makes it the lowest lying national capital in the world and also the largest city in the world located below sea level. Old City or Inner City is the historical core of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The Old City is the most ancient part of Baku, which is surrounded by walls were well protected. In December 2000, the Old City of Baku, including the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower, became the first location in Azerbaijan to be classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. My trip to the Caspian Sea mail: [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/costitravel/
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Baku (Buzovna) Caspian Sea
Пляж в Бузовна, Баку, Азербайджан
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Azerbaijan: Sea Cup 2018 opening ceremony held in Baku
The opening ceremony of the Sea Cup 2018 army games was held in Baku on Tuesday. Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Video ID: 20180801 001 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Baku-Sea Breeze
Timati $$$ Mr.Black Star
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azerbaizan (baku caspean sea)
2007 backpack traveling one week stay in baku and the way to go Iran with caspean view
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Baku, sea street
Baku, sea street
Bilgah beach sunset (Baku, Caspian sea) (HD)
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Sea Side Baku
Bus ride in Baku,Azerbaijan -To the Caspian Sea ep 22 -Travel vlog calatorii tourism video
My trip to Bulgaria,Turkey,Georgia,Azerbaijan,Armenia mail: [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/costitravel/
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BAKU Summer, Sea , Friends  [HD]
Maraqlı və keyfiyyətli kontent zamanı gəldi. Bütün sual və təkliflər üçün : https://www.facebook.com/NervniyROck https://www.youtube.com/c/AzOthersTv
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Baku Buzovna Sea
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Baku FlameTowers in the Night from Sea in 4K
On our trip to Baku, Azerbaijan (July 2017) our friend Qiyas invited us to a popular boat ride in the middle of the Bay of Baku with the views you see on this video. All footage is done with Sony RX 100 V from the hand in 4K video 100 Mbps. I used manual settings for the video exposure and timing. Video was processed with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 without any filters used.
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Caspian Sea, Baku Region, Azerbaijan, Eurasia
The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea. The sea has a surface area of 371,000 km2 (143,200 sq mi) (not including Garabogazköl Aylagy) and a volume of 78,200 km3 (18,800 cu mi). It is in an endorheic basin (it has no outflows) and is bounded to the northwest by Russia, to the west by Azerbaijan, to the south by Iran, to the southeast by Turkmenistan, and to the northeast by Kazakhstan. The ancient inhabitants of its coast perceived the Caspian Sea as an ocean, probably because of its saltiness and seeming boundlessness. It has a salinity of approximately 1.2%, about a third the salinity of most seawater. The Caspian Sea, like the Aral Sea and Black Sea, is a remnant of the ancient Paratethys Sea. It became landlocked about 5.5 million years ago due to tectonic uplift and a fall in sea level. During warm and dry climatic periods, the landlocked sea has all but dried up, depositing evaporitic sediments like halite that have become covered by wind-blown deposits and were sealed off as an evaporite sink when cool, wet climates refilled the basin. Due to the current inflow of fresh water, the Caspian Sea is a freshwater lake in its northern portions. It is more saline on the Iranian shore, where the catchment basin contributes little flow. Currently, the mean salinity of the Caspian is one third that of the Earth's oceans. The Garabogazköl embayment, which dried up when water flow from the main body of the Caspian was blocked in the 1980s but has since been restored, routinely exceeds oceanic salinity by a factor of 10. The Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world and accounts for 40 to 44% of the total lacustrine waters of the world. The coastlines of the Caspian are shared by Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. The Caspian is divided into three distinct physical regions: the Northern, Middle, and Southern Caspian. The Northern--Middle boundary is the Mangyshlak Threshold, which runs through Chechen Island and Cape Tiub-Karagan. The Middle--Southern boundary is the Apsheron Threshold, a sill of tectonic origin between the Eurasian continent and an oceanic remnant, that runs through Zhiloi Island and Cape Kuuli. The Garabogazköl bay is the saline eastern inlet of the Caspian, which is part of Turkmenistan and at times has been a lake in its own right due to the isthmus which cuts it off from the Caspian. Divisions between the three regions are dramatic. The Northern Caspian only includes the Caspian shelf, and is very shallow; it accounts for less than 1% of the total water volume with an average depth of only 5--6 metres (16--20 ft). The sea noticeably drops off towards the Middle Caspian, where the average depth is 190 metres (620 ft). The Southern Caspian is the deepest, with oceanic depths of over 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). The Middle and Southern Caspian account for 33% and 66% of the total water volume, respectively. The northern portion of the Caspian Sea typically freezes in the winter, and in the coldest winters ice forms in the south as well. Over 130 rivers provide inflow to the Caspian, with the Volga River being the largest. A second affluent, the Ural River, flows in from the north, and the Kura River flows into the sea from the west. In the past, the Amu Darya (Oxus) of Central Asia in the east often changed course to empty into the Caspian through a now-desiccated riverbed called the Uzboy River, as did the Syr Darya farther north. The Caspian also has several small islands; they are primarily located in the North and have a collective land area of roughly 2,000 km2 (770 sq mi). Adjacent to the North Caspian is the Caspian Depression, a low-lying region 27 metres (89 ft) below sea level. The Central Asian steppes stretch across the northeast coast, while the Caucasus mountains hug the Western shore. The biomes to both the north and east are characterized by cold, continental deserts. Conversely, the climate to the southwest and south are generally warm with uneven elevation due to a mix of highlands and mountain ranges; the drastic changes in climate alongside the Caspian have led to a great deal of biodiversity in the region. The Caspian Sea has numerous islands throughout, all of them near the coasts. There are none in the deeper parts of the Sea. Ogurja Ada is the largest island. The island is 37 km (23 mi) long, with gazelles roaming freely on it. In the North Caspian, the majority of the islands are small and uninhabited, like the Tyuleniy Archipelago, an Important Bird Area (IBA), although some of them have human settlements.
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Sea port-Морвагзал-Baku
Sea port-Морвагзал-Baku
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Russian/Eng/Nat As the world's major oil supplies dry up or are threatened by war, the huge oil reserves of the Caspian Sea have caught the eye of international businesses and governments. Estimated to have the equivalent of three North Sea's worth of oil, scores of major companies have set up in the Azeri city of Baku to take advantage of the boom. Although an international oil consortium has been set up to avoid conflict some experts believe the region could become as volatile as the Middle East in the next century. For this new floating oil platform the calm waters of the Caspian are ideal for exploration and drilling. It's part of the region's third oil boom which started with the fall of the Soviet Union. International oil companies have flooded in since 1991 to tap he area's rich reserves on land and under the sea. Both Russia and America have formed foreign policy around the region, well aware that the development of oil resources can create tensions which often lead to hostilities. Regional rivals Turkey, Russia and Iran are vying for control of the oil exports in an effort to gain the upper-hand in the region and to secure influence over the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. But the Azerbaijani president Geidar Aliyev says that a combination of he new wealth brought to his country by the oil boom and his firm rule will ensure stability rather than conflict. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) \"I don't think Azerbaijan is threatened by the danger of a North-South conflict or between different countries. I don't think it's a reality but I can't guarantee against that possibility.\" SUPER CAPTION: Geidar Aliyev, Azeri President The oil reserves in this part of the world are so great that no single company could efficiently exploit them. So U-S, Russian, Japanese, British, Saudi, Turkish and Azerbaijani interests have created an international consortium. Businessmen hope international cooperation will help keep the region politically quiet and eventually turn it into a major supplier of high-grade oil for world markets. SOUNDBITE: (English) \"I think that you can see from the international interest in the Caspian at this point in time how important this is going to be as a long term resource centre to supply global oil. It's also coming onto the market , onto the global market at a time when other major basins such as the North Sea, such as Alaska etc are going into significant decline.\" SUPERCAPTION: Terry Adams, head of international oil consortium Turkey and Russia are engaged in a bitter battle to export the Caspian oil to Europe via pipelines through their own territories. So far the international consortium has not decided on the long term solution, but early oil exports will go through Russia and Georgia. Political analysts are not that optimistic of stability in the region as the people of the Caspian have along history of confrontation and full-scale wars, often triggered by rivalry over who would control the oil wells. SOUNDBITE: (English) \"It is a danger that the region could become as explosive as the Middle East. You have all the same ingredients which are available in the Middle East. You also have a long history of rivalry between Turkey and Iran, Russia and the West.\" SUPER CAPTION: Viktor Trenin, Carnegie Institute Moscow It remains to be seen whether economic expediency and common sense will prevail in regional politics over centuries of animosity and mistrust. For the time being, Azerbaijan is looking to the future full of hope. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7812fcbfbae823a1d2af89404686ff69 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Out By The Sea in Baku, Azerbaijan
http://justinruiz.com I am in Baku getting ready for the Golden Grand Prix wrestling tournament. Watch me as I prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.
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UFO Caspian Sea May 4, 2006 near Baku
UFO Caspian Sea May 4, 2006 near Baku
Scuba dive Baku Caspian sea
Diving in Baku
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Ferry across Caspian Sea - Turkmenbashi to Baku - Cribs (Swedish)
Ferry across Caspian Sea - Turkmenbashi to Baku - Cribs (Swedish)
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Four Seasons Hotel Baku - A New Luxury Hotel On The Shores Of The Caspian Sea
http://www.fourseasons.com/baku/ for more information on Four Seasons Hotel Baku. Situated on the shores of the Caspian Sea rests Four Seasons Hotel Baku, a stunning Beaux-Arts style hotel on the waterfront promenade just steps from the Old City. Located in one of the most desired locations of the city, Four Seasons Hotel Baku rests in the epicenter of the business and social core of Baku. Placing a new standard in Baku hotels, Four Seasons combines luxurious amenities with unparalleled service for a vacation experience that you'll never forget. From gourmet dining to world-class massages, our luxury hotel has every amenity that you need to truly relax and unwind. Being one of the world's most ambitious and exuberant cities, Baku is the capital of the rapidly growing, oil-rich country of Azerbaijan and is bursting with things to do. Our concierges will help you figure out what's best to see and explore during your stay with us. With so much to do and discover you will be amazed by the beauty of Baku. Explore Four Seasons Hotel Baku on social media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FourSeasonsHotelBaku Twitter: http://twitter.com/FSBaku Instagram: http://instagram.com/fsbaku Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/fsbaku/ For more information on Four Seasons Hotel Baku or to explore more luxury vacations and experiences with Four Seasons, be sure to visit our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/fourseasons Check out Four Seasons on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FourSeasons Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fourseasons Visit our website: http://www.fourseasons.com/
Summer 2015 Caspian Sea,  Baku, Zire💝
Sea, Beach, summer, Baku
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Baku Sea Tour
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Azerbaijan, Baku, Alley of Martyrs - To the Caspian Sea ep20-Travel vlog calatorii tourism video
Martyrs' Lane, Alley of Martyrs or Şəhidlər Xiyabanı, formerly The Kirov Park, is a cemetery and memorial in Baku, Azerbaijan dedicated to those killed by the Soviet Army during Black January and later to those killed in Nagorno-Karabakh War. The site first served as former Muslim cemetery, where they buried the bodies of victims of the March Events of 1918 which was a part of the localized fighting of the Russian Civil War. The memorial was again used for men who died in the Nagorno-Karabakh War, an armed conflict that took place from February 1988 to May 1994, in the small enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in southwestern Azerbaijan, between the majority ethnic Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh backed by the Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan. My trip to the Caspian Sea mail: [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/costitravel/
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Caspion Sea Baku vist
Azerbaijan Baku
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